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Hard Eyes: Part 5

AN: While it isn’t first thing in the morning it is still fairly early. So here is part 5 of Hard Eyes. There’s only one part left after this!!!! I’ll be holding a poll on twitter to decide what series I should up date next, so make sure to follow me HERE

Prompt: Batmom that was former suicide squad?

Words: 1268

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4

You can’t help but think, that Dick was right. This life is addictive. It’s easy to fall back into. It’s easy to kill and forcefully move people out of your way, when it comes down to it. It’s old hat for you; the bullets flying, the crazy screams, the occasional bit of laughter. Your body moves on it’s own, somehow remembering everything it knew all those years ago.

    It takes everything you have to hold back. You don’t go after major arteries, you go for the tendons, and weak spots. Spots that will ground your  opponents, but not kill them. Then everything is quiet, with the exception of the ringing in your ears. It takes only a minute to snap out of it. Floyd’s hand lands on your shoulder and you’re back.

    “They’re still alive,” Harley complains.

    You look at your friend and shrug, “I’ve gone a bit soft.”

    She sighs, “I heard motherhood does that.”

    You smile before you move forward. You’ve dyed your hair, and donned a mask. There’s no chance of someone recognizing you, and that gives you a certain amount of freedom. You move forward in a group, toward the final door. The only thing standing between you and Thomas Elliott.

    You grip your knives a tighter, until your knuckles turn white, “We do this fast. We neutralize any traps or threats, we grab Elliott, and we make him talk.”

    There’s a murmur of agreement, as Ivy uses her plants to open the doors. Several small explosions go off as you enter. And then you’re met with more hired guns.You fall right back into the pattern.

    It takes no time for you to cut through the weeds, and that’s when you see him. He’s grinning, and staring at you. You have no doubt that he knows exactly who you are despite the disguise.

    You want to rush forward, but you know better. You know better than to give someone like him what he wants. So you stay with you team, right up until he runs. It had taken you all week to get this close to him, and you’re not about to let him go now.

    So ignoring every instinct you have, you chase him. You run him down like a cat after a mouse. It separates you from your team, but you don’t care, the rage is taking over now.

    He leads you through the twists and turns of the tunnels, until he stops in a main chamber. He stares at you with that twisted smile on his face. “Welcome Mrs. Wayne, though I suppose Hell Cat is much more appropriate in these circumstances.”

    You don’t bother responding, as you take a step forward, “Not so fast.” He holds up a device with several buttons, “It’d be a shame if not only your identity was released but that of your family.”

    That makes you stop. “Tell me, do they know that they’re helping get the Batman back on his feet? That they’re helping their number one enemy. Or are they so blinded by their loyalty to you, that they don’t even see that you’re betraying them?”

    The sound of footsteps fill your ears and he let’s out a laugh, “I know let’s ask them.”

    “I don’t think you’re going to like the answer.” You smile at the familiar voice, but you don’t turn to look. Jason’s familiar gloved hand reaches for yours, and a moment later your other children begin stepping out of the shadows.

    You squeeze Jason’s hand once before stepping forward, “Thomas Elliot, AKA Hush, AKA the bastard who betrayed my family. You should have thought twice about that.”

    You can see the nervousness in his eyes now. As he steps nervously to the side, only to be met by the sight of Damian. As your children begin to close in you explain. “I’m not stupid Thomas. It took me next to no time, to realize that it was you who had betrayed us, and thanks to Ed I already knew that you knew who we are. I also realized that I couldn’t rely just on my old team, I needed to rely on my new one as well.”

    “We hacked you, that controller you’re holding is now useless,” Tim states.

    “Our identities will stay secret, thank you very much,” Dick says, taking the controller.

    You can see that he’s nervous now, he’s fidgeting, and his eyes are darting all over the place, “You still need me. For the poison, or I’ll talk. That’s right I’ll tell the entire police precinct who you are!”

    You shake your head, “You don’t realize it do you, Thomas? That day my oldest son came to visit me he put a listening device and a tracker on me. He knew exactly what I was doing and where I was. It also gave him and my other kids a chance to look up exactly where you’ve been and examine your office.”

    Cass’ voice is cold,“We found the poison.”

