and why do i feel like this is going to be really awesome

Ok, So I’m re-watching episode 5 and “Pause” is still one of my fav clips. There is just something so achingly intense about the whole thing ~ I just really wanted to say why I think it’s so awesome ~

- The way Isak walks into the room, he can barely do it, he is so smitten he doesn’t know what to say and you can see how unsure he is about Even and just how nervous he is - he wants to go towards him but he is terrified.

- Isak’s stuttering sigh kills my heart every time! ditto Even’s shaking lip. These two are completely gone already. They are so in love and so scared of what is to come and they want to be together so badly but they are still so unsure how the other feels. 

-For me this whole scene reminds me of one of those Jane Austen TV adaptations - like “Pride and Prejudice” or “Persuasion” {bear with me here}, where the characters are really in love but they don’t know what to say to each other and what is right or wrong but they are so captivated that they can’t look away, they can barely breath. It’s aching, it’s yearning, it’s hungry, greedy stares and flushed faces. This scene is pure romance. AND I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS AT ALL. I was completely bowled over by this scene. 

-the way the scene is shot so close, like the kitchen scene where they nearly kiss. This is the first scene where Isak looks at Even like his eyes have misted over, like he is possessed, like all he can see is him and time has stopped. 

- the acting! - {I know we say it all time time!}- how you can really feel how uncomfortable Isak is when he talks about his Mum, like I can feel it crawling under my skin as he squirms - but he does it anyway because he can’t imagine for one minute not being this close to Even,not holding his hand and touching foreheads, this boy who was so closeted and who now is talking about telling his parents {I really think he would have done it then as well}. And Henrik! - so subtle - how those couple of looks to the ground for one-tenth of a second had us all being like “something’s wrong!”…….

- I know all of the words now {in Norwegian} and random lines will pop into my head when I’m busy doing something or when I’m out and I just grin to myself like the fool that I am!

- “My uncle is NOT Donald Trump!” - “Phew! ok!”

- the nose slide at the end!!!!

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Do you ever wonder if you are just a player in a world within a game? What are you? Puppets? Chess pieces to a master puppeteer? Made to laugh, cry, love, hate & die in the entertainment of others. Ever want to break the chain?

And if you don’t love me now you will never love me again….

Sorry, I immediately thought of “The Chain”. The Tantric version is awesome, btw.

Maybe we are all just sims? Were you ever on your way to the kitchen, just stop and forget why you were going in there  then immediately head to the bathroom? 

Have you ever been going somewhere, space out, and then forget how you got there?

Have you ever felt like time is really slow and then suddenly speeds up just to feel slower again?

Man, I have this sudden urge to do cardio in front of the TV until I am fatigued. 

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hey, I would like to know your thoughts on this manner that's been quite bothering me for a while. I really love Kamui, he's the only antagonist I like so much ? but I feel idk conflicted, when others shame on kamui fans for liking him. when this doesn't happen to anyone other antagonist's fans. So I want to know what do you think about it?

If you love Kamui, then you go right ahead and love Kamui. Why does the opinion of strangers online dictate whether or not you’re allowed to enjoy a character? Kamui is an awesome villain and he’s a complex character on top of that, there’s a lot to like about him. Who cares if someone else doesn’t like him? You do. So, enjoy him and don’t put so much value on the opinions of strangers.

Inktober day one!! Prompt: fast.

I feel like watching Ponyo ^^

Figure My Heart Out - (Young)Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: hello again, dearies! another awesome requeeest :D

Request: stardust-mosaic submitted: Remus Lupin bc he’s awesome! Hello!!! If you feel like writing this anytime, could you please do a oneshot about remus(young or when both of you are teachers in Hogwarts, it’s up to you) based on the line"it’s just you and I tonight, why don’t figure my heart out?“ it’s heart out by the 1975, thanks for reading this

I really like this song and I hope I did get the story right how you imagined it. I was originally going to write it about teacher Remus but I saw this gif and just thought it was perfect for it :D 

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

Your name: submit What is this?

Figure My Heart Out

“I can’t believe Lily and James are married” (Y/N) said with a smile.

“I still can’t believe Lily ever agreed to date Prongs” Remus said laughing a little and making (Y/N) laugh too. They were both sitting down on the floor after the reception. There were still a few people left but it was basically empty since James and Lily had already left.

