and with that i'm done with photoshop for the night

WOW holy 1300+ notes over one night! Thank you, guys!
Here, take another pic of winking Sans :D
(his eye is not photoshopped, there are eyelids that come separately)

I’m working on a video tutorial right now, the footage is almost done, what is left is the script and voicing part. So yeah, soon everyone’s gonna be able to make their own smol Sansy! 

That moment where you almost hear "Not so fast!" cutting into the wind.

Regal Believer Appreciation Week

Day One: Favorite Mommy/Son moment(s)

Those little moments that you’d expect to see a mother and son have. Spending time together, telling each other stories, her tucking him in to bed at night. Small things that they’ve probably done a million times before but are probably that much more special and cherished now after their rift and separation.


Calming down from a Rage Train (my wireless utility went bonkers on me and I was in no mood for it) but now that I fixed it, I can show you I am still somehow getting something done, and it’s actually looking good!

I need better ways of managing stress: my threshold is stupidly low and I have precious little time. It’s an early to bed night. :(

celloaquarius  asked:

The ancestors have access to earth music for some reason. To what song is you favorite ancestor passionately jamming out to?

…in which Signless is really into Queen. He keeps trying to make the others sing harmonies.

I had to draw half of this twice because my Photoshop crashed right when I was done the first time and I had a minor breakdown so please enjoy

[HS Ancestor Night]


i can´t see this any longer, and really can´t decide which color combination I like most, I spend last night with trying out colours…..Which Version do you like most?

The lines are done traditional in my sketchbook,  but colored in Photoshop. The pattern is again tileable and feasible continuing endlessly  . I'm thinking about to have it printed as wrapping paper or wallpaper … BUT….. what color? HELP! or my head will explode! :D ( ttoo many possibilities )

Enchilada in the Moonlight 

Next up in the forbidden love route.

Miyabi the sushi roll. 

This sadist sushi roll just wants you for your meat and cheese.

((me and sofia agreed the enchilada is the mc whose trying to find some love with other foods. oh lord i need sleep. please dont kick me out of the fandom xD))

“I’ll make a cheesy offer tonight. I can roll up with you. Just give me your meat.”

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jocelynsartventures  asked:

Have you ever thought about doing animations? :)

yeah yeah!! but they’re tough to do with just photoshop! i’ve done a couple simple ones like this, this, and this!!

i have more complicated ones, which include sam, cas, and i think my most popular one was dean! :