and with 4 fingers

“Story Time! Once a guy tried out an app and it changed his life. Thank you, Vine”

Yes, Vine. Thank you for bringing Thomas Sanders into my life! And can I just wanna say that I’m incredibly thankful that Vine was a thing!? And since I’ve done so many I felt the need to do one last Vine related drawing since it ended today!

Thomas, thank you so much for being the stupendous individual that you are and continue to be! It has been an honor and a privilege to watch you grow over these past 4 years!! I’m so freakin proud of you! And with Vine ending I feel we just finished the most recent chapter, that was just volume 1! Your story has only begun, Thomas! And honestly I can’t wait to see where it goes! I love you to the moon and back! ✌🏾️💜💚

How to Increase your Motivation to Study

1. Reward yourself for studying and working on assignments. However, you need to do this after you’ve done everything you planned to do!

2. Study with others (But make sure you work and don’t just socialise.)

3. Keep your long-term goals in sight. They’ll slip through your fingers if you don’t do the work.

4. Cut out distractions. If you’re surrounded by things that you’d rather do than work, you’ll probably abandon your boring studying.

5. Develop an interest in the subjects you’re studying. That way, the work won’t be such a drag.

6. Take regular breaks. These should be at logical points in your work. That makes it easier to resume your studying, and to remember what you were working on before.

7. Work somewhere bright, warm and comfortable.

8. Set reasonable study goals for each session.

9. Start early in the day at weekends, and early in the evenings on week days. The longer you put it off your studying, the harder and more onerous it seems.

10. Just do it. It’s surprisingly rewarding to do something that’s tough!


Hello there! I’m Cofvy! Although I’m new to tumblr, I’d like to share a youtube series I’ve just began working on!

RWBY Volume 4 Abridged!

I love watching RWBY spin-offs, parodies, and so on. But as a voice actor and a director, I’ve never organised an abridged series (I tend to stick with animations and fandubs) and I didn’t want to abridge something that had been done numerous times…

But now Volume 4 has begun!

I’ll be directing, editing, voicing a major and a few minor roles, as well as managing pretty much everything, But of course, I’m looking to cast people to voice the characters, and I’m also on the look out for anyone who’d like to write scripts for the series!

If you’re happy to help out with scripts, just send me a message, I’m friendly! Secondly, if you want to voice act, you need to try out! I’ve set up a page titled how to audition, that explains the different ways you can audition :D

But to get to the point, I really wanted to make this blog to promote the whole project.  While I’ve already received a fair amount of auditions, I’d like to reach out to more and more people, and make the project known in the fndm and the RWBY community!

So I’d appreciate it if people could share this post around and tell other fans about it! Thank you to anyone who auditions or supports!