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Random Fandom Ramble: Junjou Romantica, Act 45

(Thanks to @juroguro for the pics and @moonlightmillennium for pointing them out.)

I usually wait till I shitpost about JR, but last night I was finally able to take a look at the spoilers. I didn’t get everything, of course, because the images I’ve seen are not that clear (it’s hard to get good shots of these magazines unless you actually scan them), so please take this with a grain of salt. Honestly, I didn’t feel at first that it was a particularly remarkable chapter.


Did Akihiko talk to Manami? Yes.

What did he talk about? In general terms, and as far as I understood, the fact that what he really wants is to “protect” everyone. He understands how important family is for Misaki, and he explains that he had been thinking and thinking about how to make everyone happy. He asks Manami to listen to Misaki’s words because speaking up is a big deal for him. Most importantly, he says that his relationship with Misaki is nothing to hide. (The man is making it clear, guys.)

What does Manami think? She is really happy that Akihiko has talked to her, and she now actually likes him better - I think it’s mostly because she feels that this is a mutual, consensual relationship.

Does she support them? Yes, definitely. She reminds Misaki that they are not alone.

What does Akihiko tell Misaki? That he doesn’t know how Takahiro will react. That nobody knows, in fact. And of course he reassures him that, come what may, he won’t be alone - he, for one, will always be there for him, but there are people other than Takahiro that support him.

How does Misaki feel? Grateful - to Manami for acknowledging what/how he feels for Akihiko; to Akihiko for thinking about them. Definitely alleviated. He feels that sharing their life with the people he loves is a good thing, that it is possible for all of them together to come through this “journey”, let’s say, he’s actually happy that his feelings for Akihiko were conveyed… to someone other than Akihiko ^^“”“ (I think Manami points them out.)

Other than that, it was really cute to see him “save” Akihiko at the beginning, and also it was nice to see the way they held hands at the end of the ero part. He’s usually passive, but lately he’s becoming more “compliant”. (Like in the Kuma Park chapter, when Usagi asks him to look over his shoulder while he’s… Ahem… “behind him” - in this chapter Misaki once again spreads his legs, but unlike the other time that he was all “I can’t!” this time he’s just blushing. And he looks a little curious.)

Anyway, again, this is just my interpretation (I read the chapter last night at 3am, so take it as it is XD), but I don’t think it’s terribly off.

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Do you want this?
Let’s face it, the fandom has been a bit traumatic lately what with one thing and another and I feel like spreading some happy. Since it seems like this is pretty popular, I will give it away. You can then be judged by Scully for all eternity. The second pic is just so you can see the size - it is drawn on to A4 parchment paper and is a mix of pastel and oil pencils. Just comment if you want it and I will do a random number generator thingy tomorrow night 11pm GMT? I will then mail it out to wherever in the world you live. Feel free to reblog. I don’t mind if you don’t follow me but would still like to have it.


Jungkook x reader

Angst/fluff/screwed/humor who knows man

Summary: maybe confessing your feelings at your crush’s wedding wasn’t the best idea…

A/N: This was actually not going to be the original plot; not even close. I’m keeping the same title though in honor of my old idea to this piece.

It was the perfect wedding scene, for her at least. Personally you would have went with the white and red combo for the color palette but hey pink is pretty close to red right?

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Hey guys!! So I was at RTX 2017 all weekend (July 7-9) and these were my cosplays throughout the day. If you happened to see me and got a picture of/with me feel free to tag me! I’d love to see them :D Thanks to the good people at RoosterTeeth and the vuardians and my friends for making this weekend such an amazing one!
(P.s. the MTT pic was the best i have of my cosplay from that day other than random headshots w/o armor lololol but yeah Miles is chill)

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hi! sorry if this sounds random but do you have the dancing all night dlc for persona 5? i am going to cosplay as futaba but i can't find a good ref image of her hands since she hides them behind her back. do you have or know where i can find images of her in a safe room, where you can see her hands, with the costume on? thanks! ;_;

Hey there Anonymous! I do have the dancing all night dlc, so here are some of the pics I managed to take of Futaba with the costume:

I apologize for them not being in high quality, but I hope I helped you!

