and would support a cancer charity

Taylor Swift exhausts herself for fans on every single tour and even outside of tour. She’s found more ways to get in touch with fans than any other celebrity. She has invited fans to her house, she has a 13 hour meet and greet, she has free meet and greets, and even interacts with fans on instagram and tumblr. She’s used tumblr to actually have conversations with people. 

Outside of interacting with fans she donates loads of money to various charities, and visits sick children in the hospital. She has donated money to fans for heart surgery, cancer treatment, and even gave money towards college. One boy was raising money for a service dog and she donated to that cause too. She donated to Louisiana flood victims and also donated to the Dolly Parton Telethon when fire was evacuating people from their homes and essentially making people homeless. Let’s not forget giving $250,000 dollars to Kesha for court fees and you pathetic people actually complained and shamed her for this. (If beyonce, or any other singer had donated you all would have praised them to this day. And if a MAN donated that moeny you all would have been on your knees crying)

The charities she has donated to include: 

Abuse, Adoption, Fostering, Orphans, AIDS & HIV, ALS, Animals, At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Bullying, Cancer, Children, Creative Arts, Disaster Relief, Economic/Business Support, Education, Environment, Family/Parent Support, Health, Homelessness, Human Rights, Hunger, Mental Challenges, Miscellaneous, Philanthropy, Physical Challenges, Poverty, Rape/Sexual Abuse, Refugees, Slavery & Human Trafficking, Substance Abuse, Unemployment/Career Support, Women

I’ve seen people say Taylor is selective in what she supports and that is bullshit. Never has Taylor ever made any comments that would say she support selective groups. The bolded causes above also combat this claim. 

Stop acting like Taylor Swift sits back and does nothing. Before the Women’s March none of you had a real reason to be mad at her. Even now you still don’t have a real reason to call her these names or claim she is selective in her feminism. 

And to the people who said Taylor voted for Trump when she voted for Hillary, now you’re just blatantly lying to support you misogyny towards this woman.

Women who did not go to that march are not defined by a march. If Taylor had gone to the march you all would have called her attention seeking and you know it. I saw people saying that Beyonce couldn’t have gone because there would have been too much attention drawn to her but someone who is as equally famous, if not, more, can’t have they same kind of understanding?

Stop with your double standards just because you don’t like a woman. Just stop. 

And stop using these pathetic, untrue excuses to not support Taylor Swift during her Sexual Assault trial. The word feminism holds very little weight when women have just as many double stands as society does. Open your eyes.

anonymous asked:

I AM CRYING! I read that little girl's story and the fact that he sent rylee shirts is beyond amazing! that's what needs to go viral not this fighting PND shit.

Agreed, he is an absolute angel!

Just TODAY, he tweeted out a link in support of a family friend’s GoFundMe page, to help provide for her cancer treatment. But that’s just one of the many, MANY philanthropic things he’s done, which include him donating to help fund an abused cat’s surgery, designing a Gromit statue for a charity auction to benefit a children’s hospital, becoming an ambassador to The British-Asian Trust to help provide support for various educational, mental health, and anti-human trafficking projects in South Asia, as well as buying out a box seat area (named in dedication after his grandpa Walter, who took him to games growing up) at his hometown football club’s stadium, so less-privileged kids would have the opportunity to watch games that he grew up getting to do as well. And that’s not even the half of what Zayn has done for others, charity-wise. The list truly goes on…

On top of all that, he had arranged to give dozens of fans personal gifts and merchendise over the last two years. Some of which included signed albums, books, posters, shirts. He even sent CANVASES of several fan artists’ own art pieces to them, in appreciation of what they do for him all the time. As well as regularly shouting out artists’ fan arts on social media.

Zayn is SO thoughtful, and people need to give credit to that. Rylee’s story is such a thoughtful one, and Zayn’s actions are just one of many generous things Zayn has done. I absolutely agree it’s a shame to see less important things to be the forefront of what people have to say in regards to Zayn, but what else is new? As long as we continue trying to spread the nice stories attached to Zayn, then that’s all we can do. Zayn Malik is such a thoughtful man, and what he did for Rylee was so kind. I’m sure he’s flattered to have such a fan as her. 💕

This is crazy...

