and why i don't want to live on this planet anymore

history of the entire world, i guess; a transcript

hi. you’re on a rock, floating in space. pretty cool, huh? some of it’s water. fuck it, actually most of it’s water. i can’t even get from here to there without buying a boat. it’s sad. i’m sad. i miss you. how did this happen? a long time ago, actually never, and also now, nothing is nowhere. when? never. makes sense, right? like i said, it didn’t happen. nothing was never anywhere. that’s why its been everywhere. it’s been so everywhere, you don’t need a “where”. you don’t even need a “when”. that’s how “every” it gets. (pause). forget this. i wanna be something, go somewhere, do something. i want things to change. i want to invent time and space. and i know it’s possible because everything is here and it probably already happened. i just don’t know when to start. and that’s exactly where it started. (background noise) woah. i… paused it. i think there’s a universe now. what’s it made of? quarks and stuff. ah, that’s a thing, in a place. don’t like it? try a new place, at a different Time™. try to stick together because the world is gonna get bigger and emptier. but it’s not empty yet. it’s still very full, and about a kjghpillion degrees. (about no seconds later). great news! the quarks are now happily married in groups of three called a “proton” or a “neutron”. and there’s something else flying around too that wants to join in but can’t cause it’s still to (HOT). (about ten minutes later). great news! the protons and the neutrons are now happily married to each other (some of them even doubled up). (about 380,000 years later). great news, the electrons have now joined in. congratulations, the world is now a bunch of gas in space. but it’s getting closer together and it’s getting closer together and it’s getting closer together. it’s a staaaar. new shit just got made. some stars burn out and die. bigger stars burn out and die with passion! and make some brand new way crazier shit. space dust! which allows newer, more interesting stars to be made, and then die, and explode into even crazier space dust. so now stars have cool stuff around them, like rocks, ice, and funny clouds, which can make some very interesting things. like this ball of flaming rocks, for example. holy shit, we just got hit with another ball of flaming rocks, and it kinda made a mess. which is now the moon. weather update: it’s raining rocks from outer space. weather update: those rocks might’ve had water inside them and now there’s Hot Steam in the sky. weather update: cooler temperatures today, and the floor is no longer lava. weather update: its raining. severe flooding alert: the entire world is now an ocean. volcano alert: that’s land. there’slifeintheocean. what? something’s alive in the ocean. oh cool, like a plant or an animal? no. a microscopic speck! it lives at the bottom of the ocean and eats chemical soup which is being served hot and fresh made from gnarly space ingredients leftover from when it was raining rocks or whatever. oh yeah, and it can do that. it has secret instructions written inside itself telling it how to build another one of itself. so that’s pretty nifty, i would say. tired of living at the bottom of the ocean? now you can eat sunlight. using a revolutionary technique you can convert sunlight into food. taste the sun. side effect: now there’s oxygen everywhere and the sky’s blue. then the earth might’ve been a snowball for a while, maybe even a coupla times. it’s a sponge, it’s a plant, it’s a worm and some other types of weird strange water bugs and strange fish. it’s the Cambrian explosion. “wow, that’s animals and stuff.” but we’re still in the ocean. hey, can we go on land? NoO. why? the sun is a deadly lazer. oh okay. not anymore there’s a blanket. now the animals can go on land. come on, animals, let’s go on land! “nope, can’t walk yet. and there’s no food yet so i don’t care.” (100 million years later) ok, will you learn to walk if there’s plants up here? “maybe,” said some bugs, and fish. “uh. uh. uh.” (five million years later) “ok so i can go on land but i have to go back in the water to have babies.” (idea) learn to use an egg. “i was already doing that.” use a stronger egg, and put water in it, have a baby, on land, in an egg. water is in the egg, baby, in the water, in the egg. works for me. bye bye ocean. aaand now everything is huge. including bugs. wanna see a map of the land? sure. ah fuck, now everything’s dead. just kidding here are the survivors. keep your eye on this one because its about to become the dinosaurs. here’s another map of the land. yeah, it broke apart, don’t worry about it, it does that all the time. here comes a meteor. and the dinosaurs are gone. its mammal time! here come the mammals. look at those breasts. now they’re gonna dominate the world, and one of them just learned how to grab stuff. and walk. no, like, walk like ‘that’. and grab stuff at the same time. and bang rocks together to make… pointed rocks. “ouch.” and set things on fire. “yeouch.” and make crazy sounds with their voice (“gneurshk.”) which can mean different things. that’s a human person. and now they’re everywhere, almost. ice age. what? you can walk over here? cool. not anymore. i guess we’re stuck here now.

let’s review. there’s people on the planet. and they’re chasing their food. fuck it, time to plant some grass. look at this, i control the food now. now everyone will want to be my friend and live near me. let’s all build houses except mine is bigger because i own the food. this is great, i wonder if anyone else is doing this. tired of using rocks for everything? use metal. it’s underground. better farming was just invented in a sweet dank valley right in between these two rivers, and the animals are helping. guess what happens next. more food, and more people who came to buy the food. now you need people to help make the food and keep track of the sales. and now you need houses for people to live in, and people to make the houses. and now there’s more people and they invent things, which makes things better and more people come. and there’s more farming and more people to make more things for more people. and now there’s business, money, writing, laws, power. sociiiety. coming soon to a dank river valley near you. meanwhile, out in the middle of nowhere, the horse is probably being tamed. why is all my metal so lame and lumpy? tired of using lame, sad metal? introducing bronze, made with special ingredient tin from the far lands of tin land. i don’t know, my dealer won’t tell me where he gets it. also, guess what - egypt. meanwhile, out in the middle of nowhere, they figured out how to put wheels on a horse. now we’re getting somewhere. also, china. and did i mention indusrivervalleycivilization. norte chico. the middle east is getting more complicated, maybe because it’s in the middle of the east. knock knock- er, clop clop, it’s the people with the horses? and they made an empire! and then everyone else copied their horses. greeks! ah look, it must be the greeks, or a beta version of the greeks. let’s check in with the indus river valley civilization. they’re gone. guess who’s not gone? china. new arrivals in india. maybe it’s thosehorsepeopleiwastalkingabout or theircousinsorsomething. and they wrote some hymns and mantras and stuff. you could make a religion out of this. there’s the bronze age collapse. now the phoenicians can get down to business. also, can we switch to a metal that’s a little easier to find? thanks. look who came back to israel, it’s the twelve tribes of israel. and they believe in god. just one though, he’s got like a ten step program. here’s some huge heads, must be the olmec. the phoenicians make some colonies. the greeks copy their idea and make some colonies. the phoenicians made a colony so big it makes colonies. here comes the assyrian empire. nevermind it’s the babylonian- median- it’s the persian empire. “wow, that’s big.” ah, the buddha was just enlightened! who’s the buddha? this guy, who sat under a tree for so long that he figured out how to ignore the fact that we’re all dying. you could make a religion out of this. oops, china just broke, but while it was breaking confucius was figuring out how to have good morals. ah, the greeks just had the idea of thinking about stuff. and right over here, alexander just had the idea of conquering the entire persian empire. it’s a great idea, he was…great. and now he’s dead. hopefully, the rest of the gang will be able to share the empire evenly between them. knock knock, it’s chandragupta, he says, “get the hell out of here, will you get the hell out of here if i give you 500 elephants? ok thanks bye; time to conquer all of india- or most of india”. but what about this part? that’s the tamil kings, no one conquers the tamil kings. who are the tamil kings? merchants, probably. and they’ve got spices. who would like to buy the spices? “me,” said the arabians, swiftly buying them and selling them to the rest of the world. hey, china put itself back together again with good morals as their main philosophy. actually they have three main philosophies. out here, the horse nomads run wild and free, and they would like to ransack your city. let’s check the greekification levels of the greekified kingdoms: greekification overload! “bye,” said the parthians, “bye,” said the jews. “hi,” said the parthians, taking over the entire place. “heyyyyyyyy,” said the romans, eating the entire mediterranean for breakfast. “thanks for invading our homeland,” said the jews, who were starting to get tired of people invading their homeland. “hi, everything’s great,” said some guy who seems to be getting very popular, and then gets arrested and killed for being too popular, which only makes him more popular. you could make a religion out of this. want silk? now you can buy it from china! they just made a brand new road to the world…or you can get there on water. “sick, new trade routes,” said india, accidentally spreading their religion to the entire southeast. hmm, that’s a good place for an epic trading kingdom. there goes buddhism, travelling up the silk road. i wonder if it’ll reach china before it collapses again. “remember the persian empire? yup,” said the persians, making a new one. axum is getting so powerful they would like to build a long stick. has anyone populated madagascar yet? let’s do it together. china is whole again…then it broke again. still can’t cross the sahara desert? try camels. “hell yeah, now we’ve got business,” said the ghana empire, selling lots of gold, and slaves. “hi i live in the roman empire and i was wondering, is loving jesus legal yet?” “no” “actually ok sure,” said constantine, moving the capitol way over here to be closer to his main rival. don’t worry about rome, it won’t fall. it’s the golden age of india. there’s the gupta empire. not chandragupta, just gupta, first name chandra, the first. guess who’s in rome? barbarians. what’s a barbarian? “non-romans,” said the romans, being invaded by non-romans. r.i.p. roman empire. or actually, just half is just fine. but it’s not in rome anymore so let’s give it a new name. the mayans have figured out the staaars. oh, and here’s a huge city, population everyone. the göktürks have taken over the entire eurasian steppe. great job, göktürks. how’s india? broken. how’s china? back together. how’s those trading kingdoms? bigger, and there’s more of them. korea has three kingdoms. japan has a kingdom, it’s the sunrise kingdom.

