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friendship forged in glitter

I’ve seen people wanting a longer fic based off my not!fic so I decided to write it. Not beta’d. Also of ao3.

“You really need to start getting along with Derek, mischief.” Stiles’ mommy tells him on their way to her work. Stiles gets to go to work with her because she and Derek’s mommy run a daycare together.

“But, mommy, he’s so mean!” Stiles whines, crossing his arms over his chest.

Claudia sighs softly and turns around to look at Stiles after parking her Jeep. “I don’t think so, baby, but even so you’re five now. You’re a big boy. So please play nice?” She asks him.

“I’ll try.” Stiles says because his mommy is the best and he loves her.

“Thank you, Stiles.” Claudia says, getting out and letting Stiles out.

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Six of Crows preschool au tho

• okay so like there’s a special preschool that only takes in six children
• and ofc those six children are the crows
• and in the beginning they’re not exactly friends with each other
• nina and matthias were taken out of the previous preschool because matthias was too possessive of the wolf plushies
• like too possessive
• matthias always gets the wolf plushies first and even if you got them before he did he’d beat you with a stick bc wolf plushies
• and nina wouldn’t go to preschool unless matthias did so off they go
• anw on the first day they just stare at each other wondering what to do
• before three year old nina says “we should be friends”
• and three year old wylan points at kaz and says “no way he’s too creepy”
• and inej walks over to kaz
• and says “no way he’s not creepy his hair is fuzzy therefore he’s not creepy”
• and kaz despite being a three year old is like “how did you sneak up on me?”
• inej responds by tickling him
• jesper pokes wylan’s stomach
• wylan also responds by tickling him
• wylan, jesper, kaz, and inej are rolling on the floor tickling each other and giggling and laughing (like actual children)
• and nina runs towards them
• and jumps
• and slams herself into the tickling pile of children and they all tickle her
• it becomes a full blown tickle fight
• and the preschool teacher walks in
• and sees six children sprawled all over the floor, tickling each other with all their might and laughing with red faces
• and she can’t help but smile
• and that’s how they spend the rest of their days in that preschool
• tickle fights, playful brawls, jokes the preschool teacher doesn’t even understand
• three months in matthias expresses how lonely he feels without wolf plushies
• they band together and dramatically pleading for the teacher to buy wolf plushies for matthias in the preschool
• like seriously
• d r a m a t i c
• wylan is sprawled on the floor sobbing and jesper is on his knees practically choking himself nina lets out a banshee like wail and inej is in a praying position
• kaz, surprisingly, schools them all
• he throws himself on the daycare teacher’s desk and lets out an ear-bleeding mixture of a wail, blubber, and sob and screams “GET MATTHIAS HIS WOLF PLUSHIES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.”
• and they’re all in silence
• and a look of pure trauma appears on the daycare teacher’s face
• “okay I’ll get those wolf plushies”
• and the rest just stare at kaz
• and kaz, despite being only three years old, returns to his stiff demeanor and says “you can thank me later matthias”
• christmas holidays and then the first day of that preschool again in the new year
• kaz shows up one day with a limp
• inej runs toward him and hugs him
• and he flinches
• kaz brekker, dustyhands, bastard of the daycare, flinches
• and they ask what’s wrong
• and why is he wearing those gloves?
• “fell from the chimney”
• “and the gloves?”
• “got really sick”
• and suddenly he’s rlly distant and doesn’t like being touched despite being only three years old and all
• and they respect it
• but why??
• but they all still remain best friends, and when the time comes for the year to end and for all of them to go to kindergarten, they’ve called themselves “the crows”
• matthias was slightly reluctant
• “why crows?” the preschool teacher asks
• and kaz says in english too advanced for a three year old “because crows remember human faces. they tell each other who to look out for and who to watch out”


• they go to the same kindergarten then the same elementary and by fourth grade the entire school knows them as the tight-knit band of kids who call themselves the crows
• even the teacher knows it
• and they eventually go to the same junior high together
• and the same high school
• until kaz and inej are known as “brekker and his wraith queen”


BATCH #1 from Twitter Artstyle challenge

Thank you all who participated in this so far!! Geez these were so fun to do… so expect one more batch later ;)

(Originally went with myself but I got bored quickly doing so, ended up using my characters as the perfect guinea pigs instead)


Annnnnd he’s done! Two days in the making, I’m getting pretty good at making these things. XD

Dread Pup Fen’Harel is made of fleece (do not recommend) and shiny scrap fabrics for bling effects. The orb is stretchy bathing suit material leftover from a dragon plush I made and black yarn hand-stitched in place.

Anyway! This is one of the plushies I’ll be carting around with me next week at MAGfest– might be bringing the Fen’Harel plush again, not sure yet. I also have plans to make a standing halla, but we’ll have to see how the week goes, lol. My lavellan might not have super advanced armor, but she has a crap-ton of plushies.

The plush pattern is a modified version of @sewdesune​‘s werewolf plush, which is ABSOLUTELY DARLING. <3 You can purchase it for only $5 HERE. I’ve gotta say, I’ve been trying out a lot of etsy patterns lately and by far, her patterns are the best I’ve seen. Definitely recommend!

I’ll try to snag some outside pics later this week if/when I can see sun. If I can find some decent minky fabric, I might even make some of these to sell. :)

Hope you guys enjoy him!

Tao as your best friend

~ headcanons for Tao obsessed anon (enjoy!)

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  • it would definitely be one of those friendships where you don’t even remember how it began
  • like, you barely knew each other one day and the next you were inseparable
  • you talk every day, no matter what, no matter how busy you are
  • entire conversations in emojis, and you always know what the other means
  • him helping you decide on outfits
  • “Y/N, wear that jacket and I will smother you in your sleep”
  • you being equally as criticising
  • “Zitao for the last time, you are not pulling off those boots”
  • giggling all the time
  • movie nights where you think you’re going to watch a horror film, but he’s too scared watching the adverts so you change it to Disney
  • rap battles, which he usually wins
  • being bitchy to each other, but in good humour obviously
  • when you’re upset he always stops the jokes and supports you
  • vice versa when he’s upset
  • knowing each other’s limits when the jokes go too far
  • if you’re short, he’ll tease you 25/8 and put things on high shelves to piss you off
  • if you’re tall, he’ll be the one pissed off since he’s used to being taller than everyone
  • “Yo Swaggy T” “Y/N please don’t”
  • telepathic conversations when you’re around other people
  • him always wanting you to watch him do wushu, mainly so he can show off
  • but also because, although he won’t admit it, he likes it when you’re genuinely impressed by something he does
  • you’re basically his mum and he wants to make mama proud
  • that sounded kinky, IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO
  • sleepovers where he helps you stalk your crush, updating you on who they’re with based on their instagram
  • sometimes it’s like you’re best friends with a girl but you don’t mind
  • whining (on his part)
  • sass (on both your parts)
  • lots of hugs and cuddles, and it isn’t weird because both of you view the friendship as completely platonic
  • getting mistaken for a couple a lot
  • fangirling inwardly over his voice, filling your playlist with his songs and buying his albums
  • when he’s upset you order takeout and bundle him up in blankets and that huge wolf plushie he bought on Showtime
  • “No Zitao, you don’t need another pair of Yeezys” “But they’re on sale!”
  • loving it when Candy chooses you over him
  • him trying to be cool but you just laugh
  • joining in with the Gucci jokes, because it annoys him
  • all in all, a strong friendship and although you don’t always show it, you’re both grateful for each other

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