and why would tony let him in

Call Tony Stark - Peter Parker Imagine (soulmate AU)

A/N: This is my first imagine, it’s a bit of a soulmate AU but kind of took a mind of its own. Credit to @irenelair for the gif

Prompt: Soulmate AU where you wake up on your 18th birthday with the first words your soulmate will say to you tattooed on your body so you’ll know them when you meet them.
You were walking home in the streets of New York when Spiderman and a villain appear in a fight and Peter is brutally injured.
Words: 970

It had been a month since your 18th birthday and you still couldn’t stop staring at the words written along your middle finger. An odd place for the words to be but the sentence was short and to the point. “Call Tony Stark”. Call Tony Stark? Those three words left you with a headache. You didn’t even know Tony Stark, let alone had his number. Why would you need to call him? Why did your soulmate need to call him? And how do they even know Tony Stark? You shook your head trying to rid these thoughts from your mind. It was hard enough trekking through the streets of New York in a snowstorm without a pounding headache to top off your already numb limbs. Pulling your scarf tighter across your neck you braved the cold winds as you walked away from your last lecture of the week and towards the thoughts of a warm bath and hot chocolate waiting to be consumed at home. Normally you would be home by now, but you had made the decision of adding another half hour to your route so you could walk past the Avenger’s Tower on your way home. In hindsight, it was a stupid decision considering the amount of havoc that was caused in this part of Manhattan, but it was worth the risk if it meant you’d be closer to meeting your soulmate.

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I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. I don’t get why people always comment that T'Challa forgave Bucky, unlike Tony. Like, let’s ignore the time span and different situations and just look at why. What, exactly, would T'Challa forgive him for? Bucky didn’t kill T'Challa’s dad, so why are y'all talking about forgiveness. Not to mention, up until the exact moment T'Challa found out Bucky didn’t actually bomb them, he was hell bent on killing him and had days to think about it. Tony had much less time to process this, was in a much tougher situation, and the Winter Soldier actually did kill his mom AND dad.

Along with that, I think a lot of people misinterpret the end credit and bunker scene too. T'Challa wasn’t ‘forgiving’ Bucky and wasn’t renouncing himself for going after Bucky for (not) killing his Dad. I believe his vengeance monologue was about allowing vengeance to blind him so much that he was about to kill an innocent man with very little details. He wasn’t ashamed of being angry, he was ashamed of being blinded. (Idk that was just my interpretation. Not the helping Bucky part, but the vengeance part)

Tl;dr: This is not a T'Challa hate post. T'Challa didn’t forgive Bucky because there was nothing to forgive, ya dingus.


“Why would you be with someone like him? He’s dangerous and you don’t need someone who can’t control his killer instincts,” Tony screams at you frustrated. You sigh in annoyance, “Nothing you say is going to change my mind. I’m with Bucky because I love him and he loves me and gives me everything I deserve. He makes me feel special and happy, and I’ll be damned if I let you interfere with that. I understand that you’re trying to protect me but I can take care of myself.”

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 22/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 21

“Why did you join this war, Sergeant Barnes?” Sam barked out, trying to jolt Bucky out of the trap he had fallen into within his own psyche.  He took the chance that if he played along with whatever Bucky was seeing, maybe something inside his friend’s mind would at least let him follow orders and move.  “Hey, I’m talking to you!”

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337 and 348 w/ Peter Parker (ft Tony)

337. “I didn’t do it…. Oh wait that?….That I did do.”

348. “Technically it wasn’t on fire.” “Of course it wasn’t on fire! You completely blew it up!”

“Y/N! Parker! Get in here now!” Tony screamed. You and Peter looked at each other, you smirked when you saw him gulp.

“You’re not scared, are you Parker?”

He turned to look at you. “W-what? Wh-why would I b-be scared? I mean, it’s just your dad right? Except he’s extremely mad and really pissed off.”

“Well lets go then!” You jumped off the couch and dragged him with you. 

You walked into the lab, mentally preparing yourself. “I didn’t do it!” You yelled, holding your hands up to surrender.

“Me neither!” Peter yelled, copying your actions. 

“Oh really? Well I’m pretty sure I didn’t destroy one of my own suits!” Your dad shouted in response, pointing to a smouldering suit that lay in pieces in the corner of the room.

