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Hoooooo and sometimes tina has to take him to work when he's sick and he nestles in her arms and sleeps or does some colouring and is mostly quiet and sometimes she just ... stops and looks at him. She just stops and admires her wonderful little boy who has grown so much in their care and has gone from a frightened little rabbit to so trusting and loving

what if credence’s childhood imaginary friends are the creatures from the book and so when he isn’t coloring he’s looking out the window and daydreaming about going on adventures with his creatures (basically doing things like newt) and he has a small smile on his face with his head resting on his hand and he looks so happy and content and it adds to the special moment that tina stops and admires him

Finished my weird little jellies study… These are a challenge to paint! I might actually touch up this piece because it looks a bit wonky to me. And yes it has been time lapsed which will be on YouTube soon, AND, I have finally launched a patreon page: where I have posted a few hours of extra painting content and color mixing demonstrations. I have been doing this on my website for the past year but am switching over to Patreon due to how much more convenient it is. 😊

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big taz dump (theories and stuff)

so i recently caught up on the adventure zone and OH boy am i intrigued. griffin has woven SUCH an incredible story and i love it so much.

i have a lot of thoughts i wanna put out there, mostly about magnus, and in an attempt of some form of organization, i’ll be gathering them up into four categories: what is explicitly canon, what can be inferred to be canon, theories based off of canon, and headcanons–that is, things that have a loose base in canon.

huge spoilers for the adventure zone below! please, if you care about things like spoilers, catch up to at least episode 50 before reading ahead.

if you’re caught up, or if spoilers don’t bother you, come on down! this is my first post like this, so forgive me if this is a little wonky;;

i’ll try and update this post as new episodes come out and more theories are cooked up, just to have one collective place to store everything. anyone can ask to contribute to add something if they’d like!

last updated: december 10th

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So this was the thing I was kinda putting off uploading? 
Emotions have been a tad bit wonky, and that’s what made me delay this for a little while. 
tbh I don’t think this is even that good or particularly worth while but it was a cute thought I had and wanted to put it down into digital paper so;;

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
have my thing i’m gonna go vanish into the void for a while 
(also if anyone cares the background came from me screaming “SPACE” at Cortana and picking the most stockphoto-esque one I could  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

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Fe, fe, fi, fi, fo-fo fun! Shrek ain't no average ogre, son! I got a donkey - who's wonky! And i live in the swamp. If you're feelin' THIS ogre, let me hear ya STOMP! Say "Shrek, Shrek, oh! How'd you get so green?" "Shrek, Shrek, YO! what's your favorite cuisine?!" I eat frogs, and bugs, and dung beetle pie! Sometimes I eat my snot, and I don't know why. Give me mud, be my bud, but don't need no dud. I be rockin' this vest cause I'm original STUUD! Fe, fe, fi, fi, fo-fo fun! Shrek ain't no avera

what the fuck

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I've heard good things about cooking cakes in crock pots/ rice cookers. I'm considering it since my oven's being a bit wonky. Do you have any advice?

We used to make “downhearth” cakes. This is done by putting the dough on the hearth beneath an overturned pot. This creates an over. I should think an enclosed pot would creat a moist cake, though it may not be as fluffy as a standard cake.


I made some “larme - inspired” designs on my society 6. All illustrations created by yours truly. I doodled on the shirt stock pictures to dress them up a bit. Anyway, all shirts are available in different colors and styles. I have art prints, notebooks, mugs, pillows, shirts + more so check it out if you’d like! Everything is 25% OFF right now with FREE shipping worldwide.

(please note that for some reason the product thumbnails are showing the designs wonky but when you click on the listing it’ll show you how it actually looks)

i should be asleep but instead i sketched out some karl(on) designs. with the one on the right i was trying to do something looser than usual? idk but i like it even though the anatomy is wonky as hell


someone suggested smooches and another cuddles sooooo