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tbh shiro favors keith the most n personally i think thts why he wants keith to lead voltron even though hes obviously not gna be a good leader + allura or maybe lance should lead

imo, i think Keith actually does have some leadership potential? (then again i think all of them have leadership potential), but the issues i have with him leading is that he’s way too impulsive, reckless, acts like a lone wolf wayyyy toooooo much, not to mention he doesn’t have a very good understanding of how teamwork works. i think he’s better off acting like, a second in command or something.

impulsiveness & recklessness examples:

  • driving off the face of a fucking cliff with 4 other people, one of which was unconscious
  • putting himself in situations where he keeps getting ejected into space
  • trying to take on Zarkon all by himself
  • almost attacking the sentries on the Balmera only to be stopped by Lance 
  • charging off into a village that was on fire
  • forgetting the main point of the reason he and Shiro went into the Blade of Marmora base so he could go through the trials which put the mission in jeopardy to make allies 

like…….. a lot of these things he’s done have only caused/almost caused more problems than not. (not saying his impulsiveness has always been a bad thing, but it doesn’t always benefit the interest of the team either)

acting like a lone wolf:

  • again, the attempting to ditch the team in the middle of the night
  • him also ditching Lance, Pidge, and Hunk even when Lance pointed out it was a bad idea
  • fighting Zarkon by himself,
  • going through the trials of marmora by himself

not having a good understanding of how a team works: 

  • his whole lone wolf attitude keeps him from relying on his teammates and keeps his teammates from relying on him
  • the way he tends to force people to do something when he doesn’t agree with what they’re doing (ex: trying to force Pidge to not leave the team by yelling at her and guilt tripping her, snapping at everyone and saying they have to go into the blade of marmora base when it was suggested they didn’t)

there’s also how he kinda doesn’t really have a good grasp on diplomacy and empathy too cause like

  • in the balmera arc, Hunk tried to console Shay by saying they can beat the robobeast, Hunk turned to Keith and was like “tell her Keith” and Keith was like “can we?”, not realizing Hunk was trying to reassure Shay
  • he was acting really hostel to the Arusian warrior and was like “i will fight you you little shrimp”
  • again the blade of marmora thing where, even LANCE pointed out it was a bad idea to take Keith on a diplomacy mission because what ended up happening is Keith fucking pissed everyone off by bringing a weapon with him and then later almost got the base destroyed when his lion freaked out

so while i do believe Keith has the potential to lead, he certainly doesn’t have the right traits that would make him an effective leader in this situation. i can easily predict him butting heads with Allura a fuck-ton, trying to boss everyone around, getting impatient with them, not knowing how to deal with them emotionally, getting the team in trouble for his lack of diplomacy skills, the list goes on. sorry Keef, but i think you have a looooooooot to learn about being a leader before actually taking that seat in the black lion.

(not to mention his relationship with Red was really really highlighted in this season so what gives anyways???? him and Red are like a perfect match and shouldn’t be split up because Keith is like the only one on the team who is the most compatible with Red)

as for Allura being the black paladin, i fucking love that idea. it would be so awesome to have this beautiful POC women leading the team as a princess and a paladin. it would be so! amazing!?? plus, she’d obviously make a really good fit for the black lion. she’s a born leader, she’s strong, she’s diplomatic, she’s empathetic, she’s whipsmart and already holds the team’s respect as a leader. 

HOWEVER, there are ALSO some issues i have with Allura being the black paladin, mainly having to do with what that would mean for the team dynamic, as well as from a narrative’s perspective.

see, if Allura were to become the black paladin, it would just be too easy. it wouldn’t really challenge the team’s dynamic because it’s just swapping one established leader for another, so there wouldn’t really be much character development for the rest of the team.

it would also mean that they’d be taking the two leader roles on the team and conjoining them into one, which, isn’t the wisest choice. it would make things a lot more stressful for Allura because now she’s the only one leading the team and has the burden of being a princess and the black paladin, plus there’s no one else to balance things out. with that said, there wouldn’t be anyone to challenge her authority and her choices because she’d be the only one in charge. and sometimes a leader’s authority needs to be challenged because they do not always make the best decisions, as we’ve seen with how Allura and Shiro dealt with the whole Blade of Marmora thing.

Allura was very distrustful towards the BoM, and didn’t want anything to do with them. but Shiro was able to convince her to work with them. if Shiro hadn’t of been there, they never would of gained the BoM as allies because Allura would have made the wrong decision.

this isn’t saying Shiro didn’t make any bad choices either. Shiro picked Keith to go with him into the BoM base. and we all know how that went. (it was only because Keith turned out to be part Galra did the BoM actually decide to bother negotiating an alliance)

and you know who challenged Shiro for making this choice?

thats right kids, Lance did. aka something a leader would do.

Lance, who possesses SO MANY leadership traits nobody, not even Shiro, seems to acknowledge. 

Lance is a team player, self sacrificial for the greater good, diplomatic, patient, decisive, smart, empathetic, well balanced and well rounded, and! literally a natural born leader! there are so many instances on the show where Lance takes charge of the situation! even before Shiro became the “official” leader of their group, Lance was the one acting in charge of things! 

but i’m gonna stop myself before this post gets way too meta, lmao.

basically i prefer Lance as black paladin above everyone else but you guys already know that ;D

What was once in your heart
Is now on the floor
And I just need you to connect
Because I am losing my mind
I’ve been waiting all along
But now you’re out of time

I need to feel something, feel something…
I need to feel something, feel something…

Cause I’m all alone

Okay, but legit, Echo was so broken up over killing Octavia, and I want to write so much about it because I love my morally bankrupt assassin.