“Oh wait that?” You said disturbing the silence that had fallen upon the room. “That I did do.” You shrugged.

“You set one of his suits on fire?” Peter whispered, trying not to be heard by your dad who was now bright red with anger.

“Technically it wasn’t on fire.” You replied, trying to ease the tension in the room.

“Of course it wasn’t on fire! You completely blew it up!” Tony cried.

“Umm… I can help you rebuild it if you would like Mr. Stark.” Peter suggested.

“Thank you, Spider-ling. You’re like a son to me. Did I ever tell you that?” Tony asked as he put his arm around Peter’s shoulders, glaring at you.

 Peter gave you a guilty smile. “No Mr. Stark.”

“Well now I did.”

You scoffed. “You’re such a kiss ass, Spider boy.”

“Actually, it’s Spider-Man,” Peter turned to you “And I’m trying to help you here.”

“Whatever. Just don’t come crying to me when he’s worked you too hard.”

“I wont.” Peter winked.

“Come on Parker!” Your dad yelled from the other end of the room, holding up a pair of goggles.

“Good luck,” You snorted.”You’re going to need it.”

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Why on Earth would anyone be hostile towards Tony? None of the Avengers hate him, they don't blame him for anything, and they know he wants to help. What could they possibly blame him for? He didn't cause Thanos coming to Earth. They can't blame him for that. You are just complaining about a problem that isn't even there.


Second of all, did we watch the same movies? You say “ None of the Avengers hate him, they don’t blame him for anything”, well let me just remind you that: 

1. They blame him for Ultron (and while this is partially his fault, nobody ever talks about the fact that he made it with Bruce? like they both made it and somehow Tony is the only one to get blamed)

2. Wanda & Pietro blamed (or maybe Wanda still does? idk) him for the fact that his weapons killed their parents. You know, the same weapons that were stolen from him, as it was repeatedly stated by not only him, but also other characters.

3. My personal fave - Clint, who blamed him for the fact that he got thrown to jail, after helping Steve, who was a fugative, destroy a German airport. Like, for real. Clint was retired, then he decided that he wants to help Steve, who said that “we might be against the law on this one”. And really? He’s surprised that he got punished for that? And somehow it’s Tony’s fault? How? 

I didn’t mean that they are gonna blame him for Thanos, I meant that they are gonna blame him for everything before that. 

They may not hate him, but they don’t like him and they don’t take him seriously. He told them he fears an alien attack, they just rolled their eyes. Yeah, he may be arrogant and sarcastic, but that’s not a reason to not treat him seriously. They were supposed to be a team afterall. They are always jumping to the worst conclusions when it comes to him, when he never did anything to make them do that?

And lastly, I was also talking about the mcu and tumblr’s tendency to consider everything Steve does good and selfless, and everything Tony does bad and selfish. It happens all the freaking time, and people are tired of it - that’s the reason I made the post. 


“Why are you hitting the computer?” T’Challa asked and you almost screamed. “I never said I was a good engineer.” You stated and he chuckled. ”If my father let you enter our nation, I was positive you would have had a mind like Tony Stark’s.” He told you and you laughed. “Yeah, no one’s got a mind like that man. He’s one of a kind.” You told him, getting out of your seat to try and fix your computer. “As are you.” You heard him say and you felt yourself begin the blush. “I - is there anything you needed?” You asked. 

“Or did you just come in here to flirt with me again?” You added, trying to gain your confidence after his flirtatious comment. “I was actually wondering if you’d want to accompany me to a Gala.” He said. “M - me?” You asked, voice almost squeaky. “Yeah, with you by my side, the night won’t be as boring.” He told you. “I, uh, would like to.” You said. You then turned to look at him and he was smiling, causing you to blush madly and smile back. “Well, I’ll see you at the Palace.” He said before walking off. 


You walked through the large doors, feeling extremely nervous and self-conscious. Some people greeted you with kind smiles. You smiled back and looked for T’Challa. You looked for a while before giving up and walking towards the bar where you ordered some water. 