    “Martian Manhunter has already worked up an antidote, and is removing the other shrapnel as we speak.”

    “Doesn’t mean I won’t talk!! And you all don’t kill!”

    You nod, “You’re right, we don’t. Unlucky for you Amanda Waller does, and you pissed her off by stealing her poison.”

    His eyes go wide right as the bullet takes him out. Your eyes flicker to the high ground, where your brother is lying down, rifle still in hand. You walk up to the body, “Even unluckier for you, I have an over protective brother, who’s a damn good shot.”

    Your children stare at you for a moment, and you open your arms to them. As they encircle you in a hug, you take comfort in your family, and a sense of relief takes over your body. Relief that you hopefully won’t ever have to pick up your blades again.

    You watch your kids disappear into the shadows as the squad comes into the chamber. There’s complaints about you having all the fun, but otherwise there’s no questions about the dead body or the bullet hole that created it.

    You head back to that run-down bar, and have one last drink. As you sip your whiskey you simply say, “I’m done.”

    Floyd nods, “We know.”

    Harley and Ivy both wrap an arm around your shoulders, Harley smiles and says, “Let those news guys get some pictures of you and the baby some time okay. We want to see what she looks like.”

    “That goes for all major events, any future kids, weddings, graduations, the works,” Ivy adds.

    You take a deep breath, “I’ll do my best.”

    Floyd smiles, “Thanks by the way. For setting up that scholarship for my girl, headed to the best high school in the area because of you.”

    You smile, “I’m ashamed to say that was Bruce’s idea.”

    Floyd just smiles, “You got a good guy there. Got good kids too.”

    Harley grins, “Your boys are real lookers.”

    You roll your eyes, “Stay away from my boys AND my girls Harley.”

    She just smirks, and shrugs. Pulling out a couple of large bills you place them on the counter and tell the bar keep, “Make sure their glasses stay full.”

    He just nods, and you down the rest of your whiskey. Without looking back you pick up your bag and make your way out to your car. You climb into the passenger seat, and stare at your brother, before handing over the keys, and simply say, “Don’t destroy my car. It was a birthday present.”

    He just scoffs and says, “Whatever you say Richie Rich.”

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Do you remember why you put Hades in Ravenclaw? I am profoundly curious about it, believe me.

I think the version you’re talking about is for the actual Greek gods and like. Hades just wanted to do his thing, be into the Underworld. 

(Someone help, what are words)

Hades was all “Alriiiiight Zeus just MURDERED dad what am I aboutta rule over???”

And Zeus was like “here brother mine, you can take the dead people”

And Hades was like “Awwwww maaaaaaan. Oooookaaaaaaay” And so he retreated to his underground realm and was like “I need a wife”

So he tricks Persephone into staying underground for half the year. Clever wit.

So he chilled with a big dog and devised a bunch of ways to make sure people didn’t leave the underworld. Creative. Inventive. Clever. 

Theseus and Pirithous tried capturing Persephone and Hades was like “Aw here, sit and eat, sleep in the underworld for a bit PSYCH YOU’RE TRAPPED BY MY SNAKES. HA. TEACH YOU TO TRY AND STEAL MY WIFE I DON’T THINK SO” Clever. 

And he treated everyone equally with like laws and stuff. He was a pretty fair dude and like level-headed and wise. Wisdom.

And besides that, he was just chilling in the Underworld with his wife unless it was sunny and vegetation time. Hades just kept to himself. Stayed outta people’s business for the most part. 

I think Ravenclaw’s pretty appropriate.

-Caitlin (Ravenclaw)

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Does enunciation of your words come easy to you, and if not, what tips could you give us to help va's with their own pronunciation?

Make sure to warm up your lips! Trilling helps a lot with that, and tongue twisters are good for practicing consonants. I do tend to struggle with some lines and I find that when the res a particular line I can’t pronounce well I sing the words before I say it because it helps a lot for some reason XD

It's not rape...right?

I thought it was the right thing.

We were dating, we had sex before and it was good, great even.

We’re both girls, you’re a feminist and someone who believes in body positivity and all that.

You’re been abused, you wouldn’t do that to someone.

I got to have an orgasm that day, or something really close to one.