Like, we have Echo who was a member of the Queensguard and gave everything for her queen and people. She doesn’t even have an Azgeda scar, she has a tattoo, the mark of a kru that isn’t hers, likely because her Queen told her to in order to disguise herself. And then her Queen gets killed, and that loyalty transfers to her King, even though she doesn’t agree with him.

And she liked Octavia. Octavia had that same burning loyalty to her cause, maybe without the discipline of Echo, but there was some bit of kindred spirit between them. So they declare war on Octavia’s people, and that’s unfortunate, but Roan wants Octavia alive. He may have sent Echo after her, but having seen their interactions, I’m willing to bet Echo stepped forward as soon as he mentioned sending riders after Octavia, begging for the honour of bringing her back.

And Echo wanted to bring her back alive. She could have killed Octavia in a heartbeat at any one of a dozen times, but she gave her every chance to surrender. She probably knew Octavia wouldn’t give in, because Echo wouldn’t have in her position, but she must have hoped. But of course she had to follow through and kill Octavia, in Echo’s mind there isn’t a way to deny her King’s orders. For the first time, though, she feels bad about a kill. 

I imagine, when they meet again, Echo isn’t going to be able to take up a sword against Octavia. Not having killed her once, not with the guilt she’s feeling right now. Octavia’s “death” may be the first thing to ever test her unwavering loyalty.

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hiiiii. I have a doubty doubt for you. Do you think Foggy would have honestly told Matt like he said in the big fight? And also, I've never quite understood why he was so touched because of the lies if apparently he had lied to Matt too, I mean I get the magnitudes. But, it just seems like there's something in there they are not telling. Shipping it or not, it seems like they are addressing something without actually spelling it, and s2 was like oh yeah we got lots of issues ???

I think that Foggy firmly believes that he would have told Matt if it was him.

I also think that Foggy’s really upset and not being entirely fair. Matt has been functionally alone since he was nine. Trust doesn’t come easy to him, nor do hard conversations, and there was no good time or way to tell Foggy the truth - by the time he trusted Foggy enough to tell him, they were good enough friends that it would hurt that he hadn’t trusted him enough sooner. And, though Foggy doesn’t know the whole story of this yet, both of the people who knew about Matt’s secret - Stick and Elektra - abandoned him. Not to excuse Matt’s behavior here, because considering how tightly entwined their legal, financial, professional, and personal lives are, he should have told Foggy, but Matt has a lot of very good reasons, if you’re Matt, for not telling Foggy. All of which suggest that if it had been Foggy, he would have felt the same way and not told Matt.

On the other hand, Foggy is just generally a much more open person than Matt. One of the first things he says to him when they meet is “No secrets.” He’s still claiming not to have secrets ten years later. He’s open about his finances, his anxieties, his attractions, his insecurities. He’s never afraid to baldly express fear or love. He delivers it all with humor, because that’s his defense mechanism just as general secretiveness is Matt’s, but he’s honest. The only secrets he keeps are Matt’s and his clients’. The only lies he tells are for Matt. Yes, he admits to having lied to Matt over the years, but considering that Matt stayed friends with him I think it’s safe to assume they were the little white lies we all tell the people we love: Your new haircut looks great. No, you can go out with her, I wasn’t really interested. No one’s making blind jokes you can’t see.

(Of course, the big secret that I think most of the fandom assumes Foggy does have and has kept from Matt is that he’s in love with him. But that’s the kind of secret you keep when you’re sure it’s unrequited. No sense ruining the friendship, right? It would hurt Matt more to know; it would hurt him to know he was inadvertently hurting Foggy. At least, Foggy used to think so.)

I think a big part of Foggy’s character arc in the show is taking him from a young man who only just graduated law school a year ago with big dreams and a head full of knowledge of how the law is supposed to work, and dropping him into murky ethical waters full of complicated, dangerous cases. Much like Matt discovered that putting on a bandana and punching a mugger couldn’t stop someone like the Kingpin, Foggy discovered that what is clearcut and ethically comfortable on paper doesn’t always work in reality. As the ethical conscience of Daredevil (I would say Foggy is ethics and Claire is morals), a huge part of his journey is figuring out how to apply those polished Columbia ethics to a world where, like, he has to lie to one friend about how another friend got stabbed.

Anyway all this is to say that it’s very easy for Foggy to say he wouldn’t have lied to Matt about something like this, and that’s very possibly true. But at that point Foggy doesn’t know for sure because he’s never been through anything like Matt has. And I’d love to reopen the question now, after Foggy has lied so many times for Matt, and see if he gives a different answer.

Here’s ’???’! I’m still not very good with hands/positioning, but I hope you like it! ^^ 

HOLY SHIT THIS IS GORGEOUS???? WTHHH ?? the portrait i put on his bio was a shitty one i did in .2 seconds… i’m glad SOMEONE is giving him the love he deserves…. gorgeous…. i l o v e…..

Does Michael Clifford Know I Exist Yet?

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Hmm I just realized that both Harry and Seungri are the kind who do what they want and don’t care about what people say (Harry with his “long hair don’t care” and Seungri shrugging casually aka telling everyone he gives 0 fucks about their opinion when they called him fat). Looks like I am really attracted to that trait in people.


I want a Saeran Route so I can protect him!

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