“Umhle.” You heard someone mumble. You turned around and saw T’Challa admiring your dress. “Sorry, I never learned your native tongue.” You told him and he chuckled. “I said, you look beautiful.” He said and you looked. “I would have guessed you’d wear some jeans and a tee shirt but…wow.” He said and you smiled. “Well, Prince T’Challa, shall we cause a bit of havoc?” You asked with a smirk. “As long as you’re by my side, we could do whatever you’d like.” He commented. He knew the effect his comments had on you and loved it.

okay but you can’t tell me that tony didn’t know peggy. that he wasn’t close with her. that she wasn’t basically his mother.

i’ve had this headcanon that after civil war, tony and steve makeup (and make out wink wink–but that’s a whole ‘nother headcanon) and Anyway they’re talking or whatever and somehow peggy comes up and tony just looks so sad so steve’s like “what’s wrong?” and tony kind of just shakes his head.

he explains that “aunt” peggy and angie (angie who? angie martinelli, you fool. yes they are gay. cartenelli for life) practically raised him and let him cry when howard was being a jerk to him. steve gets really quiet and says “why didn’t you come to the funeral?”

tony gives him a Look like “you know that wouldn’t have been appropriate” but he says “it would just look like tony stark was out there inappropriately fueling his ego again” and steve’s heart just hurts and he puts an arm around tony.

tony later abducts steve and they find themselves in brooklyn and steve meets a certain angie martinelli who shows him embarrassing pictures of baby tony and tells steve that if he ever hurts tony he’s a dead man.

“Ready soldiers?“ Steve asks. You all nod as the truck (driven by bucky) Shakes.

“We will win this.” Wanda smirks. You couldn’t blame her for wanting to go against Tony, but sometimes you think she might want to kill him.

“Ready as i’ll ever be. but tell me why again we’re fighting them? we won’t get anything out of this asides pain.” You ask. you didn’t want to fight. You would’ve held back, but if someone got hurt you wanted to help. And you truly believed in what this team stood for. Just not in this way.

“Because they’re wrong, and we have to show’em who’s right.” Clint says. You sigh in response.

“Guys, I’m really glad You let me help out!” Scott smiles. oblivious to what’s going on. “Not now, TicTac.” Sam shushes him.

“Halfway there!” Bucky yells from the front. 

You could tell this was going to be a long day.

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I read a "theory" that Tony is the girl from pop and Effy is the brother

Interesting.  I always thought it was the other way round, Effy is talking about herself and Tony is the brother. 

This was my interpretation of it:

I think as a kid, Effy’s parents spend a lot of time on her, worrying about her, trying to get her to talk, and they ignored Tony, which is why he starts doing things to antagonize his father.  And through that time where she didn’t talk and her parents were trying to get her to be the person they wanted her to be (a good little girl who talks to them), he would sit by her and let her be who she was.  Tony is “starving” for attention, while Effy has too much of it, but not the kind she wants. And so Tony starts “eating grass”, doing things that are destructive to himself because he wants to be noticed, and Effy wants to save him.  And at the end of her story, they go away together and leave their parents behind, and after that she never wanted their attention again because they gave her too much of it.

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so the first few missions go as planned, Tony is horribly nervous all the time, but Rhodey always comes back in time, without any injuries. And then one time he doesn't come back in time. He's few days late, a complete radio scilence during them too. Tony is basically sick because of the nerves and fear. When Rhodey does come back, Tony throws himself at him and he can't bring himself to let go, as he cries his eyes out again. It's the first time Rhodey sees Tony in hysteria, basically.

Rhodey always let’s Tony know when he is off on a mission and he also always tells him when to expect a call or when Rhodey will be back in the states.

And the first few go over well, no problem at all, Rhodey is always right there when he promised.

But then this mission happens and Rhodey does not come back in time and no one calls Tony, because why would they, and Tony doesn’t even do anything during those days.

He stays home, he stays close to the phone and he barely remembers to eat or sleep. He is so damn worried he can’t do either anyway.

When Rhodey does come back from that mission he immediately flies out to meet Tony because he got a tiny bit hurt and got some leave over it.

When he enters their appartement Tony needs a second to comprehend what is happening before he throws himself at Rhodey, holding on for dear life.

