and with that i have exhausted my resources for the day

Me trying to survive the hiatus
  • <p> <b>Day 8:</b> Doing okay, surviving on the gifsets and ship videos<p/><b>Day 11:</b> Starting to have to ration the fanfic, aggressively trying to ignore Mondays without Supergirl so the hiatus will go faster<p/><b>Day 27:</b> all resources exhausted......hiatus draining my Gay Life Force..... must rewatch in order to keep myself alive<p/><b>Day 30:</b> i checked chyler’s and floriana’s social media accounts 23 times today, I need a new picture, a new tweet, a neW ANythiNg…the situation is becoming dire…..<p/><b>Day 35:</b> so this is what death feels like,,,,the end of one gay life into an even gayer one,,,,,what a cruel but beautiful world,, one last prayer for my soul,,in the name of Alex Danvers, Kara Danvers and Maggie Sawyer, the Gay Trinity-<p/><b>When Supergirl comes back:</b> Oh the hiatus wasn't that bad<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

West are your study method steps or routine? Like mindmaps, then flashcards and stuff like that. Hope you have a great day xo.

Sorry for taking so long to get to this anon, I’ve been meaning to answer it for ages but exams and exhaustion have just got in the way, I’m sorry again nonny!

First step - revision guide:

I usually begin by writing up a revision/study guide using class notes, class handouts, study guides (which aren’t even in their most concise form!) and online resources to make one big whole study guide of my own notes that are usually as big as a textbook itself oops. This step is pretty essential for me and I think it’s pretty good because you’re translating notes into your own words as well as putting everything into one place so you don’t have to look everywhere etc. They usually end up looking like this:

Study guides are just such a good opportunity to use colour and images and speech bubbles and the sheer effort you put into them makes it worth it. Still, after having typed it all up that’s still not enough, I then go through the guide again and highlight, underline, italicise, bold, colour etc. particular points of a sentence/paragraph that I want to remember! I mean when you revise you read everything but doing this in a “review” process forces you to consider what you regard as important and therefore remember it more easily also it makes your study guide look super pretty…

Second step - rinse, repeat, recycle, lots of re’s:

After this, based on the subject I’ll either go with mindmaps or flashcards or both! Using the info that I’ve typed up in my study guides, I then transfer them and reduce them once again to make mindmaps/flashcards etc. to further solidify the information in my memory! My main step with these is try to get the necessary information on a single flashcard and a single piece of paper for a mindmap. 

I put the rest after a read more because it started getting a tad long haha…

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Gonna get really real for a minute.

For the past few weeks, my struggle with gender has intensified to a level it’s never reached before. I know I’m nonbinary in some way, and I’m tired of being perceived as female, but I don’t know if being perceived as male would be any better. I’ve spent nearly all my free time looking at transition photos and videos, researching the effects of testosterone, and trying to find trans resources in my area. I’m exhausted and feel hopeless. It feels like nothing will ever fit, but even if something did, I’d never be able to live how I want because of the rejection I’d face.

But, in the midst of everything that is causing me frustration, some things are making me feel more confident than ever. I have a wonderful girlfriend who’s supported me since day 1. I cut my hair and started wearing men’s underwear. And, I started taking more selfies in an effort to boost my self-confidence. I don’t know where I want to end up yet, and even though it’s been rough so far, I’m glad I’m getting closer to figuring it out and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

PS I’m always looking for more nonbinary positivity and friends in my life so feel free to message me :)


VIXX and Lyrics

Remember, do you remember back then?
The night it rained
When we cried all day?
Remember, do you remember afterwards?
The clear morning after the rain
We were in love but we let each other go


Hey everyone, so I’m asking for help, but I want everyone to benefit!

Due to my Crohn’s disease I had to drop out of ROTC, that made my classes drop to under full time so my GI Bill will no longer cover my rent or book expenses. I’ve exhausted all my resources outside of my parents help! I don’t want to go into too much detail, I’m more focused on the goal than the struggle.

I HAVE A JOB but its at a stadium which means it’s the most unpredictable schedule ever. I didn’t even get work last month, January, and only work 4 days this month.

I’m very ACTIVELY looking for another job to help pay for my rent and books but it’s very stressful with all the doctors visits and start of treatment so in the meantime I need your help!

So my parents have been helping to support me until I can move back home.
My mom has a small natural bath, body and hair business, Island Kissez. She sells things like, hair oils and creams, bath soaps, shampoo bars, face masks, sugar body and lip scrubs, whipped body butters, and much more! THERE’S MENS PRODUCTS TOO! This is her dream and they’re so great to me. She’s helping me chase my dream so I’m trying to do the same!

