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Hamilton Square is located on the southwest side of Sacramento Historic City Cemetery, near the Old Mortuary Chapel. The garden is the burial site of William Stephen Hamilton, the youngest son [sic] of Alexander Hamilton, the first Treasurer of the United States.

Stephen Hamilton came to California in 1849 and died in Sacramento in 1850.  He is the cemetery’s most restless resident.  He died once (1850), was exhumed twice (1877, 1889) and buried three times in three different locations. (x)

William Hamilton was only 6 years old when his father was killed. Sadly, his life lends extra poignancy to Miranda’s lyrics. He did not realize the promise of his father’s generation.

He had a tough legacy to live up to. William Hamilton tried, in his own way, but ultimately fell short. His father died in a manner immortalized in song, art and literature. The younger Hamilton died of cholera, which spread through Sacramento in 1850 like a plague. For a time he lay in a potter’s field before getting a proper burial with a proper tombstone. And even then, Hamilton’s marker is as much a tribute to his father as it is him. Etched into the memorial is a heroic image of the elder Hamilton with his name most prominent. On the side of the tombstone are the words “Wm Stephen Hamilton son of … ”

William Hamilton left almost no record and found no gold. By the age of 53, he reportedly regretted ever coming to Sacramento. What little is known of him is buried in archival documents kept by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

“In stature, (Hamilton) was of medium size, thickset,” wrote Theodore Rodolf, a political rival of William Stephen Hamilton’s, in a letter 30 years after his death. “In dress, he was exceedingly negligent. I might also say slovenly. … His long intercourse and daily association with miners had worn off the polish of city life and (he was) given to an abruptness of speech and dictatorial manner that would have been offensive if had not tempered it with a genial smile and kindly words.”

Rodolf observed that Hamilton “was a confirmed bachelor and did not seem to care much for the female society.”

When a rival is telling your story, the chances of a flattering portrayal are slim. In the case of Alexander Hamilton, his story has been reclaimed by historians and Miranda – all working from Hamilton’s voluminous writings.

In the case of the son, there are questions but few answers. There is only a tombstone in Sacramento with a famous name. There is only the realization that for every figure celebrated in history books and Broadways musicals, there are many more stories like that of William Hamilton’s. (x)

An article from the Los Angeles Herald dated March 1, 1900 has the headline, “Burr’s Victim’s Son”, and doesn’t even get the date of his death correct. He died October 7, 8 or 9, 1850, depending on which source you read. His obituary appeared in a Sacramento paper October 15.

Positioned inside a hastily-built wood box, Billy was laid to rest in a long trench with other cholera victims under a post marked with the number “50.” Twenty-seven years later, Cyrus Woodman ventured to Sacramento in an attempt to locate and mark Hamilton’s grave. First, he located Hamilton’s faithful servant Barney in Galena and obtained a detailed location and description of the grave site. Woodman successfully located Hamilton’s remains and accomplished a re-internment complete with a headstone, upon which Woodman had engraved:

Col. W. S. Hamilton
Born in New York 1797
Came to California in ’49
Died October 8, 1850

In size and features, in talent and character,
he much resembled his illustrious father.

A friend erects this stone.

Ten years later, the city of Sacramento established a larger lot in a new section of the cemetery and named it “Hamilton’s Square.” Hamilton’s relatives then erected the present monument, which included the correct date of Billy’s death and a bronze relief of his father, Alexander Hamilton. (x)

One biography of Billy (his preferred nickname) Hamilton exists:

Alexander Hamilton’s pioneer son; the life and time of Colonel William Stephen Hamilton, 1797-1850. Early New York, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and California, by Sylvan J. Mudloon. Harrisburg, Pa., Aurand Press, 1930.

There is also a MA thesis:

Colonel William Stephen Hamilton: A pioneer, by Fielding, Angelina, M.A., University of Nebraska at Kearney, 2012 .

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Untold Tales of Surreal Sky

Russia based artist Rhads paints remarkable scenes that borders between surrealism and reality.

