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Why I'm no longer a Jehovah's Witness.

The reason I’m a atheist isn’t because I don’t like the idea of God. It’s because I’ve studied the bible at great length and have found some fundamental flaws.

1. The Garden of Eden

So in the Garden of Eden, God allowed Adam and Eve to eat from any tree in the garden, except from one. If they ate from that tree, then they would no longer be perfect and would become sinful and die. Eve was deceived by a snake (Satan) and was told if she ate from it she would become like God, knowing good and bad (therefore being able to make a choice between them, which is freewill). So Eve took the fruit to Adam and they ate it. They were cast out of the garden of Eden and lead long lives of suffering because of this.

My problem with this story, is that God is described as a merciful, loving character, that gives people second chances, as long as they have the right heart condition. But why would God put the tree in the garden in the first place? Surely by not allowing them to have access to it, is straight away tempting them to eat from it. If Adam and Eve didn’t eat from it, then surely over time as more people populated the earth, someone would have eaten from it, therefore causing them to be cast out and to be imperfect and to sin and die. So why would a loving God put this temptation there in the first place? Because of one man and womens “sin” the rest of all generations of humans have had to suffer because of this. 

Now by deceiving Eve, Satan was challenging god, saying that he didnt have the right to rule and that humans could rule themselves because now, they know from good and bad. So baring that in mind, is gods right to rule, worth millions upon millions of people suffering and dying? Doesn’t that seem extremely selfish and unloving? Not to forget that it completely contradicts the whole purpose of the bible of God loving us. I don’t want anything to do with a God that would put himself before the suffering of people he claims to love so much.

2. Free will. 

Apparently god gave us free will. But if the first choice, that the first humans had , was to live not knowing good from bad(pretty much like toddlers) or eating from this tree and positivily dying, then its not much of a choice is it? That’s just manipulating the subject into thinking they have free will, but you’re really just choosing for them, or giving them such extreme circumstances that obviously no one is going to take the dying option. That’s so far from free will is disgusting. And it’s the same now. The bible says you have to do x, y and z other wise you’ll die at Armageddon. Some of those things being fornication, adultery, HOMOSEXUALITY ( basically anything that ISNT heterosexual), GETTING DRUNK etc. That’s not giving you a choice. That’s manipulating the believer into doing what you want, out of fear of being killed.

3. Homosexuality

There is no explanation why homosexuality is a sin. None what-so-ever. It JUST IS. That’s not good enough for me. Love is love. Why should it matter what gender you fall in love with and why should the consequence of being something that’s natural to so many people be death? You can’t tell a whole bunch of people that they can’t live forever in paradise because they “commit homosexual acts”. It’s ridiculous. Which leads me to believe that God doesn’t like anything that he didn’t originally purpose, meaning he isn’t open minded to new things. But the bible teaches people they have to change for the better, to Gods “standards”. So God expects us to fully change ourselves but he cant even accept one new thing he didn’t purpose for us.

4. Equality

Women aren’t equal to men in the bible. Ranking order goes: 






So we’re the lowest of the low. But I thought God loves us all the same? Well apparently not. Women are not allowed to teach men! They’re not allowed to be elders or ministerial servants OR EVEN SAY A PRAY OUT LOUD IN THE PRESENCE OF A MAN! Many reasons I’ve heard for not allowing women to be Elders (like priests) in the congregation is because “they’re too emotional and can’t disconnect themselves to judge a situation”. That’s completely sexist and stereotypical and disgusting. Since there’s no proof that God inspired the writers of the bible, they basically thought women are worthless and had to shove it into a religion.

5. Animal rights

The bible says that the wicked people will die at Armageddon and everyone who survives will live on a paradise earth forever. Those already dead will be resurrected (as death acquits you from any sin) Yet animals apparently don’t get a resurrection. This bothers me because animals are the most innocent creatures on this planet and yet under go inhumane suffering all over the world because OF HUMANS. So why do innocent sentient beings not get another chance? The horrible cruel life they have now is all they have according to the bible.

6. Disfellowshipping

When people stop believing or do something wrong, they’re supposed to be excommunicated. Also known as disfellowshipping. This means they cannot have any contact with family or friends within said congregations, UNTIL they come back and rejoin. That my friends is emotional black mail. The only reason people will come back is to be with their family! What loving religion would separate families because one person believes something different. Not loving at all. Now that I’ve met many ex JW’s on this site, I know how traumatic and emotionally abusive this religion is. It turns families against each other and leaves scars that can never be healed.

7. Birthdays

There is no scripture saying you can’t celebrate birthdays. And yet jw’s won’t celebrate them because there were two examples of birthdays in the bible and at both a person was killed. The events that took place on those birthdays were bad, but that doesn’t mean birthdays are bad.They think that funerals are a time to remember a persons life which is true, you mourn and remember. But Why not celebrate the fact a person is alive another year? Where we can still speak to and touch them and be grateful they are still here? I mean we are grateful every single day but what’s wrong with having one special day that we pay extra attention to? Also another reason I heard was that the bible never mentions Jesus celebrating his birthday and we have to follow in his footsteps. God forbid we think for ourselves and do something Jesus hasn’t mentioned before.