deep in the arabian desert, on the top of a mountain, the real god whispers in muhammad’s ear, so he goes down to the cube where everyone worships gods, and he tells them their gods are all fake. and everyone got so mad at him that he had to leave town and go to a different town. you could make a religion out of this. and maybe conquer the world as well. the roman empire is long gone, but somehow the pope is still the pope. plus there’s new kingdoms all over europe. i wonder if there’s room for moors. here’s all the wisdom, in a house. it’s the baghdad house of wisdom, just in time for the islamic golden age. “let’s bring stuff to the coast and sell it, and become the swahili on the swahili coast,” said the swahili on the swahili coast. remember this tiny space you have to go through to get from here to there? someone owns that now. wanna get enlightened in the middle of nowhere? the franks have the biggest kingdom in europe, and the pope is so proud that he invites the king over for christmas. “surprise, you’re the new roman emperor,” said the pope, pretending to still be part of the roman empire. then the franks broke their kingdom into what will later be called france and not france. the northerners, or just norse if you don’t have that much time, are exploring. they go north, from the north to the northern north, and they find some land. two types of land, and they name them accordingly. they also invade some other places and get called many names, such as vikings. there’s the rus, the kievan rus. are they vikings? “i don’t think so,” said the kievan rus. ok, fair enough. the pope is ready to make some more emperors of the roman empire, the holy roman empire. it’s actually germany but don’t worry about it. new kingdoms! christianizeallthekingdoms. which brand would you like? “mine’s better,” “mine’s better,” “mine’s better”. “time to conquer england,” said william. it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the seljuk turks. “ahh!” said the byzantine empire, who’s getting so small it almost doesn’t exist anymore, “we need help!” they need help, so they call the pope. “hey pope, can you help us get rid of the seljuks? maybe take back the holy land on the way? come on, i know you wanna take back the holy land.” “yes, i do actually want to do that. let’s do a crusade.” crusade. they did many crusades, some of which almost didn’t fail, but at least the italians got some sweet trade deals. goodbye mayans. hello toltecs, goodbye toltecs, hello mississippi. look at those mounds. there’s the pueblo. i always wondered how to build a town in a cliff. guess who’s here? khmer. where? here, and pagan is there, and vietnam unconquered itself, korea just became itself, and japan is so addicted to art that the military might have to take over the government. china just invented bombs, and typing. and the mongols just invaded most of the universe. nice going, genghis. i bet that will last a long time! some of the islamic turks were unaffected by the mongol invasions because they were busy invading india. is it tonga time? i think it’s tonga time. i just found out where the swahili gets all their gold. look at this chad (means lake), there’s an empire there, right in the middle of africa. the king of mali is so rich he’s going on tour to let everyone know. “wow, that guy’s rich,” everyone said. the christians are doing a great job of conquering iberia which will soon be called spain and not spain. please remain christian. we will check in later to see if you are still christian when you least expect. whoops, half of europe just died. ming. china’s back, yay. hey khmer, time to share, new kingdoms here and there. oh look who controls all the islands, its the mahajapit. majahapit, mapajahit, mahapajit, mapajahit, majapahit? oh, italy’s really rich, time for them to care a lot about art and the ancient classics. it’s kinda like a rebirth. here’s a printer, lets make books. so you think you can conquer the byzantine empire? “yep,” said the ottoman turks. nice job, ottoman turks. whoops, you missed a spot; don’t forget to ban europe from the indian spice trade. “what? that’s bullshit,” said portugal, spiceless. well i guess we’ll have to find another way to india. “wait,” said christopher colombus, probably smoking crack, “if the world is round, lets go this way to india!” “nah, don’t worry we already got this,” said portugal. so chris goes to spain. “hey spain, wanna hire me to go find india by going around back of the world?”  “no.”  “please?”  “no.”  “please?”  “no.” “please?” “ok.” so he sails into the ocean, and discovers more ocean, and then discovers ‘the indies’ and ‘japan’. let’s draw a line to decide who gets which half of the world. the aztec and inca empires are off to a great start. i wonder if they know that europe just discovered their continent. the habsburgs are marrying into so many royal families they might have to start marrying each other. move over lithuania, here comes moscow. ivan wants to make russia great again. move over timurids, maybe go invade india or something. persia just made persia persian again. let’s make it the other kind of islam, the one where we thought the first guy should’ve been the other guy. hey christians, do you sin? now you can buy your way out of hell. “that’s bullshit, this whole thing is bullshit, that’s a scam, fuck the church, here’s 95 reasons why,” said martin luther, in his book which might have accidentally started the protestant reformation. “you know what would be magnificent?” said suleiman, wearing an onion hat, “what if the ottoman empire was really big, which it is now.”  “what if russia was big,” said ivan, trying not to be terrible. portugal had a dream that they controlled the entire indian ocean, including the spice trade, and then that dream was real. and spain realised that this is not india, but they pillaged it anyway. “damn,” said england and france, “we gotta start pillaging some stuff.” then the dutch revolt and all the hipsters move to amsterdam. “damn,” said amsterdam, “we gotta start pillaging some stuff.” question one: can you get to india through north america? no, but at least there’s beaver. question two: steal the spice trade. that’s not a question but the dutch did it anyway. sugar. guess where all the sugar’s made? in brazil. stolen! in the carribean, and it’s so goddamn profitable you might forget to not do slavery. the next thing on russia’s to-do list is to get bigger. britain and france are having a friendly discussion about who should control the entire world, more specifically, ohio. then it escalates into a seven year discussion, giving prussia a chance to show austria who’s boss. but what about britain and france, did they figure out who’s boss? yes they did, it’s britain. guess who’s broke? also britain. so they start taxing the hell out of america.

“fuck you,” says america, declaring their independence, and fighting for it. france helps them win, now france is broke. and britain will have to send their prisoners to a different continent. wait if france is broke, why do the king and queen still wear such fancy dresses? “let’s overthrow the palace and cut all their heads off!” said robespierre, cutting everybody’s head off until someone eventually got mad and cut his head off. you could make a reli- no don’t. haiti is starting to like the idea of a revolution, especially the slaves, who free themselves by killing their masters. “why didn’t we think of this before?” wait, who’s in charge of france now? “me,” said napoleon, trying to take over europe. luckily, they banished him to an island. but he came back. luckily, they banished him to another island. there goes latin america, becoming independent in the latin america wars of independence. britain just figured out how to turn steam into power, so now they can make many different types of machines and factories with machines in them so they can make a lot of products real fast. then they invent some trains, and conquer india and maybe put some trains there. “hey china,” said britain, “buy stuff from us.” “nah, dude we already got everything,” says china. so britain tried to get them addicted to opium, which worked actually, but then china made it illegal and dumped it all into the sea. so britain threw a hissy-fit and made them open up five cities and give them an island. britain and russia are playing a game where they try to stop each other from conquering afganistan. also the sultan of oman lives in zanzibar now, that’s just where he lives. india had a revolution, and they would like to govern themselves now. “nope,” said britain, governing them even harder than before. technology is about to go crazy. the united states finally figured out whether slavery is good or bad. “it’s bad,” they decided. and then they continued manifesting their destiny, which is to kill the rest of the natives and take their land, and maybe kick out the mexicans too. “i know, let’s rape africa,” said europe, scrambling to see who could rape it the fastest. they never got ethiopia.  britain and france are still hungry. they never got thailand. the united states ran out of destiny to manifest, so they’re looking for more. hawaii. cuba. wait spain controls cuba. “well, blame something on them and go to war! what should we blame on them? let’s blame the maine on spain!” so they blame the maine on spain. now we’re in business. to celebrate, they kick panama out of panama and make a canal, connecting the two oceans. britain just found oil in the middle east. it makes cars go. china is so tired of being bossed around that they delete their old government and make a new stronger government, which is accidentally weaker and controlled by a guy from the previous government. europe hasn’t had a war since the last war, so they start world war one. look at those guns. it’s gonna be a great war, so great we won’t need a second one. after it’s over, they blame germany. russia went on strike and the workers overthrew the government. now everyone’s paycheck is the same. communism, in the soviet union. the arabs revolt, and britain helps. now the ottoman empire is gone, so we can give the jewish people a place to live. hopefully the arabs won’t mind. “let’s cut the cake,” said sykes and picot, carving up the remains of the not-so-ottoman-anymore empire. except turkey, turkey makes a brand new turkey. and then the saudis conquer arabia. it just seemed like the right thing to do. hello? yes, it’s the 1920s calling. let’s get in a car and drive to a party and listen to the jazz on the radio and go to the movies. the economy’s great and it’ll probably be great forever. just kidding. germany’s back, featuring hitler, the angry mustache model. he’s mad at the jews for existing. japan is finally conquering the east, and they’re so excited they rape nanking way too hard. they should probably just deny it. hitler’s out of control, so the international community tackles him and tries to explain to him why killing all the jews is a bad idea, but he kills himself before they could explain it to him. that’s world war two. bonus round: pacific showdown, united states versus japan. fight! finish him. let’s unite all the nations and have some world peace. seems legit. “hi i’m gandhi and if britain doesn’t get the hell out of india i’m going to starve myself in public. wow, that worked?” bonus: now there’s pakistan. actually two pakistans. one of them can be bangladesh later. the jews and the arabs finally figured out which one of them should live in the holy land. “me”, they both said at the same time. “let’s divide up the land so everyone’s happy.” sike! they both get angrier. look out china, there’s a new china in china. what’s on the menu? communism! “no thanks,” said the other china, escaping to an island. i wonder which one is the real china. there’s the korean war, korea versus korea, nobody wins, then it’s on pause forever. let’s meet the sponsors. oh, it’s the two global superpowers. they’re having a friendly debate over which economic system is good and which is an evil virus of satan. and they both have atom bombs. fight! wait no that would be the end of the world. let’s just keep it cool and spy on each other instead. and make sure we have enough atom bombs. “i’ll race you to space. now let’s make some more countries fight themselves.” europe is tired of pillaging other continents, so the continents they were pillaging are tired of being pillaged. so here’s a new map, with new countries. now you can’t tell who they’re being pillaged by. the united states finally decided whether racism is good or bad. they decided it’s bad, and the world agrees. south africa might need another minute to think about it. let’s check the world population. woah. okay. technology’s better too, that might keep happening. the soviet union decides to relax a little and accidentally falls apart. europe makes a union, so now they can all use the same money; except britain because they don’t feel like it. let’s check the mail. surprise! it’s on the computer! whoops, someone just attacked america, i bet they’ll remember that. phone call, surprise, it’s in your pocket! wanna learn everything? surprise, it’s on the computer! now your phone’s a computer, which is in your pocket. whoops, the economy just crashed. don’t worry, the big banks won’t fail, because they’re not supposed to. surprise, flying robots! with bombs. wanna print a brain? some people have no friends. some people have no food. the globe is warming, and the ocean is full of plastic. “let’s save the planet,” said everybody, not knowing how. “let’s invent a thing inventor,” said the thing inventor inventor, after being invented by a thing inventor. that’s pretty cool. by the way, where the hell are we?

Does anybody else ever think about the fact that Peter Parker probably doesn’t expect to live past his mid-thirties?!

