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I’m a dead girl walking… this is what happens when you let theater kids do Halloween

I just realised something.

If the events that occurred with Lotor had never happened, Keith would be dead.

If Lotor had never found out about Narti being a spy and killed her, he would have never run away. 

He would have never become the enemy of the galra empire. He would have never been betrayed by his generals. He would have never escaped zarkon and he would have never been in the place he was to hear the galra’s plans to blow up Naxzela.

If Lotor never found out that Narti was a spy, he would’ve never gone through all the events that led up to him hearing about Naxzela’s bomb.

And that means that Keith would be dead. Keith would have died because Lotor wouldn’t have been there to save him.

So even though these events did lead in Narti losing her life, they also saved Keith’s life