and with that i drew all the girls!

Last of the Crackship babies with @ask-sonatadusk

Oh wait, I worded that wrong. These are CANON BABIES :D

That’s right, darlings. S'Rathra, my egotistical Welk, found love with Aria Blaze. They have a very interesting relationship, usually insulting each other. xD

@ask-sonatadusk drew the picture of S'Rathra and Aria together :3

Here we have their eldest son, Falsetto. His name is very ironic because when he was old enough, his parents found out that he is actually a bass when it comes to singing.

And then we have Do'Zami, or just Zami. She is daddy’s little girl and knows how to get what she wants.

It was fun drawing them though I’ll admit I had trouble since I’ve never drawn a Welk hybrid before xD All in all, I’m happy with how they came out.

(Welk species was created and owned by @nemovonsilver )

I got the honor to participate in @jojofanzine (which is an awesome project btw thanks for having me!) a while back so I drew as many best girls as possible from Jojo which is hard bc all the girls are best girls.

I drew this as a speed paint and was recording the process before my computer froze and I lost the last half of the process orz.

Sometimes it’s nice to just let my mind go blank and draw whatever comes to it.

In other news, the Thanksgiving charity sale went amazingly well!! We raised waaaay more money than expected. I’ll make a separate post with the details and which charity we donated to in a few days (need to do some final calculations and stuff first). Thank you all so much again for the amazing contributions :D


I Am Not Responsible For Your Thoughts

My mom gave me a dress form she used to use when she would sell her aprons at farmer’s markets and I was able to use it for a recent art assignment. When I told her I wanted to use it for art, this probably isn’t what she had in mind…ha

I sat down with the mannequin and wrote all my thoughts I had about the LDS culture and how they teach “modesty” to their young women and how it plays into things like victim blaming and rape culture. Also drew inspiration from Barbara Kruger’s iconic “red bars/white text” thing. I would like to note: I don’t believe that ‘modesty’ as a concept is a bad thing, but how it is being taught to our girls and our boys is. If anyone has any questions or wants to discuss it, feel free to drop me a line.

I had more to say about it than I thought I did and it was INCREDIBLY cathartic. I just hope it doesn’t go over poorly with my professor. Yay for private religious schools

Please don’t remove the caption

once upon a time @jeusus gifted us with THIS AMAZINGNESS OMG and of course - as a DIE HARD Card Captor Sakura fan i knew i would one day ALSO have to swim in the CCS AU waters~ (= ///w///=) hehhehehe~ <3 SO HERE WE ARE!!! (O   w O) Touya!Hux and Yukito!Kylo ~ i have a zillion headcanons for this AU good goodness… ( @jathis Techie is Sakura in my mind! and Matt is Syaoran! HEHEH! <3) Dedicated to the incomparable Jeusus, who is a GIFT in so many ways ~ may your day be fluffy, sparkly, and full of good feels! <3 <3 <3


Sole Party - Day 6 - Shenanigans with companions!

I already drew all my faves in one of the other posts, so I wanted to include some of the others in this one. :)

PS: I know Strong has armor on his arms, but I was too lazy to draw it. :P Also, in case it was confusing, the Strong image is not related to the fight between Cait & MacCready. Just an extra doodle to include the big buy.

Femslash February, day 5: stars.

It’s been so, so long since I drew them, so here’s Utena and Anthy! I love this anime/movie/manga to pieces (all the adaptions I’ve seen really) and especially the relationship between these two. Spoiler alert, Utena was a big role model of mine while growing up and I still adore her.

So i usually draw on my hands right? Well this girl that i may or may not have a crush on saw it and was like “omg those are so pretty, i really like the flower one!” while gesturing to my hand. So i said thanks of course and then asked if she had a pen with ink since i didnt have one. She had lots of pens and i simply took a black one and drew a flower on her hand and the flowers i do is kinda complicated so they take time to draw. And all while i drew on her hand she was just being quiet and watching me draw. Keep in mind that i was screaming inside during the time it took me to draw it! So i finish it and she stares at it and doesn’t say anything at first and then “its so beautiful.. Y'a know, this is the first time someone draws on my hands. I mean this girl in my class sometimes just draw random lines on my fingers but that doesn’t really count because its not really drawings right?” and just:
@wolfpainters and @wittyy-name makes this even more special becase quiznaking TMWM and oh god whyyyyy

Day ?? - Interacting with your crush

Would you believe me if I said I drew this first out of all the prompts in the challenge? LOLOLOL I wanted to post them in order but I realized the fatesona child thing was also a prompt so… oh well. 😂😂😂

Nah but let me share this...
  • I went to a Dia De Los Muertos concert/event here in the bay. They had crafts and stuff for kids (and adults - my sugar skull I drew on the tortilla belongs in the MoMA but ok), they had Mexican hot chocolate (where the fuck they been hiding that shit all my life??) and pan de muerto. They had altars and everything. But once the show started, they had the forgettable damn-near all-white symphony open the event up (nobody was tryin to hear that shit. Was probably the venue sayin' they could only have the event there if they let the house artists perform, too). And then they had an the first all-female mariachi band come out.
  • Girl....
  • Let me tell you...
  • A. These ladies got pipes. B. The vocal range was unreal. C. I don't know how she had the diaphragm to hold her notes as long as she was. But also, the dude next to me was crying during certain songs. Skull face paint runnin n shit. I look two rows up, and the latinx aunties and grandmas are up there crying and shit, too. After their songs, they have the intermission.
  • Then they bring out this band from LA (both these groups won Grammies, mind you) and people start losing their shit. And when I say losing their shit, I mean recording shit on phones when phones weren't allowed, standing up in the middle of the rows and dancing and singing by themselves because they were feeling it so much, cryin, throwing hands up, all of that. They were screaming for an encore when they were done and got the band to do a curtain call.
  • Look.
  • Moral of the story.
  • That shit was not meant for me. And that was the beauty of it. As a black, American, non-latinx man, that shit was not my culture and it wasn't for me. But I was welcomed in to observe and it was absolutely gorgeous to see how happy and deeply people felt during those moments. Seeing how much they connected to that part of their culture to the point where they were in tears over it was amazing. And it was even more amazing that it wasn't for me. In my head, I kept thinking how white people are always sayin "culture is meant to be shared" and how they don't understand what that shit is supposed to mean. Culture is meant to be shared in a manner of observance, if you're an outsider. Culture being shared doesn't mean "I saw this, this is my culture now too." There's beauty in seeing other people enjoy their culture, being welcomed in to participate, but still recognizing that that's their shit and not your shit.
  • The end.


I got my amazing beautiful friend Roberta for secret santa (❤️) and I drew a bunch of her favorite female characters so I could make a pattern to decorate her box! Here’s the final results, and I’ll be also posting the separate characters. I’m very proud of how this turned out and I think she liked it too! (Salem sure did)

Part 1 - Clarke, Lexa, Raven, Eretria and Helena

Part 2 - Kara, Alex, Felicity, Peggy, Beckett and Nikita

Part 3 - Korra, Asami, Toph, Ginny and Hermione

Part 4 - Katniss, Daenerys, Rey, Mulan and Eleven

a little sketch for today~

been watching a lot of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and I think its really cute. So naturally I drew one of them in military kit because I can.

February cover of WnR is done and I will be posting it on valentines day for all the single ladies~