  • And he would just accept it too. Like one day he thought, “logically it is probably correct to assume one of my rogues will get the upper hand and kill me. I’d be stupid to think otherwise.”
  • And this boy just kind of lives life with this fact from now on???? It becomes a background thought, something that he knows he can’t change, so he doesn’t really worry about it.
  • I’m not saying Peter would be actively trying to die, but he would just always have the thought that is could be soon, it could be tomorrow. You never really know in his line of ‘work’.  
  • So he just never plans to get married, never thinks about having kids, because in his opinion he’ll be lucky to finish college.
  • And I doubt he would even realize how morbid that kind of mindset is. Really at this point, it doesn’t really bother Peter. He’s just like- “I mean I’ll try to prevent it, but there is only so much I can do.”
  • And I imagine that after a few comments his friends would start to catch on.
  • Like one day Johnny and Peter were baking in the Baxter building (okay, Johnny was doing the baking, Peter was doing the eating) and they are talking about what careers they would like to pursue, and Peter makes an off-handed comment about how whatever he does, he needs to make sure to leave Aunt May with enough money to support herself.
  • And Johnny’s all, “you mean to help support her, like when she can’t work anymore?” because that is not what it sounded like Peter’s meant at all, and Johnny’s gut is twisting inside of him.
  • And Peter looks like a deer caught in the headlights as he chokes on his cookie, “oh yeah, that’s what I mean. Yup. Y’know Flame Brain these are great cookies, top notch!”
  • And Johnny lets him deflect, but he makes it a point to listen for anything else that sounds like that. He doesn’t like it. Not one bit.
  • Or one day Peter is complaining to MJ and he says something about having a midlife crisis, and Mary Jane laughs and says “you can’t have a midlife crisis Pete, your 17.”
  • And Peter scoffs and says, “yeah, ‘mid-life crisis’, you have to be at the middle mark of your life, duh.” Before doing a double take and stuttering an “oh! Ha! Yup, you’re right hahah!” 
  • But it sticks with MJ. And now those innocent comments about having a mid-life crisis don’t seem so innocent anymore. 
  • Or one time when Gwen and Peter were on his roof trying to catch sight of any stars, and she was talking about her plans after college, how she wanted to leave the US and see the world before getting married. 
  • And Peter listened intently, but when she asks him about his own plans, he just kind of mumbled something about wanting to do anything with science. But other than that he just stays kind of quiet. 
  • And Gwen gets this nagging feeling that that means more than what it seems.
  • And I feel that the three friends would have a meeting about Peter, and just come to this realization that Peter doesn’t expect to live to 40, and it just breaks their hearts, but they don’t know what to do about it, they don’t know how to fix it

And it would be so much worse if it did happen too. 

Maybe they make it to 21/22yo, Peter has one year of college left, Gwen is planning a trip to Europe for the Summer, MJ just signed with an acting agency, and Johnny and Peter have an apartment together, and life is looking good, no one expects it to happen, because why would they? They are just getting started with life, they are young and happy, why would they think this would happen? 

And ‘boom’- the Fantastic Four were off planet and the Avengers were across the world, the Sinister Six attack the city and unmask Spider-Man on live TV and that’s it.

No one was there, no one was there to save Peter, and now he’s gone.

-New York is stunned and shocked, left to mourn their hero. 
-The News is blowing up with the footage of the public execution of the once beloved Spider-Man AKA Peter Parker.
-Aunt May is heartbroken, but so proud, so proud of her son. 
-Johnny blames himself, can’t help be wonder if he could have stopped it if he was there
-MJ leaves, can’t stand to be in NY anymore, not without Peter being there too. 
-Gwen is at a lost, feeling broken and unwhole without Peter. 

But at the same time, how can they be surprised?
Peter knew it would happen, had made his peace with it.
And if he saw it was coming, had expected it, how could they not have?

FIC: show up

supergirl, post-season 2 finale, alex/maggie, the danvers sisters, 1k, first in a series of “maggie doesn’t say yes” fics

Maggie doesn’t say yes.

Maggie says, “Babe, I love you so much, but we are not getting engaged right now. You are figuring out where Kara went and we are watching movies and spending my entire paycheck on food to cheer her up.”

Alex blinks a few times. Swallows. She has to clear her throat to say, “Yeah. Yeah, right, good idea.”

Maggie catches her by the arm before she can turn away. She holds Alex’s face in both hands and presses their foreheads together.

“I love you, Alex Danvers,” she whispers. “But we’re not getting engaged because your sister had to send away some boy who you never thought was good enough for her anyway.”

A tear slips down Alex’s cheek but she chuckles.

“When we’re ready,” Maggie says, “just us, no one else. When we’re ready, and the world isn’t ending or about to end or just saved from ending. When it’s just us and we live together and we’re ready, I’ll say yes, okay?”

Alex pulls back to look at her. “You want to live with me?”

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow,” Maggie says, because she does, God, she does, but they can’t make this decision right after the world almost ended. “Let’s find your sister first.”

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Same guy. I wasn't gonna do a follow up thing but I have a response to your complaints so I might I as well voice them. I can infer that you're not actually interested in a defense of the movie but I've already started thinking about it so this is happening now I guess. 1) I don't think Tony is front and center anymore than Steve is. They're dual protagonists/each other's antagonist so that only makes sense. I still think it's very much Steve's story. It's his tragic flaw that drives things.

2) No it doesn’t follow on perfectly from TWS but only in the same way that TWS doesn’t follow perfectly from the First Avenger. The Avengers films that take place between Cap’s movies can’t just be dismissed. With Shield long gone and the way Age of Ultron ends, there was never any chance that a Cap movie afterwards wasn’t going to essentially function as a sequel to that film. 3) I don’t really get the character progression complaint. Steve’s never been the character with an arc in his own movies. Both TFA and TWS were all about how Steve SHOULDN’T change, and how the world tries to force him to buy he rejects it. Civil War just takes that to its logical extreme, and that’s why the film is a tragedy; for once Steve is wrong about something and most of the bad things that happen in the film are a consequence of him never knowing when to pull back or compromise. 3.2) Steve’s moment of change comes when he drops the shield, and while that’s not necessarily a “progression” (in the sense that it’s a move forward) it IS the end of a character arc where Steve’s inability to ever compromise has finally caught up with him. He and the Avengers don’t get to grow into better people because this movie is all about them losing to their own flaws, not overcoming them. The opportunity for change is presented, and rejected, and that’s why it’s sad. 3.whatever) The only character with an arc that moves them forward is T'Challa, probably because he’s the one non-Avenger with an emotional stake in the conflict and thus isn’t part of the big family tragedy going on. In keeping with that he’s the only one who gets to claim any victory by the end of the movie. Except Zemo.

There’s a lot to break down here because I disagree with basically everything in here. Which isn’t to say your opinion is wrong, it’s your take on a piece of media and that’s fine, but it’s absolutely not my take on the same piece of media and here’s why.

1. Okay well the whole film was shot like an Iron Man/Avengers film. I’ve done a whole post on this before, I’ll add the link in later, but basically all the key branches of the MCU have their own “look” in the way they’re filmed, and Civil War was filmed as an Iron Man or Avengers film, not as a Cap film. (Update: here’s the post on that if you wanna read)And given that it was Steve’s film, no one else’s, it was supposedly a Captain America film, Steve should have been front and centre a lot more than Tony was - but he wasn’t, that’s the whole issue.

2. The entire narrative was shaped in such a way that despite it being Steve’s film, the way they presented the story, the whole point was for people to see Tony as being “rational and logical and doing the right thing” and Steve as the villain who was being “selfish and thinking only of himself and not the bigger picture”. Like that’s literally the way the narrative guides you. If you don’t apply critical thinking and just go in, watch the film and leave, you’re shown a narrative that puts Tony on a pedestal and treats Steve like the villain. In his own movie. He’s treated like the bad guy in a film where he’s supposed to be the hero. Steve was rational throughout if you apply logic and actually think about it, but instead people have left the film with the impression that it’s Steve having a flaw that drove this movie. Steve just wanted to help people in this movie. People that couldn’t help themselves. This movie and the key narrative of it was driven almost entirely by Tony Stark having an ego and not much else.

3. Steve had character progression in the first two films??? He had an arc??? Yes his arc was linked to other characters, ie Bucky, but it was still his arc. The whole point of those films was Steve growing and finding out who he was and how he - as Steve - fit in the world in which he inhabits, despite the way he’s perceived by those around him. Be that as skinny Steve learning that who he was inside was the most important thing about him, and that’s what made him great, even though other people overlooked that. Or whether it’s him trying to figure out who Steve Rogers is in the 21st century when all the world seems to want is Captain America. The point of those films was to show Steve as a good man, not a soldier who mindlessly follows orders like a soldier is trained to do, a good and decent man. A man who does question authority if what authority is saying is something with questionable or potentially dangerous consequences. Steve isn’t wrong to do this in Civil War. He isn’t rejecting change, he’s rejecting the loss of his agency and the loss of his freedom to choose and the implementation of total government control. That’s not a bad thing. That’s something that should 100% be questioned and fought against. Like the idea that Steve rejecting this concept - especially given the way government agencies have let him down consistently in the past - is somehow a bad thing, and that he’s “losing to his own flaw” is actually a terrifying concept to me. The idea that rejecting politicians deciding who and where on the planet deserves help and how much of it is somehow a bad thing, that scares me as a mindset. Because we live in that world and people are suffering unimaginable existences as a result of it, and it is something that should be fought against. Steve wants to help people because he wants to help people. Government agencies want to help the people located in the most financially prosperous areas because money is valued over people. And Steve has seen this truth time and time again, so he was right to oppose this. And yet, as previously mentioned, him doing this had him portrayed as the bad guy.

4. Catws does follow on pretty much perfectly from catfa. The only thing that needs explaining is Natasha’s presence there. I’ve watched catws immediately after catfa with people that have only seen the Cap films and once they went “Sorry, who’s the redhead?” and I explained who she was, they completely got the rest of the story. They didn’t need to have seen Avengers, it wasn’t really a significant part of Steve’s story. Which is what the Cap films are, or at least should be. Steve’s story. They should be separate to the Avengers content, like sure, little nods to it are fine - Nat being in catws or the reference to the Battle of New York being the trigger for Tony’s ptsd in IM3 for example - but IM3 was still very much an Iron Man movie. It was Tony’s story being told. It was about Tony and Rhodey and Pepper, it was their story. You didn’t have to watch any of the other films to follow Tony’s story. You can watch all 3 films in a row and they flow, they fit, they work together. We didn’t get that in Civil War. It wasn’t Steve’s story. It was an Avengers story. It served as an introduction to T'Challa and to Tom’s Peter, despite them both having their own films coming up. And I’m convinced the only reason people try and say it wasn’t an Avengers film is because Thor and Bruce weren’t in it, because this film had more avengers in it than the last two Avengers movies did.