He breaks down then and there. He tried to keep it together the days before but now that Rhodey is here he can’t anymore and he starts crying and laughing and he is hitting Rhodey and cursing him for scaring him that much and he is also never letting go ever again.

Rhodey had been scared during that mission as well and so it fits him just perfectly that Tony is right there and in his arms.

This time when he leaves it’s even worse than that very first time.

Avoidance Tactics

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Summary: Bruce has been avoiding you and you’d like to know why. Lucky for you, Tony already knows. 

From the first time he laid his eyes on you, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life avoiding you.

You were a new member of the team and Bruce was smitten from the start.

You were kind, beautiful in your quiet graceful way, and could be deadly at the snap of someone’s fingers. He knew he had to stay away. A ticking time bomb like him would never have love with anyone, let alone you.

Of course, no one else felt that they should help him with this. Tony was the worst.

“So Broccolli has a crush.”

“We both know you’re more inventive than vegetables.”

The billionaire genius just shrugged, staring at you from the lab. Bruce went back to his calculations, pretending that he wasn’t just watching the cute way your nose wrinkles when you laugh.

“She is cute. We all know that you’re never going to make a move so maybe I’ll-”

The other guy was getting interested in the conversation then, jealousy stirring him a bit.

“She’d probably kick your ass.”

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Love is For Children (Natasha Romanoff/Avengers x reader)

1. Could u write natasha romanoff fluff x fem!reader ?? for a plot, maybe like how clint took the avengers to a safe house and they met his family in aou? like that but with nat and maybe no kids ???? thank you !!

2. Will you please do a Natasha x reader where you and her have been dating for a long time and one day you hear Clint and Tony teasing her about being in love with you but she says love is for children and she’s not one so you ignore her and won’t let her back on your floor and she doesn’t know why until Steve tells her please I love your stories

“Love is for children.  Do I look like a child to you, Clint?”  Natasha crossed her arms tightly over her chest and waited, giving her friend a look that would freeze an open flame, daring him to continue.  Even despite her best efforts, he wouldn’t take the warning.

“If children can be head-over-heels in love, then yeah, totally.”

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Again Printessa? Pietro x reader


The Quinjet hummed quietly in the background on autopilot.  Tony setting  up the whole trip for you.  Now all you had to do was let your thoughts dance.

Why were you disobeying a direct order from Captain America?

Pietro had been kidnapped by some wannabe mad scientist; ex-hydra nut ball. You didn’t need Pietro.  Before he came along you were fine.  You would survive without him.  Gods did you want him in your life though.

That was why you had “Stolen” the quinjet. Head falling against the seat. Damn.

The team had known for a week about Pietro’s whereabouts. Keeping Wanda and you contained or calm had been a mission by itself.

They had an extraction plan set for a week from now.

“Bite me. Boy Wonder” Captain America was so busy with Bucky. The clean up from the Civil War those two morons started. He couldn’t be bothered to make time for anyone else.

“Mrs. Y/N. You’re one hour out from landing.” Friday said.

“Thanks Friday.” Getting up you went to pull on your suit. Normally you played the role of a healer.  Channeling your power to accelerate the healing process. This time you would use your other gifts.  They were dangerous when you were mad.  Anger fueling them to impossible heights.

“ Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Walking down the flight ramp hips swishing in a powerfully seductive sway. Your powers surging around your body.

Walking into the ancient forest that had been altered for science’s twisted purpose. Closing in on the nearest bunker as you raised your hands.

The first bullet fired didn’t even make it to your body. Disintegrating in your force field.

Watching the door rot away into nothing but a pile of rust. You saw a man cowering in the corner. The front line didn’t suit him. Ripping him out of the bunker you held him close to your face. Eye’s glowing while you slowly destroyed the bunker around him.

“Tell your boss I’m coming for him.  I’m going to destroy everything with or without Pietro back.  His life is up for grabs though.” The man wetting himself as as his jacket disintegrated.

“Please?!? I don’t want to die!!!”

Tilting your head to the side as Wanda landed next to you.

“Let him go. It’s time to get my brother back.” Wanda’s power’s flaring to life around her. Black and red moving in unison towards the base.

Anything they passed that was man made was quickly destroyed.  Plants growing and crushing the cinder block blockades.

Walking up to the metal doors Wanda ripped them apart.  Her rage amplifying her powers.