“So, where are the rest of the not-married Marauders?” (Y/N) asked taking another sip of her Firewhisky.

“I think Padfoot wandered off with Marlene somewhere not too long ago” Remus informed her. “And Peter is passed out on that table” he said pointing at the sleeping boy making (Y/N) almost spit her drink.

“It was a beautiful wedding” she said looking around. “Do you ever think you’ll get married?” she asked all of the sudden. Remus froze a little. Not only did he think there was no way he could get married given his condition, but the only girl he’d think he could be married to was sitting right in front of him.

“Uh- I don’t- um, I don’t know” he said nervously.

“Why not?” she asked feeling a bit disappointed inside. She had had feelings for Remus since longer than she could remember. She tried to drop hints to him all the time when they were in school but, apparently, he just wasn’t interested.

“Um w-well” he said looking down and (Y/N) understood. She had figured out he was a werewolf around fifth year along with Lily.

“Oh, Remus come on, that can’t be your reason” she said a little upset.

“Well, is not the only reason” he said sadly.

“Remus, you are a great guy” (Y/N) said smiling at him. “You’re handsome and smart and funny and sweet” she told him. “Any girl would be lucky to be with you” she assured him.

“Except once every lunar phase” he told her.

“Stop it!” she said seriously. “Do you realize that the people that really care about you don’t care about that?” she told him.

Remus smiled just a little gratefully at her. “So, what about the great (Y/N)? Is she ever gonna get married?”

It was (Y/N)’s turn to blush a bit. She looked down smiling putting a strand of hair behind her ear. “Um, I don’t know. If I meet the right guy” she said looking around again.

“You will” Remus said trying to hide his pained smile.

“How are you so sure?”

“Because you’re a beautiful girl” he admitted. “And sooner or later the guy that finally deserves you will come along” he told her.

“You sound pretty confident about that” she told him.

“I am” he said with a small smirk. (Y/N) returned the smirk trying to figure out what was going through Remus’ head.

“Oh, I love this song!” she said putting her Firewhisky down and walking over to Remus. “Come on, Lupin. Dance with me” she said grabbing his hands.

“Nuh-uh, you know I don’t dance, (Y/N)” he said not caving in.

“Come on, please” she said pouting.

“That’s not gonna work, love” he said before realizing what he had said. Maybe the Firewhisky was getting to his head.

“Ugh, fine I’ll see if I can wake up Peter” she said getting up and walking over to the sleeping boy.

Remus laughed a little when he saw Peter even starting to snore. (Y/N) turned to look back at him pouting. He let out a small laugh before he took one last sip of Firewhisky and placed it on the floor. He stood up from his spot and walked over to her.

“Alright, one dance” he caved in.

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charity auction

So I decided do a charity auction a small bundle of Yuri on ice things, not least including vol. 3 first press blue-ray with the bonus ticket holders. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center. I hope you all get a chance to check it out. If this goes well I may do another charity auction with more YOI posters and the like. More pics from the auction below the cut. More pics are on the auction, but if you want more information, feel free to ping me.

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Anybody else feel kind of gipped with the ending of the anime version of Naruto?

I mean I do… I followed it all these years… Read the Manga from start to finish every week. To get an episode that doesn’t incorporate Sasuke that much at all, sasusaku moments (something, please), or even give us an awesome Team 7 moment to go out on (like a final powwow towards the future?!). Like really Studio Pierrot? Do you not know how to conclude things properly? From a storytelling aspect, I did not like the ending. I’m pretty sad about it…

So I’ve been considering the state of my catlang lately, and I think I’m going to restart it. Again. I’m reading The Art of Language Invention (Read it if you’re at all interested in this stuff! It’s awesome!), and I feel like it could really benefit from some good tweaking. I’ll make some new posts about why I’m doing the things that I’m doing, but first I’m going to retag all catspeak posts as “catspeak v1″ so nothing gets confused.

Edit: can we make catlang a real tag? A couple people have tagged their stuff but it would be awesome if worldbuilding blogs/anyone interested could use the tag for discussion and stuff too!