I loved the picture today of Jamie (Sam) and I really appreciate the fact that we got a little something for a change. But Starz/Lionsgate, you left us behind after season one. Right now it appears that your idea of PR is to “sell” one of your leads as a hot, single, sex machine, that bounces from one blonde bombshell to another. Why? Because someone in charge thinks that women who love and support Outlander finds that so desirable? You need to get a clue. Maybe it would be a good idea to actually take a poll, listen and read what we write and say about our devotion to the show, the actors, and even their charities. Take time to get to know the real human beings that pay for a premium TV channel, support Sam and Caitriona beyond Outlander, and open their wallets to do what they can to fight child and blood cancers. I venture a guess that you would be surprised that selling Sam as just a magnificent piece of meat is not what we find appealing or hot. And while we are on this subject, let me remind you that in the poll that you take, you will find that the majority of us are well educated, incredibly talented, and career oriented people. So when you try to “sell” us a relationship or a story, it better be beyond good. This latest scenario is truly a joke. We see right through it. Sam said it himself in an interview once, “no long distance relationship” would ever work for him AND you chose a person that is no where near Sam’s league. TBH, Sam is an incredible actor, but he can’t even sell this mess. Want to know what we find sexy? A man who is devoted to one woman. A man who is socially conscious, kind, and treats all people with respect. A family man. That’s what we find hot. Don’t look too far for that because you have one right in front of you. Sam. You don’t have to make him into anyone else but himself. Trust me.
While I’m at, let me say that you also suck big time at supporting your lead actress. She is an A+ class act and you better start appreciating her because with all the awards she is stacking up, she may just say “so long” and that will leave you in a big pile of crap. Cait is a woman of grace, an amazing actress, and works hard for those less fortunate. Don’t screw that up too.
I love Outlander and I love Sam and Cait. I just wish for once that “you” would actually read our posts and listen to us. It wouldn’t take much to please us. We would like pictures, more interviews, BTS “secrets”, just more. How about some previews? Some real life stories about Sam and Cait and some of the other actors in the cast. We would eat it up. Again, trust me. As I wrap, let me also say that allowing S&C to live their lives, out in the open - free, won’t hurt your numbers or the bottom line in anyway. You just might find that the results could be the exact opposite. I know what I’m talking about. Trust me. You got one last shot with your fans. Take the plunge. After all, that’s we all did three years a go for you. Isn’t it?

rooks-and-blighters  asked:

Okay, let's say MC gets her head shaved for something like cancer charity. How does the RFA react?


  • it’s been on your to-do list for a while, and not wanting to give Yoosung a heart attack, you decide to tell him beforehand about it
  • he’s such a supportive boyfriend 
  • That’s amazing MC, he gushes, you’re amazing I’m so proud of you!
  • what a sweetheart ily
  • Of course he’s not letting you go alone cuz you might bring some boys to the yard 
  • casually wears one of those giant #1 foam hands that you see at every sporting event
  • he stays outside the hairdressers, waving the foam hand around without a care in the world, telling anyone and everyone who passes by that you’re donating your hair for cancer charity wow isn’t that great??
  • doesn’t think it’s excessive????? at all????
  • but he’s such a cutie patoot you don’t say anything about it and just sort giggle at his reflection in your mirror
  • when you walk out, bald head and satisfied smile, Yoosung honestly doesn’t recognize you lololol
  • no like he literally doesn’t recognize you
  • “Oh did you just shave your head too?” he says, “you know, the love of my life is doing it too and-”
  • he stops when you giggle at him, and then his face becomes so red it puts tomatoes to shame
  • Apologies start streaming from his mouth at the same rate that lies streamed out of Rika’s im super sorry to all you rika fans out there
  • Yoosung is mesmerized by the unanimous texture of your head
  • #unconsciously starts petting it when you guys cuddle
  • also he just adores you


  • i got this guys
  • your local hairdresser is doing a charity drive thing, and you’re like sign me the fuck up
  • ya tell Zenny boy of your plans
  • and he’s down to jump on board too???
  • Zen are you? ok???
  • yes I am perfectly fine, are you doubting my looks, do you think I won’t be as handsome bald? Do you- 
  • but you see, the problem is, Zen doesn't really get what ‘bald’ entitles
  • you guys do the thing, and now wow you’re hairless
  • it’s enough of a shock to see Zen without all his flyaway white hair, and also you lowkey just couldn’t believe he actually went through with it
  • after a quick session of hugs and I’m so proud of yous, Zen turns to leave and-
  • ???
  • ?????
  • hell freezes over
  • Zen shaved everything 
  • but not
  • so it’s all polished and shiny
  • except for a random ass patch of long hair at the nape of his neck
  • Zen what the FUCK was the point of you doing this???
  • He sees you standing there, and asks if you’re okay
  • No zen I’m really not okay I want to laugh but I also want to cry I’ve looked death in the eyes and it was horrible
  • since you won’t answer him, he saunters over to you, whips out a frilly handkerchief, and polishes your head
  • There there, he coos like a mother to her young child, there’s no need for regrets
  • Zen it’s not my own decision that I’m regretting
  • It takes a hecka long while for you to look at him normally again
  • because even if you can’t see it from the front
  • you know that The Hair exists on the other side, waiting for its chance to be seen again
  • and sometimes it keeps you up at night, if ever Zen is sleeping with his back towards you
  • leaving you to ponder his life choices

ᒍᗩEᕼEE: (mmmmh short and sweet Jaehee is nice)

  • honestly she’s down to shave her head too? 
  • working with Jumin, she had short hair anyways, and going bald isn’t that big of a difference
  • giving a part of yourself to others in need, and watching your significant doing it with you is a beautiful feeling, and somehow managed to deepen the strength of your bond
  • a few customers were shocked at the sudden disappearance of hair, but their respect for the both of you increased when you told them why you did it
  • after a busy day at work, you turn to Jaehee, filled with love and devotion for the one person who meant the world to you
  • “Jaehee…thank you so much for everything. For being here, for shaving your head with me, thank you for supporting me.”
  • Jaehee turns to you with a quiet smile, a light pink creeping into her cheeks. “It’s nothing, MC, as long as it’s with you, I would be happy do to anything.”