“Let’s go.” Inside bullets that fired at you quickly rusted to nothing. If they made it past Wanda. Your power over time making short work of the base.  Pissing off Cap in the process.  He wanted it whole.  You wanted it gone.

Wanda finding her brother the instant she opened the doors.

“”He’s in this cell” Wanda pointing at a door in a long row of cells.

A nod from each of you was all it took. The door equals rending and disintegrating.

“Don’t come any closer or I’ll shoot him!” Spittle raining from the scientists lips.  The shock collared Pietro panting heavily through the pain. The small man barely able to support Pietro’s body weight.   Before the ugly coward could blink Wanda had ripped away the gun. You were making him age at an accelerated rate.  Wanda making short work of the collar.

Pietro collapsed into Wanda’s waiting powers bringing him into her arms.

Once the dilapidated old man was all that was left you dragged him by the shirt collar.  Taking him all the way to the console room.  Setting up a live video stream to all of the Avengers known enemies.

“As some of you may know I am the field medic to the Avengers. A month ago one of our own was taken from us.  Pietro Maximoff, my lover. Some of you can probably imagine I was quite distraught over this occurrence. Wanda and myself have recently taken it upon ourselves to get him back.” Flipping through the camera’s showcasing your destruction. Ending on a full body shot of the now naked decayed scientist.

“This is your fate should you choose to go after my family again.” Walking off with the camera still on the lifeless old man before them. The scientist within minutes was nothing but dust.

Wand and you carrying Pietro back to the jet. Fatigue setting in for Wanda glad you had parked it less than a mile away. You used your powers to delay the lack of energy.  Something you would pay for tomorrow. 

“That was a little dramatic, no?” Pietro asked weakly once you were back on the Quinjet.

He was laying down on the spot usually reserved for Bruce. Running your fingers through his silver hair a single tear falling.

“No.” That was all you could eek out. Your lips descending on his. Mouths working together, hands searching him franticly for wounds.

Wanda closing off the front portion of the jet for your privacy as much for you as for her.

Moving up on top of his well muscled body. If mildly fatigued body to sit on his lap.

“Printessa, I don’t think I have energy for this.” His eye’s meeting yours since he couldn’t lift his head.

“Let me focus on you. Show you how much I’ve missed you.” Your hands glowing white as your clothes disappeared. Running your hands down his oblique’s as life energy slowly seeped into him. Fingers moving to play with the scruff of his beard. His eye’s closed as he savored your touch. Your lips kissing his clavicle to trail down to a well defined pectoral muscle.

“They kept you surprisingly clean.” You said before taking a nipple into your mouth.  Teeth skimming it to a point.

“Ngn…germaphobe wouldn’t come near me.  Just like that Start freak!” Yelling freak as you cupped him through his pants.

“Well you’re going to be the one cumming today.” Your tongue swirling in his bellybutton before kissing a slow trail down his lower abdominal wall.

Completely avoiding his penis. Your hands cupping his ass as you kissed and massaged him from his hip to his inner thigh.

“Printessa.” He breathily moaned out.

“It’s been a whole month-” Arching his back as you took him completely into your mouth.  Hands working in a slow motion stroking anything that couldn’t fit in your mouth.

Cupping his balls with your left hand as you sucked and stroked his cock. His hand making a fist.  That was your clue to move onto the rest of your plan.

An audible pop sounding as you let him go. His eye’s boring into yours as he panted.

“Sit it on it.” He commanded breaking into a round of Sokovian.

Arching his back slamming it back down again.

“So impatient my love.” You giggled out.

Thighs on either side of his hips.

“Look me in the eye’s while I ride you.” Slowly sinking onto him while you commanded him. Both of you struggling to keep eye contact.

“Gods Pietro.” You gasped out leaning forward rubbing your clit against his hip.  Breast bouncing in front of his face. His arms finding the strength to move to your ass increasing the speed of your ride.

“Y/N” Your lips meeting as you grabbed his face.  Silencing your screams as you came together.

Wrapping his arms around you.  Fatigue setting in as you rested your head on his shoulder.

“Have you gotten bigger or did I get tighter?” You lazily drawled out.

“Both.” The rogue smirked out.

