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There is a light for the lost and the meek


What even are lanterns?

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Ten of the cutest things

1. Large, widely-spaced eyes are very cute. This is why I have placed cow eyeballs on an approximately 50cm grid all over my garden. I now have the cutest garden.

2. Small creatures falling asleep are cute. It is even cuter if they fall off something as a consequence of having fallen asleep. For example, this is what cockroaches may do if they fall asleep on the ceiling.

3. Also very cute: things that are so fluffy that it slightly impairs their ability to function, such as computing equipment that has been stored in a dusty environment.

4. Many everyday items that are not initially cute can become cute if you cut off their WD-40 supply for long enough that they start making tiny squeaky noises. Tiny squeaky noises are very cute.

5. Things that are standing on wobbly legs are cute. You can improve the world’s cuteness by always removing those napkins people stuff under the legs of wonky tables in pavement cafes.

6. Things that can fit in teacups are cute. This includes tea. Tea is only cute if it fits into the teacup, so always remember to stop pouring before it becomes not cute.

7. Things that are showing you their bellies are also cute.

8. Things that are snuggled together are cute as well. These last two items are why a room full of writhing snakes is cute, but only if the snakes are all in the same place and you happen to catch them mid-writhe in a belly-up position. At least twenty percent of people who have rooms of writhing snakes have observed this curious phenomenon and it is certainly a brick to the cutebrain when you see it.

9. Things that are smaller than you were expecting them to be are cute. This list is smaller than you were expecting because I have ground the tenth item to a messy pulp and fed it to a walrus. It also contains many other items that are cute. Therefore it is one of the cutest lists.

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Holy cow ur art?? It looks really good?? I've been drawing seriously for like two years now, and I can clearly tell you put a lot of effort, time, and thought into it. It looks amazing!!

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5 things you’ll find in my bag
🎒 cute pepper spray
🎒 phone charger 
🎒 earphones
🎒 keys , somewhere
🎒 thousands of receipts

5 things in my bedroom
💀 wax fragrance melter
💀 my altar 
💀 empty Coke Zero bottles at varying sizes 
💀 fairy lights 
💀 at least three (3) bottles of alcohol at any given time

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in my life
❣ be better than this one girl from middle school lmao
❣ maybe do a podcast??? 
❣ travel ! ! ! 
❣ be in a polyam relationship someday 
❣ get my writing published someday maybe

5 things that make me happy
🌹 good tunes 
🌹ciel phantomhive 
🌹 the ass the tick 👌🏽
🌹 success
🌹 my beautiful amazing friends whom i would die for

5 things that I’m currently into
🔪 the classics
🔪 rick and morty (on the lowkey)
🔪 the walking dead game!! love clem named my puppy after her 
🔪 cryptids, paranormal 
🔪 poetry

5 things on my to-do list
⛑ take off makeup
⛑ go to the LGBT+ club meeting tmr!!
⛑ finish my resume !! start applying for jobs!!!!
⛑ a thousand movies n shows all listed elsewhere
⛑ finish those fics u promised ppl , it’s been months girl…

5 things you may not know about me
☁️ i scare super super super easy 
☁️ i have freckles 
☁️ i worship the greek gods (hellenic polytheism) 
☁️ i am, so petty. it’s unreal. im that ‘everything is salt’ video condensed into a single girl
☁️ i lowkey live for validation via positive affirmations n physical affection

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Spoilers for Action Comics #978 were right - Conner is missing from Clark’s memories. Since Johns is the architect of the Rebirth and we know he likes Conner, this is probably an important piece of the puzzle.

Of course, this book and the second part of the Button kinda made DC history wonky. I mean

Everything happened. Everything is connected. Everything is canon. 

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Hi there! I love your work! The way you use colors is so unique! I also have a question about references but about posing. How do you use references for posing without fully referencing your reference? Haha, I said reference so many times, but I have a problem with that. I sometimes try to use elements from different pictures or I use myself as a reference. But sometimes doing the former is difficult and it comes wonky and then I just reference one picture way too closely. Thank you!

First of all, I won’t say I’m an expert on this stuff, I definitely make mistakes, so take my advice with a grain of salt. If there is an area with a problem, like an arm angle or something, then I search for as similar a pose I can, just for that arm. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.. The most important thing is that you know anatomy, from proportions, to the important skeletal features, to the origin/insertion of muscles, the location of muscles and how they look in different gestures like stretching, contracting of certain limbs, when a muscle is activated vs. when it’s complementary is activated (i.e. flexed bicep vs inactive tricep, and vice versa) etc. Once you know the structure, it becomes a whole lot easier to draw a new pose and you don’t have to rely so heavily on reference, and you can be more flexible with the human form. that’s always fun :D If you reference from a photo or image without knowing exactly what lies under the skin, or the proportions of each body part, you’re probably gonna have a higher chance of messing up. Copying what you only see instead of reaffirming a previous notion through a photo reference will be less informing, in my experience. 

