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reuploaded bc i wasnt happy with the colours and now it’s almost late whatever

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Person: who’s your bias in knk?
Me: *starts sweating*

mettapants headcanon

ok so u know how in the end of the true pacifist ending you see burgerpants in the bush during mtt’s performance? well what if when he was trapped in the underground he never told mettaton he wanted to be actor because lets face it hes 99% anxiety 1% hot gas hed never go up to the biggest star in the underground and ask him about stuff but when the barrier broke he thought why not tell him just to see what would happen because if it went bad hed never have to see mettaton ever again and mtt’s reaction was basically “why didnt you tell me SOONER, darling??” and bp tells him that he never actually performed for a crowd and so mett says that before he can even judge his talent he needs to get accustomed to being on front of a crowd because he can be the greatest actor ever but itll all be rendered moot if he gets stage fright (which he WILL- 99% anxiety and all) so he thinks up putting a random-ass bush in his shows and having burgerpants hide in it so he can get accustomed to being in front of crowds and on the side he actually helps bp with his acting he turns out to be pretty expressive though a bit overdramatic

Also, I saw a theory earlier that suggested that Lillie and Gladion are tied with Type: Null and UB-01 without actually being Ultra Beasts or somesuch similar themselves.

You know how Gladion’s battle animation has his hands shaking?

Back in the RGB series of the Pokemon Adventures manga, Gym Leader Blaine was one of the scientists that helped create Mewtwo, and sacrified cells from his own arm to help stabilize its form. This caused him immense amounts of pain every time Mewtwo used its power and threatened to one day end his life as well as Mewtwo’s.

What if Gladion went through something similar with Type: Null, if he’s related to the Aether Foundation and if the AF did indeed create Null, and that’s why his hands are always shaking? Because he’s in pain from Null’s power being used?

When people ask me what kind of music i listen to and i say pretty much everything, they tell me thats a cop out. Like no, you dont understand, I listen to evERYTHING!!!

I love music that is really well composed like Hanz Zimmer, Kurt Bestor, and Ludovico Einaudi

I love really good and weird alternative music that make my friends go what the fuck play something else like First Aid Kit, Lord Huron, and Dawn Golden

I love really nice slow music that you could fall asleep to like Gregory Alan Isakov, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, and Aquilo

I love good pop punk like Mayday Parade, All Time Low and Motion City Soundtrack

I love really nice vocal music like Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban, and Andrea Bocelli

I love really angry post hardcore bands like Of Mice & Men, letlive., and Beartooth

I love alternative artists that you feel like you could listen to forever like Bear’s Den, Rhodes, and Birdy

I love artists who rap about real life issues like MGK, NF, and Icon for Hire

I love good country music like Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, and Miranda Lambert

I love semi-acoustic music with really nice melodies like This Wild Life, Ed Sheeran, and The Icarus Account

I love artists who dont sing in english like Stromae, Maitre Gims, and David Bisbal

I love bands that everybody knows but forgets about like Lifehouse, Simple Plan, and Relient K

I love pop that gets real like Bebe Rexha and Kat Dahlia

I love rock music that gets in your face like Sum 41, The Pretty Reckless, and Halestorm

I love bands that have a serious and comedic side to them like Theory of a Deadman and Hollywood Undead

I love bands like Autopilot Off, Oh Wonder, and MS MR that dont get anywhere near the recognition they deserve

I love bouncy pop like Bea Miller and music with strings that puts a twist on it like Lindsey Stirling and cool new age music that makes you feel like you could go on an awesome adventure like David Arkenstone and artists that basically switch genres with every song like Kaleo

And I love music with strings that is just so nice to disappear into like Sleeping at Last and In Fear and Faith

Like, its not a cop out, I literally listen to everything

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i dont usually pry into idols' life like they can do what they please but wtf sehun!!!!! you like any instagram posts that you'd like bUT WHY THE FUCK MUST IT BE BELLA THORNE!!!! i cant even!!!! even typing bella thorne's name makes me wanna gag and throw up

What’s wrong with Bella thorne? Shake it up was lit. - Admin Jaefairy