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I Need More Variety On My Dash!

I may post this like 1000000 times but my dash is having a drought. SO LIKE/REBLOG IF YOU POST: 

  • VAV
  • Monsta X
  • B.A.P
  • Gugudan
  • Pristin
  • Mamamoo
  • Blackpink
  • AKMU
  • KARD
  • DEAN
  • Winner
  • iKon
  • SF9
  • Pentagon
  • JBJ
  • NCT (All Units)
  • Blanc7
  • Madtown
  • Nu’est
  • BTOB
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  • Highlight

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WINNER x ellesse A/W 17


[OFFICIAL] DARA TV | DARALOG - EP.10 GET IT BEAUTY Behind The Scenes featuring WINNER’s MINO, iKON’s B.I, and One

Like/Reblog if you post any of the following and I’ll check out your blog.

-Winner (mainly just Minho and Seungyoon)




-Gfriend (side note: yall i felt bad because I just realized the other day they had a 6th member)

-Ikon (honestly only care about B.I. sorry)

-Oh My Girl

-Seventeen (honestly only care about Woozi although i like them as a group but i only reblog him)





-WJSN/Cosmic Girls


-Berry Good