and with that i am done drawing all the au cats :d

I’ve been working on the prompts lately, but here’s a little something seeing as this blog of mine has yet to update in forever.

Imagine…Persona 5 cast as Disneyland workers.

Akira would be the employee that deals with everyone’s shit. Angry moms, crying kids, anxious dads, frazzled employees…except he’d deal with everything with a poker face. You heard me. Poker face Akira breaking the rule of Disneyland smiles. His boss told him to hire someone to fix the teacup ride, he mothaeffin’ does it himself with a hexagonal wrench. #rebel (Just kidding. He’d probably call in Makoto and Futaba.)

Morgana is the manager, but because of his voice, I assume in human form he looks like a kid. Everyone asks him where his parents are, and he’s just so done. So. D O N E. (It’s worse in cat form cause the kids pat his head roughly going “kitty!” and Morgana can’t deny them cause they’re in a kid theme park.)

Ryuji would probably be that one guy cosplaying and running around the whole park cheering kids up. Unintentionally of course. Guy probably doesn’t know how to deal with a crying brat but he does it anyway. Softie. Also: “Did you hire a doppleganger or a twin? I swear you were next to Tower of Terror five minutes ago.” — “No, I was just running.” — “From what?” — “Akechi.”

Ann would be one of those street performers that parade the streets of Disneyland, wearing a set of sparkly Minnie ears in her sexy cat suit. P.S. she avoids all the adults and only talks to the kids. Women too. If you’re 14+ you need to go away you creeps. (Shiho is the exception cause that sweetheart can’t be more than emotionally 12.)

Yusuke would be that one artist that moves his stall on a parade wagon with Ann, drawing little portrait cards of everyone as Disney character impressions. Or if he’s feeling cheap, creatively inspired, and “I am not some cheap artist you can hire”, lobsters with Mickey Mouse ears cause why not.

Makoto is the security guard, but on paper she’s the maintenance mechanic. I swear she’s always near the Merry-Go-Round unless she actually has to do her job—

Futaba is underground. Cause fuck crowds. And she manages the security cameras. Either that or she flies a blimp filled with trash bags and kettle-baked chips.

 Haru is the food cart person. Or the restaurant person. When you think anything is overpriced, she gives you that smile, suggest something relatively healthy and good-sounding, and next thing you know your pocket’s empty. (It’s how she’s secretly and evilly rich.)

And Akechi is the most important because we all know Disneyland employees have a “must smile policy” except Akechi takes it a step further and that fake-ass lip tilt (calling it a smile insults all smiles) gains him employee of the month. He often competes with Akira, who doesn’t care. But when Akira gets employee of the month, Akechi goes batshit crazy inside.

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wonderfulchaos69  asked:

for the bsd servamp au, would Atsushi be Envy and Dazai his Eve? And for Pride ... Ranpo? And Fukuzawa could be his Eve?! sdlkfj and then the idea of servamp bsd au!! That's sounds like a really neat idea! Would Team Melancholy be the Port Mafia? Mafia Melancholy? Haha. xD I will sleep now, good night.


Atsushi as the Servamp of Envy?? Nice~ Omg Dazai as his eve. That’s perfect cause of the way Atsushi and Dazai met, they both saved each other. One from starvation and one from drowning(later on though in this au probably)

Dazai picking up a small black and white striped cat only to discover its a vampire(and a tiger) later on. It’s too good. I think Dazai would give Atsushi a cat bell just like Mahiru did with Kuro:

“Perfect! I’ll call you Atsushi-kun!”

I feel like Dazai would be rather chill about discovering his new cat is actually a vampire. He comes home from work or whatever, “Hmm, I wonder how little Atsushi-kun did on his own today?~” and as he’s looking for his little kitty he finds this guy he doesn’t know making Chazuke in his kitchen(lol like when Mahiru found Kuro watching tv and eating ramen) . Although Atsushi would more likely panic first. Like. 


Dazai’s response is probably.

“oh my god….are you a vampire???? ……..”

“Are you here to kill me???~” :D 

“….excuse me??” 

and blah blah blah eventually they become the new Envy pair and somehow end up in the middle of a vampire war….. 

