and with dudeshep

unapologetically calls ghostbusters (2016) “ghostbusters” and ghostbusters (1984) “guybusters”

unapologetically calls female commander shepard “shepard” and male commander shepard “dudeshep”

unapologetically calls female thor “thor” and male thor “odenson thor”

unapologetically calls black james olson “jimmy olsen” and white james olsen “white jimmy olsen”

unapologetically calls harley quinn’s true love “poison ivy”

because white straight men are not the default

little-brisk  asked:

if you feel like it a thing that i think would be fun is you explaining mass effect femslash ships for people who do not understand mass effect, i.e. me, this is about me, for my personal satisfaction

This post absolutely in no way whatsoever got away from me a bit. Not at all.

Mass Effect Femslash, a brief and incomplete and entirely biased and personal primer for non-players, by me, an enthusiastic newbie to Mass Effect fandom. With spoilers for all three games, and all the DLC.


Right. Onwards!

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Still annoys me to no end that FemShep ends up in bed with Javik without player input…

What if she’s a lesbian?

What if she’s with someone??

What if she’s not interested in Javik???

What if she spent 99% of the game resisting the urge to toss Javik’s imperialist ass out the airlock????????

Also, real funny how they didn’t pull that bullshit with DudeShep… Funny.

I was in a supermarket this weekend and I was near the Baby section, and this couple with a baby was there. Having no idea what I could offer my friend’s newborn baby, I asked them. I said the baby was barely three weeks old. The wife immediately replied “Is it a boy or a girl?”
Lady, she’s not even one month old. Why do you ask this?
It’s just little things, sometimes, but when it all adds up, it makes you think about how absurd we all are when it comes to gender.

And since I’m starting a ME1 playthrough soon with MShep, I’m just thinking about this post I read where it’s confirmed that Bioware asked Meer to play Shepard as your basic soldier who shows no emotions.
Meanwhile, FShep sounds much more natural. And you know me, I’m a huge MShep fan and I adore Meer, so this isn’t a Meer critical post, I’m just incredibly annoyed about this the more I think about it, because they asked him to read his lines like that.
Why wasn’t Hale asked the same thing? I mean, was she? Because what if they asked Hale to show no emotions, and Meer to be natural and emotive? How different would our perceptions of those characters be? Would people still call MShep dudeshep, broshep, etc, all nicknames to mean he’s a “bro” and a cliché?
Because the issue is larger than just lack of female characters in game, it’s also the way male characters are portrayed. MShep thankfully gets better and is allowed to sound more natural, but there is still this forced perspective that men are blocks of cement and will endure everything without showing their feelings. It’s ridiculous, but there you go, you can’t ever betray that idea.

And I also think, it’s empowering to play as FShep. No matter how flawed or sexist the narrative is, there is still something incredible and very positive when you play this female hero who kicks ass but is also vulnerable. It’s amazing, that’s what it is.
With MShep, his vulnerability is there, but Bioware is trying REALLY hard to avoid it in a way that is VERY awkward, which makes people see him as your basic, average, soldier. That’s why I believe, and maybe I’m wrong, that portraying MShep as vulnerable, emotive, etc, can also be a little empowering, and a bit of a fuck you to society in general.

You take the basic character that is shown to you, and you deconstruct him completely. He’s not a robot, he’s not a “bro”, he’s highly emotive, caring, etc. I’m not saying that it’s a perfect idea to give him all traits that you usually force on female characters regardless of how accurate/realistic it is, but everyone is a bit more complicated than the gender they were given at birth, and whatever society expects of us as a result. So forcing traits one way or another is not okay, but then again it’s also not okay to picture “stoic” as only male, and “emotive” as only female. So. You mix it up, and you deconstruct. 

It sounds all so simple, what I’m saying, and perhaps I’m wrong, but considering the complete rejection of MShep I see sometimes in the tags, it makes me think the possibility to even picture him as something other than your average stoic soldier bro doesn’t come a lot. Of course, if people aren’t interested, I get that. There is no one quite like FShep, so I understand the need to focus on her and her only. She’s definitely worth it… But the possibility to create our own version of MShep, one that doesn’t depend on sexism and clichés, it exists, and I love when we use it.

EDIT: go see this post for more explanations about the instructions used to Meer, official reason is not because of sexism.

Jacob Taylor Positivity/Appreciation Week

Right so a lot of characters have been getting positivity weeks lately, but I still haven’t seen one for Jacob! And he definitely needs one because he doesn’t get nearly as much love as he deserves.

We don’t want to conflict with anyone else’s weeks, so as of now the dates are August 9 - August 15, with a theme a day (if there’s already something going on in the fandom that week, let me know and we’ll find another time) . Feel free to contribute to any or all of them! I personally will be doing as much as I can and I’ll reblog anything and everything created by anyone else. Here’s the schedule of events so far:

  • August 9 - He Doesn’t Look Like Kanye: A day for edits and fan art! Any visual media, with bonus points for fan casts or art that use specific people other than Kanye West as a face claim or reference.
  • August 10 - Corsair: Time to talk about Jacob’s past! This is a day for any Jacob pre-ME2. Fic about his time in the Alliance, art of him when he was younger, or edits from the comics are just some of the options!
  • August 11 - Romance Rewrite: I’m pretty sure there’s not a single Jacob fan who’s not pissed with how his romance was handled (especially in ME3). So show us how you wanted it to go! Fic, art, edits - we want it all! This day is specifically for rewrites of canon; general romance comes later.
  • August 12 - Shattered Eezo Champ: A day for headcanons and meta! Is Jacob really any good at arcade games? What was his childhood like? Was he ever at Jump Zero? Today we ask (and answer!) these questions and more.
  • August 13 - The Squad: Show us Jacob’s friendships with Shepard, background characters, or with other squadmates. This could be in the form of fic, art, edits (of squad banter/conversations), or anything you can think of!
  • August 14 - Active Duty: This is a catch-all day for anything not covered by the others. Jacob playlists! Jacob workout regimens! Builds or strategies for in-game! Miscellaneous art and fic are also great for this day.
  • August 15 - The Priiiiiize: This is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Jacob shippy stuff. Give us cutesy romance! With femShep! With dudeShep! With Miranda! With Kasumi! With anybody and everybody you can think of! Let’s finish off the week with a bang and a lot of love.

Use the tag “#jacob taylor positivity week” so everyone can find your contributions easily and we have it all in one place. Please circulate this as much as possible! I already know this isn’t going to be as big or as popular as the other weeks, but I want to try to get it to as many people as possible so we can maybe get some good content. Nothing is too small to contribute! Tiny doodles or drabbles are just as welcomed as detailed portraits or longfic.