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Fanart Friday choice

This week’s Fanart Friday candidate is going to be @erorebis

If anyone would like to join in, send us your fanart of their cute character presented below! 

All the fanart we receive will be uploaded later tomorrow into one big post! You can also upload the fanart on your own blog, but it would be appreciated if you messaged us about it so we can reblog it! 

So stay tuned for tomorrow and have a wonderful day/night!


I was asked to do some Gravity Falls tutorials AGES ago, but these aren’t exactly tutorials… They’re more like studies? I wasn’t really trying to imitate the style. It made me realize some neat things about how I “build” characters. The messy sketches on the right are just quick gestures, the skeletons before I start a drawing. I noticed that Stan’s skeleton is pretty blocky, and I don’t do the face guides so much- his glasses do that already!

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M!A: you and your husband are fused together (like in Steven Universe) for 5 asks

Sorry friends, todays post is going to be delayed until tomorrow. I apologise for all the recent disruptions, between a mystery illness and life being generally hectic, I’ve not been able to stay as afloat as I’d have liked 😅

On Monday my husband and I are off on our delayed honeymoon to Japan for a few weeks, so there unfortunately won’t be new posts for a while, but I will set the queue to post some reblogs, and hopefully we can all tackle 2018 feeling a liitle more buoyant ⛵

While we’re away, I’ll have limited access to tumblr, but I’ll be thinking about you all as we take romantic strolls through the Tokyo Pokemon Centre 💖 #weweeb

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Are you jealous of Jimin bcs he was ranked higher than you for abs?

Jin: Nahh not really

Jin: Since he has the nicest physique out of all of us and he’s always willing to pose for me when I need him to.. but that’s just because he’s a very nice friend and is willing to help me with my art struggles! 

I’m gonna stream some spirit idea drawings (similar to these ones) tomorrow at 2PM (GMT+1) 

stream will be on my picarto channel 

if you have an idea for a spirit you wanna see me draw pls send it to me via ask/IM/reply to this post right here!! I’ll draw them during the stream and some of my own spirits

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I know want to see all the members hold and play with a baby. Wouldn't that be adorable? They all seem like good father figures. //I may not know you well but I want to be your mother •3• Don't ask why xD maybe even become friends..?^^

((yOU! m y friend h ave enabled me to dra w soft bangtan dads with baby versions of themselves and oh boi did these simple ass sketches took all day to finish ok here it is))

((I drew my version of the boys to make my life easier also a little bonus with @ask-planet-flower-vmin‘s baby vmin!))

on their way to pick up rin from school !!

just a small thing from the modern au im working on ;3c

When a little needs to go to bed

Daddy: It’s already late little one, lets go to bed

Little: But Daddyyy i’m not tired yet

Daddy: Littles need sleep to have enough energy tomorrow

Little: Daddy you will come sleep with me right?

Daddy: Daddy has some work to finish first

Little: Okays Daddy, night night. *Takes her stuffie with her*

Daddy: Looks after her and thinks thats my girl

~ Some minutes later

Daddy: Walks into bedroom and sees little sleeping with stuffies an blankies. Goes in bed next to little

Little: Making little noises “mmhmm”

Daddy: Kisses little on her head

Reblogs appreciated 💜


Day 30 - Choose Your Own Prize

Okay, this is it - Day 30 and I’m going to be choosing 11 winners to make it an even 100 winners for the month! 

To enter the final April giveaway, just reblog this post and tell me what item from you’d like to win. I’ll randomly choose 11 winners tomorrow (after 9 AM EDT, but it’s Monday so it may be later in the morning) who will receive the item they named in their reblog. 

BacktoSchoolbyMarley : night routine

Heyyyy 👋🏾! I’m back with the sister to my previous post. This is my night routine that I will be using throughout the school year. This routine is a lot more lax than my morning routine of course and it just helps me stay organized an on top of things. Let me know if our routines are similar or something you love doing that set you up for better sleep or a better morning!

About 9 or 9:30 🌙🕘
Choose playlist or podcast 🎶 🎤
Plan new assignments/note revisions 📝
Complete work for the day ✅
Clean room 🛋
Pick clothes for tomorrow 👗
Moisturize hair 💆🏾
Skin care 🍥
Brush teeth 😁
Shower 🚿
Lotion 🌼
Pjs 👚
Chill/phone 📲
Sleep 🛌- no later than 12

Stay tuned for more posts in this series and for next week for my grwm when I go into detail through my morning routine for the first day of school which will be a little different from my usual daily routine during the school year. This post will be featuring things like my morning playlist, outfit, makeup look, and more with pictures and links! If you found this post helpful or just liked it please reblog and follow for more! Love y'all! 💕