and with this i say goodnight~

Goodnight Call

“Hi,” he fumbles with his phone and finally settles down in a spot.

“Hi,” I try to hold back my desire to giggle at just the thought of speaking with him.

“How are you?” he asks and after a few seconds of silence he says, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I sigh not really wanting to get into it.

“Princess,” he warns and my stomach flips multiple times. 

“I’m okay,” I say knowing the repercussions.

“You know okay isn’t a word you can use baby girl, just tell me what’s going on.”

“I had a bad day,” he replies with an ‘and’ which makes me go on to say, “I just felt really bad. I just wanted to sleep all day.”

“Any bad thoughts?” I don’t reply, “Baby you know you need to tell me when this happens so I can help you.”

“I know,” I reply sadly and I can just feel him tense up on the other side.

He sighs, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to bother you because you were busy and I just didn’t want to make you feel down because of me.”

“Sweetheart,” he sighs as I, out of habit, press my thumb to my lips, “First of all, you know that you never bother me. Second, if you tell me then I can make you happy which makes me happy.”

“I’m sorry daddy.”

“Don’t be sorry princess, just tell me whenever you are sad. Daddy is here to make his baby girl happy again,” a smile breaks out on my face, listening to him talk to me like that makes me feel little; I haven’t been able to slip into little space at all today. “Are you in bed now honey?”

“Mhm,” I reply holding my favorite stuffed animal, a fox that daddy gave me for my birthday.

“Do you have Red?”


“Next week daddy is gonna be right next to you, and Red, and can give you goodnight kisses but for right now can you give Red a kiss for daddy?” he instructs me, a smile clearly on his face.

Without hesitation I give my fox a kiss and make sure to give him an extra big hug. “I did.”

“Good girl,” I instantly melt and let a little giggle slip out and I hear him laugh lightly on the other side. “I’ve got to go now baby girl and I can’t wait to see you.”

“Me too daddy.”

“Goodnight my princess, I love you very much.”

“I love you too daddy, night night.” 

“Sleep well my love.”

i miss how we used to talk. i miss our calls. i miss our night conversations where we just talked about random stuff. i miss the days where we just sat there and looked at each other because that’s all that mattered. i miss how we used to spill tea. i miss how you would tell me to wake you up an hour later but that was just an excuse so we could talk. i miss the times where i could make you smile and forget about everything else. i miss the nights where we laughed what was left of our heart and soul out. i miss going to sleep knowing you were still mine the next day. i miss seeing your face right before i say goodnight. i miss your goodnight texts. i miss your smiley faces. i miss everything about you. i miss you.
—  one of those nights
Rainy Night

Second time’s a charm for writing Gajevy, right? Is that how it works? I hope I gave your lil request justice, @fornhaus! Please, enjoy! 

Pairing: Gajevy
Words: 865
Summary: It’s a stormy night, and even though Gajeel is a little hungry, he doesn’t mind protecting his favorite light sleeper. 

The brief pauses between lightning and thunder will always be the worst. Waiting for the abrupt crash of thunder is almost agonizing. These are the exact reason why Levy decided she absolutely hates thunderstorms.

Much to her surprise, she isn’t the only one who dreads storms. Pantherlily—basically her partner in crime during these times—is right by her side when storms approach Magnolia. There is one person, however, who will never understand.

“What’s so bad about a little rain?” Gajeel scoffs at Levy and Pantherlily as they anxiously prepare for the storm currently threatening their town.

“The lightning is blinding,” Pantherlily hastily defends himself, shutting his eyes.

“The thunder gives me a heart attack!” Levy adds frantically, clutching onto headphones.

“It’s not doing anything to you.” Gajeel dismisses them with a lazy wave of his hand.

“Sometimes the electricity can shut off,” Pantherlily retorts.

“P-Please, don’t jinx it,” Levy gulps, peering out the window to find raindrops cascading across the glass. “I-I’m going to be in my room until the storm passes. You guys can hang out here in the meantime.”

“You got any food in the fridge?” Gajeel asks, although he only receives a shutting door in response. He clicks his tongue and shakes his head. “Lily, do you—“ Expecting to find him as he turns around, he sighs when realizing his cat had followed Levy inside her room.

