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Deal? (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: 1800+

Warnings: cursing

Request: hey! could i request a lafayette x reader modern au, where laf is in france and he meets an exchange student from north america who is struggling with their french? hhhh i think that would just be so cute ❤ @strawbirby (did i tag the right person??)

A/N: i don’t know why it took me so long to write this

You walked into your dorm room, sitting your bag on the bed. You were put into a single, different from everyone else. You would have rathered sharing, to have someone to talk to on your experience in a different country, but this would have to do.

You flopped onto the mattress, looking at the open door. Different people from different countries walked past, some excited and some nervous. You opened your dictionary, studying some words that were pertinent to what you had to learn. Since you were an exchange student, you had to speak almost fluent French. It was easy to read and write it, and the verbal tests weren’t that difficult. But speaking it in the home country? That was a completely different from saying it in America.

“Are you Y/N?” You looked up, seeing a woman standing there. You nodded, placing your book to the side. The woman walked in, giving you a folder. “Monsieur Leroy told me to come and give you this. It’s a correction to your schedule, the last one did not have your speaking classes.” You thanked her, and she smiled, walking back out of the room. You glanced over the schedule, seeing that everything was pretty much the same.

You heard your phone ring, and glanced at it. Your friend, Peggy, picture shown, and you answered immediately, already missing her. “I didn’t know you woke up at seven in the morning before.” You joked, looking at the 12 on your clock.

“Y/N! I missed you!” She yelled into the phone, and you laughed, moving it slightly away from your ear.

“I just left yesterday, Pegs. How can you miss me so quickly?” You said, placing your phone between your shoulder and ear. As you crooked your neck, you began unpacking your belongings.

“Yes, but that’s still too long. When will you be back again?” She asked, and you heard some shuffling in the background. “Laurens, stop-” You heard her giggled, and rolled your eyes. The two of them were inseparable. “No, I’m leaving the room. Stop, you idiot, I need to talk to Y/N. Yes, she just left yesterday. Do you have a problem?”

“Am I interrupting something?” You said, smiling. You grabbed a hanger, putting your outfits together.

“No, John is just being John. Y/N, why did you have to go so far?” She complained, and you imagined her pouted lip, the usual expression she made when she was disappointed.

“Oh well, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m majoring in French and international studies. But that’s just a guess.” You snickered, placing your clothes on the side.

“You know, I don’t need your sarcasm right now. Just-” The line cut off, leaving a tone ringing in your head. You sighed, throwing your phone on the mattress.

You walked out your dorm room, on a mission to learn where all of your classes were before you attended them tomorrow. As you were searching for one, you bumped into a taller fellow, his curly hair wrapped up in a bun on the top of his head. He wore a plaid shirt, the long sleeves pushed up on his forearm. You quickly said sorry in French, cringing at your terrible pronunciation. Whenever you were nervous, every single word jumbled up.

He gave you a kind smile, nodding at you. “It’s okay, mon ami. I know English.” You let out a sigh of relief, and he laughed at your reaction. “Are you a student?”

“Yes. I’ve just made it here today.” You glanced at the schedule in your hand. “Um, can you help me find this class? I’ve been looking for it for ten minutes now, and I cannot seem to find it anywhere.”

“Of course, anything for a beautiful woman like yourself.” You frowned slightly at his flirtatious behavior, but quickly assumed it was just French culture. You gave him the schedule, and he scanned the paper quickly. “Ahh, you have the same schedule as I.”

“Really? That’s interesting, I thought the international students had specific layouts.”

“They do, mon ami. I’m part of the program. It’s part of my major in international studies, I am to help any exchange students. Like yourself.” He winked, walking with you through the hallways. You could not help but feel slightly disappointed, thinking he was just helping you out of kindness. Now that you knew the real reason, it seemed like he was forced to do this.

“I see…” You said, saying nothing more. He looked down at you, grinning.

“Would you like for me to help you with your French? Since our classes are the same, I can help you understand.”

“I’m fine, but thank you.” You said, slightly annoyed.

“How about this: I help you with my mother language, and you help me understand things about North America. I plan to travel there next semester. Deal?” He asked again, stopping in the middle of the hallway. You bit your lip, considering the options.

You felt like you were pretty knowledgeable about your country, and him helping you in French would benefit you immensely. After looking at his face for a few moments, you nodded. “Oui.” You replied, and he laughed.