I like someone I work with and I feel like a 12 year old compared to them, I mean it’s not that big of an age difference but still, I’m sure I’m juvenile to them, maybe? I dunno. I’m in my 20’s and they are in their 30’s, so yeah. Why must they be so awesome??? I mean they love Supernatural as much as I do! Sometimes liking multiple people can really be hard, I go through the awkward crush stage so many times lol

The thing is, i don’t think Pietro knew Clint has two kids and another one on the way.

He wasn’t there when the rest of the avengers met them, and from the other movies and aou it’s kind of clear that Clint likes keep his private life private.

Ever since the two first met there’s some sort or rivalry going on between them..

and it is continued throughout the movie…

and while it’s portrayed as jokey and funny, you also get the feeling that maybe they don’t like each other all that much.

But when it comes down to it Pietro sacrificed his life for the boy and Clint. the boy who is a literal stranger and Clint who he only just met.

and yes Clint was ready to do that same, you could see it on his face that he was, but at the end of the day it wasn’t Clint lying on the floor with multiple shot wounds through his chest. It was Pietro.

The sad irony is, I really don’t think Clint saw it coming. 

He had no reason to.

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Honestly I do get overwhelmingly excited when you update BSS on ao3! Your writing is so in character and just a joy to read and I can't wait to read more! You have such beautiful descriptions without it feeling too flowery or unnecessary, and since the KS fandom is so small it's so nice to see the quality of fan art/fic/etc is so high! Keep being awesome!

CLUTCHES CHEST……..Thank you so much anon <333 you’re super sweet!

I don’t know why, and it’s such a minuscule and petty thing that I think this, but I get a lot of writing confidence issues so it’s hard for me to keep on going without some form of “you’re doing good!”
So messages like this really make my heart soar!! 

I hope you continue to enjoy my fic <3 the next chapter is coming out soon, it’s already halfway done!! 

It really piss me off when the fandom sort of draw a line between the white characters and the latins,black ,etc
Cause it shouldn’t EVEN matter, they are all demigods and they are all awesome and have special skills and unique lesson to give no matter what u are, like what if annabeth or leo do something supper awesome u are not going to feel inspired by that just because u are not white or latin? Sound silly. So why does it even exist that topic of “the white characters” and “the color characters” it’s absurd.

And btw i am latin af and i am paler than nico so shut up about the “representation”


Anon asked: Sounds like your having an awesome day! I’m glad! How about an Owl!Stanford seeing Stan’s brand mark and feels extremely guilty over it, he just jumps on Stanley’s shoulder and tries to apologize via snuggles? And Stan forgive him.

Not sure what you were really expecting but I hope it works out anyway! Enjoy my hand at trying to draw owls!

Also I’m not sure how many other kindergartens let 5 year olds go through owl pellets but it’s a fond memory I have.

nobody ever talks about the constant struggle in recovery with your different views on your life. like how on a daily basis i go from yeeah life is awesome, i’m doing so well to oh shit why did i just do that, or wow i’ve never felt this low in my life. all that happens over and over again all day sometimes. it messes you up so much because these highs and lows come and go day after day and to keep going and not staying in a low is sometimes really hard and painful to do so if you’re feeling like that and you’re still standing and trying, hats off it’s fucking hard

i am just so mad and sad and exhausted from crying. I really just lost a lot of respect for this show. You all know how much i love this show for more than just Clexa….but they just killed off my all time favorite character and ship too. I am not doing so well. 

the vancouver stuff WAS to make us keep watching. that is why he wanted people to come see. i am so sad and feel so hopeless right now. I loved how progressive this show was….they should have NOT had the Clexa sex scene one commercial break before they killed her. I really don’t feel like theorizing or analyzing anything. i am just so upset. i really really am. I have invested so much time into analyzing and theorizing about this show….and this happens. I feel like the clexakru fandom is now going to disappear. The awesome tumblr community that has been built…is now gone. I am just really sad. really really sad. 

When someone asks why I like cars

And they expect me to say something typical like “going fast is fun” or “burnouts are awesome” I love to see their reactions when it becomes much for philosophical than that.  When I explain that on a twisty back road in the middle of the night your car becomes an extension of you.  Every bump, every turn, every up and down you’re asked for a specific steering input, throttle input, etc.  You’re going through gears, working the pedals, just looking down the road and forgetting everything about your entire life except for the corner that lay ahead.  Except you’re not really even thinking about that corner, you’re just doing it.  As you approach the apex your mind just knows what to do.  Brake, heel toe, grab 2nd, roll onto the throttle, hold your line, make any corrections if necessary, accelerate out, grab 3rd, continue on.  Even in the most strenuous of mental states that’s where I feel at ease.  At peace with myself.  With my life.  With this world.  

