and will probably figure everything out at some point

I would probably sell my soul for Nino slowly discovering or figuring out the identities of the miraculous team throughout season two until he knows who they all are and he just sits back and watches the carnage when they transform and laughs so hard at everything (bonus points if he’s studying under Fu and they watch together with popcorn) and then in the finale of season 2 or 3 he just turns up right after some traumatic battle and calls them all their civilian names and says, “come with me guys we’ve got stuff to do”
Then the next season they’re all training and dealing with the fallout and he and master fu are gossiping about them behind their backs

Match with a great looking girl, 9/10, sweet smile and everything. We talk and she’s really nice. Blah blah exchange numbers, we start talking about meeting up. She mentions how she just got out of a relationship and it’s been really affecting her, to the point where she’s seeing a therapist.

Then she goes silent. Just starts ignoring my texts, I figure she lost interest for whatever reason or found a guy she likes more, it’s Tinder after all. Then after 2 days she texts me back saying “sorry, I’m going through some drama now and it’s probably best if we don’t meet up”. I ask what’s going on, she replies “I’m preeetty sure you wouldn’t want to hang out if you knew”, I grill her some more and she let’s it out: “I’m transgender”

This amazes me because she has tons of instagram pictures and she 100% looks female. She apparently started hormone therapy pretty early thanks to her understanding parents. She plans on getting a full sex change operation this year but for now she’s had an orchiectomy(she has no balls). The whole thing is really fascinating to me so I tell her I still want to meet. She’s very relieved as it’s understandably difficult for her to find any guys that will accept her, hence why her breakup has hit her so hard.

So we go out to get coffee and…well, she doesn’t look quite as feminine as she did in her pictures, you can see it a little bit in her brow. And her voice has just a hint of that lispy gay guy quality to it. But overall, she was distinctly a she, and attractive. We get coffee and sit down and just have a nice normal conversation about our jobs etc. But she has to go do something with her family shortly, so in an hour or so she’s driving me back to my place. We park nearby and talk a little more, specifically about her “situation” and her past. It comes time to go and I give her a hug and she doesn’t let go for quite some time. We break the hug and I go for it. It felt like, well, kissing a girl. We have a 15 second makeout session and she’s all smiles as we say goodbye.

So that’s something that happened. We intend to see each other again next weekend

Thank you!

Thank you all for the feedback on my review of 13x16!  I really appreciate that people actually read it.  I didn’t finish writing it until 2 am, so by that point I wasn’t even sure I was writing coherent sentences.  I am planning to write more episode reviews, but I probably won’t do all of them - just the ones that I really feel I need to explore more.  As most fans would agree, some of these episodes this season have felt off from the usual Grey’s Anatomy we have come to love.  I am hoping for more amazing episodes like 13x16 so that I can discuss them with all of you!

And since I am super new to Tumblr and still figuring everything out, I am going to reply to some of you here.

@iladyjay Thank you so much for your sweet reply!  It really does mean a lot.  And about your addendum - I completely agree. His change in appearance is significant, and I can’t help but think it is for her!

@queen21kazi Your response made me so happy.  I am so glad that this post resonated with people and made sense outside of my head.   Thank you!

@kananantiritu You are such a sweetheart!  I love talking with you about all of this!  Thanks for listening!

You probably don’t take too much time out of your day to stop and think about how important the chemical benzene is to your life, but it did revolutionize the production of things like cars, rubber, fuel, leather clothing, and other items that Fonzie couldn’t do without. Benzene also served as a primary component of explosives during World War I. It’s used for everything, is what we’re saying, so figuring out how to make it was kind of a big deal.

That brings us to Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz, who in the mid-1800s was the closest thing that science had to a rock star. Some would attribute this to his ridiculously pretentious-sounding name, while others would probably point to his discovery of the founding principles of chemical structure, a discovery that was very much the “Stairway to Heaven” of its day.

Kekule was looking for his next big challenge: For several years, scientists had been trying to crack the molecular structure of benzene because, again, they were pretty sure it could change the world. However, every configuration of molecules that they tried didn’t work for a variety of science reasons, a problem that Kekule soon ran into during his own experiments. That is, until he had help from a dream about motherfucking snakes.

5 Famous Things You Won’t Believe Were Invented in Dreams