Please just check it out? The products are all natural and wonderful, I use them faithfully.

If you decide to make a purchase I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for everything every one.


Crash course in ADHD

This is how it’s past midnight and I still haven’t started on my project I was supposed to start three days ago.

The first three days, I didn’t have my materials together, and I had work. I was too tired from working to put my plan together.

Day off, go downtown to collect resources–good work! Come home at five, eat takeout, and take a two hour nap, because I’m exhausted.

Wake up, and hungry again. No food in the house because I keep overestimating how much food we have, and then not grocery shopping. But we do have a big box of forrero rochers from Sam’s, so a few of those constitute my pre-working meal.

I eat a few, and look at the box, which is flat and transparent plastic. It would make a nice cosmetics storage box.

I think about how I want more makeup and get better at using it.

I then spend the next two hours looking up cheap cosmetics on my phone. I end up buying a bunch of lipsticks from NYX–even though I already ordered some other things from e.l.f. earlier this week. Impulsivity, yo.

So I’ve satisfied my online retail craving, time to work, right? No. I got the idea to write this post, and then as I was typing, my computer popped up an update. Not really thinking, I clicked it, and now my computer is doing a thing and I can’t use it to type my project on. So I’m waiting for it to finish, and writing the post on my phone.


I will be honest i’ve been having a tough week and it’s been weighing on me emotionally. I feel extremely out of my element, i’m sure part of that is sleep deprivation but the energy it feels like…very standstill, I am gathering resources but i feel pushed to dig into my old wounds, old patterns. It’s like…realling trying to push you outside of you, it’s hard to describe.

I’ll just be raw with you, Writing has been challenging, It feels very…auto-pilot, like you either go with the flow or be dragged by the resistance. My body is saying rest. It’s hard to focus or stay with that center, it feels like pushing you off of your feet. we also had solar flares yesterday so some could be feeling them too. The energy is heavy and definitely feels like a dip into the underworld as we start to reach the final days of retrograde. It’s like preparing for the finale. the fireworks.

 I have also been reading Abraham’s Ask and It is Given, it couldn’t have aligned at a more perfect time. It’s helping me keep sane lol. Anyway Here’s some thoughts i have on where we are energetically…

Life is a series of ebb and flow, upstream and downstream. It aligns with where we are and who we want to be. As Mercury comes to a close, the energy peaks telling us what we need to see behind our own face. A reminder of the Moon, The look into the abyss.

We have to understand that the ebb and flow of life is ever-evolving, ever-changing and as strong as it may come, everything is termporal in the present moment of NOW.

So as Mercury puts many of us onto our heads, let us remember that it is temporal. It is always in flux. We have the choice today to move from despair to joy.

Abraham calls this the Emotional Guidance System. What is beautiful about it…. Despair may be powerless but anger is a step up from despair, blame is a step up from anger, Irritation is a step up from being overwhelmed, pessimism is a step up from irritation, hopefulness is a step up from pessimism, optimism is a step up from pessimism, positive expectation is a step up from optimism and JOY is a step up from positive expectation. You are always on the way to well-being. Truer words have never been spoken.

Remember, There is always a way to climb your emotional ladder back to Joy!

Find where you stand on the Emotional Guidance system and realize all is possible through our given emotional choices

Breathe <3

I did not really want to do this but here we are.

Me and @xancholis are struggling a lot. We are 400$ behind on rent and have asked for an extension until next week and our electricity bill is three days late. Unfortunately Nic is getting next to no hours and my paycheck can’t support all the bills by itself.

In short we are screwed.

My nana has given us money. I have sold things ,but we are still really short. With no other choice after exhausting our resources I ask for help. 

My paypal is Any amount helps, however if you send 10+ message me and I’ll write a piece of fiction (my writing tag is /writing) for you. It can be fanfiction or otherwise.  I’m desperate at this point.

Thank you.

Well guess what ya’ll, I got permanent guardianship of my sisters. I was so nervous this morning and thought the worst but the judge immediately approved me within 10 min. He told me “well now you officially have the papers to show the world they are yours now, have a lovely day” and I died. Im so happy rn. I’m tired and exhausted but finally done with this and no one can ever say that I didn’t fight for them cuz I did and won, and I will legally be able to care for them like I’ve been doing these past two years but now with all the resources and I feel so just so great, and I can finally give them a better life ❤❤