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Favorite moments from Drunk History with Impractical Jokers Q and Sal.

V drunk going through my photos….again…..and I just have to stop and I, like…. this is my current sexuality, ok

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Tame Impala 



The Shins


The Smiths (my crying music)

Joy Division

The Police

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Tuned In

“What the hell is your problem Captain!” she spat, she had grabbed him by the arm, man handled him in all sense of the term to the secluded hallway just off the usual tunnel to the clubhouse. Their team mates had reverted their eyes to the ground walking ahead of them, this show-down had been waiting to happen four a good for months.

“What do you think your doing?” he bellowed back, he put space between them snatching his arm back. Looking at her, she was enraged, angry, all tantrums ready to happen.

“What the hell do I think I’m doing?!” she yelled back at him closing the space that he had put between them, mere inches from his face. She was fucking angry, but god all Mike could think about was her incredibly warm temperature radiating straight into his chest and down his abdomen and taking homage in his lower stomach.

“Yeah, you!” He barked back, shaking himself out of his thoughts.

She shoved him, not hard enough to bruise but enough for him to take a step back into the wall.

“Why did you send me off?” She spat harshly, looking at her, beads of sweat were still rolling down the side of her face, moving slowly down her neck. He couldn’t help where his mind had wondered, god her body had tasted too good.

He took a deep breath in, willing himself to get his shit together. “Come here” he murmured as he took her by the bicep and dragged her a few metres down to a nearby office. Throwing her inside.

“Cool off.” He said through gritted teeth, taking off his cap, running his hand through his beard.

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okay but ratchet going after drift is SO important. ratchet doesn’t do goodbyes, but more to the point, ratchet doesn’t let things go. he drags them out to the bitter end under the guise of ‘seeing things through’ even when he should have made a move long ago. 

he hangs onto his clinic, even as the council’s actions ramp up, he clings to his role as CMO, even when he’s reached the point where he has to smash his hands with a mallet to loosen the joints, and he tries to keep his relationship with pharma alive by not acknowledging that his deployment is going to affect them. once ratchet finds a cause, he sticks to it. through thick and thin, sickness and health [quite literally], until he is forced to make a change because he runs out of options.

but he leaves the lost light. WILLINGLY. without anyone coercing or suggesting or doing anything to provoke him into his next journey. nothing, except the knowledge that drift is out there, and ratchet wants to bring him home. 

of course, first aid’s recovery from ambulon’s death plays a significant part. while originally ratchet was retiring cmo ‘in perpetuity’, after facing pharma and losing ambulon in remain in light, he was forced to re-evaluate his role in the post-war environment. 

ratchet lives to help. he struggles to find meaning outside his work - ‘I’m happy when I’m working’ - and while throughout the war helping others [whether cybertronians or outsiders] was his short and long term goal, he comes to realise that even in a post-war environment there will never be an end to causalities. he cannot attempt to see his role through to a time when the title is unnecessary, because even without war there will always be an enemy - whether a madman, a friend, an extremist, or all of the above. ratchet’s job will never be at an end, and in trying to maintain his role he may even be creating more enemies and causalities. 

yet just when he comes to this realisation, at the hands of pharma- his old friend and the reason for his work revitilisation, he is again trapped in the role. first aid’s state after ambulon’s death leaves him unable to take over as CMO, and so both in a personal and professional capacity ratchet must remain on the lost light to help him.

dark cybertron, then mtmte season 2 happens, and ratchet watches as rodimus’ values and actions shift across the spectrum. megatron becomes co-captain, brainstorm gets off with a slap on the wrist and back on cybertron, starscream is ruling. most crushingly of all, rodimus had been in on overlord’s presence all along, and had not made any amends for what he did to drift. drift walked off the ship in shame, scorned by his former crewmates after being publicly banished by rodimus. ratchet, who had voted against rodimus’ captaincy once the facts came to light, was finally given a new cause that meant more to him than his role as CMO. 