Atsushi sure is also in for a surprise, to discover his eve is a cheerful suicidal manic. He’s gonna be doing a lot of rescuing that’s for sure. 

“Dazai san, the chain! THE CHAIN! AHHHH! Don’t jump!”


“Are you okay Atsushi-Kun?”

“Yes, but I am immortal. You really need to take better care of yourself Dazai-san!”

Oh boy… These two idiots should not be connected whatsoever. HAHA Dazai dragging his poor Servamp Atsushi everywhere and having to deal with his…. suicidal mischief. He’s a little too eager to get into battles with other vampires.  Also Dazai would offer a little too much blood sometimes.

Omg one of Atsushi’s abilities can be kinda like Kuro’s claw thingys but with his tiger paws instead. YES.

Pride seems perfect for Ranpo actually. XD   Fukuzawa as his eve is pretty awesome actually. Them as the pride pair its perfect.

*Sudden realization* Does this mean Akutagawa can be the forgotten 8th??? Servamp of Melancholy???? OH SNAP. 

His beef with Atsushi is probably he’s mad cause he wants a strong eve like Dazai.  (and upset of course because he’s the forgotten 8th deadly sin *sobs*)

Dazai would be a natural at controlling his Servamp, since Atsushi is the more cooperative type after all. I think they would get along better than the other pairs, just saying. 

Okay okay I am switching gears now. 


I SO need this!!! I’m gonna draw it later ;w; The other things too. 

Now I already imagine Sakuya’s mafia look to be like this outfit he wore in one of the official arts~

I imagine Tsubaki to look like this kinda (but still has his glasses occasionally.)

Also has the long mafia boss jacket that he wears on his shoulders. (like ALL the other mafia characters in bsd) Kinda like the white haori he wears. IT WORKS TO WELL.

Seems like in bsd in order to be in the mafia, you gotta wear a long jacket, preferably on your shoulders and wear dark colors. lol

Also okay okay for this au, also imagine that first scene where Dazai and Atsushi first met 

but with Mahiru and Kuro OMFG. Mahiru saving Kuro from drowning only to discover he didn’t wanna be saved.  

Kuro(quoting Dazai here ha) “I was trying to kill myself… but you just HAD TO interfere….”

Mahiru wouldn’t really appreciate that response I’m sure.


“what a pain…” 

And one thing lead to another and then Mahiru now works at the Armed Detective Agency. haha.(Most likely much more willingly than Atsushi did just saying, Mahiru is also a bit more sure of himself than Atsushi. Mahiru would love to do work that involved protecting people ! :D and doing other dangerous stuff but y'know. ) 

“Guess it can’t be helped….You’re my subordinate now….” I couldn’t resist writing that line. 

Would all the other servamp characters and eves in the bsd au work at the agency too? Would some also be in the mafia????? WHAT ARE EVERYONE’S ABILITIES?!!??  OMGGG I CAN’T STOP THINKING. LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!??! @wonderfulchaos69

anonymous asked:

May I request for the soulmate AU event where if you write/draw something on you, it appears on your soulmate too for Kuroo? The catch is that Kuroo realizes that his soulmate only knows English and is all the way across the ocean in America. I'm an artist and I love doodling on myself. Even though I'm a straight A student, I'm also forgetful so I tend to write down a to-do list on my hand. Like "Turn in Dual Credit app to counselor" "SAT prep class today" thanks, love! You're my favorite blog!

Okay number one, I am in love with Kuroo this request. I swear this is literally me lmao.


Italics are written in Japanese by the way :D

Number Three of the Soulmate Event :D

Kuroo’s writings started appearing on his skin when he turned seventeen, and it happened during volleyball practice. Kenma pointed out to him that he had English notes written on his skin, and he arched an eyebrow. He looked at his wrist, carefully reading the characters. He wasn’t too familiar with it, one of the few classes he wasn’t too good in was English, but he was excited his soulmate’s writing was finally coming through. He read it aloud with some help from Lev.

“This says, v-visit the… sci… science depart- er…. department?” His brows were furrowed in his struggle. Lev read it over a few times and nodded. Kuroo was thoroughly confused, why would his soulmate be writing in English? It doesn’t matter, he’s just happy he can communicate with them now.

