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I’d like to congratulate everyone first 👏👏👏👏 Thank you for entering and it hurt me to actually judge because I love each and every one of you and I’d like you to know that this doesn’t change that. I bet most of you just scrolled down to actual announcement of winners first (I would’ve too) but if you didn’t and you’re reading this and you know you entered and you still haven’t scrolled past this long speech to look at the results, then comment “guurll” and I’ll know. ;) but pls, seriously only those of you who didn’t scroll down/didn’t look at the results first and then scroll up again. This is just a little test, I’m curious. lol okay I’ll stop now. On to the results :))))))

Without further ado…

This contest was for best RQ original content but upon starting the judging I realized that I couldn’t judge all original content the same way, so instead of 1 winner there will be 2 and instead of 2 runner-ups there will be 3. 

Congratulations to…

Winners will receive:

  • a follow back, if not already
  • personalized edit/moodboard for themselves (I’ll contact you for descriptions)
  • a request for a fanfic (!!) or head canon
  • promo, if you want, lol
  • a collab on an item of your request

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Runner-Ups will receive:

  • a request for a head canon
  • promo, if you want, again
  • a collab on an item of your request

Congratulations to everyone and once again, thank you for entering!!

Note: Runner ups, sorry but my priority is the giving the winners their prizes first, so you might have to wait a bit :)

I loved looking through all your blogs, please don’t get discouraged if you didn’t win. Love you all <3 <3 <3

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It’s lesbian visibility day and I am a very gay lesbean so here I am!!! (With like all four of my outfits lmao and my beanie) happy visibility day to all the awesome lesbians out there and love to those who aren’t out to anyone or are still dealing with their identity, I love every one of you and you are valid and beautiful af (as always this includes trans and nb lesbians!!!) to quote the great Gay Queen Hayley Kiyoko: ‘girls like girls like boys do; nothing new’ 💕💕👭🌈✨💫

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like falling in love with a landslide 4 and 5

What’s your favorite line of dialogue? This is very spoilery!!! but

“You thought my wife was having an affair,” Queen Regina concludes, and she stares at him searchingly, shakes her head when he gapes at her. “Is that why you asked to be removed from her service?” He bobs his head and she smiles sadly at him. “I’m sorry, Henry. It was…a convenient fiction, for a time. I wish you’d never heard about it.”

He’s still quaking with silent sobs, with relief still compounded instead by shame, and Queen Regina strokes his hair and murmurs apologies to him that are impossible and make no sense. The queen, apologizing to him, whispering his name and on the floor beside him to comfort him–

“I didn’t know you knew my name,” he whispers finally, swallowing back the last of his tears and wiping furiously at his face.

The queen stares at him in quiet agony, an agony he can’t grasp, and her hand drops from his hair to her lap as she says, “I named you.”

What part was hardest to write?

Hoo boy. Chapter 6 was rough! I felt like nothing very big happened in it and it was a bit of a slog to get through, with the exception of the scene on the ledge with Emma and Regina. I am v glad that everyone tolerated it so well lmao. <3

Hello everyone it’s Juls!! As some of you may know I’ve joined the smuttyfairy crew as Xiufairy!! I’m super excited for that. with that being said, I’m going to be handing off xiustories to a few of my friends. I hope you’ll be nice to them and love them!! they’re all talented people! I’ll be writing on smuttyfairy now as well so I’ll still be around just…not here. I hope you’ll support me in this (~:

- Juls (Angst Queen)

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I followed your old blog for a while and loved all of the smut! Please tell me that you are still the smut queen? My question is about Raph. If he's too large for his s/o, how does he make sex more comfortable for her?

Well, for lack of a better way to explain this–he’ll try to get her as wet as he can.  If she’s moist enough down there, then it’ll be easier to slide in. So Raph pulls out all the tricks that he knows.  He might feel a little too anxious for foreplay, but he’ll participate in it if that’ll make their overall experience better.  

As usual, his hands are all over while they make out.  He’ll waste no time in slipping them under her clothes.  Eventually he’s going to slide his hand underneath her panties and rub her clit slowly, periodically sticking one thick finger inside of her to “test the waters”. 

