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An Open Letter to Gloria Steinem

Dear Gloria Steinem,

When I was in eighth grade, I first began to truly explore feminism. In my spot in the Gifted and Talented program, we were able to do a report on any person we chose. I chose you. I presented my project confidently, as boys in the back chuckled as I said the word “feminist,” and girls smirked, looked at my short hair and tight clothes, and said, “Of course.” As I stood at the front of the classroom, a projection of you and Bell Hooks behind me, I knew that I could get through anything that was thrown at me because there were strong, powerful women to back me up, no matter what. I never imagined that my original feminist hero would be the one to criticize and belittle my choices.

On your appearance with Bill Maher, you commented that young women support Bernie Sanders just so that they can meet boys. As a lesbian, I can firmly say that this is not true. At all. Your saying so is not only extraordinarily heteronormative, but also implies that young girls are only interested in politics because of male attention, thereby implying that girls are silly creatures who do not understand what they are supporting.

I do not do anything for male attention. I support Senator Sanders because he is not afraid to say Black Lives Matter, and his stance on new laws about the restriction of “allowable force” used by police officers. I support him because he has supported LGBTQIA+ rights since long before Hillary Clinton, supporting Pride in 1983, whereas Hillary Clinton was quoted as recently as 2004 saying that marriage “exists between a man and a woman.” I support him because he wants to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, because of his ideas about college tuition being not only affordable, but free, thereby increasing the chances that more women will become educated and more people living in poverty will have a chance to graduate, and because of his immigration policies that expand on President Obama’s, and his consistent activist history.

I know my facts and I know the impact my choices have on my own future. I know why I have a “Bernie 2016” sticker on my desk. I am not here for the boys, I am not here to derail the feminist movement, I am not here to step down and be quiet. I am here to show the world that my youth and my gender do not mean that I am confused. I am here to make a better world for all genders. I am here because feminist icons like you do not understand how feminism has changed. Feminism isn’t about men - it’s about us. My work is not done; as a matter of fact, it is only just beginning. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the feminist movement, but right now, I think it’s time that you update your policies.

We are the new generation of feminism, and we know what we want and why we are here.  

Ms. Steinem’s comments


Zane is being so salty.

i would be the worst teacher in the world

just scatter some pens into the room and be like alright
you’ll figure it out eventually i believe in you dont forget to look at refs 

Honey and Spaghetti

It’s @iddayidnight‘s birthday today and so I thought I would write her a little something. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I hope you like first kisses and pining because that’s what you are about to get!

“What did you just say?” Derek tries to keep his breathing steady, looking at the plate of food he’s dropped on the floor. The plate of spaghetti. His mom is going to kill him.

Stiles doesn’t even hesitate as he asks again, bounding towards Derek to help him pick the pasta up, scooping it back onto the plate carelessly, before shrugging and eating a few strands. Derek grimaces.

Stiles’ motto in life is dirty food deserves a home too. Well, Derek’s never actually heard him say that, but he’s seen Stiles eat food off the cafeteria floor, okay? He’s pretty sure his gravestone will read ‘Stiles Stilinski: loving son and friend, died of unnecessary food poisoning due to his unsanitary habits’. Okay, so it probably won’t say that, but even so, the point still-

“I want you to kiss me.”


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We recently upgraded our litterbox/hay situation!

This is IKEA’s HOL (size large, 50x50x98 cm) that we sawed two entrances to, and it now holds both hay, litter-box and sleeping area! I just cleaned everything so I thought it would be an excellent time to take some photos of it. We use Cat’s Best Öko Plus as litter (it’s chipped wooden pellets that expand and clump together when wet) and the rug is BORRIS door mat, also from IKEA.
(DO NOT use clumping litter if your rabbits likes to eat litter and other bedding, it can cause GI stasis when it swells and You Do Not Want That)

Since covered litter-boxes aren’t good for rabbits* this is a great solution, it’s covered yet airy. It also looks nice for our human eyes and it keeps the hay in once place. You can lift the top off which makes this super easy to clean! 

*If the ammonia from the rabbit’s urine is not aired out it can cause respiratory problems as the rabbit spends a fair share of time in that environment.

