and wish that i was religous

I hope that when Daft Punk dies or gets old, they just pass on the helmets to new artists and tell no one. Then Daft Punk becomes this immortal band and the only explanation is that they’re actually robots.

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This shit is disgusting take all ur gay and homos and lesbos to an island and go fuck yourselves there but don't bother the normal people go seek some religious help because u have a mental problem. You pigs are the reason society is like this, if u would just act like normal human beings and not nasty animals maybe society would be normal. I feel so damn sorry for all u confused people . I'm not a religous person at all but u perverts get yourselves together or you guys will rot in hell.

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I wish all homos and lesbians could go to one island because it would be A HELL OF A LOT EASIER TO FIND SOMEONE… however there would be no more nasty animals around you.. WHAT A TRAGEDY.

us “pigs” think it is truly sad that ignorance is such a prevalent personality trait in some people, such as yourself. The fact that you believe we differ from any other human is appalling and quite frankly hilarious. We talk/walk/eat/sleep/breathe just as anyone else on this earth does, including yourself. The only thing we do differently is LOVE. and…..

I can most definitely tell you that we know how to “love” a whole lot more than you sir.