and why is yugi so embarrassed

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Atem? You seem like you would have some interesting/funny headcanons about him! :o

I sure hope I do! :D Throwing ancient Egypt knowledge in this as well, cause I’m a huge nerd for it.

-Gonna put this on the table first, if I’m doing an au where he stayed with Yugi, this boy wears skirts, and he looks damn good in them. He wore skirts and whatnot back in Egypt and loves having his legs exposed. His theory is ‘if you’ve got the legs, show ‘em to the world’. He also shaves because he’s not a fan of having leg hair (he shaved Yugi’s legs a few times when they still shared a body)

-His hair is real, he knows it’s usually too hot to have his natural hair on his head in Egypt, but… he can’t just cut it off! He believes it was a blessing from Ra, a sign that he had contact with the god! To hell with shaving his hair and wearing itchy wigs! He’s all natural, baby. But having natural hair doesn’t stop him from wearing a cone of sweet perfume on his head like many people in his kingdom, it’s cooling and you smell great as it melts

-If he stayed with Yugi, he sleeps in the same bed as him. He doesn’t like sleeping alone since he was left alone for centuries. He kicks in his sleep though so Yugi sometimes has to build a pillow wall

-He likes learning to do new things, even if they are basic. Sure, yes, he learned much from being inside of Yugi for two years, but when he gets his own body, he doesn’t quite know what to do. Well, he knows what to do, but his body isn’t use to the actions, he actually had trouble with putting on a duel disk, and he had trouble with just trying to type on a computer for the first time.

-When he became pharaoh, his first new year’s festival (they had something for it then) was embarrassing because he… had to perform a certain ceremony in front of his people at the Nile to make sure it was ‘fertile’ for the next growing season. This is a real thing, and it is in honor of Atum/Amun-Ra (the god he is named after) creating the first signs of life aside from himself in the waters that surrounded him, I am not even kidding, oh jeez, I am so sorry 

-He is shockingly good at video games, even better than Yugi. He doesn’t know why, nor does he even realize that he’s good at them. His favorites are sandbox games cause he can do all the side missions and yet still get the main plot done during said side missions 

-He has a huge sweet tooth, but he also really loves spicy dishes. Not a fan of seafood, but he will eat it if he has to. Not caviar though (his least favorite food in canon is caviar)

-Atemu is actually good at sports, considering that, yes they are a form of gaming. He just doesn’t like to do them, doesn’t like to get dirty or hurt.

-I mentioned that Yugi has a tattoo of Atemu’s name on his person, Atemu has Yugi’s somewhere on himself

-I like headcanoning him as trans. Oddly, he has the deep voice he had in Yugi’s body if he gets his own body (but in Egypt, he had his season zero voice, which I think still fits him either way)

-If Atemu has a cell phone, he keeps the ringer on, with the volume all the way up, Yugi doesn’t know if it’s ever been muted or put on vibrate

-He speaks his native tongue to himself, thinking no one will hear when he’s bitching and complaining, but he often forgets that Kaiba and Grandpa understand him

A couple of people have told me that in the manga, Jounouchi really DOESN’T see Mai in his dream, so him telling her this is just him being honest (if perhaps a little lacking in tact since she asked hopefully!) This really just shifts the confusion around! There’s still no good in-universe explanation for why Jounouchi doesn’t tell her - he just says it’s embarrassing, but why is it more embarrassing to dream about Mai than to dream about Anzu, who is also a girl? Or Ryou, who is also a less closely-involved friend? Or Yugi, who is also a dueling rival? Or Honda, who he is also doth-protest-too-much “LOL NO ROMO” about when he accidentally demonstrates any affection towards?

Meanwhile, why did the manga not include her in the dream?? Here at least it’s a tragic “she didn’t know she actually was included until too late”, but if she wasn’t included, it becomes a socially-awkward “she accurately knew she wasn’t included”. Not that “dream presence” is a great signifier of friendship but apparently it’s the one we’re using!

This whole Mai-Jounouchi relationship is a mess, to be honest, probably because in the manga, they’re supposed to have a friendly older-sister younger-brother kind of relationship and in the anime they decided a cool and not at all questionable idea would be to float a canon ship between a 16-year-old boy and an adult woman who only hangs out with teenagers. But they have to construct it onto the bones of what was already there.

You know, actually it’s mostly the character of Mai which is a mess; 24 is just too old to make sense here. Or, more accurately, 24 is a very reasonable age, but everyone else is in their mid-fucking-teens because #ANIME. If the main cast were all in a 19-21 sort of age range, the whole damn show would make more sense.