Those conditions make it not being a rape, right?

I keep telling myself those things and keep telling myself it wasn’t rape.

But the truth is, I asked you to stop. I asked you to stop several times.

I told you “not now” or “kiss me some more” or “let me do you first”. I asked you to wait, to give me more time, to let me get in the mood, to just… STOP.

Maybe you thought I was being shy or playing coy or that I wanted more teasing before sex but the truth is… I didn’t want sex right then. I just wanted cuddles and kisses and the chance to feel your body against mine.

I wanted to just enjoy our time together and talk face to face or while holding each other.

But you wanted sex and I had made you wait long enough, so I let you make me cum and I let you use my body any way you needed so you could orgasm too.

And then I was finally able to enjoy your cuddles and hold you like I wanted while you slept in my arms, blissfully unaware of how violated I felt.

Late Night Drives - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

A/N – This is my 3rd imagine and I am so happy that you guys are liking them. Please feel free to request any ones in particular that you want, my inbox is always open :)

Plot – You can’t sleep at night, so you rely on your trusty boyfriend to help distract you.

Word count: 1243

Originally posted by lovablecouples

Tossing and turning in the dark, you caught a glimpse at the clock on your bedside table. 1:47am. Once again, you couldn’t sleep. You had tried everything the doctor had aid to do: counting sheep, having a hot drink and deep breathing, but nothing was working. Nothing at all. All you wanted to do was have 10 minutes of peace and quiet, but no, someone out there had it in for you and made you the person with insomnia in your family. You turned over again, being to get angry with your own mind that wouldn’t shut off. It was racing with all the thoughts and worries that were going through your brain, and you couldn’t turn it off.

Giving up, you finally turned on the bedroom light and fumbled around for your phone. The brightness nearly blinded you and you felt yourself blinking until your eyes adjusted. Scrolling through your contacts, you found the one you were looking for under ‘S’. Dialling the number, you tried to be as quiet as you possibly could. You had no doubt that he would pick up. For anyone else, he would probably ignore it, but for you, he would answer the phone immediately.

It took 3 rings.

“Stiles?” You whispered down the line.

“Whatimeisit?” He mumbled back, his words becoming jumbled.

“Nearly two, are you awake?” You replied.

“No, I’m just an automated message that is talking to you,” he replied sarcastically.

“Yep, you’re awake. Can we go somewhere?”

“Y/N it’s two in the morning and we have a biology test tomorrow, can it wait?”

You felt deflated, it’s not like you expect him to get up in the middle of the night for you and take you somewhere, but right now he didn’t even want to be awake.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll talk to you tomorrow Stiles,” you gave up, sighing.

You heard a groan on the end of the phone and a long groan of frustration.

“Fine,” he dragged out, “I’ll be at yours in five minutes.”

You smiled to yourself, “Thank you Stiles.”

And with that, you hung up. Deep down, you knew Stiles would come to your aid. He always did, and you loved him more and more each time for it. Stiles would act annoyed and pissed off, but truly, he couldn’t be happier that it was him you decided to call on help for. It made him feel special.

Climbing out of the warm, comfy duvet, you pushed your hair back out of your eyes. Brushing it out quickly with your fingers and pulling on the nearest jumper by your bed, you started to move towards the window. If you had gone downstairs, your parents would hear immediately and banish you from ever sneaking out again. They would keep you locked away in your room, and then there would never be any possibility of having fun again. So, the window it is.

Prying it open silently, you felt the gush of the cool night air on your face. It was refreshing enough to make you open your eyes wider and hear a low rumble of an engine nearby. It grew closer, and soon enough, the blue jeep was in its usual parking spot opposite your house. You gave yourself a very small smile and your heart leapt wildly. The porch was in front of you, and with ease, you took a large step and landed silently. Next, was to hang your feet, and jump. You had done it countless times before, but never at night. It gave you a sudden rush of adrenaline. You let go, and fell effortlessly.

Running across the road without looking and getting into the jeep, you pulled Stiles into a kiss before he even manged to say a word. It was soft and sweet and full of compassion, but it was also meaningful and daring and made your mind and body melt into his hands which cupped your cold face. Your hands tangled themselves into his hair, as if trying to pull him closer than he already was. But it was impossible. When you two were together, you were like a puzzle; you both fitted next to each other perfectly.