“Let me show you the rest of our classrooms.”


You soon learned that his name was Lafayette; the man had too many surnames for you to remember. You quickly nicknamed him Laf, and the two of you became inseparable. Every day after class, he would help you with your pronunciation, and you would teach him things about America that he didn’t know. He was surprised that something like pineapple would go on pizza, but he was willingly to try it, much to your dismay.

Your French was improving greatly, and since half of your classes were in the language, it was beneficial. Lafayette soon taught you slang and curse words, laughing at your face whenever you said one. You taught him English curse words, and could not help but grin at the way he said Fuck with a French accent.

“Ah, and what does this fuck actually mean?” He asked you, pursing his lips. You held back a chuckle, raising your shoulders.

“Honestly, it could be used for anything. A noun, an adjective, a verb, an interjection, an adverb, whatever your mind creates, you could probably put fuck in front of it.” You replied, sipping on your beverage. He nodded slowly.

“That’s fucking cool Y/N.” He said, and you spat out your coffee.

You noticed that he stayed by your side, barely paying mind to the other international students. He told you that he was supposed to help those students, but he seemed to ignore them. You asked him why, and he always shrugged, telling you that you were his one and only.

That definitely made you blush.

As the two of you were giggling about something in one of the study rooms, a professor walked up to you. You looked at him, and Lafayette smiled at the man. “Monsieur, how may I help you.”

“Ah, Gilbert, I see you have found someone to mentor. See, I told you, someone will partner up with you.” The professor laughed, looking at you. You gave him a closed-lip smile, glancing at Laf. His smile was slowly going down at the man’s words.

“Ah, monsieur, this is my friend Y/N. I am not with her just because of the partner program.” He said, his voice becoming harsh. You were now curious, looking between the two of them.

“What is he talking about?” You asked, butting in. The professor looked at you, surprised that you could understand french. You rolled your eyes.

“Ahh, it is required for his major. He is suppose to find someone to be a friend with, and communicate in both English and French. I assumed he picked you.” The professor walked away, ending his conversation on an awkward note. You looked at Lafayette, upset.

“So, I’m just an assignment? I’m just here to get you a good grade?” You said, rising out of your seat. Lafayette widened his eyes, shaking his head quickly.

“No, mon amour, monsieur is just telling you about an assignment that I had to complete. Please do not misunderstand.”

“Fine, tell me that you didn’t talk to me in the beginning just to complete your requirement. Tell me that I was not just a part of your grade.” You crossed your arms against your chest, looking at him. He pleaded with his eyes, not answering. You nodded, grabbing your bag off the floor and taking your notebooks off the table in front of you. “Guess this buddy system is over, Laf. You should find someone else to lift your grade.”

“Y/N, wait-”

You walked out the study room, slamming the door behind you. Some people gasped at the loud sound, looking at your figure walking out of the library. You felt the tears falling, staining your cheeks. You used your right hand to wipe away the unwanted tears, walking towards your dorm. Before you could walk in, an arm grabbed you, turning you around.

Lafayette was standing there, unwilling to let go. You pulled and pulled, but he resisted, making his grip tighter. “I swear Laf if you don’t get your arm off me right now-”

“Y/N, please, just listen to me. Can you do that?” He begged, his eyes never leaving yours. You nodded, and he let go of your limb. “Y/N, when I first met you, yes, I used you as a way to get a better grade. I will not deny this.”

“You ass-”

“Please, let me finish, mon amour.” You knew that he used that nickname to calm you down, and of course, it worked. “After getting to know the person you have become, I realized that I do not care about this grade. And I’m so sorry for treating you like a number. I liked you, I like you, as a person. And you are my only ami around here, but I could not help but see you more than that. Today, I was going to ask if you would like to go on an, how you say, outing with I. I wish for you to be my girlfriend, Y/N. You are not and will never be just a project to me.” He said, looking at the red of your cheeks pouring out onto the rest of your face.

You looked down, cursing this man in your mind for his eloquent words. You glanced back up at him, and he looked nervous, sweat pouring down his face.

You felt a drop of water hit your forehead, and looked up at the sky. Oh.

He wasn’t sweating. It was rain.

Good grief, you were always making up scenarios in your head. As you watched the rain fall, you heard the clearing of a throat.

“Y/N?” He asked, getting your attention back. “Did you hear what I said?”