“Whatever,” Gajeel mutters under his breath. “I’ll just watch TV.”

Within ten minutes, the pouring rain sprays across the roof, the lightning illuminates the entire sky, and the thunder reverberates inside the walls. Gajeel doesn’t acknowledge any of this, but he can’t help his eyes from glancing at Levy’s door.

The light hanging above him flickers just slightly; Gajeel reacts faster than his heartbeat. He is already opening Levy’s door by the time the electricity goes out.

“Levy,” Gajeel says while entering the dark room.

“Gajeel,” Levy simultaneously whispers, watching his figure approach her. “I’m scared.”

“I’m here,” he assures gently, sitting on the edge of her bed and finding her curled up under the covers. From the sudden shine of lightning, he notices Pantherlily resting at the end of the bed.

“Thanks,” she smiles gratefully after he removes his hands from her ears to block out the thunder that shortly followed. “I didn’t hear a thing.”

“I guess my work here is done,” he responds. Despite being in the dark, he can still make out his favorite tugged cheeks. He smiles to himself, but it quickly disappears when he feels her hands forcing him closer to her.

“Lie down with me until the storm is over?” Levy nearly requests, scooting closer to the wall to give him space.

Not having the ability to ever say no to her, Gajeel attempts to smoothly lie beside her without rocking the bed too much. He views her back towards him silently. Even though he is above the covers, he can sense her comforting body heat. Impulsively, he reaches towards her to twirl her hair around his fingers.

“Normally I’m the one that plays with your hair,” Levy says before freezing when there’s a distant rumble of thunder.

“There’s a difference between playing and braiding,” Gajeel remarks with comforting fingers in her hair.

“The braids look cute on you,” she giggles, shifting closer to him until her back touches his chest. “Tell me if I’m going too far.”

“You’re not,” he answers a bit too quickly. If anything, he wants to go further than this, but he knows they shouldn’t. “The rain is pretty relaxing, isn’t it?” he asks after a while.

“It’s cold,” she replies.

“But refreshing.”

“It makes the sky so dreary.”

“But it’s still bright.”

“Are you disagreeing with me just to make me mad?”

“Maybe. Is it working?”

“You wish.”

Gajeel smiles at Levy’s quick retorts, curious to know if she’s smiling as well. He reacts on reflex when there’s another gleam of lightning; he places his palms on her exposed ear until the roll of thunder finishes. Before he’s able to remove his hand, Levy delicately grasps onto it.

The two are silent as she begins to tug his hand over her until his arm drapes over her waist. The only sound that accompanies them is the pouring rain that suddenly feels relaxing to Levy. Before she realizes it, her eyes begin to close.

“Wake me up when the storm is over,” she says softly.

“I’m going to get hungry,” Gajeel states.

“I won’t know if you leave or not, anyway. Goodnight,” she replies.

He’s able to sense Levy’s lie, knowing very well that she’s the lightest sleeper he’s ever met. “Night,” he eventually responds.  

It isn’t long until he feels her breathing settle into an even rhythm that only translates into sleep. He absentmindedly runs his fingers across her hair to pass the time, but he begins to find himself dozing off.

And even though he senses his stomach growling with the thunder, he falls asleep and secures his protective arms around his favorite light sleeper paired with his favorite tugged cheeks.

Music Series: How I Know by Rusty Clanton

Oh my goodness! You don’t even want to know how in love with this song I am right now!

Thank you to the Anon who sent me this request! I had never heard this song, never heard of Rusty, but now, after listening to the song, going over the lyrics, and watching the Youtube video, I totally want to be friends with him! How frickin’ adorable is this song?!

Here is my little story for this sweet little love song called, “How I Know” by Rusty Clanton, which you can NOW find on my Spotify playlist called I Love You Long Time right HERE!

Mwah to you, Anon!




I can tell you’re mine.

Just like a bell the lines all around your nose ring out to me when I get closer.

Here’s how I know I’m yours:

If I’m a shell I’m shore you would be the sea, always within reach to wash on over.

“Hurry! Come sit, love!” Harry hollers into the kitchen to you from the living room.

You quickly walk in, holding a large bowl of popcorn, handing a bottle of water to Harry and sitting next to him.

“I had to wee, sorry. What are we watching?” you ask, ready for your weekly movie night with the man you love.