This setup is good for eating and pooping and has space for multiple buns.

It’s a great playground and for overseeing one’s kingdom (or cleaning one’s paws)

And last but not least, it’s excellent for sleeping and hiding from humans.


i watched Turbo after reading @penmaries‘ post and somehow this happened

as requested by no one here’s a dan and phil icon pack! 

  • 10 icons - 128x128px
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  • feel free to use!
  • but don’t you fucking dare claim as your own
  • download here!! ★

ps: i swear they look better than in the preview

Reiji & Shu Sakamaki Bro Moment
  • Reiji & Shu Sakamaki Bro Moment
  • Diabolik Lovers Dark;Fate

Reiji & Shu brotherly moment

Source of translations
Thanks to akuichansera

Reiji: … …When you do this… …

When you do this, it just makes me hate you… …

Shu: Reiji… …

Reiji: You’re always like this. You always look at me with those forgiving eyes.

You always take on an indifferent attitude and the main point is, you were always better than me.

Do you understand!? Do you know how much I have suffered because of you… …!?

Whenever I tried to do better than you, I would be reminded of how crucial your role was. Do you know how I feel!?

Reiji: … …Aah.. … .. …

Reiji: … …I hate you… …

Shu.. …I really hate you… …

Shu: Yeah… …I know.

Reiji: .. …You’re holding out your hand. What are you trying to do?

Shu: Let’s end this already. Instead of picking up the saber you dropped, take my hand.

And… …let’s put everything behind.

Reiji: … …People like you… …really are… …


I realized I have a thing for the girls that look rough around the edges, those girls that you can tell have so much more to them than meets the eye. Those girls that believe that they arent good enough, but Babygirl you are more than enough. ALWAYS. Dont worry your pretty little face. Those girls who have eyes that speak louder than words ever would. Those girls that make your heart melt just by smiling. Those girls who have heavy eyes because of the bullshit she’s been through. Those girls who need reassurance because everyone who ever cared left. Those girls who are covered in tattoos, and piercings.. you make my knees weak.

Together With You

This was written for @timepetalsprompts weekly drabble prompt A riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, prompted by the fabulous @jeeno2

Tentoo x Rose, ~400 words

A glimpse into the first few moments of their new life together.


New new new Doctor.

That was the phrase running on repeat through Rose’s mind throughout their zeppelin ride into Oslo, where Pete would be waiting for them with the Vitex jet. Rose stole glances at her new new new Doctor out of the corner of her eye, turning away quickly when she saw him doing the same.

He looked the same, sounded the same, smelled the same, felt the same…by all outward appearances, he was the same. And yet he wasn’t. He was here, with her, headed to boring old London to live out his human life on the slow path. Her other Doctors would never have done that. Her first Doctor would have scoffed at her, muttering about domestics; her second Doctor would’ve put on a manic grin and piloted them to a new and amazing planet, using the thrill of adventure to get out of anything hinting at emotional.

And yet, here he was. He must be going bonkers, and with every silent minute that passed, Rose grew more and more worried that he would run as soon as he was able to.

Warm, familiar fingers tentatively touched her hand, and Rose jerked away in surprise. She looked over just as the Doctor hastily looked away, his cheeks stained pink. He shifted awkwardly, angling himself away from her and he clenched his hands into fists on his thigh.

“Sorry,” Rose murmured, sliding her hand down the length of his forearm until she got to his wrist. She tugged gently until he loosened his muscles enough to allow her to thread their fingers together. It was so achingly familiar, the sensation his palm against hers, and Rose hadn’t realized just how much she’d been craving his touch for the past three and a half years. The Doctor seemed to feel the same, because he tightened his grip, rubbing his thumb against hers.

Something loosened in Rose’s chest, and she felt a wave of peace pass over her. She rested her head against his shoulder, content to stay in this moment forever. She knew it wouldn’t last, and that as soon as they made it back to London that there would be questions and fears and frustrations, but she pushed all of that away to just breathe him in.

Rose nuzzled closer to his human warmth, smiling happily when she felt his lips press against her hair. They would deal with the future as it came. Together.