Eventually he pulled away and stared into your eyes, which looked straight back at his. You were trying to say what was going on with you just by looking, and Stiles understood. Silently, you fell back in your seat and Stiles started to drive. The radio played soft music by the 1975 and you hummed along wistfully, watching the surroundings change outside of your safe little car. Your safe little car where nothing could harm you, nothing could go wrong and nothing could change how you feel about a brown-haired boy sat right next to you.
Stiles kept on driving for another five minutes, all the while neither of you spoke a word. It was peaceful, you didn’t need to say anything and neither did he. You both knew how you felt about each other.

Eventually, the jeep stopped and you looked to see where you had been taken. Beacon Hills Viewpoint. You smiled to yourself.

You started to tell Stiles, “This is the place-“

“-we had our first kiss? Yeah, I know. I remember.” He finished, taking your hand and holding it in his own tightly.

You moved closer to him and leant your head on his shoulder, and you felt his arm go around your shoulders. Stiles brought you closer to his body, and you could feel the warmth radiating off him from under his plaid pyjamas.

Stiles took a deep breath, as if he was preparing himself for something big.

“Y/N, let me tell you something,” he began, his eyes looking out to overlook the whole of Beacon Hills. “When I was seven years old and everything in my life wasn’t making any sense. When everything looked like it was going to turn horrible and I wanted to scream so loud my lungs would burst, I thought life was another version of hell. If some guardian angel told me there and then that in ten years’ time, I would be sitting at Beacon Hills Viewpoint with the girl of my dreams right next to me and we would be taking light night drives together just because we were happy to be with one another, I would have punched them.”

You laughed softly. Stiles hand gripped yours tighter.

“But the truth is Y/N,” he carried on, “I couldn’t be happier to be sat with you right now. I know sometimes you feel like I choose other things over you, or you feel broken and I can’t mend you, and for that I’m so sorry. You deserve so much more than me, and because I’m here with you I will always be thankful. I think I’m falling really really deep in love with you Y/N.” He finished casually, as if he had rehearsed it all his life.

You were speechless. Dumbfounded. Stiles had finally admitted how he truly felt towards you, and you couldn’t be happier.

You pulled out of Stiles arms and looked at him straight into his beautiful eyes.

“I think I’m falling really really deep in love with you too Stiles,” you told him honestly.

And once again, your lips met. And in that exact moment, you knew that true love is real, and you had it.

Even if it was with a brown-eyed, brown-haired, rusty-jeep-driving, sarcastic boy named Stiles Stilinski.

people don’t want a Christ centered relationship because that takes work. *sometimes* in a regular relationship, you think about what this person can give you. you think about the fact that you only want to love because it will give you something in return. you want the perfect person that does exactly what you want, how you want it. you want the perfect person to inflate your ego and also be your entertainment and also be your everything

in a Christ centered relationship, you have a job. it is your job to not be a stumbling block. it is your job to be a spiritual companion. it is your job to make an effort to be what your partner needs you to be. it is your job to sometimes step to the side and just be there for them. it is your job to not make the jump through hoops in order to get your love. it’s your job to lead them to prayer, and work through the word, and do all the things that they need to be helped towards their purpose. and then that person must be there for you in those ways as well

people don’t want a Christ centered relationship because it seems like a lot of work. it also makes them feel like the dating pool is even smaller. like, it’s hard enough to find a relationship. now i’m expected to find not just a person who calls themselves Christian, but who also is actively seeking Christ? in this day and age?? it sounds like a lot. so then they settle. because at the end of the day they would rather not be alone than to make sure that if they have someone, that person is going to help them seek Christ.