5. I went to see Civil War for my birthday, again with people that have only seen the Cap films, and they had to ask me so many questions at the end. They had so much they couldn’t follow because it isn’t a sequel to Catws and isn’t a good final chapter in the Cap trilogy. It feels like a follow on to AoU. It feels like Avengers: Civil War. To the point where, if you watch catfa - catws - cacw, it feels like you’re missing something, like it doesn’t work as a trilogy, like there should be something more there. But if you watch Avengers - AoU - CW, it does flow. Even Bucky’s presence makes sense because they make reference to Steve losing him in Avengers, Sam still looking for him in AoU and then his location being found in CW. Civil War is not a sequel to Winter Soldier. It’s not a conclusion to the Cap trilogy. It doesn’t deliver even semi descent story for Steve or Bucky or Sam. Civil War is a sequel to Age of Ultron and should have been marketed as a Avengers film, and as it was supposed to be Steve’s story, it should have been about Steve and those close to him, and shouldn’t have had 10+ other main characters. At the end of this film, there shouldn’t have been people that went “T'Challa had the best arc” because Steve’s arc is the one they marketed this as. And yet here we are. So it should have been an Avengers film, because it certainly wasn’t a Cap one.

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any angst recs? :o


I will try my best, anon, my best. I don’t do tragic angst, but tugging-at-your-heart-string-nonstop that kind of angst. Beware, people who has a weak heart like me. Here comes the (more) angsty (but hopefully not too tragic) one-shot fic rec:

the yellow room by ohhotlamb (Rated T.)

“I told you, we broke up like six months ago. We’re not dating anymore.”

Hanamaki eyes him suspiciously. “You live together.”

“Yeah, so?”

“There are pictures of you two kissing stuck to your refrigerator.”

Hajime shrugs. “That wasn’t my idea. Anyways, they’re good pictures. Good lighting.”

Note: Need to rec even though it’s quite a popular one. This has wrecked me bad, really bad while I read this. Tears everywhere. Just recalling the story makes my heart ache. Read it if you haven’t and prepare for angst.

have mercy on me by hiuythn (Rated T.)

Hajime looks at the black and white slides, takes in the way the plant grows uninhibited inside him. He presses a hand to his ribcage. It doesn’t even feel like there’s anything wrong.


Or, Hajime gets the Hanahaki disease.

Born from unrequited love, the patient throws up flowers and could suffocate if not treated. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.

Note: When hanahaki disease happens, angst is ensured. Happy ending, happy ending guys!

it’s bad enough we get along so well by loveclouds (Rated T.)

Post-graduation, Iwaizumi doesn’t want Oikawa to have to choose between him and volleyball. The only thing he can think to do is to tell Oikawa how he feels and force Oikawa to turn him down, maybe even move on, but they both find out that love can be a lot more stubborn than that.

Note: Extreme pining is considered angst right? Either way I am recommending this. These boys pine so hard my heart can’t handle it sometimes. One of my favorite characterization of my boys. Just. No word.

In shambles by I_am_sorry (Rated M.)

Oikawa Tooru is in love with the best (male) courtesan of all Japan.

Note: I am sorry. I am so very sorry. No happy ending and I am dead already. In my heart, there’s a following story where they find their happy ending because I they need deserve that.

Space by EclecticInkling (Rated T.)

Tooru imagines fields of grass and wheat and flowers covering the now-barren landscape, fed by the scattered lakes and underground water reservoirs of Carystus, and tries not to think of the life on the planet they left behind. Tries not to think of his rooftop garden, or the apartment he used to inhabit, or Hajime’s broken expression on the night they whispered their goodbyes before Tooru’s launch, attempting to push it all to the back of his mind behind visions of this alien world terraformed.

It doesn’t work, but at least he tries.

Note: I’ve mentioned this fic before (and it’s a two-shot instead of one-shot) but I’d rec it again anyway if you want some angst. The vastness of space and time in this fic, you’d feel the loneliness so great that your heart would hurt with them. 

Bonus (one that did it to me and made me realize I can never take a fic with major character death again):

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Can’t Help Falling in Love

“Y/N! Y/N, wake up!” You heard Spencer yelling at you, causing you to wake up from your dream.

You were still sleep drunk so you were confused as all hell. “What? What’s going on, are you okay, what happened?” You asked him, speaking rushed.

His hands were still on your shoulders, though the grip was a little less tight and now more gentle. “You were having a nightmare. You were begging ‘them’ to stop and started thrashing. Do you want to talk about it?”

As soon as he finished his first sentence, you remembered what you had been dreaming immediately. You were thrown back to your time in school, where you had gotten bullied incessantly for the smallest things. You were still slightly traumatized from it, which lead to your reserved behavior, but you had been doing so much better with the nightmares lately.

You sighed and crawled over to him so you were sitting next to him and leaning your head on his shoulder, “it was just the same old stuff.”

He put his arm around your shoulders, bringing you in as tight as he could. “Hey, they can’t hurt you anymore. And I know that doesn’t help much, I’m sorry. But you’re here and they’re wherever and don’t have any power over you anymore. It’s okay, Y/N. It’s okay,” he reassured you.

You smiled slightly at his words, grateful that he realized how big of a deal the old memories were to you. “Thanks, Spence.”

“You know what I think we should do now?” he questioned you with a serious tone.

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “um, go to sleep as it’s 2:15 AM and you have work tomorrow?”

He waved his hand, blowing that idea off. “Let’s go to the living room, I’ll make you some hot chocolate while you pick out a movie for us to watch. Or we can just watch cat videos online. Or we can just talk. Whatever you wanna do, huh?”

You kissed his cheek, “that sounds perfect.”

You two got up from bed, but you grabbed your favorite blanket off the bed and put it around yourself like a cape. Spencer smiled at your actions and waited for you to get to his side before capturing your hand in his.

You tightened your grasp on it because you loved holding his hand. It always fit so perfectly in yours and you just loved how secure it made you feel. You were always entranced by his hands and loved fiddling with them when you guys were enjoying a lazy Sunday in bed.

When you guys got to your living room, you went to sit on the couch while you listened to Spencer getting the ingredients and tools to make hot chocolate for you. You grinned and began playing with the edge of your blanket as you thought about how lucky you were to have this kind, gorgeous man in your life.

How many guys would make you your favorite drink in the world to comfort you after a bad dream and offer to stay awake with you the rest of the night even though he has work the next day? Not many. But then again, Spencer isn’t like many guys. He’s incredibly special and unique and that’s what you love about him. As you continued thinking about the many great traits Spencer had, you heard him getting mugs out of the cupboard and pouring the hot liquid in them.

You waited for him to enter the room and you smiled up at him, “hey, hot stuff.”

He shook his head at your bad pun, “hey, Y/N. Ready for some hot cocoa?”

You reached your hand out for your mug as he sat down next to you, “yes! Thank youuuu.”

“No problem, love.”

You beamed at the pet name, which Spencer didn’t use too often. Not like you minded; it just made them all the more special when he did use them.

“Hey, Y/N?” he asked after you took a long sip of the nice drink.

You lifted your head, “hm?”

“I love you. I feel like I don’t say that enough, but I love you more than anything on the planet. And I’m sorry I can never do enough to comfort you after you have a particularly bad nightmare. I just want you to know that I care and I’ll always be here just to listen to you when you want to talk about them. You’re so much better than those horrible people and you didn’t deserve to go through what they put you through,” he smiled sadly as he finished speaking.

You put your mug down on the small coffee table, “Spence. Don’t ever apologize for what you just said. You make me feel so much better always. I love you, too. Thank you for being such a great boyfriend and person.”

He looked at you fondly, before springing up, “I have an idea!” He then ran out the room, confusing you.

You rolled with it, though, and just picked up your mug to take another sip. You had just set it back down when Spencer came in the room with an old iPod he had. He set it down and pressed some buttons before walking over to you.

The beginning notes for Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love began to play as he offered you his hand. “Dance with me?”

You grinned up at him and dropped your blanket on the couch as you took his hand and stood up. You guys maneuvered around the table and started slow dancing to your favorite love song.

He sang along softly to the lyrics. “And I can’t help falling in love with you,” he crooned as he held you tighter and kissed the top of your head.

You moved your head back and captured his lips with yours.

You pulled your head back and whispered, “I love you, Spence.”

He smiled and looked at you with complete adoration in his eyes as he whispered back, “And I love you, Y/N.“

Wrote this short little fluff piece for you, @gubl-oser !

Hope you liked it and that it made you smile!!

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i just realized what would eventually be a big (and oh so very human) problem in the post-war society. copyright claims. the rate of yeerk infestation among musicians, showwriters, and authors must be quite high as they're prominent and influential and their work reaches a big audience. but who do the works produced by a controller actually belong to? the yeerk? the human? how do you even prove who the idea originally belonged to? let's face it: people would sue for that.

Honestly I don’t foresee it being a problem at all, for several super-cynical reasons.