ratchet found a new job, and that was bringing drift home. 

before he left though, he took a chance to do something he never did with pharma- to make sure things would be alright without him. yet, even as he does, he still can’t bring himself to definitively bring things to a close. instead, in a [terrible] attempt to maintain a cover, he invents a disease, one that gives him a chance to check up on everyone he’s been keeping ties with on the lost light. but even with all these unfinished causes on the ship, even with ten’s uncertain position on the crew, magnus’ wavering sense of self, swerve’s failing business, rung’s loneliness, hoist’s emotional trauma and nautica’s wounded sense of betrayal, all of these come second to him bringing drift home. because once ratchet sets his eyes on a task, he doesn’t let it go.

because ratchet cares about drift - ‘more than either of us realised’ - and for this kid from the dead end, the junkie turned killer turned reformed hippie, bringing him home to the people that care about him is more important than ratchet clinging to a title that he wishes he could have thrown off long ago. more important than making sure the situations on the lost light pan out as they’re supposed to. more important than his /patients/. 

drift is lucky to have someone who cares about him as much as ratchet. and ratchet is lucky to have someone who brightens his world as much as drift.

Summer Vacation: Steps

First fic for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-Thon organized by @thebookjumper. I’d like to the thank @almondblossomme for proofing. Also available on AO3.

I’d like to like to dedicate the is fic to @emmaamelia95 (still May 27th in Canada, sorry it is late for you) as it is her birthday today. 

The story is set in 5x22, an alternate ending to the party.

Oliver began carrying dishes into the loft kitchen. “Thanks again Felicity, this was so nice.”

“Are you sure you weren’t disappointed?” Felicity crinkled her nose. She had been worried that the dinner subterfuge was a bit much.

“About the party? Absolutely not. About dinner,” Oliver looked down.

This Oliver always killed her, he looked like a lost little boy. She knew he just didn’t want to say the wrong thing, so she cut him off at the pass. “I was. I mean, I was disappointed about dinner. I wanted to, I want to go to dinner with you.” God, why was she stumbling over her words? This was Oliver and he had agreed to take steps!

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#kdramawomensweek day 3: favorite body of work
gong hyo jin (the greatest love, master’s sun, it’s okay that’s love)

braincoins  asked:

Okay, what do the paladins drink, boozahol-wise? What's each paladin's poison of choice? Also, do they just get tipsy/drunk/dead drunk? What kind of drunk is each paladin? and how do they handle the morning afters?


Shiro - Probably doesn’t care that much?  Won’t get, like, actually shitty beer (look, he’s a grown ass adult, he’s not drinking Pabst) but isn’t usually a drinker outside of social drinking.  He’s there to have a good time.  After a couple of drinks he can usually be goaded into drinking stuff that’s Really A Fucking Bad Idea.  Like, anything mixed with Red Bull.  Starts the night thinking he’ll get tipsy then stop at midnight, and 90 percent of the time follows through on that, but the times he doesn’t are legendary.  Also a SUPER affectionate/clingy drunk.

Lance - Lance is here for the party, he’s here to get wasted, he’s already hitting on everyone.  But Lance is also a PANSY when it comes to his drinks in terms of the burn.  So he has a ton of mixed drinks where he can’t taste shit, but jokes on the world cause those things are normally pretty fucking alcoholic.  They will fuck you up.  Spends the night draped on everyone who will let him.  For most of the night this is Hunk but clingy!Shiro will literally snuggle into his shoulder and drunk!Lance thinks that’s THE BEST so he’ll hang out with him instead.

Hunk - Hunk has TASTE, okay.  He’s not here for anything cheap and he has Opinions on beer.  Actually a big fan of cider, though, of all stripes.  Likes brewery stuff or trying lots of aged stuff and wines.  Do not let him into the wine he will start planning meals around it, remember their lack of resources and then mope.  Very chill drunk.   Rarely gets behind tipsy, really doesn’t like the feeling.  Mostly he’s the kind to sit in a corner and talk with someone as long as he can.  He just wants to make friends : (   Also kind of the designated baby sitter friend, it’s a Curse.  