After practice he dug in his bag for a pen, and wrote down a casual how are you in Japanese. He didn’t ever get a response, so he figured his soulmate wasn’t seventeen yet. He’d get little notes, all of them in English, on the palm of his hand or his wrists. Maybe they were just really gung-ho about English class.

Every morning he would write a neat good morning in Hiragana with a smiley face on his arm, hoping that his soulmate would see it one day and maybe catch on that he can’t read their notes very well.

He started finding doodles on his arms and even legs, some of them were really cute and well done, he even saw little anime characters sometimes. Other times it looks like Bokuto has just drawn on him they look so ridiculous. He loved them regardless, occasionally taking pictures of the ones he really liked on his phone so he could look at them again.

He wrote his good morning once again, and soon looked down to see a question mark next to it. He arched an eyebrow. Is it not morning?

Their response was in English, and he sighed, I can’t read English very well, can you write in Japanese? I’m sorry.

Just a series of question marks. He furrowed his brow, and went to Lev again for help. He helped him sound out words and meanings. Turns out the written response was saying that she didn’t understand what he was saying either.

Later he found the words ‘SAT prep class’ on his hand, and he sighed, deciding to look up English definitions to help him translate. He was confused, so he looked up a question to translate, and wrote out in messy English lettering what he wanted to know.

‘Why do you need a prep class for sitting?’

The response came quickly, in neater handwriting than his.

‘Wait what’

He huffed and had to look up more translations, taking him a good twenty minutes to translate and write out.

‘The SAT prep class. Why do you need a prep class for sitting?’

‘It’s for a national exam??? Lmao, you’re pretty silly. And you write really slow.’

He translated the response and huffed. It isn’t his fault that he can’t speak English that well. He wrote out another sentence.

‘I’m Japanese, I can’t speak English well. Try speaking Japanese, why don’t you?’

He found out his soulmate was a girl from America. She didn’t know Japanese, so they sort of danced around with Google Translate. Her Hiragana looked horrid, so he assumed his writing was disastrous too. They agreed to study each others language.

And by the time Kuroo graduated, he found himself and his soulmate having conversations half in English and half in Japanese. She’d leave little doodles of cats when she went to bed, as it was just about the time he was waking up just to make him smile.

Third year of college, he was finally able to fly her out to Japan to meet. He’d only seen pictures of her, but it was enough to make him fall in love with her. He picked her up from the airport, and when they met eyes across the terminal, they both grinned and rushed to each other, sharing a dramatic embrace.

“I finally get to meet you, _____! You’re so cute!” Kuroo grinned, pressing a kiss to her hair.

She spoke in gentle Japanese, making him grin even more. “You’re not so bad yourself, Tetsurou.”

And to be completely real, if you thought Kuroo wasn’t going to plant a smooch on his soulmate’s lips just a few moments after they’d just met, you’re wrong. Though it’s not like she minded.

Titles to Know Tuesday: Holy Trinity Fanfic Edition (7/22-7/29)

So it was requested that I do a fic rec thingy every now and then because I read pretty much all the Hartbig fic posted and am a general consumer of all things literary in nature and kind of a picky shit about stuff I like, so the plan is for me to post this every Tuesday. Maybe. Who knows! 

Disclaimer: The main ship I read is Hartbig but I also read Swace and Mace and other ships depending on the author. If you have something you think I should be reading, feel free to send it to me and I will 100% check it out! (Oh, and I <3 Grester but I don’t read the fanfic unless Jay springs it on me during a ficathon or something!) These are in random order. 

1. Of Virtue and Vice Ch 2 by iloveyouinchinese (Hartbig): Ok, I am already obsessed with this series. The premise is that Grace is in an unhappy marriage to a guy named Rob. Rob is perfectly nice but something has been missing for Grace for quite sometime and she can’t quite put her finger on why she’s frustrated in what should be a great relationship. On a random Thursday, she just so happens to run into a very intriguing and short blonde woman (aka Hannah) at a wine store. Hannh stirs up feelings Grace can’t quite pinpoint yet but by Ch 2, she’s had Hannah over for wine and they have made tentative plans for the following week and Hannah can read her like a book so Grace is struggling with the whole thing. This one is going to be amazing to watch unfold and El is just the gal to do it right!