  • First of all, do we ever see any alien species put out work that any other species considers ‘art’?  Ax alludes to a bunch of different andalite jokes that mostly fly over his human friends’ heads, Dak Hamee describes some of the hork-bajir communication as ‘music’ whereas Aldrea considers it ‘noise,’ the andalites have a bunch of artistic structures on their Dome ships that to the Animorphs and Loren just look like trees near ponds, and if humans and hork-bajir ever manage to share any kind of artistic experience during those ~4 months they’re living together near the end of the war we never hear about it (#49-#54).  Similarly, most aliens don’t seem to get human culture: Ax loves “these messages” and says “[human music] is awful. All of it” (#8).  Yeerks probably have their own art forms, but Visser One describes television as “artifice and deception” and music as “screaming” (Visser).  We rarely see controllers watching or reading stories unless it’s as a cover for something else, never hear them listen to music, and the only mention of television in a yeerk-runs setting are the human voluntary hosts watching a human sitcom while their yeerks feed (#1).  Even Elfangor, who is the biggest human-culture nut in the series (and a little bit of a weirdo for it, Andalite Chronicles strongly implies) thinks cigarette ads are more beautiful than the actual content of magazines.  This motif actually makes a ton of sense when you think about it, because there’s no reason that extremely different cultures would have similar enough music for cross-pollination to occur.  As it is, there are tons of jokes and songs and shows within human cultures that get labeled as “I guess you have to be American [Japanese, Irish, etc] in order to find it funny,” and that’s just within cultures on the same planet.  Standards of taste vary by geography, and there is a LOT of geography separating the alien species in this series. Anywhoo, it would strike me as relatively unrealistic within the series as a whole and within our knowledge of sociology for a yeerk to put out something that many humans consider art.  
  • Secondly, this question raises a lot of bigger (messier) questions about the respective power dynamics of the yeerks and human hosts after the war.  We never know a single goshdarn thing about what happens to the yeerks after their surrender, so this is all speculation, but… The human hosts are the ingroup.  The yeerk invaders are the outgroup.  The humans win; the yeerks lose.  There are five billion humans on the planet at the time, and maybe 100,000 yeerks.  All of those factors suggest that the yeerks are going to be awfully low on the pecking order of human society, if they’re in communication with human society at all.  There are other possibilities, including them being moved “elsewhere” on Earth as the taxxons are, including them being culturally annihilated, including them being barred from mainstream communication.  Let’s assume for a moment, though, that they simply go to live among the humans.  (I consider that possibility wildly unrealistic, for reasons I outline here, and no I’m not discussing it anymore for reasons I outline here.) They’re still a group of outsiders who have an extremely nasty cultural history with the humans.  When these kinds of questions arise, it tends to be the individual with more cultural power that wins: we talk about “Watson and Crick’s Theory of DNA” even though they blatantly stole from Rosalind Franklin because the alternative would be respecting women in science, about “Darwinism” not “Wallaceism” because although those two genuinely discovered approximately the same concept at the same time Darwin had better social connections, and about Archimedes more than Hypatia because Hypatia was yet another woman with power violently erased from math texts for millennia.  AND THOSE ARE JUST THE ONES WE KNOW ABOUT. Historians have hypothesized that entire libraries’ worth of literature both scientific and artistic have been published by women using their husbands’ names, people of color using white fronters, and otherwise disenfranchised geniuses forced to rely on better-connected backers.  Anywhoo, I honestly don’t think there would be a fight even if a yeerk did make art, because I’m pretty sure the human would win.
  • Third: let’s talk war reparations.  Humans tend to suck at them, and tend to prefer revenge to reconstruction, but generally speaking people tend to try to help other people who have suffered as a result of war (as long as it comes at minimal inconvenience to themselves, of course) which is why we’ve got the G.I. Bill in the U.S., which is why Germany has outlawed NeoNaziism, and which is why the phrase “never again” strikes such a chord with so many groups.  Ergo, assuming that the war happened and the humans came out the other side, it’s probably safe to say that the humans are at least making a half-assed effort to acknowledge that “oh lord what the yeerks did was OBJECTIVELY TERRIBLE” and therefore would probably just err on the side of granting rights to the humans.  
  • Fourth, copyright law might not work like that.  Now, I don’t know shit about copyright law, but what I do know is that once a copyright has been filed and is on record, it’s heckin hard to get that copyright changed.  Generally it would involve a GINORMOUS civil case and some really strong evidence that someone currently uncredited with a particular output definitely inarguably beyondallreasonabledoubtedly contributed to the process of creating that output.  The few cases of Person A suing Person B for rights to a piece of art that I’ve ever read about have tended to go with the “Possession is nine-tenths of the law” principle (AKA if Person A’s name is on the piece of art then everyone defaults to assuming it belongs to Person A) with a side of “Can we all just exchange money and stop fighting?” (AKA everyone loves out-of-court settlements because generally speaking everyone benefits).  So if a yeerk was challenging a human over the rights to a piece of art that would have the human’s name on it anyway (because yeerks putting out art in their own names that would be recognized by humans enough to have legal issues would be hella suspicious), and if the human and the yeerk were both like “dude, I wrote this”…. Then I would assume that 99.99% of cases would end with the judge being like “go away and stop wasting my time, yeerk claimant,” or saying “take a little money and then go away, yeerk claimant” and at some point there would be enough precedent that the yeerks would get screwed.  
  • Fifth… Sorry to the yeerk fans of the world, but I don’t give a crap if the yeerks do get screwed.  If the host was voluntary and working with the yeerk to put out art, then there shouldn’t be an issue.  If the host was enslaved to the yeerk and being used as a puppet to make stuff the yeerk wanted to make, then the yeerk kinda deserves to get screwed out of anything they used a slave to make.  

Tl;dr: The issue of copyrighting assumes a) that yeerks put out art humans can appreciate, b) that yeerks have enough status in human society post-war to even attempt any claims, c) that any judge wouldn’t just say “the human deserves the rights” and call it a day, d) that there’s enough ambiguity left in the authorship of a piece of art with the human’s name on it to create space for conflict, and e) that there would be any “justice” in letting an involuntary host and a human-assaulting yeerk share credit for a work.  I’m not sure any of those assumptions is necessarily backed by sociology, history, jurisprudence, or the Word of Our God and Savior K.A. Applegate.

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I don't understand, why are they hyping Sansa vs Jon so much? I confess, I'm weak, I'm starting to think they are doing this so we think it's BS but in the end it'll be true. But then we have some contradictions: Sansa will do not-so-honourable things but even though Jon will listen to her more... wth?? My mind is blowing trying to figure it out what they're trying to say. I hope it isn't true and that the "one unexpected tryst" isn't Sansa/Creepyfinger bc that'd be completely OOC, bad writing.

Hi Anon, thanks for the ask!

Let’s get this “one unexpected tryst” out of the way first. Here’s a list of possibilities:

Greyworm x Missandei: What’s unexpected about that? They’ve been an item since season 5.

Yara x Ellaria: Unexpected I suppose, but it doesn’t seem all that important? Idk, I would have preferred to see some D@ny/Yara action, but I guess she can fuck whoever she wants, doesn’t have to mean anything…

JxD: If that’s the one they’re calling unexpected I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. 

Jon x Sansa: A girl can dream, right? But I’m afraid we won’t get more than tension-filled interactions, longing looks and if we’re extremely lucky, perhaps a kiss this coming season.

Sansa x LF: No. Just. No. Sorry, Anon, but I don’t even want to go there. I just can’t…

Cersei x Euron: Possibly? 

D@ny x Euron: In the books the flashy, bold pirate is actually sort of D@ny’s type, but to most show viewers it would be unexpected…

D@ny x Tyrion: Where can I sign up for that? I didn’t even realize how much I needed this until Peter Dinklage confirmed Tyrion being smitten!

This could be a very long list, if it’s truly unexpected, it could be anyone, right? I’ll leave it here and I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out…

Now, about the Starkbowl hype… 

I’ll admit that I also have my moments of doubt, but if Starkbowl is legit, hyping it up the way they’ve been doing for the last year doesn’t make any sense. The producers would want it to be a shocking development, not completely unexpected I suppose, so they’d tease it, but this has all been too on the nose…

If we’re looking at in-universe logic, it really wouldn’t make any sense for Jon to leave Sansa in charge of his kingdom if there was a real power struggle going on between them. He’s not that oblivious, especially not after already having been betrayed once.

It would also completely throw out Sansa’s arc of returning to her roots, her home and reclaiming her Stark identity. It would be outright bad storytelling. 

What I also think you have to understand about what the actors are saying is that they’re in season promotion mode right now… I try not to pay too much attention to anything they’re stating in interviews at the moment.

But I’d say it is really interesting that they want us to scrutinize Jon and Sansa so closely…. D&D pointing out that their relationship will be crucial to watch, the Starkbowl hype, the last trailer… They’re so intent on making us focus our attention on them, despite all the other storylines in season 7. Why is that?

Now, there might be some truth to Kit Harington’s words… Right after filming he already said Jon will start to listen to Sansa and he’s saying it again now, so that’s something I tend to see as truthful.

And even the part about Sansa doing some not-so-honourable things could be true. But I think she’ll do them to protect Jon and to bring down LF. I can definitely see Sansa not being able to confide in Jon about her plans, and him growing suspicious of her because of that. This could definitely lead to some tension and them parting on less-than-ideal terms. 

So I think we’ll see Sansa playing LF, possibly also Jon playing D@ny. (I wrote this a couple of days ago). And I believe D&D want us as the audience to stay in the dark or at least unsure about both of Jon and Sansa’s true allegiance for as long as possible.

So this will be a really stressful season for Stark fans and Jonsa shippers to watch, but I have faith that in the end everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to.

The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. 

mongoose-bite  asked:


  • When I started shipping it: while watching season 2, actually. it just seemed like lance was kinda?? trying to get shiro’s attention more? he mentions shiro is his hero in season 1, but other than him looking kinda deflated when shiro scolds him for something, you don’t really see a lot of him valuing shiro’s opinion. in season 2 you see he really takes the things shiro says to heart though, like how upset he gets when shiro takes keith to the bom instead of him. also there’s beta traz, where lance is feeling down the whole time but one compliment from shiro just makes his day. its obvious he wants to step up more, and he wants shiro to see him as a valuable member of the team 
  • and actually, even my first time watching the pilot, i thought lance meeting shiro was a really nice moment. shiro goes to shake lance’s hand and holds out his galra tech arm. lance flinches back on instinct, and you get this look 
  • you can see that lance is affected by this, that he realizes on some level shiro must’ve been through a lot. but he covers up his own concern and gives this small smile. i think its both to put shiro at ease because he hesitated, but also because he’s meeting his hero and he’s genuinely happy. the fact that he reaches back and grabs shiro’s hand anyway is an affirmation of this. he could’ve just flinched away and left it at that, but he doesn’t. he makes a conscious effort to reach back. it’s a small thing, but it shows that lance is both perceptive and empathetic. he’s also demonstrating an open willingness to try and connect to shiro. lance obviously has no idea what the guy’s been through, but he’s still ready to support him 

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I haven't watched Danny Phantom since I was like 12 years old, and I don't think I ever saw it. Why does everyone hate Phantom Planet so much?

In short: it was an awful series finale.

But to go more in detail…

I’ll start with saying the plot of any episode of any show comes about one of two ways:

  • one: the characters act like themselves, behave as they normally would, and the plot follows from their natural antics.
  • two: the conflict was coined first, and the writers twist the characters’ actions in order to MAKE the plot happen. 

The first kind typically leads to good episodes, the second kind to bad. When shows get bad and the characters get OOC, it usually happens because the writers are running out of good plot elements, so they grasp at questionable plot lines that, in order to work, require the writers to use the characters like puppets. This often leads to unnecessary drama, OOC stupidness or stubbornness, and shocking displays of “forgetting all your past character development”

Phantom Planet was the PINNACLE of this second type.