  • “MC, why would you donate hair for cancer charity if I can just donate money for cancer research? Shaving your head gives you no collateral, from a business perspective -”
  • “Jumin, not everything you do in life has to grant you some kind of boon in exchange.”
  • Gets the idea of donating hair, but doesn’t really understand why you would do it
  • He’s not about to stop you of course not Jumin Han would never prevent you from doing anything at all it’s not like he’s going to take your freedom away or anything he- 
  • while Jumin is busy at work, you go get your head shaved
  • but he’s already back at the penthouse by the time you’re done, which you didn’t expect
  • it was only then did you realize that you had forgotten your keys inside, so you opt to ring the doorbell instead
  • you hear Jumin’s slightly irritated voice from inside, asking who would come visiting at such an hour
  • so he does the thing where he opens the door, looks you over once, the quickly shuts it again right in your face
  • “Um…” you say, rapping the door with a knuckle
  • there’s a soft click as the door reopens slightly, just wide enough for Jumin to peek through the crack
  • “Hi?” you say.
  • Jumin’s eye blinks rapidly a couple of times, and the door opens all at once
  • you catch him fanning himself with a hand before he turns away and walks towards the living room
  • as it turns out, for some reason, Jumin found  the sight of you bald a bit…intimidating?
  • you just looked…quietly powerful
  • which in itself was also attractive
  • so he was torn between intimidation and attraction, leading to a flustered Jumin and confusion towards his own kinks
  • he becomes highly invested in funding cancer research and an advocate for cancer charity
  • whenever he needs motivation or inspiration, he stands before you, stares at your head for a minute, then goes “Alright,” nodding to seriously to himself 
  • good times


  • y’all thrive  off spontaneity and surprises
  • it’s amazing and slightly freaky just quickly how you’ll both adapt to new circumstance, no matter how wild they might be
  • for example:
  • you don’t tell saeyoung about donating your hair
  • why not?
  • because you can
  • so as soon as you walk in through the front door, bald head shining brighter than my future, absolutely nothing happens
  • cuz it’s not like Saeyoung is always standing by the doorway anxiously awaiting your return
  • you go look for the dork, of course he’s sneaking around the kitchen, hunting for those good goods I got that good good I got that got that good good
  • “Hey Saeyoung!”
  • “MC-!” he begins, turning towards you
  • this is where your mutual, extreme ‘go with the flow’ nature kicks in
  • Saeyoung stares at you for a few second, rubs his eyes to make sure he’s not hallucinating, and when he realizes that you actually  look like Saitama
  • his own hair kinda just does a small whoosh  and falls in a single unanimous layer of red locks
  • he is bald now 2
  • anyways you’re both laughing at the situation, at each other, Saeyoung jokes about being able to use your head as a mirror now
  • #when will my reflection show who I am inside
  • you explain why you’re now bald, and Saeyoung gives you a sly smile
  • “I think it’s time to show you my most prized possession…”
  • basically you discover that he’s hidden hundreds of wigs in he walls of your house
  • that night, he prods your awake in the wee hours of the morning, eyes filled with urgency
  • “MC,” he whispers, “now that we’re both bald…where do our foreheads end?”

My entry for the 2017 Vinesauce PCRF Art Contest! I hope it’s appropriate enough!

My first thought was to make a care package filled with thoughtful items you would usually give to younger cancer patients that are undergoing treatment - made to represent the love and support from the Vinesauce community!

Thank you to everyone that will be participating in this year’s Vinesauce Charity Stream, and to those that will be donating to the Pediatric Cancer Research Fondation!!


We are so sad and sorry to hear that Robin Twist, beloved husband of Anne and stepfather of Gemma and Harry, has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Our hearts are with Robin’s family and dear ones at this difficult time. Our fandom will always remember his supportive, caring personality.

If you would like to consider donating or getting involved in the fight against cancer, please check out this list of charities that Anne has supported over the years. 

With love,
the TMHFN/RD team

Markiplier & Jacksepticeye Community Charity Masterpost: Highlight Your Favorite Charities for Brilliant Causes

In the midst of troubling times in the communities, @markiplier having finished a successful charity livestream, and @therealjacksepticeye, unfortunately, having to deal with criticism on many sides, I think we, as communities, need to come together to focus on spreading awareness for something they themselves have stood for.

This awareness should be in regards to understanding the purposes behind great causes, and to contribute in whatever way we can to make an impact.