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My Fp is this girl who I fell for from the start in November. The day I met her I knew I was going to love her. Well she had a boyfriend but she claimed to love me, so I waited. I got in a relationship and then I left because it made me feel like I was cheating on her and that scared me. So I was alone. Well she told me I could see someone else while I waited. Well this girl ended up leaving me. Then my Fp left her boyfriend for a new guy while I was in a mental hospital. Now I'm more shattered.

The person I left for my FP. Also happens to be a lesser version of an FP. He treated me like a Queen and I ruined everything. I still miss him. He has someone new and I’m really jealous even though I broke his heart. I just miss being loved. Everyone has left me and I’m alone and I’m trying not to run to someone else. Because there is a girl who will have me but I lose feelings for her so easily. And so I leave her. I’m tired of hurting people. I just want to cry and curl into a ball forever.

when you have bpd, it can be difficult to tell if you really like someone or if you just like the attention. i’m not sure if anyone can relate but personally, i find ~~connections~~ with people like if i vibe with someone, i get a slight obsession with them. and the vibe depends on nothing specifically, like i’m never obsessed for the right reasons, it all comes from a feeling i can’t describe.

so i’ve started to tell myself to look past that weird connection. hopefully i will find someone i have a connection with - i wouldn’t be able to date someone i didn’t have it with. but if you’re looking to differentiate between someone you potentially only like for the attention and/or connection, you have to think about if they’re actually good for you as well. do they possess the qualities you like in someone? or do you like them for no reason? i honestly hate the trend that people think it’s okay to like people for no reason. it isn’t. you should always like someone for a reason. and if you’re finding you’re not, the person is most likely not right for you. because love will NOT save a relationship. a relationship cannot be based on solely love. it has to be based on trust, loyalty, mutual respect, etc. you have to be on the same wavelength as your partner. it has to go beyond loving them - you have to LIKE them, too. you have to admire them. you have to think they’re a good person. there’s a million other factors besides love or obsession or someone being your fp.

on the other hand, though, don’t be with people you don’t find a connection with just so you’re not alone. you deserve all aspects of a relationship– attention, connection, and good qualities. don’t settle for less. i have been single for two years because i refuse to settle for less. am i lonely? yeah, of course. but being in a dead-end relationship is worse than being alone. you don’t need to be in a relationship to have love in your life. i think it’s healthy to be single for periods so that you don’t become dependent on people and so you build your standards and work on who you are.

People don’t miss the drugs. You won’t hear someone say, “Man, I really miss heroine.”

You hear people talk about how it made them feel, and that’s what they miss.

it’s the same way with people I think. You don’t always miss the person, you just miss the way they made you feel.

—  h

Lance (age 10): What do you mean, my first kiss was with Keith?

//more childhood klance au! cause i’m still so in love with this idea :D

  • keith was absolutely the kind of super affectionate baby that tries to kiss everyone he liked
  • he was also a drama queen (lol his bib)
  • also lance’s bib is just his parent’s sense of humor because lance was the kind of baby that was totally indifferent to whatever was going on 
  • (if he fell down or got hurt or heard some super sudden noise, he was like, “whatever”) like hearing his name was the only thing that could get his attention
  • in summary, keith claimed lance as his unofficial boyfriend before they could even walk :D
I grew up believing (not through my own fault) that love was only about grand romantic gestures, dozens of red roses, wearing your best clothes and going on dates in fancy restaurants and having romantic walks on the beach.
But now love is holding his hand, hearing his heartbeat and kissing his forehead. It’s feeling his body next to mine and his breathing against my own as he peacefully sleeps his way into the night. It’s wearing my worst clothes but still being called beautiful. It’s feeling the worst but still being treated like a queen. It’s laughing into his kisses because he did that thing again where he tries to interrupt me speaking. It’s sharing thoughts and emotions that for so long I thought I could never even feel or think. It’s finding the part I’ve been missing for twenty years.
Now, love is him. Love is me. Love is the both of us.
For me anyway.

I am trying my best to continue my parents’ legacy of encouragement and positivity. Every day is still filled with baby steps, of course, but the older I get the more it becomes clear that a positive mind-set is a choice. There are the obvious things one can do, like supporting charities and good causes, but I am constantly trying to discover everyday ways of seeing the good in people and encouraging others to do the same.

happy birthday, jennifer marie morrison! (april 12, 1979)