  • Danny tries to revoke being a hero, despite developing his identity and pushing through WAY WORSE stuff in the past two seasons. It was forced, OOC, and down-right infuriating. Essentially he gave up his role because people weren’t appreciating him anymore (you spent ALL OF SEASON 1 BEING HATED BUB). And even the awful season 3 episode “Living Large” ended with the lesson about not giving up his heroic duties for an easy life. Danny essentially becomes shallow and embarrassingly angsty to push this contrived plot.
  • Sam, despite clearly loving Danny for who he was throughout the entire series, basically disowns him for the above giving up of his powers. Was it a dick move for Danny to un-ghost himself? Yeah. But would Sam act all hurt and resentful to Danny because he’s boringly normal again if not for the writers forcing it? NO. 
  • VLAD. GOD. WOW. Okay, so everyone loves Vlad, including me. I think he’s such an excellent villain, and in part this is due to him KNOWING what his goals are. So many villains are grasping at money and power and fame and world domination all at once. Is Vlad ambitious? Yeah. Greedy? Yeah. Megalomaniacal? YEAH. But the important thing is that when we meet him, he already has all the money and power and influence he wanted. What he doesn’t have is family. What he doesn’t have is Maddie. All his actions are driven by his toxic, twisted, unholy obsession with taking Jack’s place. This makes his relationship with Danny interesting as hell! They’re at each other’s throats constantly, but there’s this deluded part of Vlad that believes he wants to be this boy’s father, to the point that he begins manufacturing clones of Danny and associating with holograms of Maddie. At the end of season 2, Vlad’s cracking, Vlad’s flailing under the weight of constant failure even when he tries to maintain his composure. It was leading to such interesting things. What does he do in season 3?….He picks childish pranks wars with Danny. And in Phantom Planet, he reveals his ghost identity to the whole world and orders them to make him ruler of the planet. !!!!!! *noises of frustration and despair*. The writers had done such a good job of showing how Vlad’s every move was motivated by his twisted quest for Maddie’s love and Jack’s life. Suddenly he just wants to RULE THE WORLD?? It was just so fake, so embarrassingly “super villain,” and it was a huge disservice to his character.

Okay, so characterization aside:

  • The entire first 30 minutes was a non-stop fest of second hand embarrassment. It was LITERALLY a montage of Danny fucking up in awful and humiliating ways, over and over and over, until the town just didn’t care for him anymore. I literally cannot watch it. The second-hand embarrassment would kill me.
  • Danny saves the entire world in the end. This is not a bad thing by itself. It could have been very well-done. But it wasn’t. There was no build to it. No proper justification. It turned into a huge patting-yourself-on-the-back leap of the writers. First he’s just a young teenager trying to protect a single town. Suddenly there are STATUES OF HIM IN EVERY MAJOR CITY OF THE WORLD? Too much, too fast.
  • It never resolved the EXTREMELY GOOD plotline with Valerie being friends with Danny but hating Phantom. The dynamic was so great; the build in their relationship both as humans and hunters was handled so lovingly. What does PP give us? Valerie clapping in the background when Danny reveals his identity. No betrayal. No shock. No hurt. No conflict. Just a “yeah cool yeah clap for Danny yeah” animation. UGH.
  • No resolution for the Danielle plotline, which was also super great.

Some of these things I can at least understand. Steve Marmel left, who was the driving force behind seasons 1 and 2. Season 3 got axed halfway through without warning, so the writers had to scramble to make a series finale. This explains the dangling plotlines, but it doesn’t excuse how cheesy, corny, and fake the whole episode was. 

There were individual bits I liked. Jack and Vlad have a stand off over Vlad’s reveal, and I think it’s pretty chilling the way Jack is able to turn on Vlad. Maddie’s freak out moment of “Jazz, where’s your brother?” after the apparent failure of Danny’s plan gets a thumbs-up from me. But those two moments alone in the course of an hour-long series finale should not be the only good parts! The rest was embarrassing, infuriating, or boring. Reign Storm, Ultimate Enemy, and Reality Trip proved that Danny Phantom is AMAZING with its hour-long specials! All three of those episodes were just ASTOUNDINGLY, HEART-POUNDINGLY GOOD. Some of the best episodes!! Phantom Planet was just….sub par in every way.

The One in Which He’s Alive // l.h.

(mobile) masterlist

word count: 2.7k+

summary: it’s in the pouring rain and at two in the morning that suddenly, luke hemmings stands on your doorstep—soaked—to tell you how much he doesn’t miss you.

His hair, his clothes—literally his everything is soaked to the core, as he turns around under the pouring rain and climbs the steps towards your parents’ patio, where he is at least a little more protected from the wetness of the storm. Before you even get one word out, he begins to talk. And he talks. And talks. About how much he doesn’t miss you. How great he is. How much he loves life right now. “I ain’t missing you,” he shouts over the downpour and thunder. “I’ve spent the last months actually living! I feel like I have an actual life again,” he says, throwing his hands out, like he couldn’t keep the excitement in him. He looks at you and grins. The corners of his mouth raise quicker than the lightning that’s bound to come again any second now, and it splits his face in two so violently, you fear it’s going to rip.

“Okay…” you tell him quietly with a raised eyebrow, because you don’t know what else to say to a guy professing his non-existent feelings to you, when just a couple of months prior, you’d been in this exact situation, though then it was him, spending every second trying to convince you how much he loves you.

“Seriously,” Luke says. “I’m so perfect. I don’t miss you at all. Everything’s fine.”


“I don’t want you and I don’t need you anymore.”

Crossing your arms over your chest, you shift your weight onto your other foot and lean against the doorframe. “Luke, why are you here? And why are you telling me this at two in the morning?”

He grins again. “Because I thought about you. Because I’m always thinking about you.” His grin falls for a nanosecond. “But I’m over you. I promise I am. I mean, I’m so alive, baby. You should feel what I feel.” He lifts his hands again, but this time he grips the doorframe with them—which you’re leaning against. His face comes near you, and for a second you think he’s about to kiss you, causing you to back away. You aren’t sure, if the small flinch you see is real or not, but he doesn’t give you a chance to analyse, as he begins to talk again. “Literally every feeling I feel is suddenly enhanced by a hundred. They’re so intense, it still knocks the breath out of me, even after months.”

You don’t answer but rather take in his wet appearance. Sure, there is a cocky grin sitting on his face and there isn’t any alcohol-stench coming from his breath, but still, you feel like he isn’t himself right now. “What’s going on, Luke?” you ask, trying to gently coerce an answer out of him.

“Nothing’s wrong,” he says immediately, the grin coming back to life.

“You can’t just come here and tell me how fine you are and how much you don’t need me and expect me to believe you are fine. No normal person does this.” Sighing, you uncross your arms, doing something you wouldn’t have thought you’d do, ever again. “Look, if you want, you can come in. I can get you a towel or something and we can talk properly.”

Tonight is just full of surprises, because suddenly, he begins to shake his head no and whines like an actual four-year-old—with an actual voice that’s higher than normal. “No, I don’t want to come in,” he says—or rather moans. “I just wanted to say those things I’ve said and now I’m leaving.”

Rushing to grab hold of his arm before he steps off your patio, you shake your head at him again, though he cannot see that as he has his back turned towards you. “Hold on for a sec, Luke,” you say. “Please.”

Facing you again, he looks at you with an expectant expression. A moment of silence later, he raises an impatient eyebrow.

“It’s just—Just because we aren’t together anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.” And that is the truth. Luke has been such a large part of your life, it is physically impossible to stop caring about him from one sudden moment to another.

This time his eyebrow doesn’t raise in impatience, but rather hurt, it seems. “Yeah…um—thanks, I guess. But I really have to get going.”

You tug at his arm again, getting impatient yourself. “Oh, for God’s sake, just come inside for a minute. You’ll get sick wandering around, dripping as you are.”

It takes you another full minute of pulling at his arm to get him moving, though at last, he steps foot inside the house where it all ended.


Do you feel it? My love for you? I don’t, really. Because loving you has become a part of me and my soul—like I was put here on the sole purpose of loving you. I was so used to this feeling that having it ripped away from me felt like ice cold and hot water thrown in my face at the same time. It felt like someone was trying to rip me to shreds from the inside—particularly from my heart.


“Here is a towel, and here a change of clothes.” You hand him the pieces of fabrics. “They’re my dad’s, but you two are similar sizes of giant, so I think it’ll fit.” Like you hoped, this raises a genuine smile to his lips, as he takes the clothes and the towel from you, nodding in appreciation.

“I’ll return them to you…someday,” he says, smiling sheepishly. Luke has a reputation of keeping borrowed things, but it doesn’t really matter anyways.

“Don’t worry about it, honestly. Now go change, I don’t want you staining our furniture,” you tell him, before turning around and walking towards the kitchen.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m gonna fix us some hot chocolate, of course. I sure hope you didn’t have seafood before this.” You grin at him.


“You’re gonna make us hot chocolate? Now?” You ask, laughing.

“Why not?” Luke asks, pulling the mugs out of the cupboard.

Jumping onto the counter, you cross your legs and roll your eyes at him as he places the mugs next to your thighs. “Uh, because we just had sea food! You’re gonna throw up.”

Me? If I have to go through this, then so do you!” he exclaims, laughing, nudging your knee with his hips.

“Excuse me?” You push him away, giggling. “I’m not an idiot! I know the outcome of this equation—I will not drink the hot chocolate!”

Luke ignores you, prepping the two drinks. Then he places one mug beside your thigh. His eyes hold a glint as he smirks. “Oh you will.”

“Not in a million years, Hemmings,” you say, laughing and jumping off the counter. “Why would I?”

Leaving his own mug beside yours, he comes at you slowly—the playful and somewhat also devilish glint still in his eyes. “Because if you do…I’m gonna promise you amazing sex tonight. Sex so amazing, you will never be the same. I’m telling you, babe.”

A snort bursts from your throat as you bend over and cannot contain the laughter in you. “You’re gonna bribe me with sex?” you ask, giving his chest a slap. But you don’t pull your hand away. Instead, you let it wander towards the crook of his neck up to the sides of his face and then you pull him down to you, so you can whisper something in his ear. “Babe. If I wanted, I could just tie you up and give myself the most ah-may-zing sex. I’m an independent ass bitch.”

All of the sudden, his arms are wound tightly around your waists, and your feet aren’t on the ground anymore. Your legs wrap around his hips automatically, as do your arms around his neck. Kisses are being trailed down your throat, as Luke walks you two out of the kitchen. “What about our hot chocolate, huh?” you ask, grinning.