Laughing to yourself as you both fell off into sleep. Everything finally right again.


Meanwhile at avengers tower your little broadcast had made it onto the news.

“She is so dead.” Tony said wide eyes. He had known you were livid about Pietro’s kidnapping but this? Shield was going to have a field day.

Captain America storming in the room.

“Did you know her and Peitro were a thing?!”

“Wait that’s what you’re mad about Capsicle?” Tony asked incredulous.

“Oh she’s in trouble for disobeying an order, but I knew it was only a matter of time. She not exactly one to listen. Plus you really want to be in there when two lovers reunite?” Tony laughing so hard he had to sit down. Who knew Cap was so bright?

The Quinjet landed the back door opening as Tony, Bucky, Sam, Bruce, and Steve climbed the ramp.

“Fuck! God’s don’t leave again.” You gasped out gripping his forearms.

“Will you two give it a break?!?  I want to get out of here!” Wandas accent thickening in her annoyance.

Pietro’s fingers started vibrating on your nipple and clit. Words failing you while Peitro grinned at his victory.

Orgasms wracking your body as your arms failed you.  Pietro pulling you up against him laving a trail of open mouth kisses against your neck. Lightly flicking your clit up and down to extend the orgasm. All of your weight now on him. His cum trailing down your inner thigh. Biting your lip at the feeling of being fulfilled.

“Why didn’t I listen to Natasha?” Bruce said shaking his head, covering his eye’s.  His cheeks bright red.

“Vhat you vant to stay and vatch?! Get out!!!” Pietro turning his head ass in full view to the Avengers. His hands and arms covering the important bits. 

“Pete if they want to stay we could always give them a show?” At that Wanda stormed out her eye’s closed as she swore in Sokovian. The Avengers cracking up as they walked back to the tower.

Pietro laughing at his sister’s words. The hanger door slowly closing.

“I got horn dogs or maybe hot dog.”

“Printessa you don’t want to know.” He said giving your breast a light squeeze.

Arching an eyebrow as you rubbed your body up against his.

“Again Printessa?” Pietro asked as you turned to face him. Lips descending on his neck. Your thigh moving up his hip grinding your wet pussy against his cock. His eye’s closing as a smile emerged.

“Yes it is good to be back.” This started a whole nother round.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

When Natasha debriefed him about what had taken place at the Pym warehouse, he had almost sighed so dramatically that the walls melted. At least they had retrieved the item - or not - as it turns out when they started interrogating both  Lang and Pym Jr.  It all had let to Tony just leaving them in their cells, until he would have more brain capacity to utter something else than insults for being so moronic. 

“And then she said  and I quote : maybe it shrunk to subatomic level.  “ he ranted  while holding the bow up.   “ Why not  : I dropped it on the way to the van …I swear Clint, these amateur heroes , thinking they have it all figured out.   Holding it like that yeah ? “  he asked when arming the arrow. He had just joined Clint in a bow training session, because why not, besides ranting over bonding time was a healthy sport to have, and secretly, Tony enjoyed sharing a moment with his friend who seemed more than happy to share his passion with him.  They had started at his farm, almost a year ago, and  Tony had been not bad at it , given the fact that he was going through withdrawal. 


Jarvis? JARVIS.

I’ve got a new theory…

I was having a look at this post here when the thought dawned on me

In last night’s episode, Edwin stated that he did not want to spend his time as a disembodied voice. That’s quite the little nod to modern JARVIS and I loved it. But then, the quote was coupled with the above gif and it got me thinking. Tony was very close to Edwin, and likely the man helped raise him. Understandable. But what really struck me here is that Tony asks if JARVIS is “up”. And JARVIS replies “For You, sir, always.” My question is: why would an AI system need to sleep?

Now, let me just add something else in here. I had a theory from Season 1 of Agent Carter that Ana Jarvis was an AI. That was how Howard “saved” her from the war and that’s why we never saw her on screen. We only heard her…like modern JARVIS. In said theory (though I don’t know how the science would have worked), Ana would have died in the war - or nearly - and Stark would have “preserved” her in a way that she could only be a voice. Unfortunately, my theory was not correct (but I still think it would have been cool) and Ana is a real person. 