Pidge - drinks exclusively hard liquor.  Rum is alright, whiskey is better, brandy is good, ect.  Really, really overestimates how much she can drink.  Starts off the night thinking she’s Marian from Indiana Jones but really she’s Pidge, and Pidge is 5′ not much and 100 pounds total and doesn’t have as much experience as she wishes she does.  A babbler when drunk, and runs a mile a minute.  Because unintelligible as the night goes on and is normally among the first to crash.

Keith - Genuinely the best at holding is drink.  Everyone likes to think it’s because he’s Galra.  Let them think this, it’s better for everyone.  Super awkward at parties, but likes friend drinking stuff.  Enjoys drinking games for shows/movies, not so much with friends.  Does not want to play Never Have I Never because no matter what the answer is he’s gunna get teased : /  Lay off, Lance.  Is NOT more touchy when he’s drunk.  The Snow White kind of drunk where he’ll hang out with the pets all night if he gets the opportunity.  Embarrassed by his friends. So much.  Tolerates drunk Shiro like a full grown cat with a puppy.  AKA lots of staring into the camera with a murderous look on his face while Shiro draped over him and nuzzles into his hair (’are you sure you don’t want to borrow my Shampoo?  Is it rough because you’re Galra, do you think?’)

Allura and Coran - This shit is water to them and they have no idea with the fuck is up with these losers tbh

anonymous asked:

Do you have any hcs about the mysme characters in that vampire au?



  • Didn’t even know that vampires existed until the day they got bitten at the RFA party
  • Pretty much thought they were an urban myth
  • BUT it did explain some things about the RFA such as:
    • Zen’s rapid healing speeds
    • Jaehee’s capability of working at night
    • Jumin preferring animal companions over human ones
    • 707 living in a bunker
    • Yoosung also tending to be more awake at night
    • V wearing sunglasses (alongside him turning blind)
    • Saeran not exactly being a social person and preferring to be in people’s shadows
  • She gets confused at first because of other fictional portrayals of vampires
  • Takes a long time to adjust to being a vampire, relies on Jaehee, Yoosung, and Saeran a lot because they’re also humans turned to vampires
  • Knows that she probably will have to drink blood at some point, but is very reluctant about it
  • “What if… What if we hurt somebody taking the blood…?”
  • Gets reassured a lot by other RFA members that her life isn’t too much different to what it was before she was bitten


  • Rika’s the reason he’s a vampire. He wanted to be close to her, and asked for her to bite him so that he could be one too.
  • He wears his hoodie with the hood up when outside, to avoid getting exposed to sunlight.
  • Likes his hands in his pockets
  • His lolol guild think that he’s human. He plays along with it.
  • He doesn’t look forward to the day where he has to reveal that though…
  • Parents are also completely oblivious to the fact that he’s a vampire
  • Was tricked once by Seven into believing that strawberry milk was an acceptable substitute to blood.
  • It wasn’t.
  • He likes the fact that he can bond with MC, with them both starting off as humans.
  • Also, he’s kinda close to Jaehee and Saeran for the same reasons, but out of anyone, it’s Seven who he’s closest too.
  • His ideal romantic date would be to one of those blacked out restaurants with only candle-light, followed by going to the theatre to watch some sort of romantic film.
  • Tends to take morning classes because it’ll be dark on the way there, and quite shady outside on his way home after classes.
  • Was shocked that he got burned in the sunlight rather than turn all glittery