“What hot chocolate?” He smiles at you sweetly, and then captures your mouth with his.


Awkward air engulfs you two, as you’re sitting side by side on the small couch, each one blowing at the hot chocolate, trying to quicken its cooling process—or maybe you were just avoiding the person sitting beside you, but who knows?

“Are you alright?” you begin, as you cannot take this god-damn silence any longer. “Tell me what’s going on.”

He lowers the mug slightly, smiling at you. “Like I said, I’m perfectly fine. Everything’s good.” He raises the hot chocolate to his lips and takes a rushed sip. “Fuck,” Luke curses, “that’s hot.”

Cocking your head to the side, you watch him lower the mug and stand up. “I’m just gonna…get myself a glass of water,” he says, pointing to your kitchen and wandering off without waiting for your reply.

Something is definitely wrong with him, you decide. The way he’s acting confuses you. Who the hell visits his ex-girlfriend just to tell her how fine he is? He’s somehow giddy and restless and exhausted at the same time, like he’s on edge. Like he cannot contain whatever’s going on inside him. The shadows underneath his eyes and the scruff on his jaw tells you he hasn’t slept well in a long time, but then again, he never slept long nor well. Luke’s always been a restless person—always working on something in his head or with his guitar. Sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night and have to write or else he’d forget the lyrics that sprung onto him in his dream. You loved being woken by a sleepy Luke and his guitar, though. You loved lying in the dark, listening to his raspy voice singing quiet words you knew were meant for you.

Somehow, you know that nowadays he doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night to write love songs about you anymore.


You once said, to be hurt means to be alive. For we cannot feel the hurt, if we aren’t alive and living and putting ourselves out there to be hurt. Well, I’ve spent the last months living. I was hurt. Or rather I am hurt. Everything hurts. Therefore I am, in fact, probably the most alive motherfucker on this planet right now, because it HURTS. What, you might ask? Not having you, is the answer. I love you. With every ounce of my being, with every beat of my heart and every breath I take, I entirely, fully and unconditionally love you.


“Please stay the night? It’s four in the morning and the storm doesn’t look like it’s about to pass anytime soon. You can take the guest room,” you say, wringing your hands in front of you. “It’s really no problem, and I’d feel a whole lot better, knowing you aren’t walking home right now.”

There’s another storm, and it’s in his eyes. He’s looking at the wall to your right, debating. You aren’t sure why it is such a hard decision for him to make, but you pray for him to stay. You will never forgive yourself, if he walks away now.

The seconds tick away, and finally, he nods once. “Okay,” he says, throwing you a shy smile. It surprises you, how after everything you two have already been through, he still has his shy moments. But this is just how Luke is, and you love this silent part about him.

Reaching your hand out, you wait for him to give you his mug, though, instead, he stands up as well. “I got it,” he says. “It’s the least I can do.”


Even to death, one might say.


She hands you the letter with her eyes lowered so you won’t see the tears in her eyes, but you do anyways. You’ve never seen her cry before. She’s someone you cannot even imagine how she’d look crying, because she is one of the happiest people you know, but now you do. You see the redness of the tender skin around and on her eyelids, the tremble of her lips and the crease between her eyebrows as she tries to hold the dam back. She looks smaller somehow. Like she doesn’t have enough energy to straighten her back. Like she is already focusing everything in her to keep herself from falling apart.

You don’t blame her. Rather you blame yourself.

Your hand comes up to wipe away a tear you haven’t noticed before. Between taking in her broken appearance and staring at the letter in her hand, you haven’t paid attention to your own body and emotions. Now that you reach for the letter, you notice the penetrating pain in your chest which keeps your lungs from working properly.

“Breathe, sweetheart,” Liz whispers softly. She presses the letter into your stomach, but instead of removing her hand after you clutch it with both of yours, she encloses it around your trembling ones and squeezes. One hand comes up to brush the hair from your face. It’s wet and sticky around your skin. “It wasn’t your fault,” she says firmly, her eyes a hard and genuine blue. Her palm stays against your cheek. You can feel her thumb soothingly wipe the continuous stream of tears away, as her own flows down her face.

And then she leans in and hugs you. Her arms come around your shoulders tightly, and she squeezes seemingly every emotion into you. And somehow she slowly squeezes yours out of you. And she rubs your back with one hand, shushing. She holds you, as both of you try to fix your hearts with this one hug.


Dear love,

You once said, to be hurt means to be alive. For we cannot feel the hurt, if we aren’t alive and living and putting ourselves out there to be hurt. Well, I’ve spent the last months living. I was hurt. Or rather I am hurt. Everything hurts. Therefore I am, in fact, probably the most alive motherfucker on this planet right now, because it HURTS. What, you might ask? Not having you, is the answer. I love you. With every ounce of my being, with every beat of my heart and every breath I take, I entirely, fully and unconditionally love you. Even to death, one might say.

Do you feel it? My love for you? I don’t, really. Because loving you has become a part of me and my soul—like I was put here on the sole purpose of loving you. I was so used to this feeling that having it ripped away from me felt like ice cold and hot water thrown in my face at the same time. It felt like someone was trying to rip me to shreds from the inside—particularly from my heart.

I was hurting before my heart was crushed—before you begin to think this was your fault. It wasn’t. This whole thing (us breaking up) started because of what I was going through. None of this is your fault. I never want you to feel that. I never wanted you to feel any of the hurt I felt, in fact, and I might burn in hell, if you are. I’m sorry, my love. I’m a selfish son of a bitch, and I couldn’t leave without seeing you for one last time. I cannot apologise enough.

Please forgive me.

Yours truly,
an angel (as of recently)

PS: That was me, trying to lighten the mood.

PPS: I love you.

PPPS: So so much.


“Call me, if you need anything, okay?” you tell him, helping him adjust the sweater of your father you’ve given him around his broad shoulders.

“Will do, love.” Your heart clenches at the nickname, but you solely smile. It feels good to hear it.

He looks at you with a look that causes your insides to churn and your legs to wobble. Then he leans down and presses a soft kiss to the space between your temple and forehead—something he does when he wants to kiss both at the same time, he once said. Turning on his heels, he quickly jumps down the steps of your front porch, leaving you to watch him walk away under the clear blue sky after a storm. It reminds you of the colour of his eyes.

a/n holy shit. i was—and still am—seriously debating whether or not i should put this online. the idea came to me after listening to missin’ you by the summer set for some unknown reason, as that song is not a sad song at all. i’m scared to put this out there, since it doesn’t have a happy ending. but then again, not all stories do. and i’m sure you know, this is purely fictional and i simply borrowed luke as a solely fictional character for a just as fictional story. 

as always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

much love. my inbox is open. always.

Title: Footprints in the Sand

Rating: PG

A/N: For Day Two: “Above His Pay Grade”, hosted by @bodhirookweek. Rogue One additional scene: from the Rebel Alliance High Command Room on Yavin 4, before Jyn speaks Bodhi tries to convince them to act but feels as though his attempts amount to nothing, as if he is a grain of sand in a shifting sea soon to be swallowed up and forgotten. But he is wrong, he is leaving footprints that another person (or two, or three) may follow in…


“Heroism never paid well on the streets of Ni-Jedha, but not helping when you knew you should always has the higher cost. Constantly ignoring the myriad of Imperial wrong-doings towards everyday people, neighbors you see every morning and vendors you buy your lunch from ever day, it chips away at your soul.” The room fell silent at Bodhi’s words.

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The Signs and why you should hate them PART 2
  • Aries: Loud and obnoxious. Thinks it's cool to be aggressive and snobbish but it's fucking annoying to the rest of us. Their so called "confidence" is as fake as Iggy Azalea's ass. They're the most boring people on the planet. They're the child you never wanted. Meeting or befriending an Aries means you're being punished for something.
  • Taurus: They think the world revolves around their slow asses. Tauruses act like they do everything but all they really do is masturbate, cry and throw a tantrum when they have to get out of their beds. They expect everyone to do everything for them. If you want to win a Taurus' heart, (which I doubt you do) then just be rich. They probably have money hidden somewhere but they'll act like they're poor and homeless just so they can have your shit.
  • Gemini: Geminis are very good actors. That's why they spew bullshit out of their mouths every 2 minutes and everyone buys it. They're not funny and tend to laugh at their own jokes while everyone just wants them to shut the fuck up. They feed off of bullying other people but act like they're for the people. Gemini's only talent is having everyone believe their lives while actually believing it themselves. They have no sense of right or wrong because they're still children who need to be put on a leash in order to prevent them from fucking up everything in their path. Do they even hear themselves talk? Probably not, because they suck at listening to anybody including themselves.
  • Cancer: Cry me a fucking river. Cancers act like they don't give a shit but will try to plan your death if you don't notice their shitty haircut right away. They have no social life and their parents/guardian try to kick them out because all they are and ever will be is the loser living in their parent's/guardian's basement jerking off to The Notebook and thinking about their ex.
  • Leo: Their whole entire existence is a joke. They act like they have morals but will try their best to degrade people so they can feel superior. Why? Because they don't know who or what the fuck they are. They still have identity issues at 30. Arguing with a Leo is easy (and hilarious) because their egos are consistently being bruised by nothing, so you'll always win the fight. Leos can relate to cats because they're pussies.
  • Virgo: They like to fight with everyone. Everything is everyone else's fault except for theirs. Virgos can't take the blame for anything because they think they're perfect (when they actually look like a mean sack of shit) and because they're prone to stomach aches and shitting their pants every time there's a little bump in the road. They hate being wrong (which they usually are) and will lie and murder their best friend just to try and prove a point. Because their ego comes before anything else.
  • Libra: Libras are so shallow, they won't think twice about talking to you if you're ugly. But take a good look at them and notice how boring their physical attributes are. They're just a plain jane walking piece of stale bread with two legs and a pulse. And they have as much depth as one too. All they do is try to charm people with the same lines they've used over and over again. They figure since they can't impress anyone with their looks they'll have to charm everyone with their fake personalities and horrible sense of humor. If you should even call that thing a personality.
  • Scorpio: Scorpios can see right through you -- HA. This is bullshit. All you are to Scorpio is a mirror. So everything they see in you that's "bad" is just themselves looking back at them. They only know you're lying because they have used every lie in the book and it takes one to know one. They're so shitty, they have done every horrible thing there is to do in life. So when someone reminds a Scorpio of themselves, they instantly don't like you. Because they know you're a piece of shit just like they are. This is why they're considered "mysterious". They judge people mainly by their looks (but use the word "aura" to throw people off) but if you look behind the sunglasses, millions of scarves and large hats they try to cover their faces with, you'll see they're not that special either.
  • Sagittarius: Congratulations! You are the shittiest fucking sign. You should be proud of yourself. But I bet you are, because you'll do anything for attention whether it's good or bad. Sagittarius itself is a joke and everything they do is the punchline. They think they're smart and will stand up for something they don't agree with just for the sake of arguing and seeming smart when in actuality, they got their facts from wikipedia and other people that they eavesdropped on.
  • Capricorn: Calm down. You're not superior. In fact, judging by how quickly you get offended you're the exact opposite. Capricorns love to fight everyone if it gives them some extra points on looking tough. But honestly, they're not even tough. We all hated them ever since they walked into the room. They focus on work and school because they have no friends. They act like they have class which is a joke, considering they put on a tough front all day and then cry their cowardly hearts out at home.
  • Aquarius: Hahahahahahahahahaha. You're not even worthy of one. Go fuck yourself.
  • Pisces: Pisces love to daydream and imagine the impossible, like getting off their lazy asses for once and actually doing something with their lives besides smoking pot and getting drunk. They're naturally psycho, because they can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality anymore. But they claim to know everything so if you tell them they're wrong they'll turn everyone against you. They're such pussies, they will probably grab a knife, scream, cry and kick shit if you look at them the wrong way. But don't worry, the knife is only so they can stab themselves repeatedly in their own face since they love to self destruct and then play the victim and put all the blame on everyone but themselves. Their own family hates them. So there's your first clue to avoid them at all costs. Seriously, the worst sign ever to exist.

