and wind y roads

Imagine: "Happy happy happy."


can you write one where you just take a nap together at his house?

C/l/s : Crushes little sister

As you walked down Y/c/n’s road the wind rushed past you. You hugged your jacket close to your body as you sped up when his house was insight. His bedroom curtains were closed which could mean two things: either he was still asleep (which was highly possible even at 4pm) or he was watching endless episodes of his favourite Netflix series. Considering he had been texting you non stop for the past hour asking you to come round his house, the second one was more likely.

As you got to his front door you pressed the bell. His little sister ran to the door and from behind the wood you could hear her excitedly chant “Y/nnnnnnnnn!” over and over again as she struggled to open the door. Around half a minute later the door opened with Y/c/n’s little sister and his mum standing smiling.

“Y/n I’ve missed you!!” She squealed, wrapping her little arms around your legs.

“I’ve missed you too!” You beamed and Y/c/n’s mum winked at you.

“How are you sweetheart?” She asked,

“I’m good thank you, how about you?” You replied politely. Everyone in Y/c/n’s family loved you.

“I’m good t-”

“I’M HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!” C/l/s interrupted jumping up and down.

“Who’s happy happy happy?” Y/c/n said, coming down the stairs.

“ME!” C/l/s shouted, running at him. He picked her up and span her around and around. He giggled and screamed excitedly.

“Y/c/n put me down!!!!” She wriggled out of his grasp and as soon as he put her down on the ground she ran into the living room.

“C/l/s come here!” His mum said, following her.

Y/c/n walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you tightly.

“Do you want me to spin you round too?” He whispered in your ear. You giggled and shook your head no. He smiled softly and kissed your temple.

“I’m half way through episode 18, watch the rest with me?” He pleaded hopefully, releasing you from his grasp and grabbing your hand.

“Of course I will.” You replied, following him upstairs. When he opened his bedroom door his room was dark and only the glare from the TV screen allowed you to see what he had placed on his bed: a pile of films he know you loved, chocolates and sweets and a huge bowl of popcorn.

“What’s this for?” You grinned as you turned to face him.

“I remember you saying to Y/f/n that you thought this would be a cute thing to do, so I guess I just thought you’d like it.”

“Y/c/n I said that months ago! How did you remember?” You asked, genuinely shocked that he had done this for you.

“I know I’m not great at remembering things but if you say you like something you can bet I’ve made a mental note of it.” You stared up at him and your heart melted.

“You’re amazing.”

“I know I am.” He grinned, cockily and you laughed.

You chose the film you wanted and he got it ready for you to watch. You climbed into his double bed and pulled the covers over you. He came and lay down next to you and you moved your hand onto his chest. Through the whole film you could feel him inhale and exhale and you could also feel his heart beat. Slow and steady and consistent. After a while your eyes felt heavy and all of the characters voices in the film blurred into one. It was cold outside but you couldn’t tell. Y/c/n’s duvet was so warm and made you feel so sleepy.

A while later your eyes fluttered open. On the screen the film credits were rolling. The light coming from the film illuminated Y/c/n’s sleeping face. His lips were slightly parted and his hair was messier than usual. You tried to reach into your pocket to get your phone but your slight movement caused him to stir and pull you closer. You hadn’t realised his hand was resting on your waist protectively until now. You rested your head back down onto the pillow and smiled.

“I’m happy happy happy.” He whispered sleepily.

“I’m happy happy happy too.”


That was my favourite imagine I’ve ever written. I haven’t written in what feels like so long and I’ve missed it so much. I hope you guys liked this! Please request if you have an idea for an imagine. Thank you for 2300 followers - that’s crazy!! xxxx