and wouldn't it be worse


Cas does it all, too.

Honestly, this is the most optimistic I’ve felt since the election. 

Propaganda and disinformation are common and necessary tools for authoritarian regimes, but there has to be an easing in, and it can’t be this fucking blatant. Spicer’s first interaction was to throw a shit fit and piss off every person in the press corps, Trump is in the midst of another twitter meltdown where he’s rambling about TV ratings and stupid “celebs”, and Kellyanne Conway just went on Meet the Press and argued that Spicer offered “alternative facts.” No one is believing this, everyone is laughing, and frankly, this kind of shit less than 48 hours after him getting sworn in is the stuff that makes approval ratings tank. I could easily see it dipping below 30%.

Bad approval = Congress fleeing from him…there’s more than enough grounds for impeachment (best case scenario for Trump is that he’s only in violation of the Logan Act), and even if GOP won’t pursue that, there’s a clear and strong global populist resistance movement. This is why I kept saying we’re not 1930s Germany; America is not a grievous wasteland and we have so many safeties against falsehoods. Yeah, we’ve seen modern autocrats, but they’re all at the least able to have some chill. Trump is done, and close to three quarters of the country sees it. Those clapping for Tinkerbell are in what’s going to be a rapidly shrinking minority.

Don’t think about the Inner Circle reacting to the realisation that Rhys has effectively sacrificed himself to keep them and Velaris safe.

Don’t think about Mor’s anger and anguish that he’s engineered this so they can’t go to him; can’t save him; can’t get him back because he knew that she’d want to tear the world to shreds to bring him home; the only blood family she has left. 

Don’t think about the silence that would cling to Azriel like a veil, the shadows around him becoming so thick and dark that the others can’t see his agony for what his brother has done for them. 

Don’t think about Cassian slumping into the nearest chair, utterly speechless, for the first time he can remember, as he thinks about the enormity of what his brother has done and the horror of it brings tears to his eyes.  

Don’t think about Amren reacting with stoic calm, quieting Mor’s rage, drawing Az out of himself, rallying Cass. She’s as angry and shocked and horrified as any of them but she is Rhys’ Second. She will hold them together for him. As he would want her to do. 

Don’t think about how, as the years drag on, and they’re confined to Velaris by Rhys’ sacrifice; unable to leave lest the magic he tethered to them break and expose them and put them in danger; something he has worked so hard to do and they can’t bring themselves to make in vain, hearing the rumours that surround him. 

Don’t think about them hearing how he has become Amarantha’s whore and everything that entails. Don’t think about how that makes Mor feel sick to her stomach that the same fate he wants saved her from and helped her heal from is now his lot in life. 

Don’t think about Azriel imagining his brother trapped beneath the earth, unable to see the sun, unable to spread his wings and fly the way he knows he loves to do. The way they did to him when he was a child. 

Don’t think about Cassian seeing everyone he loves around him; Mor and Azriel and Amren, being there with them, safe for Rhys’ sacrifice, and shattering when he remembers that his brother is completely alone. An outcast. As he once was. 

Don’t think about them hearing about all of the horrific things that Amarantha forces Rhys to do; killing all of the Winter Court children. Don’t think about Amren, Amren who knows how much he struggled with his power, how hard he worked to contain it so it would never control him, so it would never hurt anyone, who helped him leash it and contain it, hearing this and feeling something die within her because she knows what this will do to Rhys, how much it will destroy him. 

Don’t think about the Inner Circle beginning to lose hope too; as Rhys did. Don’t think about them being sure that they’ll never see him again. Even if Mor and Cassian come up with a new scheme to try and break him out of there every other week; and Azriel takes risks the other would kill him for to try and get ears Under the Mountain because maybe that would help; and Amren keeps herself going through the long years by telling herself that she has to keep the court together, has to keep the Inner Circle strong, has to keep his people alive and cared for and hopeful so that when he comes back he can resume his rule with ease.

Don’t think about the fact that Rhys and his Inner Circle were separated from each other for fifty years and how much that must have broken all of them. Just don’t do it.  

Kara’s Friendsgiving Invites

I’m in love with Supercorp and Sanvers but…

1. Lena and Kara aren’t that close yet???

They’ve only talked a handful of times. It’s not out of character for Kara to not invite her to friendsgiving… 

Yes, Lena doesn’t have many friends in National City, but it’s actually usually a family holiday. Kara made it Friendsgiving in response to Winn not having family. Lena is probably spending it with her villain mom. 

That said, if Lena actually expressed that she had no one to spend Thanksgiving with, we all know Kara would offer in a heartbeat. 

2. Alex and Maggie are friends, but it’s likely a little shaky right now. And as strong as their connection has been, they haven’t actually known each other that long. (Come on guys, imagine inviting your crush that you met a couple weeks ago, who rejected you, then refriended you, to Thanksgiving. It’s just a bit much.)

Not to mention, Alex’s plan was to come out, which just complicates things more. At this stage, I think Alex’s coming out story is moving away from being about a person Alex likes, and more about Alex’s identity. Something she needs to do on her own, you know?

Also, Lena and Maggie don’t know Kara’s secret, and I feel like it’s not a comfortable Thanksgiving if you have to hide a part of yourself. (Anyone who isn’t out to all of their family knows that it is tiring. That sometimes, if you could choose, you’d prefer to only have the people that know around you.) 

Like 90% of the conversation topics would be out the window if Lena and Maggie came. No Supergirl saves, no DEO, no “there’s this cute girl I met”.

As for the boys, Winn and James are rather close friends with Kara, and Mon-El has no one else. So they’re just all gonna be there. Obviously.

