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I’m having some financial trouble

I basically have $200 to last me until August 1st. My rent is paid until then, but I’ll likely run out of money due to food and my cell phone bill before that date. I’ve already borrowed far too much money from my parents, so I’d rather not go that route.

If I can make it to September I’ll be fine, as I should receive student loans again, but until then I’m in a bit of trouble.

I am looking for a summer job, but so far haven’t had any luck.

If you can afford to donate anything, I’d appreciate it. 

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Here, have my face.. kinda 
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I’m sorry if all my Maxon fancasting or edits end up with very white guys with blonde hair (and usually blue eyes that I have to photoshop into brown ones), but I didn’t get the whole Hispanic - Latino (whatever the correct term is) heritage from “His hair was a honey color, and his eyes were brown. He kind of looked like summertime, which I guess was attractive to some people.”
And it doesn’t matter to me that Kiera said it afterwards, I already had my image of Maxon in my head (thank you William Moseley) and after that’s set and done, there’s no turning back.
That implies that my image of Eadlyn is not what she’s really supposed to look like in the book. To me she’s white, a little less pale than her mother, with dark red hair that could be mistaken for brown hair and with green eyes. I blame it on the cover. 
Also, here, where I live, we have a different view on ethnicity. Being white here means having light fair skin, if you’re one shade above light brown skin, you’re white. It doesn’t matter who you’re ancestors were, what country your family “originated from”. Specially with as much miscegenation as we have. It is basically a skin color thing.
So it is really hard for me to pick up on these subtleties and have a clear image of how someone is supposed to look like. Telling me they’re from somewhere or are descendant from people from some country doesn’t tell me much of how they’re supposed to look like. I’m tired of people saying “Asian” and thinking that’s enough to describe a person. Give me features, features!
I’m so tired of reading euphemisms like authors are afraid to describe someone. But I guess that’s what I get for reading so many books from foreign authors. 

  • Connor:you look great..
  • Me:wait..hold uP did i just..
  • did...did i ask for my life to be in shambles like this like no wait did i really sign up for this when i joined this fandom? to feel this way? to feel this strong undying love and appreciation with these two characters and their actors? Did i? have i don' fucked up with this one? im not okay lay to me rest jonnor lay me to rest because im not sure if i have enough capacity to love something so much i never thought i could or would im pretty sure that if i had a girlfriend or boyfriend and they try askin me if i loved them im pretty sure i'd just respond with jonnor i would recite every verse that connor and jude have spit in these 3 seasons i never thought that i could love something this much puNCH ME GET REKKED

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Your tags are like the best thing ever .. Yes you could write it out but then it be pictures and descriptions of vexen but no you put it all in tags and its f*cking great! ... Thank you

it’s pictures of Vexen with sprinkles on top

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I think we could both fit on Sam's lap.

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Yes Kaz yes, I think we could. I think we would. I think we should. //looks around in confusion because I am apparently suddenly in a Dr Seuss book??

p.s. this gif terrifies me but it is also perfection.

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I tried to do the face but it would be better if my webcam was working, pfff. 

I don’t look good when I smile in selfies, much less while making faces. 

5SOS Preference - Small Gestures Of Love

| Request |

| Masterlist |

| I’m on summer break now(besides the one month of summer school) so more time to write! |

Ashton: Hand Kisses - From the beginning of the relationship he would do this. Kissing your knuckles, top and palm of your hand softly and frequently. Like when the two of you would be out for a lunch or dinner, he would bring your hand up to his lips, and kissing them softly, or when you’re lying in bed together, he would do it. Just a small way of saying “i love you.”

Calum: Leaving Small Notes - He did this often, especially when he would be away on tour. He left them in small nooks, like on the back wall of your closet, or under the coffee table. They said little things like “You look beautiful today.” Or “That’s a lovely outfit you’re wearing.” And of course there was a lot of “I love you.”

Luke: Forehead Kisses - Luke was a tall guy, so forehead kisses were something he did very often. when the two of you would be cuddling on the couch, watching a movie, he was occasionally lean down and kiss your forehead, or when you’re upset about something he’ll lean down and kiss your forehead to calm you down. A small way of saying, “It’s okay, i love you, i’m here.”

Michael: Running You A Bath - It might not seem like much, but coming home from school or work, to hear water filling a tub was a great feeling. While you sat in the bath, easing your muscles Michael would sit on the toilet seat and the two of you would talk about your days.. Running you a bath was just a small way he said “I love you.”

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“If you’re looking for the guy destined to save the world, he’s in the pillow fort with the little kids.” - I found this prompt and giggled b/c it made me think of you and Reduxshipping and I don't know why other than just the idea of Yami in a pillow fort with the young Duelists he teaches XD



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I've always thought that Alexandrite is a new fusion? Like, I doubt that Pearl Amethyst and Garnet have fused before. If they ever did fuse together, it would include Rose. Alexandrite's design felt off, like Malachite's, which makes me think they've never fused before now. I believe that's fusion gets more humanoid and clean the more the components gems fuse, which would explain my theory. Thank you for listening to this very long post!

It’s a possibility. I don’t think they’d necessarily have always fused with Rose, though, I’m sure there’d be plenty of instances where it’d be better to have Rose as herself backed up by the three (or, well, four) of them fused as Alexandrite, depending on what they needed. I do think its unlikely they formed Alexandrite since Rose’s absence, though, at the very least. And their relationships would have changed so dramatically after Rose left that Alexandrite now probably looks and acts very different than she would’ve before.

but yea, it is a possibility they’ve never done it before now. I didn’t really get an impression either way from “Fusion Cusiine” though, so I can’t say for sure

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alright alright alright ok he’s working and that … is a bit much.  like.  his exes would give him a Look and tell him to pull up his goddamn pants, he is too old for that shit.

every single one of his exes.

we live in a world where we get to watch tom hardy play gangster twins


Snippet that has destroyed me.

“What are you saying exactly?”

She didn’t answer him right away, instead she turned her face to stare back out over the expanse of snow that surrounded them.

“I think I’m saying I have a choice in how people might remember me.  And my best chance at making sure that they get it right is to be me.  Just me.  With no human husband that they can latch onto.”

When she didn’t look at him again he forced himself to ask his next questions.  “And a human lover?  Would that be different?”

He heard her laugh, a ragged, pitiful sound that was soon muffled by her hands.

It made him not want an answer.

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So my friend's girlfriend knows a girl at my school who fucked Zayn and he actually follows her. I don't have the @ name (which kind of makes ruins the credibility of my statement) buy supposedly she went back stage with him which would sadly make the cheating rumors true, but in all fairness, what human would deny Zayn? Really. I'm straight and I still would...

look! i feel you and i also fucked zayn