“Oh, yes. Yes, I would liked to go on a date with you,” he smiled, and you glared at him, “But there better be nothing else coming out from someone saying that I’m a grade.” He nodded quickly, placing his hand in yours.

“Let’s be on our way, then.”

Fun fact: the word ‘revolution’ didn’t take on the meaning as something regarding a rapid, wide-reaching change until after the French Revolution of 1792. Although the word was used to describe what was happening in France before this point, it was used in a different sense. Rather, it was used astronomically, relating to the revolution of stars in the sky – they would revolve around and eventually come back to where they started. This was what was thought was going to happen to the French state starting in 1789. People thought the tiff that was going on would be resolved and the state would return to normal.

You would have been extremely hard pressed to find anyone who thought the French Revolution was going to turn out the way it did. What actually happened came out of the left field for the vast, vast majority of those it affected. It was completely unprecedented, and sort of like watching a train crash in slow motion. That’s part of why the frev is so interesting.

So, historical writers, if you’re writing something set before the French Revolution and are using the word ‘revolution’ as in how we modernly understand it, try not to. Because people at the time wouldn’t have understood the word in that way. 

“I’ll Speak French Between Your Legs”- Prompto x Reader


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Your hands were in Promptos’ hair and you wrestled with his tongue, losing and not minding one bit. He forced you back down on the bed and you ground yourself into him as he pulled off his shirt. He smiled down at you and he pulled you into another heated kiss. He moaned into you as you continued to grind away. He pulled away, the thinnest strand of saliva bridging your lips and his together. 

“You’re so gonna get it, babe,” He said, his low voice sending shivers down your spine, “You’re gonna get it so bad.”  Of course, you challenged him with the sweetest smile and your mischievous hips. He let you tease him. He bit his lower lip as you kept moving underneath him. Suddenly, he stopped you by grabbing your wrists and pinning them down on either side of your head. He dove into your sweet smelling neck and his lips and teeth began marking you. You were breathless, “How bad, baby?”

With a final tug of your earlobe in between his teeth, he whispered, “I’m gonna speak French between your legs.”

You gasped at the ferocity of his words and you felt them go straight to your core, already so eager and waiting for him. You let him take off your shirt and pants; he tossed them carelessly aside and he left only your underwear on. He trailed his lips on your inner thighs and you squirmed, begging him to continue onto the best part.

He relented, giving you the sweetest smile and he kissed your apex, gently, lovingly. You laid back, closed you eyes. Eagerly anticipating his wet and hot mouth. You took a deep breath, feeling his tickle your thighs.

“C’est ne pa lu maison.”

Your eyes snapped open… Did he just say something about a home? No its okay, it was probably nothing. You paused and waited for his touch.

“Lever les yeux, comme nous arrivions a la discotheque.”

Your propped yourself up on your elbows looking at him, your eyebrows raised up to your hairline “Did you just call my crotch a nightclub?”

“ Personne n'echappe a mon regard.”

“I’m sorry, what?! Prom, stop, you’re not Widowmaker.” 

“Cherche le porte, c’est votre lycee.”

“Oh, gods Prom! Stop!”

You rolled away from him and Prompto blinked rapidly, “Is everything okay?”

You looked at him, absolutely gobsmacked at this beautiful, idiot boy. “Prompto, we were ‘dans la meme lycee’! Same French class and everything? Remember?!”

Prompto buried his face into his hands, “Augh!! I knew I shouldn’t have let Noct convince me to try out those phrases when he found my old notebook.”

It dawned on your that he wasn’t an actual weirdo, he was just trying to impress you. Albeit misguided by Noct, but still, it was rather sweet.

He asked in a small voice, “Are you mad?”

You looked at him; his cheeks were very red and his blush was creeping onto his neck. He looked so worried. You pulled him close to you and planted a kiss on his swollen lips, “Not at all, Sunshine. Now, are you going to seduce me like one of your French girls?”

“Oui, mon titty croissants.”

“I swear to Shiva’s tits Prompto, ferme la bouche.”


(psa: im so sorry if this is horrible and not funny at all im sorryyyyy;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  )

Book Collage based on ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by naturallysteph (Stephanie Perkins)

Lola/Isla will hopefully come at some point, hopefully.

You can see the rest of my book collages HERE

TWC's Challenge Celebration!