Keeping the above in mind, take a look at this:

Note a couple of things

1) The newspaper is dated 1991.
Tony Stark was born in 1970 and thus would have been 21 at the time. Old enough to be a scientific genius, capable of creating very new and revolutionary technology.
1991 would have also made Edwin Jarvis in his 70′s (given he’s a similar age to Peggy who was born in 1921).

2) Note the words circled in yellow. 
The car was nearly totaled. It took the wrecking crew several hours to…
This accident was NOT pretty.

Now, it was pointed out to me here that Edwin Jarvis may have been the one driving the Starks on that tragic day. Before then I was so in denial that Edwin could ever die of anything other than natural causes, that I completely overlooked this possibility. What if it’s true? What if Jarvis was involved in the crash? But what if he didn’t die - not completely, at least…

That makes the connection back to my theory and the gif about Tony. 
Maybe Howard and Maria were dead on impact, but what if Edwin wasn’t? 
What if it was possible that Tony arrived on scene and found Edwin barely breathing. We know how much JARVIS means to Tony and that can only be a reflection of how important Edwin was in his life. And so, Tony would have done everything in his power to save him. Everything being turning him into a disembodied voice. Somehow, Edwin stayed alive long enough for Tony to transform him into technology. His physical self wasn’t salvageable, but his mind and voice were. Perhaps I am way off, but what if that’s the way Edwin Jarvis became JARVIS. And that’s why Tony is so close with his AI system, because he’s more than an AI, he’s in a sense still Edwin Jarvis, saved by Tony Stark by the only means he could.

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As far as we know Tony wasn't at the BAFTAs yesterday. He was at the pre-party on Saturday. There are no pics from yesterday's afterparty though, so he might have joined her then. But no pics so far that confirm that.

If past behavior is indicative of future behavior, then Tony is her plus one. If she brought him to attend a pre-BAFTA party why would she not bring him to the BAFTAs? That would be rude. He’s very comfortable going to her big events so let’s hope we do get some photos of it. I would say it’s more likely than unlikely he wasn’t there. Keep me posted Anon!

Happy Galentine’s Day! 💖

Anonymous said:

Steve, what would you say about Tony getting a tattoo?

“Who said he doesn’t have a one already?”

“Shut up, please.”

“Why? Are you ashamed of it? Are you ashamed that you had Captain America’s shield tattooed on your left pec, just above the heart? He made it back in college, but removed it a few years after the graduation - one of the many beautiful memories Rhodey kindly shared with me.”

“Is today ”let’s humiliate Tony“ day? Because I don’t like it. This day is too often.”

“About Tony getting a tattoo now.. I think it would all depend what kind of tattoo it would be. I’m actually the one who wants a tattoo, but Tony is not happy about it.”

“Of course, I’m not happy about it. Your body is the property of the Stark Industries. Any motions about alternations to your body, such as tattoos, should be filed 6 months prior and will be declined. And your body will probably heal the same night, so I’m just saving you the pain. And your idea of a tattoo is stupid. So, let’s just carry on.”

“You not agreeing with that, doesn’t mean it’s stupid. And if there is a chance that my body will reject the ink, I could try, right? I wanted to have a tattoo with my former teammates’ names. Just their names written, maybe on inside of my wrist? I’m an Avenger now, but I was a Howling Commando. They were good people, I think it would be a good tribute to them.”

“No. Can’t you print their names on a t-shirt or something? End of topic. Don’t make me come over there and give you a slap in the ass as to a spoiled brat you are.”

“Hilarious. Okay, spill it, I can see that this all bothers you.”

“You want to know why? Okay, fine. Because it would be unfair to me. Being forced to look everyday on the names of people you were supposed to live your life with. Visit them during holidays. Be uncle Steve to their kids. Instead, you’re here with me. And you talking about your former team, makes me think that, if given a chance, you would trade the life you have now, for the one you lost. And it’s not a good thought.”

“Tony.. Remembering about my past and from where I come from doesn’t mean that I’m not in the current moment with you. You’re my now and my future. That won’t ever change.”

