and with that another gif virginity lost

Imagine Eric looking at you after your first………..

Your body shuddered as your first ever orgasm took total control of your body. Eric’s fingers and tongue slowed down from their rhythmic thrust and licks to let you ride out your orgasm. As your wave slowly receded Eric lifted his inviting lips off you, lifted up and searched your eyes before he asked his question.  Eric knew the answer as soon as you walked into the Dauntless chambers as an initiate and he just received confirmation as his fingers and tongue sent you into another stratosphere after only a few minutes of pleasuring you. Always a Dauntless leader Eric wanted to see if you still identified with your old faction Candor.

“You a virgin?” he asked his voice deep demanding an answer.  You sat up to gather your underwear and pants feeling embarrassed your innocence was so easily detected.

You nodded your head yes not looking up at him as you dressed your bottom half of your clothes Eric so easily tore off you with little effort only moments earlier.

“I don’t fuck virgins.” He told you in a dead panned voice. You almost lost your balance as you put on one of your sneakers looking up to a matter of a fact expression on his face. Was he serious right now?

“What?” you barely heard your voice as you watched Eric slowly get up from the couch you no doubt left a wet spot on.

“I don’t fuck virgins.” He repeated just as nonchalantly as before as he walked up to you as you held one sneaker in your hand.

“But you just went down on me?” you were so confused as you looked in his piercing blue eyes. His eyes seem to change in front of you in a matter of seconds from the man that sweet talked you to his bedroom to the cold hard Dauntless leader you were so use to seeing every day.

“Sweetheart did you think that was sex?” he asked in a condescending tone as his massive figure approached and towered over you. You didn’t answer as you put on your other sneaker. You weren’t an Erudite but you weren’t stupid.  Why did he even bother with you? He could have so easily got any girl as you seen how he was admired by other females. You quickly headed toward the door when you felt Eric’s hand grab your arm to stop you. Your Dauntless training kicked in as you balled your fist and punched him in the nose.

“Asshole!” you shouted and smiled as the last image of Eric was him grabbing his nose as droplets of blood dripped through his fingers just before his door closed.


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Okay, I believe that Archie lost his virginity to Veronica. Look at this face here. He is looking at himself in the mirror with THAT expression. This does not appear to be a ‘I had a great time with that girl’ face. This is the ‘I’m a new person now’ face. Commonly seen when virginity is lost.

And God I hope this is the case for so many reasons, including that I’m “ready to ship” Varchie. I don’t currently, but from what I’ve seen in the promos for Season 2, I probably will. Veronica having this particular role in Archie’s life would be really special. And if I end up shipping them I would really really like that.

But the main reason I want this to be true? GRUNDY

I’m not alone in hating this pedophilic bitch. In fact, I don’t know anyone who likes her. It is definitely implied that Archie and Miss Grundy were sleeping together … but you never know, maybe they never got that far … it was never specifically confirmed verbally.

Hoping, praying, crossing fingers that he lost his virginity to my girl Ronnie instead of actually having been thoroughly violated by that horrible woman. I hear she’s coming back in Season 2 so this may come up … But for now I’m just going to look at Archie’s face here and assume what I want. Live my own personal head canon until proven otherwise.