With that said, it’s time to finally fill up a charity subpage and masterpost.

First, think to yourself: what general causes do you believe in? Cancer? Mental health? LGBTQ+? Animals? Shelter?

Do you know of, or can find any charities that would contribute to any causes you believe in?

Tell me. Just tell me.

You don’t even have to have a specific charity. Perhaps, you can tell me about a cause you wish to support. I’ll put something in for it!

When it’s all set to go, you can go through highlights for different charities. It would mean a lot if you also donated to them!

The beauty behind all of this is that Jack and Mark have stood for helping one another for a long time. They’re flawed, we can’t deny that. Yet, they still stand behind an image of a world as harmonious as we can get it.

This might not be the ultimate cure for bigotry, or disabilities, or even cancer. Yet, every donation is one step towards making something great.

That’s why I’m here, writing this. I’m beyond eager to get rid of the ambiguous ‘Coming Soon!’ on my charity subpage. I want to see us focus our energies on something great.

Let’s do that.

So, reblog, reply, or even ask or PM me about a cause, or a specific charity, and I’ll do the rest.

Thank you all, and have a great day!


Eva Perón, or Evita as she is often known, was the wife of Argentine President Juan Perón. She rose to great popularity among the working class, her “descamisados.” She grew up in poverty herself and went from actress to mistress then wife of Colonel Perón. When he became President, she became the first lady of Argentina. She began “The Foundation Eva Perón” to help the poor. She would meet with people in need herself and take their requests for what they needed, often kissing and hugging people with deadly diseases against the advice of others. When told not to kiss a woman with her lip half eaten away by syphilis she replied “Do you know what it will mean when I kiss her?” She would often work 22 hours a day, coming home at dawn and sleeping for two hours, then going back to her charity work. She was devoted to her people and to Perón. Shortly before her untimely death at age 33 from cancer, Perón was re-elected. She was so determined to ride through Buenos Aires for the re-election ceremonies, they had to make a frame to hold her dying body up as she could no longer support herself.  At 8:25pm on July 26th the “Spiritual Leader of The Nation” died. 

Pediatric Cancer~

The topic of cancer and cancer related illnesses is something that I hold close to my heart. As someone who has witnessed several close friends and family go through surgery and treatment (thankfully all recovered or are in remission), I would like to ask you guys to spread the word and if possible make some kind of contribution towards helping end Pediatric Cancer. In addition to supporting the fight against childhood cancer and in light of my blog’s (mainly) educational purpose, I would like to give you guys at least a few vocabulary words pertaining to the subject matter.

암 (ahm) cancer
어린이 암 (eo rin yi ahm) pediatric cancer
백혈병 (baek hyeol byeong) leukemia
림프종 (lim peu jong) lymphoma
육종 (yook jong) sarcoma
뇌종양 (noe jong yang) brain tumor
기증물 (gi jeung mul) donation
기증자 (gi jeung ja) donor
자선 (ja seon) charity
연구 (yeon gu) research
치료 (chi ryo) cure
*희망 (hwae mang) hope

화학 요법
(hwa hak yo beob)

방사선 요법
(bang sa seon yo beob)
radiation therapy

Hope this helps and spread the word! My heart goes out to anyone who is currently or has gone through a battle with cancer.~

{ charity run hc’s }

prompt: can I request a Hamilsquad x reader where maybe they run one of those like charity runs, these could just be headcanons if you’d like yeahhhh thank you!!!! 💕

a/n: i decided to do head canons if that’s alright! hope you like them!

you and the boys would definitely want to run for a cause that you believe in or support! 

