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3 am_Kim Taehyung

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A/N: Leaving this here (along with the adorable squishy GIF) before I climb into bed forever…I take requests as inspiration so please, please, always feel free to send in prompts/requests and ideas that you would like! Goodnight, my loves~

With only three hours past the mark of a new day, the murky night still has yet to bid its goodbyes to the sky; making sure the gleaming stars stay lifelessly pinned, almost as if it were bowing down to the shimmering, crescent moon during its final hours of viewing.

At 3 am, the shrill calling of crickets can still be heard at the break of day from the far neighborhoods away. The occasional passing of cars can still be seen from the distance of a window, illuminating the moving specks of light that paint the darkening bedrooms.

But for you,

3 am is reserved for late-night conversations with Taehyung as the both of you snuggle underneath the plush blankets, too comfortable to let go of each other’s delicate embrace. And although you’d usually already have your eyes half-lidded by now, threatening to drown into a hazy pool of slumber after the hard day’s work, you somehow end up catching yourself still awake, giggling at the way his nose adorably scrunches as he reenacts the characters for each of the precious stories he tells.

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I just realized it was me who said the word "revealing" first, not you. While I will accept responsibility for that, you most likely shouldn't expect it in the future. I bloody well plan to throw this in the "lack of proper rest" box and seal it tight. I can't promise what my brain will conjure up tomorrow but you seem especially docile and warm in the conversation dept and for someone in this work, trust is everything as is a lack of. Til morrow, Arnold and I bid you a goodnight.

I hope you got a goodnight sleep lover of a goat [named Arnold]…lol…

Though some don’t seem to get it, I’m actually a quite friendly and docile kind of person. It’s only when I’m taunted or receive crap that I find myself fighting back…

I do understand trust issues…as a blogger that is on the fringe of a fandom supporting a concept within said fandom that has largely been abandoned by others, I’ve found that trusting ppl can be a challenge.

Sigh - There truly is only two ppl that can fix that dilemma for me.

Hope you are getting your work done and enjoying Tumblr. Wouldn’t want that boss of yours to have to crack any whips!

How to Close a Letter, by Jamie Fraser

Thus I bid you goodnight, with Assurance of my most tender Thoughts, in trust that you will have patience with and abiding Affection for

Your Ink-stain’d Wretch and Most Devoted Husband,

James Fraser

Postscriptum: Ink-stained Wretch, indeed, as I see that I have contriv’d to cover both my Paper and my Person with unsightly Blots. I flatter myself that the Paper is the more disfigured.

Postscriptum 2: I have been so absorbed in Composition as to forget my original Intent in writing: to say that I have booked Passage on the Euterpe, sailing from Brest in two Weeks’ Time. Should anything transpire to prevent this, I will write again.

Postscriptum 3: I yearn to lie beside you again, and know your Body complicit with mine.

An Echo in the Bone, Diana Gabaldon 

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Can I request some of that poetic jance stuff you used to write?

Rei’s lips twisted into a soft smile, slightly pushing up the dark violet eyebags she had. Typing into her dimly lit screen, she laughed like a near piano chord and hit send. Of course she would go to bed. Her wife had bid her goodnight with a small blue heart emoji and reminder of her devotion. How could she not?
And if Rei dreamed of angst? Well, that’s none of our business.

What’s mine

Part 2 and part 3 are out!

EXO Mafia AU!

Pairing D.O x Reader

Part 1/?

Rating: PG-13 (For now) 

Your POV

 I blew a strand of hair out of my face, the piece of hair only coming back down to its original position. I sighed, the constant noise of the cafe became a familiar sound. I tugged my uniform back into place, pinning my name tag onto the pocket of my white blouse. A small smile placed itself on my face as I looked at the happy and bright faces of the customers. I walked up to the counter and began my shift.

 I watched as the last customer leave the cafe, I silently celebrated. My shift was over in a a few minutes, but it happened to be at 11:00 PM. Hoping no one else entered the cafe I began cleaning tables.                                                        “I’m going to go ahead and call it a night, will you be okay closing up by yourself?” I nodded to my coworker, a slight frown on my face. We bid each other goodnight. I continued my work, humming a song lightly. I inwardly sighed when I heard the ding of the cafe doors opening. I forced a smile on my face as I turned around to greet them. My body froze slightly as I watched 6 men, dressed in black, and caps covering their faces from view. I gulped slightly as I observed them. Clearing my throat slightly I put the cleaning supplies away. 

