and why the army men

Issues-  Part Twenty Eight


Negan x You

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Swearing- as always, violence, threats of violence.

Word count- 1,593

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Part Twenty Eight

The blood felt like it had drained out of my body as Daryl’s words sunk in. 

He just declared himself a saviour. 


I didn’t get it. 

This was Daryl. 

Why would he do something like that now of all times? 

After everything he had been through. 


“Why?” Negan was squinting with uncertaintly at the once enemy “Why now?” Now?

What was I missing here?

“Theres things you don’t know” Daryl cleared his throat awkwardly as he became aware of every pair of eyes on him “Now ain’t the time”

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  • Jaime : You realize we have no army,right? And you realize Daenerys Targaryen has three dragons,the iron fleet,an unsullied army and an entire khalasar on her side. Aside from her allies. And their armies.
  • Cersei : Why,we do have an army.
  • Jaime : Three horses,twenty men and a one-eyed juggler does not make an army.
151221~ [TRANS/Jimin] Q: What part does Park Jimin look at more? (1.Appearance/ 2.Body/ 3.Both) A: 3.Both


Why @odins-missing-eye?!? Are there so many attractive men in this fandom?!?! Stahp!!
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One of my sisters explain??!

I wish I wasn’t so awkward and timid when talking then I’d actually have a conversation with them!!!

“We should help him.”

“Really? I thought he was doing fine.”

“Well, he was, and then she shot the sword out of his hands.”

“A very good shot…”

“Yes, it caught the flat of the blade and forced it back enough to make Ed drop the sword, but not hurt his wrist too badly.”

“Really Susan’s shooting ability has increased tremendously.”

“Uh huh”



“What did Ed do?”

“He said woman were weaker.”

“Oh. To her face?”



“Well she said she could beat him in arm wrestling.”

“Could she though…”

“That’s not the point Pete”

“…Because, I mean on average woman are weaker than men…”


“…I mean that’s why men are the leaders of armies and such…”


“…So Ed probably could beat Sue in an arm wrestle.”

“Huh hum”

“That’s Susan behind me isn’t it?”

“Better start running Pete.”

I’m tired of ARMYs mentioning Jungkook on things related to IU. First of all, she has a boyfriend 11 years older than her. She likes men, not boys. Another reason why ARMYs have hate. You’re seriously getting the Uaenas to hate you, one of the most chill fandoms in kpop. He fanboyed once. That’s it. He’s not special. Why don’t you mention all the other fanboys then? Why not mention Jim, Joshua, Timmy, Craig, Eric, Huang, Wang, Ray, Tony, Kevin…lol. Just stop.

the forever girl: naruto’s story | naruto au

prompt: This fic and this post,

pairing: Naruto | Hinata

notes: This is the side you don’t know about. What exactly did Naruto go through in order to meet Hinata? This is that story. I would also like to make a shout-out to jollyart for her amazing fanart she did. I still can’t get over it. Also, think of this fic placed during World War II and moving into the decade we’re in now. With that, please enjoy~.

He saw her once before, it was brief, only for a few short moments, but his entire world changed. Then she was gone. 

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anonymous asked:

Why are women force into the army like men

Within the story: Gender discrimination does not exist on the military level, or in most other aspects of society. Women are trained alongside men, and seen as rightful equals within their blood status. Ex. Colonel Macanthos and Queen Anabel were talented warriors and tacticians. Farley is a captain in the Scarlet Guard. Queen Elara is probably the most dangerous person in the story.

Personally: I wanted to craft a world with a bit more gender equality than our own. I love Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck in particular, and adored how women were on par with their male counterparts in that setting. 


A couple basic facts first, to make this story make sense:

1) I live in NYC and don’t have a car here, so I take the subway pretty much everywhere.
2) On non-sparring days, when I only need a mask and gloves, I carry my gear in a guitar case, because it fits.

Tonight, I was traveling home with two of my (male) classmates. While waiting for the train, we were approached by a man who was curious to know about our instruments and if we played in an orchestra.

We explained that they weren’t instruments, but rather fencing equipment. He then asked us if we were any good, and I joked “well, I haven’t died yet.” This, as you might imagine, led to us explaining the difference between HEMA and sport/Olympic fencing. He was very curious and we were happy to answer his questions, but eventually it led to:

Him, to me: How long have women been doing this?
Me: Well, pretty much since it started. One of my friends has been doing HEMA for over 10 years. We spar women, we spar men, we-
Him: WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA hold on…you fight MEN?!?!

The conversation then turned to him asking me if I was better than either of my two classmates who were with me (hence why I mentioned their gender above), my classmates are exceedingly modest and gave me probably more credit than I deserve, but it was still quite an amusing exchange.

Yes, I fight women, and I fight men…because you know why? 

Invading armies really don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, they’re going to try to kill you anyway, so your best option is to try and kill them first.

Yeah, I’m not going to lie, sparring men twice my size can get downright scary sometimes, but there’s only one way you ever really get over your fears, so I will continue sparring anyone who wants to spar me, regardless of gender.

anonymous asked:

I once saw a cartoon about why gay/bi men shouldn't be in the army and its like the gay guy was like "I can't shoot that guy, he's gorgeous!" Like by that logic only robots should join the army because even asexual/aromantic people still have the capacity to feel aesthetic attraction towards people and not be able to shoot them because of it.

dude this means we could totally eliminate war by making all our soldiers gay. like WWIII is about to break about but all the gay soldiers take one look at each other from across the battlefield and go “ooh he’s hot” and drop their guns. earth is saved.
remember kids: homos = the key to world peace. I love it.
~ Harper