The real question is, “where is J’onn?”

headcanon where abby bandages kane’s hand after he burned it crawling through the maintenance shaft to save her in 1.11


“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 

Having to leave behind the two things you trust in, that feel safe. I know I’m too attached, that my emotions are too extreme. I feel stupid. Why does it hurt so much? Why do I panic so much? I can’t do it. What if I just find out there’s really no hope for me?

i feel like i don’t deserve to be here any more.


Arzaylea: ‘People I went to high school with are literally doing what they were doing 5 years ago.’

Ummmm….. you don’t even have a job? And never even had one or any other type of adult responsibility? Like paying rent or bills? You are not getting through life by working for and earning the things you have like the rest of us but by scrounging off others who do work and achieve things by themselves?Where on earth did you get this sense of superiority that makes you think it’s ok to laugh that others who unlike you, are living in the real world and earning a living for themselves? You have nothing in your life that you worked for? Even your paid/sponsored Instagram posts and lip fillers came off the back of Luke’s and 5SOS’s popularity and not your own? 

Get a job and join the rest of us in reality because with that you’ll get a sense of what it’s like for someone who hasn’t taken advantage of others and leeched off them. You really should not be proud or happy to be a freeloader because it really is shameful. If Luke dumped you tomorrow where would you live? How would you provide for yourself? I suppose that’s where the safety net of Dad and your trust fund comes in? 

D.Gray-man: Childhoold
For D.Gray-man countdown, not any specific promt. Just wanted to draw all these fantastic kids who suffered and survived against all odds.

@skittidyne *blinks blearily at paper* I have no idea how I finished this in 30 minutes I was gonna leave it until tomorrow but I just COULDN’T.

Asanoya meidos that are TOTALLY in no way indicative of my preferences when it comes to this ship (i am a dirty liar).

Can’t wait to see the look on Humanity’s face when they realize only nine SC soldiers have returned and that too without their Thirteenth Commander.


Stealing Glances

I keep seeing Kylo fans who don’t understand why other fans might dislike him, or not sympathize with him. The answer is really really simple. It’s not being whiny, it’s not because we have a different ship we prefer, it’s not because we dislike Adam Driver. It is because of one action: He killed his dad.

Yes, he did a lot of other bad things but I think people on tumblr especially underestimate the patricide thing. For an exmaple, let’s take the case of Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke. Anakin Skwyalker also had choices, and he repeatedly made the wrong ones too. This led to the following atrocities:

  1. Mass Murder - He killed an entire village, including women and children, for the crimes of a raiding party.
  2. Oathbreaking - He betrayed his own religious order and was responsible for them being wiped our by a rival sect.
  3. Mass Murder - He killed a roomful of children.
  4. Domestic Violence - He killed his wife in a fit of rage (to hell with broken heart, she got attacked while pregnant and then went into labor and died during childbirth. That droid was an idiot if it couldn’t see why she died.)
  5. Torture - He tortured a young woman. (who turned out to be his own daughter)
  6. Condoning Genocide - He, like Kylo, stood around while a coworker destroyed a planet.
  7. Domestic Violence - After finding out he had a son, he stalked the kid across the galaxy and chased him from his home, killing anyone who got in his path.
  8. Torture - He tortured a man (who would later become his son-ion-law) in an attempt to send painful visions to his son and trap him.
  9. Domestic Violence - When he finally got his son in the same room, he goaded him into a fight and cut off his hand.
  10. Emotional Abuse - He then tried to convince the kid to join him and become like him in the single most traumatic event of that kid’s unusually traumatic life.
  11. Attempted Kidnapping - After this poor child jumps from a scaffolding and risks plummetting several thousand feet to his death just to get away from him, he tries to get the ship that rescued the boy in a tractor beam.

…and after all of that (which is just what we saw on-screen), it was still considered Wrong-with-a-capital-W for Luke to kill Anakin. Because killing your father in Star Wars is that bad.

It’s also worth noting that Anakin was only able to break free of the Dark Side because he couldn’t stand to see his son tortured to death, suggesting again that even just allowing a relative that close to die is simply the line you do not cross in Star Wars.

Now, Luke had every reason to kill his father and couldn’t because it was Wrong. Kylo has no good reason to kill his father. His father is a good man. His father is trying to help him. His father is offering him an out for all the previous bad choices he made. Taking that into account along with the fact that Kylo’s dad happens to be a beloved character from the original trilogy, one half of the most iconic romance and the only non-force-capable character in that trio (and thus the most helpless against someone like Kylo), this is about the worst thing any character can do. That’s why a lot of fans hate him and a lot of people actively root against him getting a redemption arc.

And honestly, given the magnitude of this sin, along with the fact that every other choice he made during the movie and every off-screen choice we heard about him making was also the Wrong Thing, and the fact that he has every intention of CONTINUING to do The Wrong Thing (Kill Uncle Luke, Kill the Traitor, and Corrupt and/or Kill the Scavenger are ALL on his to-do list still) I’m not sure this guy gets a redemption arc. They’ve done everything they possibly can to make him worse than either prequel or original trilogy Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.

So much worse, in fact, that I don’t personally believe Anakin is mournfully trying to call Kylo back to the Light from the Great Beyond. I think Anakin is haunting the dark places of the universe, burning with an intense Sith Rage at every choice his grandson makes, particularly the one to kill a member of The Family in cold blood.

When Lexa was encouraging Aden to tell Clarke what she taught him and Aden was so close to rolling his eyes but didn’t want to embarrass his mom in front of the love of her life and then Lexa was so proud that Aden delivered and was like “See, Clarke, I taught our boy well. He will love your people even if they’re idiots.” :) :) :)

[takes ragged, heaving breaths] [claws my way across the ground, dragging my weak, raw, tattered body away from my tormentors and their cruelty]