and will i buy any of it

Do people literally think Taylor sees a fan and goes like: ‘Nahh, not cool enough, I don’t want to meet this one.’?!? Like bitchhh we are one of the reasons she is now where she is. We always buy her music, fill up stadiums and post things to cheer her up. We have always been there for her. She loves us so much and wants to give back as much as possible. Why would she hate any of us? Why wouldn’t she want to meet all of us? She is a human just like us and she can’t just invite all of us to her houses at once. She wants to meet us all but it will take time. Your time will come. Please don’t send hate to people who are currently at a happy place because they met Taylor. One day it will be you. I PROMISE!

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honestly if sunny were any other sitcom: mac and dee would have eventually ended up together, and charlies love for the waitress would have been shown as endearing/charming/whatever, and dennis... im not sure where they wouldve gone with dennis, maybe made him a playboy like they did barney on himym. still! the fact that rcg didnt go any of these directions is just one of the many reasons sunny is such a top tier sitcoms

facts!! i just love that sunny just goes out of its way to subvert all the tropes out there… like dennis could’ve easily been a playboy whose behavior got excused over and over again but instead they acknowledge him for being the creep he is. mac could’ve been a gym rat hetero dudebro but instead he’s gay and out and buying valentine’s day gifts for his male best friend. dee could’ve been the token female who acts as the watchful maternal voice of reason but instead she’s hilarious, gross, unapologetic, and totally nonconforming to any kind of societal expectations of femininity. i just… really love sunny and i’m glad a show like this is out there getting made

Just wanted to give you guys an update to the voltron 2018 calendar! I’m pretty much finished and adding and tweaking month designs :D As soon as it’s available I’ll post the announcement! I’ve been working several months on this to make sure it’s not just any calendar but the best calendar because tbh I hate making art I wouldn’t buy and lemme tell you I’m buying like 3 of these XD

Some Fucking Homecoming Headcanons Ok

It’s homecoming 4 me, im waiting 4 my friends to come over so we can get ready, and im just excited so take these headcanons 

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Wait, maybe I'm just being a fool but what type of house are you getting if its not a freestanding or victorian row house? I didnt think there were any other options?

When they say “freestanding” they mean single-family residences, they don’t mean any building that is freestanding. A rowhouse is essentially the same thing as a freestanding house except it shares walls with other buildings (also Victorian is weirdly specific, like, not every rowhouse is Victorian). 

A condo, co-op, or the rarer owned-apartment are all units in a larger building or complex of buildings, and you’re only purchasing the unit; it’s different from a rowhouse in that you aren’t buying a building with a roof and basement and independent internal construction, you’re buying a part of a building and sharing a lot of common piping, ductwork, and other elements with your co-residents. So “house or rowhouse” excludes an entire third category, which is “unit in a larger building” that is going to behave very differently, insurance-wise, from either of the others. 

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Dag nabit I wanted to buy that beautiful innocent Ford charm along with the button but it seems to have sold out. Will you have any more available?

i predict i’ll be able to get the preorder going in december! i’ll have about 100 available, just like the last ford charm preorder

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My parents have sort of started to figure out that I bind and they're not happy about it. They've found binders in my room and stuff and I keep making excuses but I don't think they're buying it. That said, I think I may have injured myself and I really think it would be best to see a doctor, but I can't ask them, and if I tried to make a different excuse they'd figure it out. Is there any way I can seek medical attention without them knowing at all?

Lee says:

Hmm. I think you might just have to ask them anyway, if you don’t think that you’ll be in danger from them. Seeing a doctor is more important than them being mad at you because it’s your health at stake, but I’d bring the binders to school first and leave them in your locker or gym locker or give them to a friend so they can’t throw them away. You can say you threw them out when you got hurt, and you won’t be binding again for a while at least (which is true because you can’t bind while recovering from a binding injury) and that might make them less upset.

It varies state to state, but I believe in many states you can only see a doctor without parents knowing if you are over 18, or your parents refused to get you treatment/are neglectful (but this may bring in the child protection services as most doctors are mandated reporters), if it’s sexual-health related (like sometimes pregnancy tests/abortions/std testing and treatment are okay without a parent) or if it’s a life-threatening emergency (like a car crash or bad allergic reaction). You should look up the laws in your state to see if it’s legal to seek medical attention without them knowing at all.

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is there any way to order prints of your pokemon pictures?

There will be! I printed a small initial set for a con here but I’m all out of those and I need to improve slightly before ordering more.

I also need to figure out how I’ll do it, if I’ll use an online print-on-demand site or just order and ship them myself. I like a local printing company here as they offer super reasonable prices and I really appreciate the quality of the paper and the print, but then I’d have to see how much those shippable poster pipes cost and calculate shipping for them.

