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A Thorough and Honest Rebuttal of the ‘Apology Post’ by Melody Howler

[Direct quotes from the audio post made by her are in bold, things in brackets are me explaining audio discrepancies, and non-bolded things are my response to those parts]

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Okay, Look

To all those who know what I did… I know it was wrong and I tried to fix it. but… earlier today I was looking through the notifications I missed while I slept last night, and one thing just sorta caught my eye a little.

It was it was like… not really the best thing they could have said, like, it was something like at the end of this, they said that- they said they called me a cunt and a bitch, and they said I hope I get slapped [slapped or stabbed, I really couldn’t tell] a thousand times.

Fuck… this isn’t, that’s not okay okay? i know what I did wasn’t okay either, but don’t tell people to get slapped a thousand times [murmurs something about crying] I..I  just I don’t know. I’m sorry okay?

You know what? I agree. I told people (at first) to be polite to you in their efforts, however upon the second instance of your theft, I was fed up and completely done with your antics. Also, I remind you that as I am not the only person you have stolen from, I cannot be held directly accountable for the actions taken against you by other parties.

There’s an apology.

There’s the fucking apology you guys all want.

Wow! Over a month late and after you called me a liar! Gee, thank you so much for your never-ending kindness and honesty, which are truly two of your greatest strengths! (please note the sarcasm here) Please ma’am, may I have another?

I took… I’m trying to work on getting a description in that druid-for-hire video or however you pronounce it-don’t really know and…I tried… I took the stolen fics off my page but I-the reason why I didn’t put the link to the post was because at the time I didn’t know how, I didn’t know how to put the individual post there from another person, like, I tried to go onto a page and do it, but I didn’t know you could just click the notes and go to the individual thing, I didn’t know you could do that so ..I… I’m sorry for that.

Oh wow, really? You didn’t look up at the search bar and see the url of the post? All you would have had to do was copy and paste the url, instead of copy+pasting the whole fic. You directly claimed to write the fic, and received compliments for your ‘skill’ without batting an eye. In fact, if you truly just wanted more people to see my work and could think of no other way than posting to AO3 without my permission, then I ask, why didn’t you put in the description that it wasn’t your fic? Furthermore, why didn’t you put it in the notes at the beginning? Or at the end? Or even in the comments, where you were so quick to delete people like @birdietheangel and @badromantics calling you out on your theft? You clearly knew how to add notes, a description, and even reply to comments on AO3, so you can’t say that it was due to a lack of technical knowledge.

That the stolen fics… I just had this really bad case of artblock and I didn’t know what I was doing, and I saw those fics and they were really really awesome ones, so there’s a fucking compliment…not gonna make amends not gonna make up for what I did I know. But you you’ve gotta let me try here.

Jam, I’m sorry.

I-I don’t even…but to this one person, blazin-asian-art ..don’t insult me please? I already get enough insults in school, middle school sucks and advanced classes suck, and I already have enough stress going through my mind right now, and I don’t need that okay?

You’re in middle school? You know, when I first heard you say that, I was floored! I had been mad at and making people be mad at a middle schooler

And then I remembered that I’m in middle school, too. Once again, your excuses present themselves to be flimsy after being listened to once.

And I’m sorry for hurting you guys and your friends but back to the explanation to the stolen fics, I’m sorry, I ramble a lot.

I did that because I thought they were really cool, and I just was being fucking stupid, and I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…


I’m sorry - I wanted- I was stupid, and I’m just fucking stupid why am I even in advanced classes in school anyways?  I’m fucking stupid I’m fucking stupid okay?

And here we see you guilt-tripping us! If you were actually embarrassed and upset about this, why the fuck would you post it? What, did you think that since it’s an audio post, people won’t/can’t call you out for what you said? Also, you’re in advanced classes? What the fuck? I have a B- in English. Not advanced English, mind you, normal English class for us plebeians.

I’m sorry I’m gonna stop this here okay?

I’m sorry.

Please, forgive me.

I was stupid, I know.

Here, at this particular point, is where I get really mad. You say you were being stupid, and you know what? You’re almost right! Stealing not just one, but three of the fics I worked so hard to write, and trying to pass them off as your own without even so much as changing the title- that was kind of stupid.

But you aren’t actually sorry, are you? 

If you were sorry, you would have apologized the first time, and taken down the fics.

If you were sorry, you would have deleted the fics instead of orphaning them.

If you were sorry, you wouldn’t have called me a liar.

If you were sorry, you wouldn’t have tried to repost the stolen fics to Wattpad.

“Dear Jam,

What I did was wrong, and the way I reacted to it even more so. Stealing fic is not okay, and I would very much like to accept your offers of writing lessons, as I have written original fanfiction before, and wish to heighten the amount of notes I get due to my own talent and skill. I’m very sorry, and I hope you can forgive me.

Sincerely, Melody Howler.”

You see that? That’s an actual apology, and one I would have readily accepted at any point at all during this drama! Feel free to use it, we already know you don’t have any issue trying to pass off my work as your own.

Love, jamisahivemind

Okay…I thought maybe it was my fault, so I tried it a few times but no, basically this is what happens to reblogged posts now:

This is not my post. I reblogged it and someone reblogged it from me. I didn’t add any comment nor did I change something about the caption. I just reblogged it. And still, it looks like I added the caption now. And if you don’t pay attention to the small reblog sign or the dimmed (!) source, it looks like my post now.

This is my post. When I posted it I added the caption. Someone reblogged it and boom, tumblr adds their url.

Now some of you might think “Hey, where’s the problem?” and in fact, you’re right. It’s not a big drama. But I, personally, don’t want my url under a post I have nothing to do with. There is no reason why people should see my url under the work of someone else, unless I added a comment. 

There is NO reason why people should associate MY blog with someone else’s creation. I didn’t do anything to make this post happen. All I did was reblogging it. And now I feel like I stole it.

And I want to apologize to everyone who’ll see my url under their post and ABOVE their caption in future. I didn’t put it there on purpose. I didn’t want to have my url anywhere in or on, under or above your amazing post. I just wanted to reblog it because it’s pretty damn awesome work. 

But apparently, the tumblr staff doesn’t care about the creators among us.