  • your top choices include walks for alzheimer’s, autism, and for cancer researching companies! they’re easy ways to get involved.
    • john convinced you guys to do one for the wwf–an organization that protects wildlife!
    •  laf likes to run for unicef–an organization that helps women and children in developing countries!
    • hercules and alex like to walk for organizations that support children with autism!
    • you usually go with the schuyler sisters for causes more related to women bc heck yeah to girl power
      •  when the boys find out, they’re Hurt bc “why didn’t you tell us???” 
      • they support you and your beliefs wholeheartedly! take them the next time you go to a breast cancer run or a run that protects women + their rights!
  • alex really does not like to run. 
    • he still gets really competitive though??
      • he’ll try to beat you all, but he ends up burning out kind of fast
      • he still finishes, but he’s huffin’ and puffin’
        • for a good cause of course
      • you let him “win” once and he gets such a big head
        • “alex, it’s a charity run…it’s not really a competition”
        • “i’m still goNNA BEAT YOU ALL”
    • sometimes he listens to an audiobook as he runs
      • or his guilty pleasures,, playlist
      • he refuses to let you all look at it
  • john is already really athletic so it’s usually a breeze for him.
    • running is his one chance to kind of get away from his problems + think about things
      • the fact that it’s for a good cause makes him feel good about it too
    • no headphones for him! he likes to take in his surroundings + listen to whatever’s going on around him!
    • you two generally run at the same pace so you stay together!
      • he doesn’t mind walking either if you get a little tired. some walks/runs are longer.
        • plus you get to talk a little and hold hands
      • he eventually accepts he probably can’t or shouldn’t run the whole way,, depending on how many miles the walk/run is
  • herc is so fit already tbh so he could honestly probably run the whole thing, no sweat
    • he stays close to alex though, just to keep an eye on him
      • it’s easy for him. alex’s legs are shorter so his strides aren’t as long as herc’s
    • herc is a big guy but he looks very graceful when he runs??
      • he’s very light on his feet! 
      • he hardly breaks a sweat. 
      • he’ll run the whole thing without stopping! no problem!
    • he likes to run with headphones in and run along to the beat!
  • laf somehow looks like an angel after running???
    • he doesn’t like to sweat at all.
      • but he’ll sweat for charity
    • he’s so calm before the races since he’s mostly humoring alex
      • “mon chou, it’s just a nice way to help out a local organization”
      • “pshhh, that’s what loseRS SAY”
    • he always tells you to stretch before and after you run
      • if you ask him to help you, he gladly will ;)
      • you all listen except for alex
    • he knows it’s a charity run but prepares for it like its a triathlon. he’s not as intense!
      • he’ll do an easy jog on the weekends usually with john, you, or herc if you plan to do one soon
      • him and john are very into the healthy lifestyle! they’re always making green stuff/healthy food that for the most part tastes good so these runs are right up their alleys!

With all due respect, everything you have stated as reasons why you hate her are all opinionated and misinformed, and let me explain why. 

Firstly, having met celebrities does not mean you actually know them, so for you to state that all of the celebrities you have met are fake is pretty naive; yes, a lot of celebrities are fake, but frankly a lot of celebrities have to put on a mask in the public eye, so for you to meet them really doesn’t say much about their character. Now, even if some celebrities are fake, that doesn’t speak anything for their friends, so for you to generalize one celebrity to another is a very misinformed perspective to view the world with. 

Taylor Swift doesn’t only speak out against misogyny when “her feelings are hurt”, she speaks up when she feels that it is her place to. Taylor doesn’t spend her time on twitter talking about every single moment of misogyny and inequality, and frankly just because she doesn’t tweet about something does not mean she isn’t doing anything about it; actions speak louder than tweets. Taylor donates to numerous charities supporting a variety of extremely important movements, including but not limited to charities that help feed people around the world, charities that support cancer research, charities that support abused and homeless children, etc.; actions do 100x more than what any tweet would accomplish. Taylor isn’t a feminist “because it’s trendy”, she’s a feminist because she believes in equality. She is the first one to admit that she wasn’t sure of what feminism stood for several years ago, and she stated clearly that as soon as she learned what feminism was she immediately realized that it was an important movement, and has since done all she can to educate more people about it. None of her female friendships are self-serving, and again you have offered absolutely no evidence as to why you would even claim that. Critiquing Taylor’s female friendships, of which you know absolutely nothing about other than what mainstream media hypothesizes, perpetuates the stigma that powerful women cannot be friends with other powerful women, and that stereotype truly is sickening. 

Taylor Swift is not perfect, she is human. For you to say that what Kanye did to Taylor isn’t quite as bad simply because she isn’t perfect is highly problematic. I’m really not sure why people get so twisted up about the idea that Taylor Swift isn’t a perfect human being, because there is no single perfect person, especially when looking at celebrities who have to shape their entire life in order to survive in the ever-permanent spotlight. No, she is not perfect, and the expectation that powerful women must be absolutely perfect again perpetuates a toxic culture where women must be perfect in every aspect and yet men do not have to even come close. And just for the record, if you honestly believe Kim’s side of the story then you really are just misinformed and frankly pretty naive, especially since it has been confirmed that those videos were edited and clipped in order to play to a certain storyline. 

I am sorry that you were bullied, but your experiences do not mean that you are able to judge the experiences of others. I agree with you that Hollywood is an extraordinarily superficial place full of toxic cultures and ideologies; however, I’m not quite sure why you think Taylor Swift is Hollywood, considering the fact that everything about her and her career would state the opposite of that. In the general sense of the word, Taylor Swift isn’t Hollywood, she’s a Nashville musician. In the more hypothetical sense of the word, Taylor Swift doesn’t stand for anything that Hollywood does. Taylor Swift built up her career since she was 12 years old, and has worked her ass off throughout the past 15+ years of her life in order to get to where she is now. She uses her platform to the best of her ability to serve as a voice for those who do not have one. Now, I am not going to pretend that she is the biggest social advocate, but honestly she shouldn’t be expected to serve as a political and social activist when in fact she is simply an entertainer. Her career is not to speak up on every social movement out there, and that expectation is absurd. She speaks up when she feels that it is her place to speak up, and let’s be honest here, if she were to speak up on movements that she is not personally affected by, everyone would crucify her as speaking over those who personally understand those movements. 