  • After getting employed by Jumin, Jumin got frustrated at the smell of human blood coming from her.
  • She was persuaded by him to let Zen bite her just for his sake.
  • “I… I can be turned into a vampire… B- By Zen?!”
  • Prefers working at night for obvious reasons, but if she works during the day, she has blackout blinds set up just in case.
  • She doesn’t completely like the thought that she has to drink blood every so often, so when she does, she makes sure that she has a very bitter drink of coffee ready because she’d rather taste that.
  • She will go out in the day wearing sunglasses and lots of suncream if she intended on going to a coffee shop, or was going to a performance of Zen’s.
  • Wants MC to know that she will always be there for them whilst they get used to being a vampire, even offers to let them move in with her.
  • Doesn’t approve of the way that some of the RFA members are reckless and risk exposing to the world that they’re all vampires, when it’s meant to be a semi-secretive thing.


  • Dude loves being in the spotlight, but he has to make sure that the lights in his performances are artificial ones because he does not want burns to ruin his skin.
  • He was born a vampire so he didn’t know the complete extent of the upset which MC was going through after being bitten, but he did offer to comfort them.
  • He doesn’t like when some of his fans discovered about him being a vampire and tried to literally send him some of their blood.
  • It got to a point where he had to publicly announce that he wasn’t a vampire just to get them to stop because he didn’t want any of his human fans to accidentally kill themselves trying to do that
  • Doesn’t appreciate that Jumin wanted him to bite Jaehee just so that he didn’t have to put up with the scent of human blood, but eventually accepted because Jaehee herself asked
    • He didn’t know that Jumin had talked her into doing that though
  • He was definitely in a motorcycle vampire gang when he was younger (and asdfghjkl that sounds so cool)
  • Jumps at the chance to play any vampiric roles because it allows him to be his normal self in his acting
  • Likes the fact that due to his phone’s artificial flash and a few little adjustments by Seven, he can take selfies and actually appear in them.
  • Hates the twinkly vampire stereotype.
  • Still thinks Jumin Han is a jerk.


  • Loves having Elizabeth as his companion because she wasn’t human
    • That’s one of the reasons why V and Rika got her for him
  • When the media gets images of him out in public drinking red wine… it is not red wine. It is watered down blood.
  • Though he does drink a lot of wine still anyway.
  • One of the main reasons he bonded with V as a child was because of them both being vampires
  • For halloween, he loves to just let the blood (or wine) he drinks drip from his fangs, and to be over dramatic, he will be a cape.
  • Yoosung was terrified
  • Yet Zen would stare at him and call him a jerk for doing that.
  • He doesn’t like that his father has a tendency to turn his girlfriends into vampires because he believes that only those who wish to be vampires whilst being worthy enough should be allowed
  • He could tolerate the smell of Jaehee’s blood when she became his assistant… at first.
  • His vehicles have blacked out windows so that they are dark inside and can’t hurt him.
  • Offers to let MC live with him after they get bitten because it’s completely adapted in ways which mean that they can go about their business during the day
  • “Does Jumin Han is vampire” became a popular western meme which makes him sigh


  • He’s the reason why Saeran ended up becoming a vampire
  • His mother was a vampire whilst his dad was a human, and he ended up becoming a vampire whilst Saeran was a human
  • He joined the agency as an escape from his mother’s abuse… And was assigned to Vanderwood - a human.
  • Vanderwood was basically his source of blood when he didn’t have any human contact for a while
  • On missions, if he had to come in contact with enemy humans, he’d find a way to knock them out and get a bit of their blood without actually turning them to vampires by biting them
  • Eventually he had enough and decided that he had the money which he needed, and went back to Saeran and asked to bite him so that they could be vampires together and so that Saeran didn’t have to fear their mother (who was dead by that point) hurting him and so he could forget the past
  • He likes pranking Yoosung, because Yoosung is a human-turned-vampire
  • As I mentioned before, he tricked poor little Yoosung into thinking that strawberry milk is a blood substitute
  • “Seven Zero Seven! Defender of Justice and Vampires! And some humans, I guess???”
  • He’s actually the one who started does jumin han is vampire but jumin doesn’t need to know
  • Lives in an underground bunker because no windows and he’s a vampire???
  • Offers to let MC live with him there after she’s bitten because of ‘The lovely Mary Vanderwood the 3rd’s generous blood offerings~’
  • Vanderwood is not amused.
  • Will open cans of doctor pepper by piercing it with a fang.