So it’s official- we’re doing a writing challenge! I’m so excited to read what you guys come up with. As a celebration of hitting 1 500 followers, I’m really looking forward to reading everything you post.

There’s just a couple of ground rules:

1) When you write, make sure to tag me! I’ll try to like/reblog/queue it within a day or two of it being posted, but PLEASE send me a message or something if I don’t. I’d hate to miss any:)

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If you have any further questions, PLEASE send me an ask.

Writing Prompts

- “Don’t make me hurt you.”

- “You lied to me?”

- “How long before we’re safe again?”

- “I’d let her step on my face.”

- “Is that… A penis?”

- “That better be a gun or so help me…”

- “Guava’s are a social construct.”

- “Does family mean anything to you?”

- “I haven’t slept in six days and to be honest I’m not sure I can tell reality from… I don’t know what the opposite of reality is.”

- “Chuck, I’d just like to personally thank you for mango smoothies.”

- “Doritos? What are we, desperate?”

- “There’s no time to explain, but I think I may have been stabbed. It’s cool though.”

- “Yeah, you shot me, but I kinda had it coming to me.”

- “I have a method.”

- “You could totally be a drag queen.”

- “Bitch I’m gay as fuck what are you talking about.”

- “Check out that Moose Caboose.”

- “You should wear spandex more often.”

- “That was not okay.”

- -“Will you come back?”

- “Guess again, Gordon Ramsey.”

- “You’re my new favourite sibling.”

- “I’m fired?”

- “Please don’t pursue a career in comedy.”

- “The meatball says no.” “The meatball can go fuck itself.”

- “That was about as much fun as a sandpaper dildo.” “As a what now-”

- “I’m gonna die.” “You say that every day.”

- "Ho don’t you dare eat my chips.“ ”… Did you just call me a hoe?“

- “What did you say?” “I said I could kick your ass, blindfolded.”

- “… Furries?” “Wow, ______, you must feel right at home.”

- “Go suck an egg.” “Okay.”

- “You don’t really speak French, do you?” “Allez-vous faire foutre.”

- “-I want to die.” “And I want a four cheese lasagna. Maybe it’s all for the best.”

- “On a scale of Taylor Swift to Beyoncé, how do you feel today?”

- “Her boobs are almost as big as Sam’s.” “Yeah- wait, what?”

- “Dean the Bean. That’s your stripper name.” “Do I want to ask why?”


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11 Questions Tag

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  1. What’s your favorite genre of music and/or artist? … Don’t hate me but I like anime character songs (Kamiya Hiroshi’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is amazing).
  2. If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be? The Ara Pacis Augustae in Rome because I wrote a 9000 word essay about it so now I want to see it in real life (@purplechickygal​).
  3. If you could wake up instantly knowing a language, what would it be? French so that I can pass my exams 😢.
  4. Why did you start a studyblr? Um… about a month ago I think.
  5. What’s your favorite supply? (highlighter, pen, marker, etc.) Fountain pen.
  6. If you could have ANY job, what would it be? Quantum physicist.
  7. What’s your favorite show/movie? DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE PLEASE I AM A FANGIRL THIS ISN’T FAIR.
  8. Do you collect anything? The souls of those who have angered me.
  9. If you could meet any famous person who would it be? Future version of @anonymuslee. Or Misha Collins. Either way.
  10. Bullet journal or planner? Planner - I can’t stay structured enough for a bullet journal.
  11. What’s your favorite season? Why? Winter because everything is dead like me.

My turn!

  1. If you could visit one day in the past or future, which day would it be?
  2. What would you like to be known for?
  3. Which sports (if any) do you follow?
  4. What’s the best comeback you’ve ever made?
  5. Why did you join tumblr?
  6. Did you cry in Titanic?
  7. Gold Door | Silver Door | Wooden Door
  8. Candles or Incense?
  9. Do you have a secret you would kill to protect?
  10. Do you have a person you would kill to protect?
  11. What’s your opinion of the Cursed Child?

And I choose…

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Warning: History rant

So like. les Miserables wasn’t even set in the French Revolution. The big Barricade Revolution in the story was actually 43 years after the French Revolution, so les mis is more about the aftermath of TFR.