How in any way has she hurt men and women with her career, because honestly I cannot think of any aspect of her or her career that have damaged anyone, other than people who despise powerful women. If you view Taylor Swift as a bully, then you clearly only see her and her career through the lenses of superficial media and people who will say anything to tear a powerful woman down. Nobody is asking you to blindly support Taylor Swift on the grounds that she is a woman; we are simply asking you to look at her without a biased perspective and judge her based on who she actually is and not what you and every other social media outlet would like people to view her as. I agree that challenging her views, as you should do with any person, is healthy; blind support of someone is absurd. And once again, nobody is asking you to pity her, we are asking you not to pretend she is this huge monster who wants to destroy everyone’s lives; we’re asking you not to blame her for every single thing that goes wrong, simply because it’s the trendy thing to do, because on tumblr bitching at Taylor Swift for any number of reasons that are not true is cool and will get you notes. 

I am not asking you to like her music, and honestly I am not even asking you to like her. All I am asking you to do is not perpetuate false criticisms of her and her career, and not crucify her without, frankly any, evidence as to why you hate her, other than what you will find from a false article on tumblr because hating Taylor Swift is trendy. Nobody has ever claimed that she is perfect; she isn’t. But since when does somebody need to be perfect in order to not be villainized? Since when does someone need to play every role in order to be respected? Oh right, I forgot: powerful women are held to the standard of perfection, and when they fail that standard because they are human, they are seen as the enemy.

Discovered why some J2’s are “claiming” the VDay card.

The slogan for Jared’s newest part of the AKF campaign is “love yourself first”.

I didn’t find a vid posted (yet) of the J2 panel. But apparently Jensen auctioned it off for the campaign.
While that is AWESOME and I support it COMPLETELY, this in no way states that Jensen “prefers” Jared.

Jensen loves BOTH of his friends and supports them BOTH.

Yes, he presented the card to Misha in a video on Misha’s fb.
Yes it was auctioned for AKF.

AKF and YANA are 2 halves of a whole… 2 sides of the same coin. Jensen is loving and supporting BOTH sides of the issue.

If you don’t get it yet, here it is in its simplest definitions:
AKF is about awareness of Mental Health Issues.
YANA is about help/suicide prevention for people suffering from said Mental Health Issues.

Do you really think the people they are trying to help WANT one charity to win over the other?!
Would YOU want one treatment of cancer to win all the funding, cutting off treatment for a different form of cancer?

This is NOT up for debate. This post is NOT a welcoming mat for J2 vs Cockles ShipWars.

If we are to BE the SPNFamily these THREE men need us to be, we must start ACTING like it.

The “BiBros” (or whatever they’re being called) hating on Misha must be stopped.
The “hellers” (or whatever they’re being called, I don’t know) hating on Jared must be stopped.

Jared and Misha are NOT fighting for Jensen’s love/attention. Jensen is NOT an attention-whore.

These three men love and respect EACHOTHER.

Let’s love and respect them the same way.
Support these boys in any way they need you to. They do these charities, these Cons, and these livestreams/videos for US. Don’t ruin it. Don’t divide the family.

‘If you asked me to go back to being 14 or 15, I couldn’t – it was a terrifying time. I was so awkward in my own skin. I used to hide behind my hair because I was so ridiculously self-conscious. It’s impossible to imagine how it would be to go through that period in your life – when everything is changing and you have these intense emotions – and also have to deal with something as terrible as cancer. The Teenage Cancer Trust does incredible work supporting and caring for teenagers and young adults with cancer, and it’s a cause that is really close to me and my family,’ she says, careful not to reveal too much about her personal links to the charity (it  is, she
says later, too sensitive for her to talk about).

Cancer for anyone is completely devastating, but to be a teenager when your whole life is changing is particularly terrible. I met an amazing girl, Georgia Ormrod –  a 13-year-old living with a brain tumour – through the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Georgia was a fan of my music, and since becoming her “wish” I have kept in touch with her. Through Georgia and through events that have happened to my family and my friends I feel especially connected to the charity and want to help as much as I can.’

—  Florence Welch, 2010

PLEASE PLEASE READ. It will mean the world to me if you do. Please also REBLOG if this post touches you. Takes you just a few seconds to help me spread this charity sale and I’d love it if this went like wildfire through the BJD community.

So some of you may know (but many probably do not) that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. This has been such a turbulent time for both of us and we’ve been able to hang on due to our positivity and perseverance, but also because of the countless generous strangers who have supplied my mom’s cancer center with their time, gifts and care packages.

Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to run a special sale of these shirts in order to raise a bit of money to make care packages for the cancer patients of the Hillman Cancer Center, the Magee Women’s Health Center in Pittsburgh, PA, and the Butler Health System Crossroads Building in Butler, PA.

