and wonky


[ HAND IN HAND ] aka the au where magic and science/aliens exist side by side and tsuna doesn’t want to be here anymore

i’m dyin captain, my wrist can’t take no more

some quick coolbean drawings of the main cast bc i wanted to draw sparkly edritch horrors. i just realized reborn’s hat is all wonky in one of them but i already screwed up the file so i can’t edit it no more lmao sob

does anyone else think verde’s hair looks a lot like tsuna’s sometimes?? he’s like some tsuna-harry potter sinchild

ok!!!! so i finally got my cd drive and installed things that let me use my drawing tablet now!! and the first thing i drew was lance, the picture is pretty large, but im still getting used to things so please bear w meeee

Drawing Tablet: Wacom BAMBOO Splash

Drawing Program: Fire Alpaca

heads up i know this week’s critrole episode was wonky with being uploaded but i’m still going to stop tagging last week’s episode with spoiler tags since it’s the day of a new episode

withstander  asked:

hi! i'm a new studyblr { @studygemz } and i'm obsessed with your blog! you're the reason i bought new pens & started my own bullet journal. i just had a question about the way you do your notes/journal/anything - is it all freehand? or do you trace/outline anything with pencil before? i find my g2 doesn't work overtop pencil, but i'm always so scared to do it freehand because i'm not confident with my decal skills. i was wondering if you had any advice :)

it’s all freehand! that’s why my long lines are really wonky sometimes haha. i just do it out of laziness/not wanting to write everything twice LOL. but i suggest to keep practicing and try it on other paper before writing it in your journal. :) 

I have a lot of things to do today and I do not feel prepared. Adulting sucks. On top of that I am physically wonky and I think my blood pressure and/or heart isn’t right. There’s a lot of pressure in my head, but not a headache if that makes sense. And it’s worse if I cough or sneeze or pretty much do anything physical. Argh.
Just gonna take it one thing at a time.

Sky has had more face-lifts than all my other sims put together. Something about her face has bothered me since I made her back in the TS4 demo. It has literally taken me over two years to figure out it was her wonky eyebrows all along. She’s now new and improved and has A+ brows. 

I spent 7 hours animating today without a break and the end result was far worse than I expected

Now all I have is an aching body and a wonky assignment to turn in, fuckin YAY