and why is it everywhere

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The earring is just jikook, no idea why they're always wearing it everywhere though. The maknae line accessory is a pendant, I think it's red for Tae, Blue for Jungkook and Purple for Jimin.

oh yeah i read about the different colors for the pendant it’s so cute sdjhsks and thank you for clearing this up for me, i’m sleepy deprived and can’t keep up lmao

Why is Lance a Popular Character?

Everywhere, Lance is a really popular character.

Amongst everyone, Lance mostly gets love despite nothing reallt happening to him in the series.

So, why?

Why does Lance get so much love?

Every character gets love from everyone.

Though, most everything is Lance-centric.

Let me explain.

Lance was introduced as a narcissistic person, so that keeps you wondering, who would like someone like him?

Well, it’s because of his insecurities.

Lance’s insecurities makes him connect to so many people.

People can relate to Lance’s insecurities.

While, we have the other characters.

Keith is half galra.

Shiro has PTSD.

Allura and Coran lost her whole planet.

Pidge lost her family while they were adventuring in space.

Hunk, we aren’t sure.

But, as you can see, you can’t relate to those problems.

Are you half galra?

Do you have PTSD like Shiro does?

Did you lose your whole planet because of the galra?

Did you lose your family while they were adventuring in space?

No, and that’s what makes Lance relatable.

Sometimes you feel that you are a third, or possibly seventh wheel.

You feel that you don’t belong somewhere.

You feel empty, and you feel useless like you can’t do anything.

That’s why Lance is so popular with angst.

We can relate to him in someway.

I end my explanation :>

Awww, okay, Mr. Hardass-badass AKA Toji fawning over his sister like this is genuinely adorable.


Enjoy your happy life with all four of your limbs, little man. You just dodged a really big bullet.

Mere minutes before the big activation test, Asuka gave Misato a call. To thank her! To open up to her! Wow… Asuka actually told Misato that for most of her life, she’s been content with being alone. An outsider, left to her own devices. But recently, she’s reconsidered, and finds that the companionship of everyone has been refreshing.

Maybe that simple phone call from Rei as Asuka approached the site had an impact on her. After all that vitriol spewed at her, Rei still said “Thank you” to her. For the friendship, I assume.

Oh lord. Why does what’s about to happen have to happen!? WHY, OH WHY?!

…Asuka sure does carry that hand-puppet with her everywhere, huh?
The NRA Wants Gun Owners To Carry Everywhere. Here's Why They Shouldn't.
A new study finds that weaker concealed carry laws are linked to significantly higher rates of gun homicide.

This is the most misleading piece I’ve ever seen run on this. The article makes the claim that, because firearms homocide is about 10% higher in states with loose laws around carry, THEREFORE violent crime is caused by increased rates of carry. For one thing, more strict regulations around carry do not necessarily mean fewer carriers. And for another, shall-issue states and may-issue states are separated by a lot more than just their laws on carry- typically they are respectively red and blue states, and this does not compare their poverty rates, their crime rates at different times wrt changes in gun legislation (if it’s about carry then a shall-issue state like mine, which btw still requires hundreds of dollars to get your license, should go from little crime before carry to a lot of crime after legal carry which SURPRISE has not happened here but you do not see that mentioned), rates of drug use, literally ANYTHING other than “duhhhh can you carry a gun here or not?” Which isn’t even a useful question because every state allows concealed carry now, my own state having been the last of 50 to permit it!

Correlation isn’t causation except when it is, I guess.

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Why is there so much bacon soup everywhere?! Heh, just thinking out loud there. You probably don't know where they came from either.

“The Bacon Soup?” He thought for a moment, “Well…after we created it, I don’t believe it sold very well at all. Using…cheap ingredients was never smart.”

I was watching a video that was talking about survival tips and they referred to condoms as a birth control tool.

And for some reason it never occurred to me that I don’t understand how THAT birth control method isn’t hotly debated and is widely available on shelves literally everywhere but plan b is.

Like why aren’t condoms included in “birth control” topics? They’re under the same umbrella? I mean I know why.

Anyways I watched another video by them and look at this chicken:

Real briefly

Some racist fucking bullshit happened in the R76 discord about a month ago and going to the mods about it resulted in me being told that my opinion only matters to them because I’m ~one of the good PoC~ who doesn’t get angry and lies out of my ass to appease white people and I’ve been in a constant state of complete hysterical breakdown ever since



This is genuinely affecting me IRL I can’t sleep I can’t eat I can’t do anything I’m so tired

Why are people all the same everywhere all the time why don’t people believe me when I tell them they’re all the same why can’t people just fucking apologize why why why why

People are going to shit on me for complaining about this publicly but I’m so tired of pretending I’m okay and saying nothing and not being allowed to be angry why do they get to have feelings and not me why

I can’t take it anymore I’m sorry


Related to this incident a few days ago where I was f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g o-u-t that I couldn’t sign in for two hours #dramallamas

I’m sorry, Seven, but imma still go for Juju so just wait. Your. TURN. B O I .

And tonight we can truly say,
together we’re invincible~

Comission by the amazing @lolakasa

Thank you for making my arumika dreams come true 💙🌊

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Dedicated to @kyraimi~

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“My child, you will break my heart no more.”

“Young human of my property. You will cease from damaging the organ of my property in wich it is named “heart” and pumps blood trough my body.”

“Human who has yet to reach the age of maturity whom I consider to be my property, you will cease to inflict emotional damage that metaphorically injures the muscle in my chest which supplies life giving blood.”

“homo sapiens of an age value smaller than mine, and therefore younger than myself. you shall cease causing me emotional pain, usually metaphorically described as causing physical harm to the organ in my circulatory system which sends blood cells and oxygen through my body, known as the “heart.””

“Stop hurt“

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You're everywhere on Tumblr but for different things? Why are you Tumblr famous? Are you real-world famous too? I don't mean this in a mean way I'm just confused

yeah i originally rose to fame through my marriage to paris hilton in 2006, after that i toured as the keyboardist of radiohead for 2 years and now i’m just here making memes