Great lines:  “The sound of a door shutting sounds so inescapably mournful, sometimes. I don’t have the emotional maturity to deal with that sound just yet, so I strip down to a t-shirt and curl up in bed, even though it’s 9:30 and there are unwashed wine glasses in the living room. That feels like the only sacrifice I’m willing to make right now.“

2. The Saltwater Siren by onemilliongoldstars (Hartbig): I know, I know, a mermaid AU. So random! But let me just once again tell you that Ray can drop me in the middle of any freaking universe she wants to and make it work. In this one, Hannah comes to the edge of the sea to draw a mermaid she sees there. Day after day she draws and admires and then finally, she’s spotted by said mermaid and they might even fall a bit in love. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but just go enjoy a little mythological escape, Hartbig style.

Great lines: ”“Breakable?” Hannah breathes, eyes widening just slightly in alarm. She can smell Grace, very suddenly, and she smells of salt and sea and something irrevocably sweet that Hannah can’t quite identify.“

3. Under My Skin by bottled oxygen​ (Swace): Grace "needs” a manager. Swike is a manager. They both have hot legs. There is a lot of looking. And flirting. And tension. Have I mentioned they both have hot legs?

Great lines: “Men are great at moving heavy furniture and playing musical instruments, but Sarah is capable and Sarah is pretty. She sits around like eye-candy, only she’s eye-candy with purpose and a no-nonsense air about her.”

4. Weird Thoughts part 8 by yotoobfiction (Mace) It’s the NSFW chapter we’ve all been waiting for. Oh hush, don’t look at me like that. You know you have been too, you pervs. Cat managed the whole sweet and salty mix in fic form (aka HOT AS HELL but also intimate and lovely) and Mamrie shed a freaking tear (ok maybe I did too) and for the love of g-d there was leg humping and it was fantastic. Also I maybe have a thing with the nickname “baby” and when it’s dropped in a fic, it KILLS ME. But that’s just me, you, random reader of this review, can make up your own mind but I think you’ll be delighted to follow the fake behind-the-scenes version of #HeyUSA because it is hot and it cuddles you too. It’s magical.

Great lines: “Grace had laughed, because this is Mamrie, and that is what Grace does when Mamrie Mamries. But then Mamrie had run her fingers through Grace’s hair, trying to loosen it and let it fall, and that was when Grace had kissed her again, hard enough so that they had both fallen back onto the bed. And that isn’t necessarily what Grace does when Mamrie Mamries, but times be changing.”

5. Fate by heckaharto (Hartbig) It’s 5 chapters in and I am so hooked on this fic. Grace and Hannah meet at a bar and there’s that immediate strike of lightning that so rarely happens between two people. Hannah is used to shutting people out and yet, this mysterious woman somehow feels so familiar to her and… there is a flirty game of truth or dare, twerking, lap lying, and palm kissing, and hair stroking all by chapter 3 and I just, this thing gives me the feels for sure! There is also a twist this latest chapter and I have no idea what the heck (ha, get it? heckaharto!?) is going on but I am dying to find out. I hope the updates get less sporadic because I’m dying for the next chapter!

Great lines: “It’s all too easy to want to blame the alcohol for everything she’s thinking, but Hannah is aware that she is beyond the point of such accusations. Not even a slurred stupor can keep what she’s feeling hidden away in a toxic haze. She hates the gooey mush that she feels herself turning into, but a stupid voice in her head is telling her that maybe she can learn to love it. The city lights are passing over them in phases, like the constant shutter of a camera, from the window.”

Still loving Moving In (Hartbig) by someonetorootfor and currently Grace has finally acknowledge her feelings for Hannah out loud a bit and I’m stoked to see what happens next.  One can never forget What We Were (Hartbig/Swarto) by ficfacfoe was particularly angsty this week and it bruised my soul a bit, but in a good way. And carrotskoalasandbooze just started a series called The Ones Before You and in the prologue, Grace asks Hannah how many women she loved before her - Hannah says five, who, what, when, where and why. It looks to be a multi-ship describing the past and these relationships and it’s a different approach I haven’t seen done before and I’m excited to see it gear up!

And that’s all I have for now! Reading or writing something great? Send my way! I got two great recs last week that I’m still currently reading!