  • As mentioned before, he was the human of the Choi twins
  • but that made him subject to more abuse as well as being the weaker one of the two
  • He literally started crying when Seven returned for him because he was still stuck with his mother at the time but she conveniently died at about that time too.
  • He did still do the whole mint coloured eye contacts and dyed hair thing at first because all of the RFA members got confused between the two of them
  • He felt quite overwhelmed at first by the smell of human blood
  • Especially after being used for blood by his mother for so long
  • He actually felt relief when MC got bitten and turned into a vampire
  • He felt closer to MC than the other RFA members so it was a bit of an excuse to cling onto her, being a human in the same situation as him
  • He also likes to look after Elizabeth for Jumin for similar reasons which Jumin likes having her as a companion - no smell of human blood. Plus she’s a fluffy stress ball which he’s gentle with.
  • Literally has to have blood mixed in with food or drinks when he consumes it because he hates the taste and it doesn’t settle too well with his stomach when he has pure blood.
  • Likes looking at the night sky, because he can’t look at the day sky unless it’s through a photograph


  • Has always had special cameras so that he can take photos with other vampires in during the day
  • Wears sunglasses to stop daylight getting in his eyes as well as because he’s almost blind
  • He’s fearful that once he turns blind, he may accidentally go outside during the day and end up getting burned by the sunlight
  • He’s absolutely terrified when MC gets bitten, because he doesn’t know who bit her, and that it could easily enough be somebody sent by Rika to bite her and turn her into a vampire
  • He’s the one who bit Rika though because she wanted to be a vampire with him
  • Was shocked when he found out that Rika bit Yoosung and turned him into a vampire, so despite Yoosung disliking him, he does his best to act like a second father all protective over him


  • Was assigned to work with Seven when he joined the agency just so that he could have a human companion to get a supply of blood when necessary
  • And also to kill him if he ever goes out of control.
  • Threatens Seven with garlic and a wooden stake when they think that the taser won’t work
  • Decided to stick with Seven after he left the agency for some reason
  • Was shocked when Saeran came to live at the bunker too, but they could stand Saeran better than Seven
  • Doesn’t like the fact that Seven thinks their blood is unlimited and offers it out to literally anyone when they need blood

anonymous asked:

*curtsies* Your Grace, my lit professor was talking about The Bacchae and how he believes it condemns Dionysus/the gods rather than praising them. He also specifically singled out Dionysus as a senseless, upstart party boy unworthy of worship. What is your opinion on this? (and please defend Dionysus, it hurt my heart to see him so insulted)

*Curtsies* Okay, I’m gonna full-on maenad-level rage about this because it pisses me off just as badly as the Diomedes thing. 

First things first: Anyone who insists that Dionysus is strictly one thing has automatically already proved they have no business talking (much less teaching) about him, because Dionysus’ entire essence is characterized by contradictions. As Alfred Henrichs puts it “Virtually everybody who has an informed opinion on the subject seems to concede that a balanced and unified view of Dionysus and his place in history is not only difficult to achieve but is essentially incompatible with the complexity of the god and with his disparate manifestations.” Dionysus isn’t ‘just’ the god of wine or ‘just’ the god of anything. He’s at the same time Theban and foreign, human and divine, masculine and feminine, life and death, frenzy and tranquility, joy and horror, ecstasy and rage, mercy and revenge. Most of the Orphic and Homeric hymns give him epithets like ‘two-faced,’ two-formed,’ ‘twice-born’ (more on this in Walter F. Otto’s book, Dionysus: Myth and Cult). Beyond all that, he’s the god of theatre and masks and deception and dissembling, so insisting that he’s any one thing is plain and simply shitty scholarship even if you have no respect for the mythology because it’s (a) incredibly reductive and (b) just fucking wrong.