(the only file I have in a safe room when it’s not the day for taking a heart is on 12/16 and no one sits down during the day of the heists, so there are probably better pictures of Futaba in a safe room other than this one)

Wonho as a father would include:
  • when his first baby would born he would be crying 
  • he would be scared to hold them, bc he would thought he’d drop the baby
  • him loving his kids the most on the world
  • they would be his everything
  • he would always try to make them laugh so much
  • every night before sleep he would read them a story 
  • watching cartoons
  • forehead kisses 
  • cheek kisses
  • buying them a lot of toys
  • secretly giving them candys before dinner
  • “promise daddy that, you won’t tell mommy”
  • a lot of cuddles
  • facetiming with them when he’s on tour
  • playing games together
  • a lot of walks to random places
  • his camera roll would be full of pics of them 
  • tickles
  • a lot of it
  • he would try his best to cook something good for them 
  • learning them how to walk
  • learning them how to speak
  • learning them good manners
  • he would also learn them to call the rest of band “uncles”
  • sometimes he would just sit, looks at them and think how lucky he is
  • hella lot of naps together in living room, his bedroom or their room
  • when he’d be on some gala and monsta x would won an award he would thanks to his babies
  • he’d want to be the best dad on the world
  • saying “i love you” 10000000 times in a day


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Good evening! I also sent you a 2p ask today. Don't know if it's mine you didn't get all of but I'll reiterate what I remember incase I am :-). P1 I pay attention to detail. The bday celebration pic has zero bday party/festivities in it to the point where it's suspicious. Why post a random pic of a birthday celebration and caption it saying it's some form of a bday party/get together when you can't see anything but an empty counter in the background? How about a pic of the cake? Candles?

P2 Or even just bg decor that shows an actual party like food/drinks for guests? Presents stashed around? None of that was posted. There’s more noise in Cait’s pic of her coffee, lunch & script. Every other time they’ve celebrated something on set they’ve shown the party. Not this one. Its strange Cait-who already wished Sam a happy bday would post again something with so little bday reference. It’d be one thing if it was this sweet picture where you’re like “man are they having fun” but It’s not a cool bday pic you’d want to share bc it’s so interesting. Not something you go “this is so cool even though I already wished him a happy bday and shared a picture for his birthday honor I’m going to tweet this one too”. It’s just a random pic of the four of them where you can’t even tell they’re celebrating anything. This pic could’ve been taken in Scotland for all we know. Everything added up it just adds to the smell of BTS bull. Have a good night ✌️✌️


julianaharkavy: Didn’t catch this happening fast enough to get a good pic, but earlier in the night @ stephenamell noticed two fans standing outside set in the cold. In between takes, he stepped outside with two cups of hot chocolate, walked down into the snow, hand delivered the cocoa to the fans, then walked back up to set like nothing to shoot the next take. No one else would have even seen this random act of kindness take place. This was one of many moments that have made me so proud to be part of the @cw_arrow team. Just thought I’d share! ☺️💚🎯🔥🍫

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What was it like meeting Tarjei? What did he speak about?

wwwaaauauauuu it was ltierally amazing and the best moment of my entire life!! it was just after seeing him in det gar bra, and we juts went up to him and i told him i enjoyed the play and he replied “did you even understand it” and i said “uh yeah, i understand norwegian but dont speak it very well, thts why im speaking to u in england” AND THEN HE SAID “okay so if i speak norwegian to you will you speak it back” but he said that IN NORWEGIAN, and he was looking directly into my eyes, and smiling, and my entire body just shut down and i stood there frozen not saying anything bc i was literally having an out of body experience hfkjdhgj, and then ashley behind me went “nei” and they all laughed and i just really was shaking, and then he was like okay lets take a pic, so he put his arms around us and i threw up my phone at some other random girl who was there and got them to take a pic, and ashley said to him “congrats on ur gullruten nomination” (this was before gullruten had happened) and he was like “wow thanks!” and then i said “yeah two!! well done!!” and he was like “yeah its so crazy”, and then we  had to go bc there were some other ppl waiting to see him, and i cant really remember what i said but i think i said “bye have a good night” and he said bye back!! hands down best moment of my entire life!! (and then me and ashley literally .. ran all around grunerlokka screaming, and got really fucking drunk on a roof and i passed out and had to go to hospital skgjhasfkljg but literally still the best weekend of ym entire life!!!!!

So I was playing Stardew Valley the other night:

Quick Context: Before starting a new game, you are asked a few questions concerning who you are and what you like and junk. Bear in mind: I’ve been playing this game as a big shit-post so I just threw in random/stupid answers. And last night, this happened…

I nearly died

(P.S. Sorry about the potato pic. For some reason, the screen-cap button wasn’t working)

so @darthnoodles came to me with the beautiful idea that when Vette eventually gets wind of Quinn and the Warrior’s relationship, she’ll comm him pretending to be Warrior and tell him things like 

“This is your lord speaking and I need you to serve /under/ me” 

“I need you to captain your /ship/ towards me” 

“I can’t operate at peak efficiency without your /special/ touch”

And then Vette sends him the mail at like 3am and he gets up and heads to Warrior’s room and he’s just in his underwear and she’s super confused:

