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I’m curious as to why Rachel stared here. Yeah Finn was there yadadadadada but what I mean is, why did she continue to stare? Quinn was looking right at her in this scene so you would think
“Oh fuck she’s staring, look away, look to the crowd and act like you’re not hurt right now.”

Cause in my eyes Rachel wasn’t one to let her emotions ruin a performance, she’s the type to power through regardless, not allowing anything distract her. So why does she share a look with Quinn? Shouldn’t she be startled that Quinn caught her out and look back to the crowd? No, she continues to stare back to the girl she supposedly hates. Singing that song.

Not only that, she goes after Quinn, not Jesse, not Finn. Quinn. To me, Rachel was hurting because Quinn was dancing with Finn. I don’t care watch anti Faberrians say, they cannot take away the fact Rachel went to Quinn. You can’t say “oh its cause she wants to be friends” bullshit. If Rachel wanted Finn so badly then she would have gone after him, taking the opportunity to ask why he was so jealous and basically have him open up, have as heart to heart BUT she didn’t, she went after Quinn without a second thought and instead had a heart to heart with her.

That whole evening was bubbling with subtext and no one can change my mind.


4x04/4x11: are you mad?
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Okay y'all, it’s time.

Let’s revamp this thing, since the haters are crawling out of the woodwork in our tag again. For anyone who doesn’t know what Bamon Hate Bingo is, check out the info post here. Essentially, it’s our way of turning mindless hate into something fun, and possibly even into a full-out celebration of the ship we love.

Please see the card as it stands right now, above. We will only be changing the squares that are currently empty. What common hate do you think should be added? Keep in mind that we only count posts that are tagged in the tumblr bamon tag.

Here’s my list to get us started:

  • Bamon is such a beautiful friendship now, why would you want to ruin that?
  • Damon is the worst, I hate him. Plus he’ll never, ever, ever, ever get his head out of Elena’s ass, so Bamon will never, ever, ever, ever happen.
  • Bamon is gross/stupid/ugly. 
  • Why does everything have to be romance? Why can’t this ship I don’t ship romantically just stay platonic??? I only ask because I love friendship so much, and not at all because it threatens my romantic ships?
  • Bonkai rules, Bamon drools.

ETA fro messages and comments:

  • they’re like brother and sister
  • Damon will always love Elena
  • they have no chemistry 
  • Bamon only works if Bonnie is a white redhead.