“I know that. Still, if you ever get a tattoo, I’m getting my lip pierced and we both know how you feel about piercings.”


okay but srsly like how the fuck are people on tony’s side after the movie? like?

he went on and on about accountability and the accords but then went against them anyway and then didn’t even take responsibility for going against them and suffered ZERO CONSEQUENCES for what other superheroes were LOCKED UP IN JAIL FOR. (also, like, it says a lot to me that tony would’ve just let them all rot in jail but meanwhile STEVE is the one who broke them out.)

a huge part of the reason why tony was even on team accords was because of a mother blaming the death of her son on him, but then he went and manipulated and pressured and bullied and threatened a TEENAGER into joining his war. (and, like, come the fuck on. there’s no fucking way spiderman was actually approved to be on the accords side either. so, another mark against tony being on team accords and example of him being a gigantic hypocrite.)

he let wanda be locked up and then was like oh come on she liked being locked up. like no??? she didn’t??? shut the fuck up????????

he ordered vision to shoot sam, who, unlike rhodey, would’ve ended up DYING had he been shot because if sam and tony couldn’t get to rhodey in time, then neither of them would’ve been able to get sam either and sam has less armor on than rhodey does. then tony shot sam, WHO WAS CONCERNED ABOUT RHODEY, and he only shot him for emotional reasons.

he KNEW bucky was brainwashed and that ultimately hydra was responsible for his parents death yet he still tried to KILL BUCKY ANYWAY. he could’ve ended up killing steve too, or at least seriously injuring him. all for his COMPLETELY UNJUSTIFIED REVENGE. (also tony being all “omg that’s my dad’s shield you don’t deserve it steve121!!” like i could sympathize on a certain level because tony did just have to witness his parents death and go through that trauma again but like OHMYGOD this is just ANOTHER example of how fucking childish tony is and i’m tired of his crap so yeah fuck that too ESPECIALLY as tony being so fucking childish and petty can legit endanger other ppls lives.)

also i super can’t take any defenses of tony seriously when t’challa exists??? like, both tony and t’challa were manipulated by the villain/antagonist of the movie. both of them wanted revenge. however, once t’challa found out that he’d been manipulated and was going after the wrong person, he, y’know. stopped doing that and went after the right person and even then he didn’t kill the guy and brought him to justice instead. meanwhile when tony had all the right information, he still chose go after the wrong person and tried to kill him!!

just, srsly.

Took me about 3 or 4 days on this pic, i think the results was worth it

Here is a lil story to go along with it

Tony had made a simulation room for which he can create any type of scenario or anything plainly. He did it for training purposes for the team incase they ever needed it or just to play with it from time to time as if it was a toy. Little did he know that one day he would walk into his simulation room and catch bruce in it in hulk form. He wander why the hell he was using it without letting anyone know?He was quite shocked and a bit uneasy as he caught bruce’s eye. He tried turning around quickly back out of the room until a huge hand grabbed him by his collar and swung him away from it. Bruce jumped quickly over to tony and pinned him. Tony knew if he tried to escape him being that they are this close, without his armor. He would die. 

Tony: ”Hey buddy..something the matter?” he said in a playful but horrified tone.

Hulk just breathed heavily above him with a slightly soften look to his face. Then looked angry again.

Tony: whoah, um you aren’t going to kill me are you? he asked.

Hulk replied with a loud yell.

Tony: Something is telling me, that’s a yes.

Hulk soon began calming down, all of a sudden. It seemed odd to tony, considering widow wasnt here to calm him down. Hulk groaned in pain as he transformed back into himself above tony. 

Bruce lifted hilmself up a bit off of tony and looked at him with a goofy smile.

Tony: You good now brucey?

Bruce: Yeah heh, sorry about that. I was still kinda in the zone. But im fine now.

Tony: Ok that’s good, now do you mind getting off of me? he said with a irritated voice.

Bruce: “Yes…first this” kisses.

Tony’s eyes widen and his cheeks reddened. He pushed bruce off and stared at him with the what the hell man look.

Tony: “You just kissed me” tony said with a i don’t believe he just did that tone.

Bruce: “Yeah” he said smiling.

Tony: “You just kissed me” he repeated.

Bruce got up from off tony and started to walk away. Tony shot up and started to follow him.

Tony: “Hey! You are going to explain that bruce!” he demanded as he continued out the door after him.


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