This is NOT a support drive for me or my mother. I’m donating my time and materials and covering any processing fees to ensure that your $15 purchase will go directly to putting together one full care package of 10-15 organic, natural snacks and cancer essentials. I am losing money on every single purchase and I hope it wrecks me. I’m dedicated to giving back to the cancer community and I’d love to meet my initial goal of 50 sales even if that means I’ll have to make sacrifices in order to cover the costs. Your purchase will not only save a patient a trip to the store, but will empower them with the validation that they aren’t alone in their fight against cancer.

These special charity shirts are available in 5 styles and 3 sizes and made from high quality jersey knit fabric. You will also get a 1 inch button pin to show your support of breast cancer awareness everywhere you go.

1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. It’s estimated that nearly 250,000 people will be diagnosed in 2016 alone. In my mother’s case, she’s done everything right to keep herself healthy and fit for her entire life. Breast cancer is a disease that can strike without warning and there is no guarantee that living a healthy lifestyle will protect you from it. That is why it’s so important to raise awareness of breast cancer to remind women to invest in their health and do regular screenings so that the disease can be caught early, especially if breast cancer runs in your family.

The best way to overcome breast cancer is by early detection, fast treatment, and a wide support network including medical professionals, personal caregivers, and volunteers. Small tokens like care packages boost the strength and optimism of patients and validate that they are absolutely not alone in their fight. Your support of this charity drive means the world to me and will mean even more to the amazing individuals receiving treatment at the Hillman, Magee, and Butler Health System Centers. Thank you for your support and please share this message far and wide so that together we can make a huge difference!

Please share this direct link to anyone you think would be interested in this cause:

The Duke of Cambridge is to host a charity dinner at Windsor Castle as guests including Benedict Cumberbatch and Ralph Lauren dine in state rooms

The Duke of Cambridge is to host a lavish charity dinner at Windsor Castle with guests including Kate Moss, Benedict Cumberbatch, Helena-Bonham Carter and Ralph Lauren, as the Queen grants special permission to use state rooms.

The Duke will attend the Royal Marsden Hospital dinner this week in his role as president of the charity, greeting a remarkable guestlist including actors, models, fashion designers, philanthropists and cancer survivors.

The gala event will celebrate the innovative work of the hospital and its cancer charity, and will be thrown with the help of major donors including fashion designer Lauren.

He, along with other notable supporters and trustees including Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman, have helped compile a star-studded guest list to raise awareness of the event.

Guests including supermodels Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne are expected to wear dresses by Lauren, with Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett and Harry Potter star Emma Watson also tipped to attend.

Award-winning photographer Mario Testino will be in attendance, along with Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch and Helena Bonham-Carter.

The event, on May 13, has been organised with the help of the Duke of Cambridge, whose support and presence allows the charity to use the illustrious state rooms of Windsor Castle.

A source told the Telegraph guests will enjoy a drinks reception in the Waterloo Chamber, which dates back to the early 19th century and houses a carpet made for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.

They will then move through to dinner in the spectacular St George’s Hall.

A spokesman for the Royal Marsden Hospital said the dinner would be attended by donors to the charity, as well as supporters, former patients and clinicians.

Emile Sande, the singer who rose to fame for her role in the Olympic Opening ceremony, will put on post-dinner performance for guests.

The event has been arranged with the Duke of Cambridge as part of his long-running support for the hospital, who followed in the footsteps of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, to take up the presidency in 2007.

The Duchess of Cambridge and their son, Prince George, are not expected to attend the evening.

Mr Lauren, a noted philanthropist who supports breast cancer research, has made a “generous” donation to the charity already, and will visit the hospital today (Mon).

He has already established a cancer treatment centre in the United States after a close friend was diagnosed with the disease, and works on the Pink Pony project, donating proceeds from sales of his designs to the Royal Marsden.

An official spokesman for Lauren told a newspaper the designer is “over the moon” and “very excited” to work on the event, for a cause close to his heart.

A spokesman for the Royal Marsden Hospital said: “We’re incredibly excited to be holding a gala dinner at Windsor Castle to celebrate the innovative work of The Royal Marsden.”


anonymous asked:

Why haven't hou reblogged the Joy for Jay post?

I’m probably going to be crucified for this, but my reasons for not reblogging the posts are two-fold.

1. That is a massive chunk of money that can, and I feel should, be used elsewhere to support things Jay supported. I saw a post earlier that said it would be $3,000 to just buy an ad in Billboard. That is $3,000 that can be going to research for treating, and curing blood cancers through Bloodwise. Or $3,000 to any of the other wonderful charities Jay supported in order to help others.

2. I feel like it is slightly overstepping what is appropriate. I think there is a difference being supporting a family and making a spectacle of that support.

I feel like it’s important for me to say that I don’t blame anyone for supporting the project, but I personally will be donating my money elsewhere.

Cry-Baby of the Week

It’s time, once again, to marvel at some idiots who don’t know how to handle the world:

Cry-Baby #1: Caprock Academy

The incident: A girl shaved her head to support her friend with cancer. 