Anyway, stay tuned, there will be prints in the future! If you have any suggestions and/or insight in there matters you can message me!

Also, if you personally are interested in buying prints (either A2 or A1) please like this message so I can gauge interest a little bit!

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i thought it was a neolib thing where rich ppl rly more than poor ppl buy into the idea that everyone is personally responsible (i.e. must rely on the free market) for their livelihood, so giving any money out (incl. welfare + charity) is giving 'irresponsible' people (poor ppl) money that won't discipline them into being reliant on the free market which is / apparently / what they need. this is the reason my rich family members wont give even spare change to homeless ppl.


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When Dylan and Eric got guns was the legal age at the time 18 to be able to buy a gun or where they 17 when they died ?

Robyn Anderson bought some of their guns for them, but any columbine peeps can correct me if I’m wrong.

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do u have any recipe recommendations for the college kid who's tired of instant noodles & pasta but is also too tired to make a meal that'll take an hr + to make

genuinely a great addition to a college student’s cooking lineup is a george foreman grill, I’m so serious. I used to cook chicken breasts like three times a week on that thing and it’s so easy and fast to use and a great way to cook protein…..once you’ve got cooked chicken you can do any number of things, pitas, salads, stir frys, fajitas…whatever! idk why they’re always laughed off because they’re quite useful and you can usually find ones for sale at any thrift store. it’s nice to buy like a bulk container of chicken breasts, marinade them all at once, and put them in freezer bags for later in the week. 

My parents bought be 8 big chocolate bars. A total of more than 4,1 lbs of chocolate. That’s 10 504 calories.

I so badly want to eat them all, but it makes me wanna cry just thinking out it. I keep telling my parents not to buy me ANY food or drinks. This is why I’ll never reach my ugw.

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i have a happy story!! last night, i was at a haunted house with my roommates, and i wanted to buy a t-shirt. in line in front of me was a butch/femme lesbian couple about my age, and the femme girl was buying the butch a necklace and was asking like "which one do you want?" and the butch was like "you choose i'll love any one you pick" and they were so cute


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I'm so damn SICK of people on tumblr only talking about xian antisemitism. Yes, antisemitism is written explicitly into the foundational texts of xianity... and it's also written explicitly into the foundational texts of islam, but I guess that's not ~pc so we can't talk about that, even though some of the most disenfranchised members of the tribe live in primarily muslim parts of the world (and you can buy copies of the protocols at the AIRPORT in Malaysia)

I think it’s understandable.  Besides it not being “pc”, most people on Tumblr deal directly with Christian antisemitism, not Muslim antisemitism.   I don’t know of any Jew here who comes from a Muslim country.

But, of course, antisemitism is built into Islam just as much as it’s built into Christianity, and there’s been no major attempt in the Muslim world to redefine relations between the religions, like there’s been in the Christian world.

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Hello! Do you have any sketchbook? I would love to buy it! Your art is my inspiration to keep going

Hi Anon! I do!! I’ll reopen my store*** this november and put it up for sale for you, thank you so much!!  ♡ ♡ ♡

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I don't know what I was expecting from Niall and this album, I legit only liked OTL, but the live version on YouTube sounds better that the studio version. It's nothing groundbreaking, sure it's nice but nothing new. Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendez have already made the exact same music. It's like a rip off or something. Idk I'm sure some people liked it but I wouldn't listen to any of the songs on repeat, it's pretty basic


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Hey so I know you’re vegetarian/vegan, any tips for the transition/keeping up with it? I really want to start eating well and being vegetarian is cheaper than buying meat every week, thanks!

Ooh this is a good question, as it’s something a lot of new vegans and vegetarians struggle with.

Have a reason for doing it! It sounds like you have some good reasons already. If you’re interested in the health aspects, look up some credible studies about meat consumption and health. If you’re doing it to save money, put aside the few extra dollars per week you would have spent on meat and save up to buy yourself something nice! If you’re doing it for the animals, look at pictures of cute rescued animals, or visit an animal sanctuary! You could also look at undercover farm investigations, but I don’t recommend this as it’s usually very upsetting and graphic.

Look up recipes that make you excited to cook and eat meat-free. Pinterest, Tumblr, and Youtube are great for this! My favorite plant-based recipe blogs and channels are: Cheap Lazy Vegan, Liv’s Healthy Life, Mary’s Test Kitchen, Hot for Food, Minimalist Baker, and Simple Veganista. Figure out tastes and textures that you like. Use seasonings; food should taste good!

Good luck!– Mimi