Quinn *grabs the nearby lamp to cover himself*: “My lord, ah, there seemed to have….been a major misunderstanding, I-”
Warrior: …
Quinn: You see, I, uh….
Warrior: ….
Quinn: May I be excuse-
Warrior: by the force yes
Quinn *leaving the lamp by the door*: I will just, uh….go now. Good night, my lord.
Vette keeps bringing it up until all three of them are dead since she never expected Quinn to actually /do/ it and it was 3 am and he was tired and just instinctively following orders without thinking too clearly

And I really had to freaking draw it


The “my little random moments of pleasure series" or N°9 Jibcon 2016
Photo credit for the lovely pics goes to: Elsie

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first of all ur blog give me life. second of all, can u sort out the haylor timeline for me? very confused at their relationship. i believe it started in april when they met at the kcas and then i remember justin said that thing about how he knows that one of the biggest pop stars in the world thinks harry is so hot but that he had been sworn to secrecy around the same time.. but the songs on 1989 are confusing timeline wise.. like style/all you had to do was stay

hmk. Story time, sit down, grab a drink and listen up.

They first meet at the KCAs in March 2012.

Then refer to my old ass post in April 2012 about Bieber spilling the beans and them staying at hotel together: . They talked and swam together at Bieber’s listening party.

Then this video MTV put out in April in which the boys constantly tease him about Taylor:

Then Harry was all giggly and shit about her again in more April interviews: (bonus: MTV made a timeline to haylor with some more interview footage)

So yeah they be bangin up in NYC and all is fun but 1D has to leave for Australia then Taylor see’s some paparazzi pics of Harry kissing some girl in australia and is all like WTF you unfaithful fuck. 

Time passes, she dates Conor Kennedy for the summer.

Bring in September 2012, VMAs. After the VMAs, Harry and Taylor eat together with some others like Ed Sheeran. They weren’t all up on each other like a couple. Harry likely is still trying to charm her and win her heart back.

Then in October, we hear stories about Conor and Taylor breaking up. What people seem to neglect here is that the source in the story says they have been broken up for a while and the distance didn’t work out. 

Taylor cancels a dinner date with a mystery 1D member.

Later in October, Harry and Taylor are seen backstage together at the BBC Radio 1 Awards. Secretly back together?

November - Taylor wears paper airplane necklace. Harry’s symbolic gesture of committing to her, which he wasn’t able to do before. I think this is where you can say they went public with their relationship.

X-Factor: Backstage twitter as well as Mario Lopez confirm Harry was at Taylor’s rehearsals. They had lunch, Harry told Mario he was there for Taylor. After her performance he picked her up and through her over his shoulder and carried her out to her trailer. random pic

December - Here we go. Full on, no shame in their game.  Walking in Central Park, going in and out of each others hotel rooms late at night, after parties, just haylor madness all month long. Everyone is hounding them, this is where the whole I Know Places emotions originates I’d imagine. They vacation together for a week in Cheshire, all is good. They go on vacation in Utah and go skiing, and get in that snowmobile accident. Harold gets stitches, pics and pics. End of the month: New Years eve they kiss, directioners cry “he lied to us”, hilarity ensues.

January 2013 - They go on vacation to the British Virgin Islands, they purportedly get in a fight, she leaves the island on a boat alone and Harry is seen partying with some peeps. Taylor tweets “Uh oh.. back in the studio” — later admits that tweet was when she started making “All you had to do was Stay”

Then a Vanity Fair article comes out in April 2013. The interviewer is over at Taylor’s house while she’s with friends. Taylor allows one of her friends to speak to the interviewer and she basically confirms that their relationship in spring 2012 was true and all that and he chased her the rest of the year. 

At the 2013 VMAs they are seen huggging and talking for several minutes, 1D fan @janoharrystyles reports. Ed Sheeran brings them together later on at his after-party.

They are apparently friends and here we are with an album. 

The songs aren’t in order but the secret messages in 1989 also spell out this story from that first meetup in New York to current. 


We begin our story in New York 

There once was a girl known by every one and no one 

Her heart belonged to someone who couldn’t stay 

They loved each other recklessly 

They paid the price 

She danced to forget him 

He drove past her street each night 

She made friends and enemies 

He only saw her in his dreams 

Then one day he came back 

Timing is a funny thing 

And everyone was watching 

She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything


She’s found happiness in herself, no longer yearning for that toxic relationship.


beccacastagno: Taylor: what kind of pic should we get?

Me: idk should we get like a cute one or a funny one

Taylor: I’m in the mood for a funny one lets get like a random prop and hold it I’ve never done that with anyone before!!

Thank for for an unforgettable night @taylorswift and for making us good and letting us party in your house all day!! #1989secretsessions #G9 (x)

So, it’s 1920s - 1930s in ShangHai, China. (bgs just random found online)

(click pics to see them clearly) - opps, there’s no way to enlarge photos. Ahhh.. bad side of audio insert. em.. 

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