So how exactly could you learn anatomy, I would recommend this way, as this is how I learned it (reminder, not an expert)

1. size of (adult male, it’s most common to start with) head

2. proportions (body measured in heads)

3. skeleton, bone structure, and the important landmarks

4. muscle location, origin and insertion

5. muscle behavior in different movements

6. biological gender differences

7. other body type heads, and then proportions, because now that you know muscles and bones, you can resize them to create a little baby or a small child or a teenybopper! It’s endless, and super fun. And the more you know, the more freedom you get to do stuff, and you won’t be tied down by not knowing :D

The reason for this way is that it’s accumulative. If you skip a step, important info might be missed or used incorrectly.

And yes, even if you know this stuff completely, you’re still going to rely on references since this anatomy is just a framework. Maybe not so heavily like before, but it’s great to confirm rather than to see from scratch, if that makes sense. 

Hope that helps!

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You have everything in the story set right? Like beginning to end every little detail hashed out? How long have you been planning this for?

Not everything! I have a beginning, a wonky middle and an end. Also, semi-detailed bg stories/motivation for each character. I’m making the middle more loose so that I could have fun in the process too and also so that I’m able to add random things. I didn’t want it to be a matter of “I can’t wait to get to this scene already.” So I made the story to have some flexibility. That’s why I really like the ask system because you guys ask stuff I never really thought of before so it’s always a treat to weave that into the stories I want to tell! Also planning took probably several weeks or something I’m not really sure :’) I’ve always wanted to do slice of life stories though so a lot of these scenarios I’ve also thought about already for my OCs that never saw the light rip

dont relbogggg this, its a crappy wip, but i scanned my gouache painting bc it was getting wonky and now i’m fixing it up in photoshop 

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i'm a new star wars fan, and im glad there's someone else that actually liked the prequels as well. I went into it expecting to hate them bc everyone else does but apart from some wonky dialogue --which honestly, it can't be said enough, isn't the actors' faults -- and Jar Jar, i found them really enjoyable! I personally enjoyed ROTS as much as ANH and probably more than ROTJ. I think Anakin really added to the complexity (and tragedy) of Vader and the lightsaber battles were EVERYTHING.

yay i’m glad you liked them!!

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I've been thinking of getting Sonic Generations, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and Sonic CD on Steam. Should I? I think my laptop should be able to run all of them well enough, but are the PC releases worth it?

I do not have any answers for Generations and Sonic CD, but I do own Adventure 1 and 2 on steam. SA1 can be a bit wonky at times, but nothing is game breaking. (most of the incidents that happened to me in the steam port was just clipping through walls and having a bit of trouble running down paths) I actually completed Sa1 the first time in two days with no mods. (I didn’t install BetterSADX until months later) Sa2 runs great…although in City Escape there is that annoying glitch where the truck/trolley blocks your view until you get to the section where you are running down the wall. (I am not sure if there is a way to stop this from happening, but at this point I am used to this glitch that it hardly matters to me) I think the sound mixing might be worse as well (the music is more loud), but besides that there is really nothing bad about it. I think both Sa1 and Sa2 are worth getting on steam, especially if you do not own any of the console versions or if they no longer work. (which sort of happened to me.) I hoped my experiences helped a bit!

~Mod Nerd


I forgot to upload Elara’s letter to Montclair following Iokath. As much as I was disappointed with how short the reunion was (even if it was sweet/well-done), I did appreciate the fact they obviously put effort into this message

I particularly liked/appreciated the fact they remembered she calls her husband “Dearest” and the happy note that she found and reconnected with her friend from back in the Empire - I’m glad she gets a happy moment, though I wish we could have had a similarly diplomatic approach in the story. Maybe we’ll even see Vasil or Aleksei Dorne again, who knows.

I’ll have to take another trooper (probably one of the versions of Ayrs floating around in their class stories) to record a video since Fraps was acting wonky for me.

It’s not cute when gamers get on my case for playing OW with a controller rather than a keyboard. 1. who cares 2. I explained I have health conditions which make using my keyboard very painful and even the controller is painful but less so 3. this is also why my aim is wonky, I am always in pain, when I’m playing I am in pain, and neurological illness makes it hard for me to control my hands right so I often press the wrong button because I don’t have a good map of my own body

Like, chill, please, people with different kinds of bodies that work different ways play video games

Who cares if I use a controller! Get a life.