“It’s a surprise tonight!” he says with a huge smile. “Something I picked out especially for you.”

“Hmm,” you think. “I’m guessing a rom-com,” you giggle. “No complaints, love them!”

“Yes, it is definitely a rom-com!” Harry laughs. “A rom-com like you’ve never seen, I think.”

“Excellent!” you say, setting the bowl of popcorn between the two of you, only for Harry to pick it up, scoot closely to you so that your bodies are meshed together on the sofa, and setting the bowl on his thigh.

“Ready?” he smiles.

“Ready!” you return with a smile to him, accepting the kiss he offers to your lips.

And you don’t have to speak a word to me.

I already think I know… (ooh-ooh)

As Harry pushed the play button on the remote, he watches your face to see your reaction to his choice. You look at the large screen of the tv hanging over the fireplace, and gasp happily as you see video of the two of you, playing in the snow from your last winter holiday. Living only part of the year in England, and part of the year at the other homes you shared with Harry, you had loved this holiday in particular, spending time with Harry’s family during a big snow.

“Where did you get this?” you exclaim questioningly.

“Had mum send it to me,” Harry said. “Been so fuckin’ hot here in LA lately that I thought we could use a little winter.”

Harry moved his arm behind you and pulled you against his side, kissing your cheek.

“We had loads of fun that holiday, didn’t we, love?” Harry asked, as you kept smiling at the movie. “Getting snowed-in was never so fun as it was then!”

You both laugh, watching the snowball fight you, Harry, and his family had had that day, and the snow town you built with several snow people around.

I feel it in the way you wrap around me.

I know it when you’re running down my spine.

It’s how you always let me know I still belong to you.

That’s how I know you’re mine.

You look at Harry as the movie switches to the trip you took together for a long-weekend getaway. The TV projects Harry’s own home movie he had taken from the balcony of your private beach house, the ocean in the background as he scans your bikini-clad body up and down, giggling on the film, followed by his giggling next to you.

“Harry!” you shout and laugh.

“For posterity, babe!” he laughs. “Need our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren someday to see how beautiful you’ve always been.”

You watch as Harry’s video zooms in on your ass then moves upward to your breasts.

“Going to share this with our babies, are you?” you ask with a hiked brow.

“Well, maybe not that part,” Harry giggles, his hand moving up and down your side. “Can’t have them thinkin’ their dad and grandad is a sex-driven perv, now can I?”

“But you are a sex-driven perv,” you tease.

“Only for you, baby,” he says, a kiss planted below your ear. “Only for you.”

It’s how all your words sound right.

Every hello goodnight sings me off to sleep

and puts me on my feet when it comes morning.

And if it’s love I’m in I’d much rather sink than swim.

I’m over board. I might be far from shore but my heart’s soarin.

As you step out of the washroom after getting ready for bed, you start to walk to the bed, where you see Harry lying, recording your every move into his phone.

“Harry…” you scold, but with love. “What are you doing now?”

“You’re so beautiful, baby, and I love you so much,” he says sweetly. “Just want to keep as much of you as I can for the future. It’s why I pester the shit out of you, taking photos and videos of you all the time. Have to preserve you so I can always have something to look at when you’re not around me. Reason to sit on the sofa next to you with my arm around you, watching together, for years to come.”

You smile at him, sitting next to him, then kissing him sweetly.

“Alright then,” you say with teary eyes. “Let me have the camera a minute.”

“What? Why?” he says, not wanting to relinquish it to you.

“Because I have a moment for posterity for you,” you say. “Hand it over.”

Harry giggles as you turn the camera on him.

“So what is it then?” Harry asks, looking into the camera and making a silly face. “What’s so important that you need to get my ugly mug on video?”

“Your gorgeous mug…is going to be a daddy!” you say excitedly, as you watch his face go from possible misunderstanding, to confusion, then from shock to excitement, and finally tears.

“I’m gonna…be a dad?” he asks you, his hands reaching for you as the camera view becomes a crazy mess of ceiling, picture on the wall, and Harry’s hair, as he holds you tightly. “Oh my god! I’m goin’ to be a daddy! Oh, I love you, baby! Thank you!”

