and will probably be a flop

the jims probably hold the cure to anything

like you can just hold your face on one and be cured of whatever hurts you

just a big old squeeze from a jim will grant you an eternity of life and everything will finally be okay no more disappointments or pain just jim and love and jim

a jim flopping on you? everyone on this godforsaken hunk of mistakes is well and prosperous

jim is the answer to peace

when u see your partner lounging peacefully on the couch

Karkat Vantas: he probably doesn’t want me bugging him. he’s probably busy. I’m really annoying and anyway he’s taking up the whole couch, clearly indicating he doesn’t want company. I should probably take the hint. how long have I been standing here. oh no. oh shit. can he hear me? I think he can hear me. am I being loud? did I say any of that out loud. he moved slightly and is going to turn around and call out how creepy I’m being any second

Dave Strider: he probably doesn’t want me bugging him. haha oh well *zeroes in like an affectionate torpedo and flops bodily atop him elbows first*

3 Reasons Why a “Supernatural” Spin-off Won’t Work

As you’ve probably seen before, I’m not afraid to get controversial on my blog. And with the news at another attempt in creating a Supernatural Spin-off, I could barely contain my displeasure and worry. Years before, the show runners decided to possibly create a spin-off, although it was a big flop. The episode, Bloodlines, the name of the spin-off, had a backdoor pilot in Season 9. However, unfortunately for the creators, this episode has to be the most hated episode in  Supernatural history. Given from these obvious past mistakes, you would think the creators would know better. Unfortunately, they don’t.

#3) Already Revealed Mysteries

          Hey, it’s facts that we all love Jody and Donna, but are they enough to carry a show? My answer is no. The reason for this is: we’ve already seen what they can do. By choosing characters the audience is so involved in, the creators are setting the spin-off to fail. Jody, whose been in Supernatural since season 5, even with the handful of episodes she’s starred in, has already exhausted the arc of her character development. The audience has already seen Jody grow into what she is today. Not saying that she can’t grow further, but it just won’t work. By taking characters that have already been delved into, it leaves no mystery for what they are capable of. Don’t believe me? Let’s look back, years and years, to the first episode of Supernatural. In the pilot, we start the show fast and right in the middle of the action. All we know is there was a tragedy in a family, there’s two estranged brothers, and their dad is missing on a mysterious hunting trip. Also, there’s a classic car filled with an arsenal of weapons, and these two boys were raised like warriors. This knowledge is within the first couple of minutes of the pilot, and it helps the audience stay. Why? Because they want to know what the heck is going on with these brothers. Back to what I was saying before, we already know what Jody and Donna are capable of, unlike Sam and Dean, at the start of the show. This mystery of skill-set kept the audience interested in the characters, which, if I do say so myself, is the most important part of a story. The plans of the spin-off seem plot-focused; what can we do with the plot? What else can we explore in this world? These are all good questions, but they only hold value when we have mystery within the characters. 

          Not to mention, we already know everything about Claire and Alex’s back story. Think back to Sam and Dean’s, we didn’t know everything going into the show. As a matter of fact, 12 seasons in, and we still don’t know everything

#2) Little-to-No Dimension Characters

        Let’s think of the starting-line-up for the show: Jody, Donna, Claire and Alex. These characters are all great, however how great are they? Does Jody, whose arc we’ve already seen, have any more to delve into? Does Donna, whose comical actions and sheriff duties, hold enough substance to be a lead? Does Claire, whose character thrives off of un-needed sass and childish tantrums, have a motivation worth following? Is Alex’s character actually interesting enough to be a lead of a show? Sorry y’all, but my answer is still no. I’m not saying that they’re totally helpless, but they can’t hold a candle to leads of previous successful TV shows. Creating deep and memorable characters, and character dynamics, is hard, and I’m not saying the creators can’t do it. However, coming from a show with, personally, one of the best characters ever created, sets fans up for disappointment. Now, don’t think I’m exaggerating. How long has Supernatural been around? Why have we stayed? It’s not for the world or the plot, but for the characters and their dynamic. The question you have to ask yourself is: what makes a great character?