I love you so much. You’re so amazing and inspiring. You’re so cheery and happy. We all love and appreciate you. You’re our blue boi. You’re worth it. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for making me happy even on my worst days. You mean the world to me. You make me happy. Your vibe is just amazing. I cant wait to meet you in the future. IM GONNA HUGGGG YOU.. and possibly cry. You make me and so many others happy. Keep doing you. You lovely blue boi. ✨💙 your kind words help a lot. They truly do. We look up to you. We’re happy and thankful to have such a great role model. I know life may be hard and stressful sometimes. But you have to remember that you’re worth so much more. You are amazing, Ethan. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. You’re so so kind and amazing. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! I WILL NEVER STOP THANKING YOU. You deserve the very best. @crankgameplays

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In today's society there is so much pressure and stigma really on being single, but it's not so bad really. I'm trying to reflect on my past relationships to find out what I want in a relationship and what I need from one too and fingers crossed I'll eventually find someone (even though my standards are too high probably and I forget that people are human at the end of the day and life isn't a Disney Princess movie) just know I'm here to support you in this tough world we live in 🤗

thank you, lil angel <3 i’ve really enjoyed being single tbh which is why i’m not even sure i want a relationship - i’m honestly stuck in the middle because sometimes i want to stay single because i don’t even care about relationships, but then other times i think about going on dates and taking cute pictures and having a constant person always there for you, and like…i’d love that. but it’s important for us to remember that our standards shouldn’t be forced lower just for the sake of a relationship - even if love isn’t like a disney movie, that doesn’t mean we have to settle for people who aren’t good for us. i wish you the best of luck too and hope you’re having a lovely day <3

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i'm just so emotional right now. Min Yoongi is a hero in my eyes. his words and music help me when i feel like i'm all alone in this world i love him so much :( i wish i can hug him and tell him how much him and his songs mean to me :(

every time i think of min yoongi i get emotional… i am so proud of him… like he has been through so much and has come so far! and my love i hope you never feel alone :( it makes me sad to hear that! but i am here if you ever just want to talk to someone :) <3

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Pairing: Anthony X Reader
Word Count: 962
Warnings: None

A/N: Thank you to @c-jacksonn for helping me at the end!

Your stomach rested against the back of the couch and your feet dangled off the front as you stared out the window. The gray sky reflected the dark new york streets. The small pitter-patter of rain droplets against the window brought a smile to your face. You followed the falling drops down your window with your finger. Rain always made you feel like a child again.

Three knocks resounded from the door. “It’s Anthony!” A voice called.

“It’s unlocked!” You said not taking your eyes off the rain.

The door clicked open and Anthony walked in, shaking off his umbrella. “Ready?”

You turned around and stood. You grabbed your coat and stopped while you reached for your phone. A close friend of yours was upset at you over something that was entirely stupid. She has an argumentative and stubborn personality and you really didn’t need your best friend mad at you right now.

I really don’t need this right now Isabel, I have a performance soon so please let it go. You sighed and sent the text. Stuffing your phone in your pocket you walked to the door and pulled it open.

“Let’s go!” You said and walked out the door with Anthony holding the umbrella above you.

As you walked your phone buzzed rapidly, probably Isabel not letting it go. You tried to focus on something else, the rain, Anthony beside you, anything! It worked up until it buzzed again. “Are you okay?” Anthony asked. “I mean you love rain, something’s gotta be bothering you if the rain isn’t making you smile.”

“Yeah, I’m fine…just tired.” You could tell Anthony wasn’t convinced. “H-Hold on.” The two of you stopped and stood under the awning of a coffee shop.

You pulled out your phone and Anthony looked over your shoulder. You read over the fresh messages from your angry friend. Tears lined your eyes as you read them, you were to focused on the messages to render the missing warmth next to you.

You glanced up when you heard a group of people laughing. Someone was dancing like a goof in the rain, spinning his umbrella and twirling. You smiled and watched. “What an idiot…” You muttered.

The dancer turned around and you saw Anthony, “Wait that’s my idiot!” You rushed towards him, “Anthony!” You were laughing as he stopped and looked at you, smiling as well. “What are you doing?”

Your phone forgotten and ignored in your pocket you hugged the man before you. He pulled you close with his free arm. “I love your laugh.”

You buried your head in his jacket, hiding your blush. His chest vibrated as he let out a soft chuckle. “Come on, we have to get to the theater.”

When you arrived at the theater only a few people were there. Most of the cast was there and half of the musicians. You shook off your coat and hung it on the rack.

“Y/N!” You looked up and saw Lin come towards you. “Can you tune the violins?”