The appropriate response: Raising some money to donate to charity on her behalf or something.

The actual response: She was suspended from school.

Kamryn Renfro is a nine-year-old girl in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Her best friend, Delaney Clements, has been battling neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that affects children, for several years. 

As a result of her cancer treatment, Delaney lost her hair. Something that she’s not too psyched about, “People would sometimes call me a boy even though I was all dressed in pink,” she told CBS News.

Because Kamryn didn’t want her friend to “feel left out,” she decided to shave her head, too. 

“She was like, really excited and she was jumping up and down that I did it,” Kamryn toldUSA Today.

The staff of Caprock Academy, the school that Kamryn attends, were not quite as excited though. When Kamryn arrived for classes on Monday, she was told that her haircut violated the school’s dress code, and turned away from her classes.


Louis Tomlinson To Host Charity Cinderella Ball - One Direction’s Most Charitable Deeds

You know it, we know it, heck, the whole bloomin’ world knows it, but still it’s always nice to have an excuse to remind everybody just how bloomin’ lovely, wonderful, and big-hearted those One Direction boys are.

The latest example of this comes courtesy of the gorgeous, high-cheekboned babe that is Louis Tomlinson, who last night announced that he was set to host a ‘Cinderella Ball’ for Believe In Magic - a charity that makes dreams come true for seriously ill children.

We will give you a moment to stop crying.

With the majority of tickets to the ball being invite only, Louis has released a few to the public and we are just about ready to sell everything that we have in order to go.

We shall go to the ball, etc. etc.

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Anyways, Louis’ act of goodwill had us thinking about all of the other charitable and amazing good deeds that our fave four boys have done over the years, and we figured that today was as good a day as any to put all of them in writing.

After all, it’s far too common for the fab stuff that the boys do to get overlooked by all the drama and scandal surrounding their personal lives in the mainstream - so why not spread the word a little bit, eh?

1D made their mark on the philanthropist world early on in their careers, jetting off to poverty-stricken Ghana as part of Comic Relief in 2013. Clearly heartbroken by the tragedies that they were witnessing first hand, the boys also recorded the official single for the charity, a remix of ‘One Way Or Another’ and ‘Teenage Kicks’.

Prior to that, however, the boys had started to individually work with causes that meant something to them, with Niall Horan organising an event to raise money for Irish Autism Action and another charity, Temporary Emergency Accomodation Mullingar, in September 2012.

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Saying that he was “honoured to be able to give back to his community”, Niall’s popularity saw the ticket website for the event break down with all 500 tickets being snapped up in moments.

Talk about a legend, eh?

Liam Payne and Harry Styles also teamed up for a cause close to their hearts, with Trekstock - a leading cancer charity that supports young people battling the illness.

As ambassadors of the charity, they launched a global campaign in 2013 which promised the chance to #HangWithLiam&Harry by offering all those who donated the chance to win an evening out with the boys.

The original goal for the campaign was to raise $500,000, however, Liam and Harry’s involvement saw them exceed the $784,000 mark - or £500,000 to you and us and Her Royal Highness - which the charity revealed would be enough to allow them to “complete funding of their Hodgkin’s lymphoma trial, in the hope of offering a much brighter future to thousands of children and young people affected by this form of disease.”


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Earlier this year, Liam also hosted a Great-Gatsby-Esque ball for Trekstock, ensuring that the charity celebrate their fifth birthday of saving lives and generally being awesome in style. Dressed in a gorge blue suit, Liam was supported by his bandmates as he took on the mammoth, and brilliant, task of raising money for the cause.

And of course that’s not all. Fast-forward to 2014 and you’ll find that One Direction donated a whopping £600,000 to the Stand up to Cancer campaign, by kindly giving portions of their ticket sale revenues from their Where We Are Tour to the charity.

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Then, later that year, they joined charity group Band Aid 30 to record a new version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’, finding the time amid their hectic schedules to record vocals for the song that went on to raise over a million pounds for the Ebola crisis in Western Africa.


Louis, the Prince Charming set to host the aforementioned Cinderella ball, is also a patron for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, dedicating his free time to putting a smile on the faces of poorly children.

The rest of the boys are also happy to put their face and name to a whole list of worthwhile foundations, so much so that when each of their birthdays roll around, dedicated fans donate in their thousands to raise money for a charity that means something to them.

Earlier this year, the fandom donated a huge £11,000 to the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard in honour of Harry’s birthday, £15,000 for Bluebell Wood on behalf of Louis, and they are in the middle of raising funds for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland
 in time for Niall’s next birthday, and Médecins Sans Frontières (UK), or Doctors Without Borders, for Liam’s. 

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That’s a LOT of charity donations, eh?

Team all of this up with the band’s latest project #Action1D, which urges their fans to take action to basically make the world a better place, and we have some seriously concrete evidence that these four boys are bloomin’ good eggs.

And we also know for a fact that they will never, ever, change. 

Love you, boys.