#1) The Winchesters

         Probably the most important reason why a spin-off won’t work. The Winchester brothers are the reason for the whole show, for the characters listed above ever being introduced, and the main reason why the audience watches. Sam and Dean’s dynamic and mysterious childhood is what pulled us in, and is what keeps us here. Also, they’re the reason why we care about said characters anyway. We love Sam and Dean’s relationship with each other, and others. We love Jody because she’s kind of a best friend/aunt/mother to the brothers. We love Donna because her and Dean are hilarious together. We tolerate Claire because Dean’s relationship with her is something we haven’t seen from him. And…Alex is kind of just…there? The point is, that these characters would hardly be anything if Sam and Dean weren’t in their lives. Ask yourself: have you ever wondered what they were all doing when they weren’t with Sam and Dean? Also, what are my least favorite episodes of Supernatural? Are they the ones were they focus too much on guest stars? All I’m trying to say is, that these characters thrive off of their relationship with the Winchesters, when you take that away, they hardly have anything worth creating a show around. 

           Overall, I’m very pessimistic about this spin-off. However, I hope I’m wrong and that it does well, but I can’t see that happening. I think the amount of people who want the show are mostly(if not all) Supernatural fans. I don’t see how a spin-off, like this, could draw in a new audience. Also, I don’t think all of the Supernatural Fandom will watch the show, simply because it’s not needed. The only thing I can say is: I hope this show doesn’t ruin the plot of Supernatural.


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had to jump on this trend

you’re hanging out with the cutest girl in the whole wide world, driving around in a pink cadillac convertable, ignoring the male gaze, and eating cherry popsicles on a warm summer day. you think you finally know what joy feels like

having a picnic on a hill filled with wildflowers, you feel the sudden urge to cry from both an underlying sadness and an overwhelming appreciation for the beauty of queen anne’s lace and daisies

you’re parked at the beach at 3:30 in the morning on a warm summer night, and you feel weirdly nostalgic for a time you weren’t alive for 

you’re driving in a car filled with friends with the windows rolled down, and though it’s never possible to fully leave your sadness behind, in that moment, everyone is smiling and everyone is happy, and there seems to be blue and yellow glow over everything

you walk deep into the woods and flop onto your back into a snowbank, staring up at the bare trees and falling snowflakes as the sky gets dark, feeling as if you could lie there forever

you’re riding the subway late at night, listening to an old ipod classic. the car is dimly lit, it’s empty, and it seems as if the train will never stop, but you’re not going anywhere in particular


- At least I don’t wet the bed…

- That was like three years ago!


2017.08.14 [ 🎧 sorry - the rose ] now guilty of the white studyblr aesthetic ft. expensive stationery. i go back to school in two days i want another week.


Miss Judi and I are going to see Wonder Woman Saturday, and I know it had a few bad reviews in advance, but that’s because men are garbage and write garbage reviews whenever they feel left out.  I’m excited to see a female super hero movie directed by a woman, and she is catching all kinds of pressure because the movie cost a lot to make, as if men aren’t handed enormous budgets all the time with no track record in that kind of scale.  Basically even if I didn’t want to see it, I probably still would since I don’t want it to flop, because even if it’s bad (and it’s probably great!) women should have the same opportunity to flop as men and not have it be a reflection on their entire gender.

Erik Davis is the managing editor of Fandango and he is also doing the Lord’s Work out here in these Internet Streets pointing out this ridiculous double standard.  Team Erik Davis on today.

Anti wants control. So he kills Jack first, then Chase, then Schneeple last - so he can see just how useless he really is against Anti’s power.

Chase is red, Schneeple is blue, Anti is green. Together they make Jack.

song: Panic! at the Disco - Emperor’s New Clothes (i know, i know, but i listened to it and got inspired!! give it a chance please)

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