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Hi! May I request a boyfriend mingyu au?

I don’t know why it took me so long to do this but I’m just gonna crack my knuckles and get goin with it

- boyfriend mingyu where does one start

- okay first thing that’s coming to mind is that he’d literally be such an embarrassing boyfriend

- like so embarrassing and clumsy you question how someone gets to this point

- he’d open the door to a restaurant for you to try and be all cool

- and he’d literally hit himself with the door because he opened it too quick 

- you’d laugh at him because how in the hell but then his expression would drop to one of embarrassment and slight asahmement (is that even a word) because he couldn’t impress you

- but you know what he was trying to do so you give him a kiss on the cheek to make him feel better and to let him know you appreciated the effort anyways

- then he gets a big ol smile and all is well again 

- would like for you to sleep on his chest at night sometimes 

- although he would understand if that’s not always a comfortable position for you to sleep in all the time so on other nights he would just like to cuddle

- makes you breakfast in bed on your birthday, anniversary, or whenever he knows you didn’t have such a good day the day before

- would make fun of you /in a playful way/ a lot and you would do the same to him

- but once in a while he’d take it too far and accidentally hurt your feelings 

- then he would stop immediately and apologize like 20 times minimum and would get such a big pout 

- you wouldn’t even be able to stay mad at him because you could tell he just felt so bad and it’d kill him inside if you were super pissed at him

- so you forgive him softly but he still continues to apologize 

- the next day he even buys you your favorite snacks in addition to apologizing 

- thus being another time where you give him a kiss to make him feel better because you already forgave him

- taking selfies with you would be one of his favorite hobbies

- along with taking selfies of himself to send to you 


- even if you don’t know how to bake and if mingyu doesn’t know that well either it wouldn’t matter

- you two would look up a recipie online and follow as closely as possible because I mean you want it to turn out good 

- but that doesn’t stop putting flour on each others cheeks and wiping your hands on each other 

- when living together a puppy will come into play at some point

- mingyu will 1000% get jealous when you pay more attention to it than him 

- he will spend more time with the puppy than you too to get back at you for doin him dirty

- would most definitely tease you about sexual things to embarrass you

- in private and public

- going to mcdonalds at 2am because you’re both hungry is also a yes

- all in all boyfriend!mingyu would just be a really fun, cute, and embarrassing all at once boyfriend

- but ofc you still love him unconditionally

- bc how can you not when he’s mingyu


ALRIGHTY so first post of 2017 much wow it’s 5:05am and I haven’t slept since last year (yes I am that guy) so goodnight everyone !! 

why do I always post so late what’s my problem

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Okay so real quick, would anyone be interested in a writing challenge? I know lots of people have requests and things (so do I if I’m honest) but fall has always been my favorite time of the year and I figured why not? It could be any fandom, OC’s or canon characters, experienced writer or new, whatever you’d like. I’ll gather up a list of prompts and everyone can choose one they like and I’ll give everyone a publish-by date (probably not until late November so everyone has time and stuff). I mean I don’t know if anyone would like to do something like this but let me know!

  • Me: I don't really have the patience for dating sims.
  • Me two hours later: WHY CAN'T I GET ANY ADRIEN POINTS ALL I'M GETTING ARE CAT NOIR POINTS GDI WHY IS THIS HARD??? I don't want to do his route TWICE IN A ROW, especially since I ALREADY MESSED IT UP
  • Me two hours and 6+ save slots after that: WOO MIRACULOUS ADRIEN ENDING oh shoot it's 2am

-save me from shitty dates au-

for nikki n-ewt ; merry christmas bae uwu

Alby gets the call around nine. He’s already settled into his sweats and a bowl of cereal for the night, but he can’t say he’s exactly angry about being interrupted.

He unlocks his phone, tucks it between his shoulder and his ear, and asks, all business, “Didn’t work out?”

“Well, hello to you, too. How’s your night been? Mine’s been great, thanks for asking. Asshole.”

Alby answers while chewing. “If that were true, you wouldn’t be calling.”

There’s a pause, and then Newt sighs into the receiver. “Correct. I’m hiding in the bathroom. They’ve got very cute soaps in here. Shaped like little shells.”

“At least the guy’s got good taste.”

“Well, that’s one thing going for him.”

Alby laughs, low and short, and puts his bowl in the sink. “I’ll be there in ten. You can tell me what happened when I get there.”

“You’re an angel.”

“So I’ve heard,” Alby says, and he hangs up.

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Give me your hand and I'll hold it - Niall Centric one shot.

gime me your hand and I’ll hold it (ao3)

summary: Five times the boys worry/are protective over Niall and one time they cuddle him just because.

Niall centric, Hurt/comfort, ot5-friendship

word count: 9,875