“Hi, welcome. How can I help you?” They turned to me making me stiffen slightly.They all nodded in my direction and  I took a deep breath, struggling to keep a calm presence. Walking over to the cash register, happy to have some sort of barrier between us, I relaxed and looked at them.                                       “Okay, what can I get for you today?” They all walked towards the counter, only one of them started to talk. As he approached I studied him, Short brown hair, a soft-ish face. Nothing too scary about him, but yet my heart felt like it was going to explode. He cleared his throat.                                                          “I would like 6 Americanos, all lightly sweetened, and can I have two of them iced?” I nodded quickly my hands moving at lightening speed. My heart started to pound on my chest even more as I felt eyes on me. I looked up slightly to see two of the men staring at me. One with a slight glare, the other with an observing look. I smiled slightly as my head shot back down to the computer.     “Will that be all for you?” He nodded and handed me his card. Once I swiped it, I handed it back to him.                                                                                       “Your order will be ready shortly.” He gave me a small smile and a nod.             I quickly got to work, knowing that with only one person working it would take a bit longer to get the order finished. I could still feel eyes on my back as I was working, but chose to ignore it.                                                                               “You’re here alone?” I turned my head slightly to see a different boy talking, I hesitated a bit on my answer. I nodded.                                                                 “Yeah, the other worker just left before you came in.” He nodded before asking another question.                                                                                            “How long have you worked here?” I began to relax as the questions came. “About 6 months.” He nodded again.                                                               “Do you have a boyfriend?” This question seemed to catch the attention of all of the men. I laughed slightly, before shaking my head.                                         “No, my boyfriend left me for some other girl.” I shrugged, not really caring.       “Okay, here are your six Americanos, have a nice night.” All six of the men came to retrieve their drinks, giving me a small thanks before walking away. One man caught my eye, his eyes were larger then the others, and his lips were full, they looked like a heart. It was needless to say that he was handsome, I felt myself blush lightly. We made eye contact for a second before I shied away from his gaze. He stayed in place for a second before moving away. I turned my back before I cleaned the mess i made. I heard the door bell go off, and the cafe began to quiet down from the lack of presence. I sighed before I finished closing down the cafe. 

I was taken by surprise by a cold gust of wind, I stepped back into the cafe before I stepped back out. Quickly locking the door before my fingers froze I checked everything twice before walking away. The streets were lit up by street lights and the occasional person walking by. Most shops were closing by now, so light became very minimal as I continued my journey.

I arrived at my apartment, my nose red and frozen from the cold. My breath coming out in white puffs. I shuffled around to get my keys from my purse. Suddenly I felt a force push me down. I stumbled down in shock, my hands and knees painfully making contact with the ground. I turned to see a man in his mid 30′s, his slight swaying made it evident that he was drunk. I quickly stood up, brushing myself off while keeping an eye on the man.                                            “Can I help you, sir?” He chuckled before stumbling towards me, the strong scent of alcohol making me gag.                                                                             “Well little lady, I believe you can.” He placed a hand of my shoulder, I tried to shrug it off but his grip was iron tight. I winced slightly as his grip increased. He lowered his head to my face, his breath making my eyes water.                            “Want to have some fun?” He laughed loudly, I whimpered. My mind racing a thousand miles an hour, my body frozen in its place. I shook my head and stepped back, his hand still on my shoulder.                                                         “Sir, please let go, you’re hurting me.” He only laughed, I began to panic.           “I don’t think I can do that.” His eyes darkened as he looked at me. I felt my eyes water. I took a deep breath before opening my mouth to scream. His hand coming up to my mouth, I felt my eyes widen in surprise. My own hands coming up to move his away, but with no avail. 