If any witness can give me an explanation of these 6 things then maybe I will consider going back, but so far all I have is ”That’s jehovahs way of doing things and since he is perfect he is never wrong” “We all have to make sacrifices” “You’re going to fall away from Jehovah because you’re an animal justice warrior?” “Homosexuality is disgusting and unnatural. ITS A PERVERSION! Two men having sex is the same as having sex with animals” “Jehovah was testing Adam and Eve’s loyalty and now we’re paying the price.”

Incompetent answers for an incompetent book.

Birthdays Aren't Important, But You Are

Fandom:  방탄소년단 | Bangtan Sonyeondan | BTS

Pairing: namjin (Namjoon | Seokjin)

Language: English

Trigger Warning: None

Rating: General

Word count: 5k


Seokjin wasn’t really the jealous type. He had a lot of trust in Namjoon and his friends and the idea of being cheated on had never really crossed his mind throughout his entire relationship with the younger. Jealousy was a foreign feeling, but curiosity tended to overpower him more often than not.

But when Namjoon took awhile to answer, accidentally knocking his head with the cupboard door, Seokjin paused to stare at his boyfriend. A small inkling of doubt began to prickle his mind when Namjoon answered him without meeting his eyes.


Or, when Seokjin thought Namjoon was cheating on him when he tried to keep a secret.

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Things I Learned About God This Summer 2k14

I haven’t done a life update in a while. So bear with me. God is GOOD.

As this summer comes to a close I have come to realize three things.

  1. God’s presence does not depend on how we feel
  2. If you ask, He will come
  3. He is alive and well, continually working in our lives

His presence:

It’s everything, it’s everywhere. What is it? The power of the Holy Spirit can empower you to speak words others need to hear. It will bring conviction when you want to block out every single person’s advice. It will restore your relationship with Christ, because it is God’s messenger. The power of the Holy Spirit isn’t some creepy ghost floating around your head like casper or the Flying Dutchmann. But it alters you into who God wants you to be, IF YOU LET HIM.

His coming:

Christ came to Earth, He lived, He was flawless, He was spotless, He was perfect. He died the most tragic death with the entire weight of sin upon His human body. He rose again to defeat the grave once and for all. And He lives because He is God and He is freedom. That is the life we are to live (not the whole dying for the sins of the world thing) but the living of resurrection life. We are to live as if Heaven is at our doorstep. We are to proclaim that He is GOOD and He is FAITHFUL. The pain you endure now is incomparable to the glory that God has in store. So be patient and persevere. Our purpose on earth was determined before we were breathed from dust. He knew us because we set foot on Earth. And He DESIRES us. He wants us to invite Him into our hearts because He has already invited us. We just have to accept Him. Our hearts are evil, heavy burdened, full of deceit. Yet God Himself wants to accommodate His infinite goodness into our tiny, hearts. That is Our God. So gracious, so humble, so mighty.

Miracle Maker:

Yes His power is infinite. Yes He created the stars and calls them by name. But how is He a personal God? Why don’t miracles happen today like they did in Jesus’ time or even before that? Well they do. And God has given us this power to do it in His name. The name above all names. (I hope my Aunty doesn’t mind me sharing this) But in early May she was diagnosed with a massive tumor overtaking her cerebral cortex (the most important part of our brains i’d like to think) and of course our entire family were devasted, broken and we asked God why? But we pressed in with complete faith, that God WILL HEAL. So she booked in her surgery for July 4th (the day after her birthday) and we contineud to pray. I was in the US during the time of her surgery and the times when family was praying. (i’m so bummed that i wasn’t there to support) anyway, one night, I got on my knees and began to worship God, with a humble heart, with complete brokenness that we all have. I pleaded that God would heal her, our whole family did. So she went through with surgery, and after she was out of unconsciousness she began to speak already…! She said to the doctor: “why aren’t you in surgical attire?” Every single day after the surgery the progress of recovery was leaps and bounds. It was really a miracle! She is completely healed and the part of her brain where the tumor was is completely back to normal. Her faith inspired our entire family to do more for God. After a week she told us all she remembered, was lifting her hands when she was in ICU and praising God and thanking Him silently. There’s something completely beautiful about a humble heart worshipping God in the storm. He will never reject praise no matter how small, no matter where you are. He loves You. Just ask for His presence, Just ask for Him to give you a miracle that He be glorified. He is so worthy, so glorious. Take heart because He Has overcome. He wants you to invite Him into Your life. This world is chaos, but He is firm, secure and everlasting. Though you will stumble, You will only fall into His love and His grace. 

I love you guys so much. Thank you for going on this journey with me. Christ is enough, always has been, always will be.