The painter paints what may seem like otherworldly scenes, where the ravishing expanse of the sky dominates a good portion of the frame. Rhads experiments with scintillating shades of mandarin, crimson and yellow, with hues of ultramarine, prussian blue and white to depict the sky.

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You think you’re okay until you’re up at 3 am crying about everything and nothing at all and wondering when your life will finally turn to a chapter where you’re happy again.
—  SociopathicEntity

Seriously, I just love this whole bit of animation. It’s the most beautifully captured moment of “I have no fucking clue what’s going on”.
40 Important Milestones You Can Have In Your Life Besides Getting Married
Getting to a point in your life where you look at teenagers and college kids and think, “I’m so glad I’m not in that stage anymore,” as opposed to, “I’d give any…

Since I know you up at 2am wondering about life

Here’s something to let you know that there is so much more to growing up than just getting married and having kids


Regarding about Bleach. No wonder every fans dropped the last volume perhaps along with the anime and (movie if they going with Ichihime stuff). We all know our sensei and mostly eastern fans and half of western Fans are the biggest Ichiruki Fans. As he suddenly ended the manga with *unexpected turn* also the repetitive of Baruto and Air Gear storyline, all fans feels they were being betrayed at the same time decided to leave Bleach all forever. That’s including me unless Kubo Sensei come up with his own chapters and fill up all the plot holes storyline. We all support him but to buy and accept the latest/end of chapter….its out of option. Calculation goes to Ichiruki is the first reason why Bleach having so many fans. Then goes to Ichigo characters himself and his relationship with Renji and Ishida/Chado. Its including the Soul Society Teams who had different and various characteristic and personalities what makes Bleach is amazing and fun! Fade to Black is the biggest Achievement with perfect qualities movie. Its gather all people around the world to watch the movie. But the way Kubo Sensei end up Bleach gave a big bad worst impression to the comic World. Dont ever label Ichiruki fans as The Hater if you are just a Ichihime Shipper only and not the bleach itself. Conflict between The Publisher and The Creator always end up bad to the fans. I dont know what the hell they were thinking? It’s Kubo Sensei work. He knows better his work. He knows everything that will bring his fans enjoyment and his own satisfaction. For Ichihime fans, Orihime is actually perfect for Ishida. It should be Ishihime instead of Ichihime. What a shame. Ichihime end up is become the worst in Bleach history. We all love Kubo Ichiruki Sensei. Sayounara Ichigo and Rukia. Its fair enough to Shounen Jump and Sueisha. You lost your golden.

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                                  Red eyes and matching smiles.

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Wondering about Megamind’s eighty-something life sentences leads to such questions as:

  • Does putting someone in a death trap count as attempted murder or merely reckless endangerment?
  • Does it count as assault with a deadly weapon when no one, including the user, knows whether the weapon would actually work on the person it’s aimed at?
  • Repeatedly trying to kill someone you think you can’t possibly kill still has to count as attempted murder, right?

Honestly, I can believe in the large number of life sentences (especially considering he was doing all this weekly, apparently) but the trials must have been quite something.

find someone you can complain to about the petty stuff without fear of being called out on how silly they are, honestly, because yes they might be petty but damn they can really eat you alive and being able to vent knowing you won’t be judged for them is so important

I miss Skyrim so...

Because I have a new videocard, OS, (been like a year since I seriously played) and such I decided to do a fresh install.  Slowly been getting mods setup.  I’ve been doing this slowly over the past week or so and tonight…

Adem: When am I going to see you actually PLAYING Skyrim?!

Also earlier at work I overheard some coworkers talking about the game and one guy said, “I have over 300 hours on that game!”


dear what could have been,

maybe it’s for the best. maybe things played out the way they did, for a reason. im trying my best to stop thinking about it. i still wonder what life would be like if it didn’t go so poorly. i wish things worked out.

the girl who had the nerve to think that this time would be different.