and with this i say goodnight~


  • Playing with his hair
  • Thus making it even messier than before
  • So many shucking cuddles
  • Being loved and adored 24/7
  • Morning kisses
  • Goodnight kisses
  • Holding hands all the damn time
  • Comforting him when he opens up about his accident
  • Saying ‘I love you’ daily
  • Newt would be protective because obviously you’re one girl in a glade full of boys
  • So he would get jealous when he sees other guys staring at you
  • He’d call you 'love’ all the time
  • Cuddling at night in bed
  • He’d stand outside the bathrooms when you shower so that you can shower in peace without any boys trying to get a peek
  • He would literally go out of his way to make sure you’re happy
  • Cute kisses in private
  • Surprise hugs from behind
  • Forehead kisses
  • He would constantly check up on you to make sure you’re okay
  • Stealing his hoodie all the time
  • Light kisses pressed to your knuckles
  • He would always try and give you all his attention
  • But being second in command takes up a lot of his time
  • You understand though
  • However, he would always fake injuries just so he could go to the Med-Hut and see you
  • Teasing him on how much he says 'bloody’
  • Loving his accent
  • You rarely argue but when you do, you two are extremely sad for days
  • Until you make up
  • And then the Gladers have to put up with you two being all cute
  • Dates around the Glade
  • Reassuring him after he has nightmares about his accident

Omg I can not take a nap because this is stuck in my head

What Norman said is in the past. Melissa probably did say after the XM interview “you need to be careful of your words” and he is probably nervous for tonight because he is going to see all of his fans in LA but yet excited. Like I said it’s in the past and today tonight is a new night and day and this week is an new week.


If you don't ugly cry over hockey then have you really experienced hockey?

before i forget this is the reference I made for the Takubun I did 

(this is embarrassing)

anonymous asked:

hi! do you have any ideas of words that can replace "i love you"? (like that "okay?okay" one)

Alright. I love this ask. I love it, because it gives me the opportunity to talk about something that I absolutely adore. I am 100% in board for this kind of thing, and heres why;

Language is an illusion. Seriously. The only meaning words have, are the ones we give them. Words and phrases only mean whatever we want them to mean. Words are tools. We use them how we please. Dont believe me? Loot at how many words and phrases Shakespeare invented. It took me a while to realize this, and I actually learned it through acting. See, as an actor, you take the script given to you, and you have to give it meaning. You have to use someone else words to convey emotion. The same monologue can be done 50 different times by 50 different actors, and each one could be entirely different, because each time they gave different words different meanings. It’s all in the way you say it, and the context you put it in. Anything could mean ‘I love you”, anything. 

If the emotion is there for the character, it will be clear in their words 

Now,I happen to have a set of characters that are hopelessly in love, however, they are absolute idiots who do their best to avoid actually saying the words. So i have a lot of examples. I am also a person who finds it a bit difficult to tell someone I love them, but again, I find away. I hope these work;

1. “Are you okay?” 

“Are you?” 

2. “Im sorry”

“Apology accepted”

3. “Are you happy?”

4. “Good Morning”

5.”Good Night” 

6. “Good Bye”


8. “Yes or no?”


9. “Really?”

“Of course.”

10. “Always.” 

11. “Ive got you back” / “Im right behind you”

12. “Im right here.” / “Im here” 

13.”Sweet Dreams”

14. “Do you mind?” 

“Of course not”

15. “Thank you”

“You’re Welcome” / “Any Time” / “Anything for you” 

16. “I hate you” 

“The feelings mutual” 

Here’s a couple of classic/common examples that I hope either work for you, or I hope sparks inspiration in you. Remember anything could mean ‘I love you’, if that’s what your characters are thinking, then it will shine through whatever words they say to each other. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me! 

When He Calls Himself Daddy

*saying goodnight*

Daddy : I love you Princess

Me : *squeals a little into my pillow*

Daddy : Wha? What is it?

Me : *mumbles* Nuffiiinnn

Daddy : *grins* Daddy loves yoouu

Me : *squeals louder* MMMMPHFF!

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