“Yeah, of course.” You looked back at Anthony who gave you a reassuring smile.

“Go work your conductor magic,” he said.

You smiled at him and headed down the hallway to the orchestra set. You held the violin and struck the bow across the frame as you turned the pegs. You set it down and moved to the piano.

Pressing the keys down you hummed the note and went down the row. Moving faster you played the piano part for another one of Lin’s musicals, In the heights. You played and sang along to ‘It won’t be long now.’

The elevated train by my window doesn’t phase me anymore… The rattling screams don’t disrupt my dreams, it’s a lullaby in its way.” You sang. “The elevated train drives everyone insane! But I don’t mind oh no…

“I didn’t know you could sing,” someone said.

You hit the wrong note and poked your head out from the top of the piano. Anthony was standing at the door, leaning against the frame. Heat flushed your cheeks and he moved to sit next to you on the piano bench. “How do you do that?” He said pressing random keys down.

“Play the piano?” You questioned.

“Yeah, how did you…” he trailed, finding the first note you played.

“It’s simple really, here let me show you,” you placed your hands over the keys and played the melody slower. “It’s pretty repetitive.”

You froze when he put his hands over yours and followed your path. You played the melody again with his hands following yours. He shifted closer to you and focused on the keys.

You cleared your throat and slipped your hands into your lap. Anthony looked at you confused. “You try, w–without my help.”

He nodded and played, only missing the notes a few times. “Uh, can you sing again?”

“What?” You asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe it would help?” He said not meeting your gaze.

You took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay.”

So you sang and eventually Anthony got the hang of it. “You did it!” You exclaimed.

He looked down and smiled shyly. “Not without your help.”

You turned to face him, placing your hands on his cheeks to bring his face up. You watched his hazel eyes flick in between your lips and your own eyes before whispering, “I can’t kiss you without your help.”

He smiled and chuckled a little, his warm hands grasping your hips. Your eyes closed, and you were soon met with the delightful sensation of his lips on yours.

He leaned his forehead against yours and smiled. “I would say something cheesy but I can’t think of anything.”

You laughed softly and leaned forward planting your lips against his again.

A Tranquil Melody

a little fluff to help with the angst we have from the last chapter

thank you to @summylise who helped beta this fic. it was a mess. she turned it into amazingness.

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rated: general

characters: natsu, lucy, mentions of jude heartfilia and human!igneel

summary: silence is reassuring when you’re with the one you adore

type: fluffy one-shot

word count: 1867

Natsu was always good at being silent. From a young age, he was able to sneak things away from his older brother that he wanted and keep them without him finding out–something that he was quite proud of himself for until his parents found them. Natsu kept his lips tight as he heard his parents arguing, and listened to music on the ride to his father’s home where he would stay for the remainder of his life. Despite the pain, he was quiet and played his piano when the sad times arose and mostly kept to himself around other people, only inputting words that would help continue the conversation.

He played the piano every morning before school and before he went to bed, and he found himself one day getting better and better. Proud of himself, he began to play a Mozart song which he knew he could perform quite well. The song was one of his favorites, and one his father taught him when he was young. It went on for a while until he realized someone was watching him.

In the corner of his eye, he saw a young blonde woman around the same age as he peeking through her blinds in awe. He stopped playing and turned to study her, but she was gone.

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Hi there, I was wondering if you could help me with a question. I experience romantic attraction, but sometimes I don't, at all. Like there's sometimes I am all for it, and I want to be in a relationship, but then there are other times where I'm so... disgusted by it? Like, I want nothing to do with it. I'm in a relationship and I'm happy to have that partnership, but I don't know how to explain to my partner what I'm feeling. Can you help? Is there even a word for what I'm feeling?

It sounds like you are a bit romanced repulsed to me

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Speaking of rage and games, sometimes I get mad at a game and start saying the most ridiculous things. Not things like "fuck you" but things like "I'll fucking eat you, faggot. I'll consume you" and now I'm considering whether I should send it anonymously because faggot isn't the right word but gay person or homo aren't either please help


being an american- who never really understood the term “bloody”.. are they allowed to say it in wwe? just curious. because i don’t know what exactly it means but i thought it was a cuss word.. i don’t know. @llowkeys help me out here.