and why hasnt he been posting

after a lot of thought…. i am really disappointed that hob didnt get a part…i know he has a lot of parts in wings, but the fact that spring day… is their comeback song… im really sad for him. and like, correct me if im wrong but, i know in most of their songs there’s an uneven line distrubution but i feel like everyone at least gets a little piece of the song to themselves???? but hobi. literally. was in the background. sometimes i wonder if he feels less loved… like he hasnt ever been on the channel plus chat… and i feel like his fancafe posts are rarer now (im probably overthinking this part) and what if yoongi said that hob carried the wings album to make him feel less bad about not getting a part??? like what if he was saying that as reassurance to hob… 

like i really cant understand why they couldn’t at least include like one line? and the song is so beautiful he wouldve made it so much better. idk in the end i just want him to be happy and i hope he’s not upset about it. there has been so many times where he deserved more spotlight but it never came to him 

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Do you have any updates with the filming of the tv show for 19 days. Cause Idk why they kept highlighting it if they were not going to release it this year. I'm also not sure how it works in china with their formatting of certain scenes because they are minors right? Plus it going to be hard making good transitions when in a day alot of things happen in the story.

there hasnt been any more news, despite moss saying he’d write a post elaborating but we never got it.. Last i heard of, a few months ago they were still holding a worldwide casting call for actors, meaning they havent started filming yet. i guess thats what the writer is there for, tho im guessing she might write her own (non canon) ending to wrap up the tv show bc the comic hasnt finished yet 

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idk if you ever posted about this but i just wanted to ask about your opinion on this thing with pewdiepie making antisemitic joke, you know when he payed those dudes to write 'death to all jews' on a sign and now everyone is talking about this. i know youre a big fan of him, i also really like him and i've been watching him for like 3 years and thats why i wanted to know your opinion on this

this vid?

hhh i think it was very distasteful… but the context is important

like he doesnt actually want that, and he didnt have that joke as the main punchline of the video or anything either. he went on that site and asked a big variety of people to do/write/say stupid things. yeah, some offensive, nothing you wouldnt find in a south park or family guy episode though (which, he has said before, tends to be “his kind of humour”)

the “death to all jews” joke was the most offensive/controversial one out of the bunch, and hes stated afterwards that he didn’t expect the guys to actually go through with it and record themselves flaunting it. he wrote the phrase randomly (as kind of a shock-factor joke i think) in 5 seconds and sent it like that. most of the people he requested to do things declined - and he expected the same from those guys. he made a whole video on the matter, which he seems to have deleted (i cant find it :/) but in it he basically stated how he tried to work things out w fiverr (the website) and make sure the guys didnt get in trouble and all

the description of the vid where he makes the joke says

Sorry for keep messing up jesus

i mean… if people are angry at him for normalising jokes like this - i agree. but i dont think he’ll do it in the future, it was a controversial joke he randomly typed and it got blown up because those guys actually went through with it - you can tell when he saw that it shocked him and hes unsure how to react

um, long story short… was it a bad joke? yes. is he a bad person? no

just kind of an idiot who needs 2 be more mindful of his actions