and worse and worse

I normally don’t publish things like this but let’s stop for a moment and pray for those in Manchester rn. I just saw the news and I hope that the ones you guys know that went to Ariana’s concert are safe. If you were there or someone you knew, please remain calm no matter how terrible it turned to be, panicking is never the solution. I know words don’t do much but please know we are always here for you and will try to do everything we can. 


You know it really warms my heart that a wlw ship between a Mexican heroine and an Indian heroine is the most popular ship in the fandom. Trimberly means a lot to me not just on the surface of it being a ship between two girls who support each other, but because it’s interracial. Rarely, if ever, have I seen an interracial wlw ship (besides Korrasami) receive so much love and support from a fanbase. And it makes me so happy seeing myself, a wlw Mexican girl, represented in Trini both in terms of us being unapologetically Latina and being wlw. This is really important and it breaks my heart that a movie franchise with so much potential flopped and there’s a higher chance we will not get a sequel even though we deserve one. Please support the movie in any way you can. The cast is so wonderful and the movie was executed amazingly, I really want to see the other sequels this movie rightfully deserves. I want to see these kids grow and and discover more about themselves. I want to hear Trini say she’s bi, or pan, or lesbian. Or hell, even just saying “wlw.” I want to hear what Trini’s last name is in this incarnation of the series. I want to know more about Jason and Kim and Zack. I want more to be done with Billy. I wanted to see if they’d try their hardest to get a Native American actor to play Tommy Oliver, or even if they managed to let Tommy be a girl in this incarnation. I wanted so much with this series and I really really hope we get to see it thrive because if it flops for good and it doesn’t get those sequels and love it deserves I don’t think I could go on being the same person. This was the movie tumblr always preached about. So why is it that a highly diverse movie with 4/5 leads of color, a black autistic hero, a wlw Latina hero, a cast who act like real kids and who have consequences for their actions, whose acting was phenomenal and felt real, who were given equal treatment the entire course of the movie, who have the set up for amazing representation in the future if we do get those movies, flopped? Please support power rangers. It was so good and deserved so much more than what it’s been given.

Ok I’m rereading Night Broken (you’re all welcome, crazies wanting Christy in a story) and I don’t think I realized just how crazy Christy drives me.
I’m the queen of petty but ok woman. You’re an adult. Her character in this book was me in sixth grade, prepubescent nonsense. I’m sitting here like “excuse me this is my house. Mercy is a saint (I mean she’s not) but I would have started placing labels on the cabinets and drawers for her and politely explained to her face that that is where things go. Idc if it was different when you were here. I’ve now made this easy for you. There’s a label. "This is where my god damn spoons go.”