My thoughts were put on pause as I heard a voice.                                               “I’m pretty sure she said to let go.” The man turned from me, and to the voice.  “And if I don’t?” He dragged me to the ground for emphasis. I let out a scream of pain as my knees were painfully scraped on the ground. In a flash the mysterious voice came closer, the sudden flick of a knife made both of us freeze. The man holding me down released his grip on my shoulder, stepping back in large steps.                                                                                                  “Look man, I only wanted some fun.” He tried to reason, I slowly moved to make sure I didn’t break any bones. The voice came even closer, a street light illuminating the man’s face. I gasped softly, its was the man with the heart shaped lips from the cafe. As he came closer I saw the rest of the men behind him. The stranger’s eyes widened in realization, and he gulped, looking around anxiously for a way out. All six of the men chuckled.                                              “You’re not going anywhere, you touched what was ours. Now you have to pay.” One of the men spoke. Yours? What was happening? The stranger fell to his knees, clasping his hands together, his voice sounding desperate.                 “Please! I didn’t know she was yours! I’ll do anything! Please spare me!” The boy with the heart shaped lips glared and I felt shivers down my spine. All six of these men looked very dark and dangerous. I let out a light gasp in pain as I tried to stand up. The boy with the heart shaped lips snapped his neck in my direction. His voice making my heart flutter, as he ordered the men around.         “Lay, Suho, help her.” Two men who i’m assuming are Suho and Lay, instantly stepped towards me. I shrunk back in fear as they towered over me. The boy who i’m guessing is Lay shot me a reassuring smile, his dimples proudly showing themselves.                                                                                               “We won’t hurt you, I promise!” He smiled at me as he bent down to my level. Both men extended their hands, and I gratefully took them. Wincing slightly as my legs straightened themselves out. Lay put his arm under me, as he lifted me up. I squealed out in surprise at this gesture. He only chuckled at my reaction. Walking over to the remaining three people, I smiled slightly at them. They smiled and nodded back. 

“Take her away from here, take her to our place.” All of the men nodded understanding what the heart shaped lips boy was going to do. My head shot towards him.                                                                                                           “You can’t kill him! Take him to the police, he’s drunk he didn’t mean anything!! Please!” My wide eyes were filled with tears as I looked at him. He turned towards me slightly, our eyes met and I felt thousands of butterflies in my stomach, blushing slightly I kept my eyes locked with his. His eyes softened slightly before shaking his head. I felt my heart drop.                                             “He has seen our faces, and he tried to touch what is mine. And I do NOT take lightly to that.” I was still confused on what was his, but ignored it as I tried to protest. Lay shushed me quickly saying that it was useless, that the boy had made up his mind. I looked at Lay with tear filled eyes. I placed my head in his chest before letting out a sob. Lay tried his best to console me, and I just kept crying. The last thing I heard before blacking out was the voice of the heart shaped lips boy.                                                                                                       “Now lets finish this business.”                        

Why I let the Year 7s tell me what to read.

I was interested to read in the Sunday Times this weekend of the move by Andrew Halls, Head of King’s College School Wimbledon, to veto certain books from his school library.  In a well-intentioned bid to generate better reading habits, Halls has jettisoned popular modern texts such as ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ and ‘Eragon’ and sought to promote more ‘worthy’ novels such as ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ or classics like ‘Moonfleet’ and ‘Just William.’

I have to say, much as I like and admire Andrew Halls and respect all the good he has done at KCS, I do disagree with this move.  Not only does the idea of dictating any type of reading matter to anyone in any circumstances feel rather uncomfortable, but, even if you dodge the censorship bullet, I don’t actually think his plan is going to work.  No doubt parents choosing schools will remember with fondness books from their own school days over those written since they grew up – a kind of nostalgia trap into which teachers can fall too.  And some will be impressed by the scholarly aspect a public move such as this will lend to an institution.  However, I’d be surprised if many 11 year olds would feel the same way.

Personally, I have come at modern children’s literature from a different angle.  And I love it.  Over a period of 20 years of teaching English, I have moved from telling children what they should read, to asking them what they enjoy reading.  I have learnt over time that this is more productive in a number of ways.  Firstly, reading should be enjoyable.  Once it becomes a chore, you have lost.  Secondly, if you can find out what they enjoy, you can guide them to the next level more naturally.  If they love Percy Jackson, for example, then Homer is an obvious next step.  ‘Eragon’ slips into Tolkien, ‘Twilight’ into Austen.  But my final reason for asking them what they enjoy is now totally selfish but also totally sincere; I might want to read it too.

