and working from there

the most obvious tell that dear evan hansen was written by adults is the fact that he closes his laptop everytime heidi walks in the room. 

no teenager who’s hiding anything on their laptop is stupid enough to raise suspicion like that; we all just surreptitiously click to a more innocuous tab and the adults can’t even pick up on the moment of panic before the screen looks completely harmless and academic 


at last! my magnus opus is complete! this here TAZ video is 305 panels, 3:30 minutes, and took me a month and a half to create 

the song is 12 years/7 birds by my good buddy @crappylilcomix

please enjoy!! (and shoot me a message if you liked it!)

Maybe werewolf eyes are extra sensitive to light. Maybe that’s why no one in the show remembers how to flip on a freaking light switch.


“Really, Bruce? The nurse’s outfit wasn’t enough?”

Pan Survey

I put together a survey about pan hate, erasure, misconceptions, and inclusion. I plan to use the results to write a little something about the aforementioned topics.

it’d make me very happy if y’all could take a few minutes to fill it out. to give you some incentive, if you fill out the survey, you can message me with a moodboard or icon request and I’ll make them for you ;)


you could be my everything, can’t you see?
↪︎ Or: In which Jon and Sansa recognise how they truly feel.

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Today Jack made a bet with his friend to see who could high five the most people. Hotchner men, unwilling to back down from a challenge, are very resourceful. His dad took him to his work for lunch and ordered every agent under his command to give Jack a high five. By the end of the day, Jack won with 437 high fives received.

Legendary Bop

Work From Home’s 1,209,992 sales in the UK make it the 3rd biggest girl group song EVER in the UK after Never Ever (1.4m) and Wannabe (1.5m). 

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