and why were sam and dean winchester not present

it was always significant to me that sam wanted to become a lawyer. because the most compelling reason for why the winchesters hunt the way they do–ruthless, uncompromising, at the first mistake you make we will be there–is because in the face of real monsters, the justice system can do absolutely nothing. no shifter can ever be convicted by a jury of his peers. no insanity defense can protect those who have been possessed, who were not just out of control but were not even present for the crime. dean and sam are judge, jury, and executioner because the alternative is no semblance of justice at all. hunters are what happens where the rule of law flounders in the face of what it cannot comprehend.

so think of sam’s interest in law (in criminal law, from the very specific shot we see of his law textbook in “what is and should never be”) as not a rejection of the judge-jury-and-executioner moral attitude as a hunter but as an extension of it, as a way to bring the strong moral compass that has to animate and carry you onwards when you’re a hunter into the apple-pie lifestyle, which is so relativist in its ethics. what do polite people not talk about? politics or religion. anything where you might accidentally step on your neighbor’s sensibilities, might accidentally accuse them of being immoral. even when sam wants that, he wants to puncture it, rupture it.

(this is a post about justice in supernatural but it could just as easily be about sam winchester and the impossibility of a normal life; i mean, look at his hobbies: serial killer trivia; his thirteen-year-old magic phase, these are interests existing on the border between the normal and the abnormal, bringing death and magic into a place where it normally doesn’t belong. just like sam.)

   Highgate Cemetery in northern Greater London, England.  Highgate Cemetery, opened in 1839, was a popular burial site for prominent Victorians. Karl Marx and writer George Eliot (The Mill on the Floss, Middlemarch, Silas Marner), among other famous personages, are interred here.

   The cemetery itself is famed for the Highgate Vampire, a legend begun in 1970 when the sighting of a ‘vampiric figure’ was reported to the local papers. The observer claimed he had seen the King Vampire of the Undead, a nobleman who had practised black magic in medieval Wallachia; and had obviously been brought to England by coffin, buried at Highgate, and roused by Satanists. When the paper headlined 'Does a Vampyr Walk At Night?’ a local frenzy began.

   An official “Vampire Hunt” was declared for Friday March 13th, and the cemetery was mobbed by hundreds of paranormal hunters- who besieged the gates and vandalized the cemetery despite police efforts to control them. No Vampire was found; but the legend continues.  

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Written Word

Supernatural One Shot

DeanxReader with Sam

Warnings: None


Word Count: 2,058

Imagine: Finding out that your pregnant with Dean’s child and worried about his reaction you leave the Bunker but on your way out you run into Dean and you have to tell him why you are leaving.

Dean was never the type to settle down. Hell, hunters were never the ones to settle down. We could never do that. Not with the ever present presence of monsters that lurk in the shadows. But Dean would never settle down. I couldn’t see him do that. His soul was just too restless and that was why I needed to leave. With what was happening with me, I had to leave. I couldn’t burden him.

With each item of clothing that I placed in my bag tore my heart a little more. I knew that it would hurt Dean when he came home to find me gone but after a while he would get over it. He would still be able to hunt. But if I told him what would come with the future of staying with me then he would retire from being a hunter. There was only one thing that Dean loved more than sending creatures to where they belong and that was family. There was only one thing that he would settle down for and that was…family. But he couldn’t settle down for me…for family. He had to keep fighting. And no matter how much it hurt me, I had to leave him. It was for the best.

Or at least that was what I told myself.

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