Learning is not a one way street.  Yes, it is a major part of my role to recommend books to young people but I have also benefitted enormously from having them recommend things to me.  Without my pupils, I would not have come across ‘A Monster Calls’ by Patrick Ness (heart-wrenching reality meets psychological fantasy) or ‘Maggot Moon’ by Sally Gardner (dystopian political conspiracy thriller) or anything by Marcus Sedgwick.  The latter in particular is guilty of all the YA tricks Andrew Halls might be wishing to eschew – vampires, witches and page-turning plots.  But he also has a way with timelines and character development that places him right at the top of my favourite living authors.  I would challenge any adult reading this to go to ‘Midwinter Blood’ or ‘The Ghosts of Heaven’ and not get something from those texts.

In particular, without the encouragement of my pupils, I would point blank have refused to read ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins.  In my adult brain, I had dismissed the latter as a cheap copy of the Japanese cult movie, ‘Battle Royale’, until I was pushed into reading it by pupils at my last school.  I soon learnt that it has more to do with Roman Culture and modern politics than I could ever have imagined; ‘bread and circuses’ seems especially resonant right now.  I have also used Katniss Everdeen time and again as a shining example of a powerful young woman when speaking in assemblies or class discussions.  I used to hold her up as a contrast to Bella Swan, the swooning protagonist of ‘Twilight’ (and I do confess to not liking those novels – although that’s not the same as telling people that they can’t read them). However, I myself was pulled up by the wonderful Juno Dawson, another Young Adult author.  She came to talk about gender at JAGS and described Katniss as a typical version of a young woman behaving like a man in order to lead.  Why shouldn’t Bella choose to be a wife and mother if that’s what she wants?  And surely debate and discussion of this nature is at the heart of the study of literature.  Nothing is totally ‘bad’ just as nothing is totally ‘good’. If we are talking about books, we are winning.

When I was a child, I used to love ‘The Famous Five’ and ‘The Faraway Tree.’  A teacher at my primary school once told my mum that Enid Blyton would shrink my brain as her vocabulary was so limited.  My mum cheerfully ignored her advice and, two masters degrees in literature later, you could either say that she was right to do so or side with the teacher as I am still, patently, reading kids’ books for pleasure now!

Personally, I think we are living in a golden age of children’s and teen fiction.  Sadly, too many of those who want to condemn it have never actually read it.  And, if you haven’t read something, why should you tell a child it’s no good for them?  If you have read something,  then why was it ok for you to sample it first hand and not for them?  Not long ago, I enjoyed a Twitter debate on the merit of David Walliams’ work, ‘Gangsta Granny’.  Some on-line worthy was dismissing it as a silly and pointless novel.  Now, if any of you have read ‘Gangsta Granny’ to the end, you would know that this was far from the case.

As far as children’s reading is concerned, I would conclude with a summary which fits with much of our handling of the younger generation.  Don’t seek to dictate –  take the time to understand.


© Sally-Anne Huang 2017

Ms. New Booty

Square Filled: Spanking
Ship: Dean x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings/Tags: Smutty, Spanking
Word Count: 882
Summary: Dean finds a new appreciation for your curves
A/N: Written for @spnkinkbingo and for @loveitsallineed as part of my 2K Kinky Celebration Drabbles who requested a Dean x Reader with the prompt “I’m ready to try again, if you are?”


There was no question that Dean thought you were attractive. But he never realized his true appreciation for your posterior until one night that you were bowling in the bunker - with beer bottles.

Ending the game after getting yet another perfect strike, Sam bid goodnight to you and Dean as he retreated to his room.

One thing about beer bottle bowling was the annoying manual reset of the game. Dean opened yet another bottle of beer, taking a swig while you cleaned up the pins. You bent down to pick up the bottles, getting on your hands and knees when one bottle rolled under the table. It was a small struggle to reach it as you began feeling tipsy at this angle.

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i got quite a lot done today here and im already loving the experience i’m having on usagi’s blog, like SO MUCH, the response is just gkkkhkhkh makes me feel the happy QWQ i love my samura ibunny son s o much and im so glad people love him too and like how im writing him, just gkkkhkh thank you all you guys youre so sweet and nice and i coul d cry

and with that i bid thee farewell for i need to sleeps XD goodnight everyone! ouo


Don’t worry about it though. You’re not a real hunter until you’ve died and come back again.

Don’t worry about Charlie. She has a good Heaven to go to. She’s also a super-smart hacker who will have no trouble hooking up with Ash and learning all of Heaven’s secrets. Just you wait.