Then I’ll hear them say they don’t like driving.  It’s stressful, scary, unnerving, or whatever adjective they use to describe it.  Of course everyone is different and everyone enjoys different things but driving is pretty much a necessity in modern society now.  Sure spirited driving isn’t but people are actually intimidated by just pulling out of their driveway and heading to work.  It actually pains me to see how stressed my own mother gets just driving to the store.  So be understanding.  Be helpful.  Take them out in your car, explain your love for driving the way I just have, and show them the beautiful things these brains of ours can accomplish.  (PS: Don’t shred tires until they’ve stopped screaming)  Also please remember that for a lot of people driving triggers anxiety attacks and try your best to understand why.  Also understand that anxiety is a real mental disorder and not a crutch or an excuse.  As someone who suffers from anxiety I’m lucky enough that driving is something that came naturally but some aren’t so fortunate.  Again just be understanding.  Help them.  Teach them the shit those stupid driving instructors don’t even know themselves.  (Now you may go shred some tires with them.)

  • Emma: Regina, are you ready?
  • Regina *confusedly*: For what?
  • Emma: To go back.
  • Regina: Back where?
  • Emma: Back to the future!
  • Regina: Huh?
  • Emma: Back to the future. This is the day Doc and Marty travel to the future.
  • Regina: I've never heard of this Doc and Marty, are they from the Enchanted Forest?
  • Emma: Have you never seen Back To The Future?
  • Regina: I feel like I've dabbled in enough time-travel for one lifetime Emma.
  • Emma: This won't do. Come on. I'm going to introduce you to a truly awesome trilogy of movies...and then you can magic me a hoverboard!
  • ...
  • ...
  • Regina: Why can't you just poof?
  • ...
  • ...
  • Emma: Because they didn't poof in Back To The Future...
  • Regina: Is this just another way for you to ask me on a date without really asking?
  • Emma *smiling*: If it is are you still up for a movie marathon?
  • ...
  • Regina: Yes.

I’m laughing really hard thinking about the old argument that goes “why can’t you appreciate male friendships and you have to turn everything gay” because I’m having the STRONGEST BRO-EST SAM-CAS FEELINGS RIGHT NOW









why can’t some people understand that men and women can have super meaningful relationships that are not romantic

why play down relationships like these bc they don’t end up together

ichigo and rukia are still important to each other and what makes it so awesome is that they don’t need romance to be important to each other. they don’t need that and that makes them truly unique

i feel sorry for ir fans i really do but come to think of it i can understand kubos saying of more than friends and less than lovers

he wanted to create an unique relationship between a man and woman that wasn’t going to become just another romance

he said this years ago. this didn’t come out of nowhere. I understood it then.

i’m tagging this anti but someone will probably harass me not like that will change my opinion on this.

he really did a good job with ichigo and rukia

he got his point across

The way FMA fandom ignores Ishbal and Scar (a major event and character, both of which the story would not be the same without) gets at a larger thing with fandom that makes me uncomfortable.

Fandom focuses on the same several topics for pretty much every series: shipping, crossovers and (the same set of) AUs, lore, and increasingly, identity headcanons. They do it without regard to how much the series actually concerns itself with any of those things, to a point where far from being creative, it feels like they’re trying to force every series into their mold.

And that’s really uncomfortable when it comes to media that does actually have something progressive (in 03’s case, anyway) and important to say. Too often, the fandom completely ignores that to instead focus on their pansexual or autistic headcanons. I think we need to start questioning if that’s actually a “progressive” thing.

Representation is great and creating it yourself in fandom is awesome. But why does fandom always zero in on the same kind? And why just about labels and how the character is just like you , and less about how those experiences would actually contribute to the character’s arc and narrative? And how come it so often goes hand-in-hand with ignoring the social justice content that’s already there? Why are the same people who trumpet their “feminist analyses” and reading everyone as queer so unconcerned with the racism themes in FMA?

Are you sure you’re doing it out of some deep need for representation… or just to avoid themes that make you uncomfortable? Or that aren’t about you?