Harry kisses you, laying you on your back with him over you, then grabs the phone from your hand, focusing it on him kissing you, then the two of you looking into the camera as he speaks.

“And this, my beautiful babies and grandbabies, is where you all started.”

No you don’t have to speak a word to me

I already think I know… (ooh-ooh)

I feel it in the way you wrap around me.

I know it when you’re running down my spine.

It’s how you always let me know I still belong to you.

That’s how I know you’re mine.

Shirofuku: Undercut is baaack~!!! Goodnight 🌙

After very relaxing green masks and lavender baths, a really nice convo with A. I love when he calls at bedtime, right when M is getting in bed but before I’ve said goodnight. She was so happy he called and excitedly told him about releasing her baby butterflies to fly free to rainbows today (I’m so glad that went well, I was worried she wouldn’t want to let them go), and that she received his letter today with a drawing of a butterfly. We all talked on speakerphone for a few minutes then M told me to leave so she could have alone time with daddy for him to put her to sleep. I was folding laundry in her closet and heard her say “mama’s doing work but I’m not alone because you’re my parent too.”

I decided instead of our usual holiday inn upstate trips, this time I want to rent a cabin on a lake. It’s a small town and there aren’t many options, but one looks nice and has a playground, beach, bbq, etc. No internet which will be tough but relaxing. Since moving my biggest unnecessary expenditure here is Amazon– after living in a walkup where getting packages delivered was majorly stressful, here I’ve been blissfully ordering strainers and books and deep conditioners, etc, which amazingly are waiting at my back fence when I get home from work– but if I get back to a serious budget and put a lot of time in for my NY PT job, I’ll be able to afford the cabin for a week in July. I’m so excited for our little family to all be together again after so many months apart.

hello it’s me again!!

quick note saying i’m sorry for ending two gameplays in two days lol oops i started this new one that i really enjoy so far and i’ll be discovering the parenthood game pack with cleo!! i can’t wait for you to see the screenshots :-)

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I read say hallelujah say goodnight by alivingfire on ao3 last week and it was the first angel/demon fic i've read. it was so good, it's obvious they worked really hard on every aspect of it: they made so many researched, it was so rich regarding the mythologic/historical background, it was so interesting! Also, i loved that there was not so much smut -dont get me wrong i love it- cause it didnt break the course the story and it was still very hot and overwhelming. Big love and kudos to them x

omgosh i know, @silentlarryshipper printed out the doc she attached with the fic and showed me some photos of everything and it was wow.  so impressive!  so here’s love to you, rachel!

say hallelujah, say goodnight by @alivingfire

  • ESFJ: I love ya!
  • INTP: Ok. Goodnight.
  • ESFJ: Say it back. :)
  • INTP: Uh...
  • ESFJ: It's not that hard! I. Love. You.
  • INTP: But love can mean many things. Maybe bad things. Maybe--
  • ESFJ: Good Lord INTP, this isn't something you have to overthink. You love me, OKAY?
  • INTP: ... Ok.
  • ESFJ: 😙
WOOOOO after like 6 hours i redid all my social media graphics

and special shoutout to @quillaroonie for drawing the cutest cartoon of rose and i that im using everywhere now. FOLLOW THEM.

lemme know what you think my dudes!!! its almost 3am and i rlly gotta go to bed omfg. i gotta get that intro vid done on my channel this week too (i know ive been saying that for two weeks but i havent found time, but this week I WILL)

goodnight loves

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before i forget this is the reference I made for the Takubun I did 

(this is embarrassing)


#ThankYouBones Week

Day 12: 1 Bones Cast, final THANK YOU

“In our culture, we all search for closure. But closure is an illusion. Science shows us that the universe is constantly in flux. It’s what allows our friendships and our love to constantly surprise us.” 

“Quantum physicists have postulated that the way we experience time is an illusion, that it doesn’t happen in a linear way. That past and present– in reality, there’s no difference.”

Those good times with Bones are happening now. They will always be happening. And we can keep them alive forever. It’s not goodbye. Bones will live on- through the fans, cast & crew, and 246 brilliant, beautiful, incredible, awe-inspiring episodes. Always

I realized that I didn’t know what else to do.

That’s when I finally understood… There’s nothing left to do.

You’re gone and that has to be okay with me.

—  It’s not though