Daniel Fenton and Samantha Manson is a ship adored by many. The ship that has been so often shoved down our throats by writers and cartoonists continues to fuel happiness throughout the hearts of Danny Phantom fans and nostalgic teenagers everywhere. However, there are a fair share of reasons why one might come to, dare I say, despise this ship.

From the first episode, we see that Danny, Sam, and Tucker are incredibly good friends. This is my first problem with the ship. Being a trio, Danny and Sam happen to leave out Tucker in numerous situations and events. Quite frankly, I believe that Tucker is an important character, both as comedic relief and as a main asset to the show. It saddens me to see Tucker left on his own as the writers continuously try to get everyone on the Danny and Sam train to Loveville. Tucker deserves more than a role as the classic third wheel.

In the second episode, Sam says to Paulina, “Danny is not my boyfriend. He’s my best friend. Maybe that’s why I was so hard on you.” She sounds completely genuine here, like she’s only concerned with her platonic relationship with Danny and nothing else. For me, this was the best scene for Sam. She goes downhill from here. People constantly pestering Danny and Sam to get together is no romantic relationship at all. Before Danny’s ghost powers and the first few months that he had them, Sam wasn’t interested in Danny at all. Only after he starts to keep his powers in check and is becoming more powerful does Sam show any interest, hinting that Sam is biased to Danny’s hero half rather than Danny himself.

In Prisoners of Love, when Tucker suggests that they go inside and help Danny, Sam’s response is immediately, “What, are you nuts?” This really bothered me. It suggested that Sam would rather keep herself safe than save one of her friends.

Now, I’m not saying that I was entirely against the two during the first two seasons. Though I wrinkled my nose a bit during Fanning the Flames and rolled my eyes at those extremely awkward blush scenes, Sam was a strong female lead and I could accept her with my small ghost child.

It was the third season that crushed any hopes of me being happy with them together.

During this season, Sam goes through no character development. She loses that previous rebellious streak that I could get behind and rather settles on the mother figure, constantly pestering Danny about the stupid things he does and urging against anything potentially dangerous or rebellious. She becomes his boss, telling Danny when and where to use his powers. Granted, she did this before the third season, but it really shined through in the last one. What happened to the old Sam? She acts completely different and seems much more annoyed at Danny and Tucker throughout the entirety of the third season, and I, personally, blame that on the fact that Butch Hartman only worked on one episode in the entire season. If this personality change for the worse didn’t put someone off, the writers shoving the relationship down our throats more forcefully than before might. Kind of a, “Accept this ship because we’re putting them together at the end and we refuse to have anymore romance diversity. Only Sam.”

Okay, so let’s say I did brush that off my shoulders. Let’s talk about Phantom Planet, then.

First off, I’d like to state that the last episode was a complete train wreck. Next, I’d like to point out that Sam is absolutely terrible to Danny. Though it was a stupid decision (and, quite frankly, something that didn’t make any sense, but that’s besides the point), Danny was happy without his ghost half. He wanted to hang out with his friends and keep them safe. Someone else was protecting the town so he did something that made him happy, and Sam was completely rude to him as soon as his ghost powers were gone. This also hints that she only liked Danny for his supernatural abilities.

“Do you realize what this means?” He asked after losing his ghost powers, completely ecstatic.
“Yeah. That you’re just an average, everyday, “not special” human again.”

Yes, granted it was a stupid decision, but really? Did she have to be so cruel about it? At least Tucker offered a, “I’m happy for you, man.” before walking away.

Now let’s look at the next conversation between Sam and Danny.

Sam: You’re not you anymore! You’re just a … normal kid, and a selfish one at that.”
Danny: How am I selfish? Because I don’t want to endanger the people I care about the most?
Sam: Danny, don’t you get it? Your powers gave you a chance to change things. A chance that
no one else had, and I was thrilled to be helping you, but now you’re just one of the
crowd again.
Danny: What’s wrong with that?
Sam: Everything! You got to fight ghosts after school while other kids fought acne, and you
don’t really seem to care about what you gave up.
Danny: I care, it’s just … I care about you and my family more.
Sam: When you had your powers, I knew this town was protected from evil. But know … who
knows where we’re headed. I’ll always be your friend, Danny, and I’ll always be there
for you, but I can’t live life just sitting on the sidelines. I’m surprised you think you can.”

If anything, Sam was the one being selfish. Yelling at Danny for doing something that made him happy? Absolute nonsense, especially since in Memory Blank she could’ve turned herself half-ghost instead of pressuring Danny into the role.
Sam suggests that now that Danny is full human, there’s no chance for something bigger between them.
Sam has no regard for what happened in The Ultimate Enemy, where Danny almost lost everything and everyone he cared about, which also influenced his decision to become human once more.
Sam might’ve had a good point here in saying that it was a stupid decision, but she doesn’t seem to care about Danny’s opinion on the matter.
She said that Danny isn’t Danny without his ghost powers. What was Danny before his ghost powers? A potato?

And here’s the part that really gets me.

Sam: *in regard to Danny being a halfa again* Danny, it’s you! Well, it was always you.”

??? So all’s forgiven now that he has his powers again? You’re just going to pretend like that never happened and go back to being romantic towards him? Okay. Also, again, she suggests that Danny wasn’t Danny without his ghost powers.

Danny and Sam’s relationship just wasn’t well-developed. Their relationship was handled in a terrible way and seemed so forced. It was unrealistic and ridiculous.

Many might consider the scene where Danny is flying with Sam in his arms is where Sam realized that she might actually like Danny. It was so out of place and awkward, and, might I add the little detail I mentioned earlier, he was in his ghost form. To further discuss this, the only moments Danny and Sam seemed to share were when Danny was in his ghost form. Sam is in love with Phantom, not Fenton.

There’s so much more I could pick at. Sam doesn’t seem like that good of a friend, much less a girlfriend. Needless to say, I do not despise people that ship them. It’s the most popular ship in the fandom and there’s not much I can do about that matter. I just feel like a lot of people push away the facts in exchange for an unrealistic relationship. I prefer Valerie and Danny, but that’s an essay for another day. She just has so much more character development and makes the point of caring for her friends and liking Fenton for who he is as a human. Sure, she didn’t know about Danny’s ghost half, but then again, Sam didn’t start liking Danny until he got his ghost half.

I hope this opened your eyes a little on the subject. Don’t yell at me.

  • Suicide... When one commits suicide, they are hated and judged. I've always wondered why... Why does someone even care if another committed suicide? Lets say I'm going to kill myself. Why would you care if I died?
  • "Oh don't do it! We'll miss you and others will be hurt!"
  • But what if I don't want to live anymore? I have to force myself to live and suffer for your selfishness? Ok say I don't die. I live. Where's my friends? The so called friends and family that wanted me to live on so badly? Don't people know once I die, I would finally stop suffering?
  • Years later I realized why people get angry and hate suicidals.... They got the easy way out while the rest suffers slowly on this ugly planet called earth. That's why. We are hated. They fear death and try their best to live to the fullest by drugs, sex and drinking booze till they puke. Kids these days don't care how they get famous anymore. They're hungry and desperate. Once we grow old and our bodies start to rot... Non of it would matter anymore. 💜💀
3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Autism as an Insult

Anyone who has been on the shadier parts of the internet (read: 4chan), will have probably encountered somebody saying something along the lines of “What are you, autistic or something?” Only, you know, imagine every word misspelled to a degree that it takes my dyslexic brain several minutes of hurt to figure out what they’re trying to say.

But this trend is spreading, both to comments sections around the internet and into real life. And here’s why people are assholes for doing it (because apparently it’s not as obvious as it should be):

#3: It’s None Of Your Business If Someone’s Autistic or Not

I would take a comment like the example I used above literally. And I would respond with, “Yes, I am. Why?” But that’s because I don’t care who knows about my autism. I have a weird relationship with personal information, one that I know most other people don’t share. I don’t have a closet to hide shameful secrets in. I spew them out to anyone who’ll listen. Other people, including other autistic people, don’t so this. To them, it can be a very personal thing. And you bringing it up like a jackass is only going to make them uncomfortable. It’s why you also shouldn’t try to off-handedly diagnose people you know, even if you mean well. Nobody owes you an explanation or a sheet of paper with a professional diagnosis on it. In fact, nobody owes you shit.

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Wherein many people work things out... and some don't.

Here we are. The last Banished!Odinsons drabble. (Which, for the record, is also available in its entirety on AO3 and FFn. Probably should have mentioned that earlier.)

I’m not even going to lie about why this story became what it did. MCU!Lokane is — and, frankly, should be — angst and darkness and mindfuckery and a whole lot of disturbing. It’s just the nature of the pairing. And that’s pretty much exclusively the kind of fic I deal in.

But dammit, I wanted to take a break from that and spend some time with these people:


And apparently, a lot of you guys felt the same. Y’all readers are awesome, and I hope this… well, if not exactly satisfies, at least works. Thanks :)


are we tough enough for ordinary love?


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