Second things second: The Bacchae. Has your professor actually even read the fucking play? Because if he has he’s completely missed the point. The whole reason everything goes to shit is because Pentheus is a self-important Socratic dickbag who refuses to acknowledge Dionysus for exactly the same reasons your professor is using to dismiss him. How he could have missed that irony is utterly beyond me. But what happens to Pentheus? He ends up up a tree in a fucking dress and gets his fucking head ripped off by his own mother because she’s being punished, too, for refusing to believe her sister when she said that it was Zeus who got her pregnant. (Sidenote: Why is that even so hard to believe? Fucking Zeus gets everybody pregnant.) But I digress: HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY MISS THE POINT THAT BADLY? Even Nietzsche, who spends like 90% of The Birth of Tragedy bitching about how Euripides ruined Greek theatre by undermining the Dionysian impulse, insists that the Bacchae is the apology play, that Euripides realized he was wrong all along about Dionysus and wrote it as a form of weird literary vindication of the god: “The god Dionysus is too powerful,” he says. “His most intelligent adversary–like Pentheus in the Bacchae–is unwittingly enchanted by him and in his enchantment runs to meet his own fate… This is what we are told by a poet who opposed Dionysus with heroic valor throughout a long life–and who finally ended his career with a glorification of his adversary and with suicide, like a giddy man who, to escape the horrible vertigo he can no longer endure, casts himself from a tower” (trans. Walter Kaufmann). In order for your professor to have missed all this he might also be a self-important Socratic dickbag, and he should probably watch himself because things usually don’t end well for people who like to laugh at Dionysus.

Last things last: Let’s talk about the wine. Yes, Dionysus was famously the god who gave man wine. But what a lot of people clearly don’t understand is that wine had a very different status in ancient Greek culture than it does in ours. Wine was not something that existed just to make your tongue happy and maybe get you shitfaced. Wine was fucking sacred. The Greeks didn’t understand how fermentation worked, so they literally regarded wine as a divine gift from the gods–partly because it was one of the few things they could drink with relative safety because of its alcoholic content, but also because it literally brought them closer to the gods. Wine had huge religious significance, and not just as a libation or offering. Part of the reason Dionysus is so often dismissed as the party god is because the Dionysian orgy–much like wine in ancient culture–is so vastly misunderstood. The Dionysian cult was not built on a tradition of getting hammered and fucking your brains out in the woods. This is another major point of the Bacchae which your professor seems to have completely missed. The Dionysian orgy often involved no sex at all. Instead it was about human communion with nature and with god. Because wine induced intoxication, adherents of the cult believed it actually enabled them to see the god and to enter into spiritual union with him and each other which overrode their selfish, individualistic impulses. It’s not about sex and over-indulgence. It’s about the opposite, about returning to the purest possible state of man wherein he is no longer a man but part of a larger natural whole and a rapturous group psyche. And this is part of the function of the chorus in Greek tragedy–to speak for the the whole, to be the voice of something greater than the individual. Forgive me but I’m going to quote Nietzsche again: “This is the most immediate effect of Dionysian tragedy, that the state and society and, quite generally, the gulfs between man and man give way to an overwhelming feeling of unity leading back to the very heart of nature.”

I have a lot of feelings about this and I’ve been reading a lot about it lately for research reasons, so I could probably go on about it for hours. The last thing I’ll say is that it’s people like Pentheus and evidently your professor who ruin mythology and religion. As soon as you try to rationalize it and make it sane and ridicule anything you don’t understand, what you’re left with isn’t religion at all but a form of moral government that has no need for spiritual experience. And–like Pentheus–I think you kind of deserve to get your shit wrecked by angry maenads. Duke out.