and with this i am off again :*

i know i just asked for requests like a week ago and didn’t end up doing many (bc they were 80% vol//tron and i lost a lot of interest in that after the 2nd season) but if anyone has any jjba requests hit up my inbox!! i wanna draw those kids…..

hold up

the TARDIS is a phone booth
but she’s also a super intelligent sentient being

was the TARDIS the first smart phone?

Yuri’s always been the one to doubt if Victor will stay with him after the Prix and worry about how Victor feels about him, but it seems Victor’s been worrying about that too:

It’s like he’s doesn’t know what to do if he’s “just a coach” to Yuri. And he’s referring to him and Yuri as coach and student, like he’s afraid to cross the line in case Yuri doesn’t feel the same way he does, and thinking about what’s going to happen after the Prix, like he’s afraid it’s going to be “just a fling” as the other skaters have said.

But then it’s YURI who throws it out there and clears all his doubts, asks for them to be together

And Victor’s just standing there still and speechless

that Yuri feels the same way, that it’s not just a fling, no it’s EVERYTHING

and he’s so relieved and so happy that Yuri loves him SO MUCH

Friendly reminder: witchcraft is not exclusive to only females / women; it is a practice that anyone of any gender identity can participate in if they so choose! Also, “witch” is a gender neutral term that anyone can call themselves by if they’re comfortable doing so!


Things I’ve learned about myself during this VLIVE:

- I’m Mingyu trash;
- I could stare at Mingyu’s gorgeous face for a whole Eternity;
- I am a sucker for his canines;
- Shy!Gyu is a concept I live by;
- Still Mingyu trash;
- I love Mingyu more than I thought I did;
- I love how he pronounces Wonwoo’s name;
- I love his efforts to not look too awkward while doing all of this;
- I love how he actually has huge boyfriend potential in him;
- “You’re mine” - d e s t r o y e d;
- My loyalty towards Wonwoo decreases if Mingyu’s around (but everyone knows that by now LOL);
- His smile can both break my heart into a tiny million pieces AND rebuild it into something new holy moly what a man;
- His gaze makes me choke on thin air;
- All of him leaves me numb in every sense of the word;
- I’m Mingyu trash and I love it.

did u all see mj cutting out those beautifully measured border pieces for their sign i knew he wasn’t on team straight in ok! ready for no reason

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Nickname - Marmothy, Babmothy, Babysol, Solshine (@daebakhoonzi haha that’s yours <3)

Star sign - Leo

Height - 158 cm

Time right now - 8:08 PM

Last thing googled - Hippias because of a history essay >:c

Favourite music artists - SDIfnslkn there are too manyyy Big Bang, BTS, Ft Island, Hyukoh, B.A.P, SHINee, Winner, Ladies’ Code, SNSD, Wonder Girls etc. for Korean music and for other!! Marillion, A-ha, Take That, The Beatles, Keane, Coldplay, Kate Bush, Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Bosé, Mango etc. :3

Song stuck in your head - Borders by Amber 

Last movie watched - I’m in the middle of watched Only Yesterday

Last TV show you watched - LDnfkln I don’t really watch tv

What are you wearing right now - Pyjamas

When did you create your blog - In the summer I believe

What kind of stuff do you post - Kpop mostly and sometimes space and other lovely things

Do you have any other blogs -  Ahhhh I have a WHOLE bunch I have 14 other blogs in total three of them I share with other people and then five are on my other account @kikis-baby-boop :3

Do you get asks regularly - Mmm no not really mostly they’re the chain mail asks (if you want to send me asks please feel free to do so wink wonk)

Why did you choose your URL - Umm the reason that I made a tumblr in the first place was because I want to make a space that was safe and positive and full of love for everyone (hehe) so!! That’s why. I also thought with an url like this it would give me more courage to spread love since I’m usually pretty shy ;;; but I mostly was just hoping to make this an okay place for other people where they feel safe and loved because like for real I am full of love for everyone really I love everyone a whole bunch

Gender - Female (I guess)

Hogwarts House - Gryffindor!!

Pokemon team - Ah no Pokemon for me :’‘)

Favourite colour - I don’t have a favourite colour but it used to always be purple

Average hours of sleep - 5? Maybe?

Lucky number - ?

Favourite Character(s) - DS:Kfnskln I have a whole bunch LOTS of characters from HP, Aang and you know like ~Team Avatar~ from ATLA (but my ultimate favourite is Uncle Iroh :’)), Mei and Satsuki from Totoro (most of the characters from Miyazaki movies really) and so on

How many blankets do you sleep with - In the summer one or less and in the winter lotssss my health is not very good and I get cold v v easily so usually three minimum plus a heating pad

Dream Job - Writer

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If I met someone famous
  • me: hello
  • andrew rannells: hi there
  • me: your name is elder price
  • andrew rannells:

it’s not gay if it’s goodbye



Seriously don’t know what’s funnier. Ikoma getting thrown onto the train, or him being cradled in Suzuki’s arms as Ayame shakes her head and smiles.