But like??? That particular revolt? The one of students and workmen at the funeral of Lemarque? It played almost no role in history. It was tiny, and had no real effect in the rest of the century. Most historians say that if it weren’t for Victor Hugo setting the novel then, no one would really know what it even was.
And I find that so cool???

Like. This story, of real people who died and all the Parisians that were killed, has become a Broadway play and this huge global THING. 

And it didn’t really change much in that time period at all. I don’t know why that’s so neat but it is??

 It’s a historical event that did very little in the big picture but we’ve turned it into something important and beautiful, with faces and people. We have this story that most everyone knows about something that otherwise would have been forgotten. 

Bless you, Victor Hugo.

That is my brain dump for the day.

dog days { hamilsquad x vet!reader }

this was based on this prompt from @herearlyleafsaflower

Hamilsquad where reader is a veterinarian? 

 thanks so much for your request! it was fun to write. 

i’m still accepting others too so don’t be afraid to drop one in my inbox. enjoy! <3 xx 

You hummed softly as you propped the dog up on the table and checked him out. You had always loved animals as a kid so being a vet was a lifelong dream of yours. You got to see all kinds of animals, even traveling to farms and other places to take care of the ones that were injured or sick. You’d worked hard to get where you were today and to have your own little store was a big achievement.

“She looks good.” You said, smiling at the little husky. She was a little jumpy, but what dog wasn’t? She looked excited to be here as she wagged her tail and stuck her tongue out. Huskies were always your favorite. They had the most dazzling eyes and energetic spirits.

You scratched behind the dog’s ears gently before slipping your stethoscope on and listening for the dog’s heartbeat. It was clear, strong, and steady–-music to your ears. Regular checkups were much more fun to you and this dog was in optimum condition. You checked his ears quickly and smiled when the dog sat back a little and tried to be still. “She’s well behaved too! Just the other day, -”

You were about to jump into a quick story about the crazy case you had yesterday but your assistant came in, looking around before landing her eyes on you. “Hi, Doctor. Here’s the records for Sunny and there’s someone out here for you.”

“Oh, okay.” You managed a smile, simply taking the clipboard from your assistant to hide your confusion. You looked back at the dog and his owners. “I’ll wrap this up. She’s in great health. Did she get all of her vaccines taken care of?”

The young couple in front of you nodded and you sighed happily. “Perfect. She’s good to go then.”

“Thank you so much, Doctor.”

“My pleasure! Bye, Sunny!” You said, laughing a little as the dog licked your cheek before hopping off of the little counter she was resting on. “I’ll walk you out.”

The couple followed you to the front of your office and left promptly, happy to walk their dog out and head home. The little bell rang as they left the store and you gave them a little wave goodbye. Then your eyes landed on one of your best friends that was sitting in one of the waiting chairs. You were used to seeing Hercules. Today, he was reading a magazine, looking like such a dork.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Hercules said excitedly, coming up to you and giving you a big hug. “I think I got your order right.”

He handed you a bag from your favorite restaurant and you smiled widely, peeking inside. The smell of your favorite dish filled the air and you couldn’t help but feel warm inside. 

“Aww, Herc. You could have just given me the lunch I packed. I just left it on the counter of your place.”

He shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets. It was cute to see him get all shy. “I was out anyways. Did you, um, want to head over to our place to eat? Everyone’s there for once and it’s not too far.”

“Sure, yeah! We’re clear for the rest of the afternoon too. That sounds great.”

After you checked your schedule and announced you’d be leaving, you followed Hercules into his car and together, you made your way to the loft that they all shared. It was spacious, yet cozy, and you were greeted with the sight of the other three boys on the couch, eating happily together as some show was on. 

“(Y/N)’s here!” Hercules called as he shut the door behind you. The boys all looked up and quickly smiled at you. “Be on your best behavior!” 

He retreated to the kitchen and you stepped a little closer into the boys’ living room.

“Mon ange! Bonjour!” Lafayette said cheerfully, giving you a big smile and a small wave.

“Hey, love! How have you been?” John chorused, getting up to greet you. He hugged you tightly and you sighed happily, melting into his tender embrace. You lived for John’s hugs. They made everything right again.

“I’ve been good.” You buried your head into his chest as he rubbed your back. “How about you?" 

"Great, actually.”

“It’s been a while, yeah, (Y/N)?” Alex glanced over at you too and he squinted at what you were wearing. John had just pulled away when Alex had gotten up to get a closer look. Usually when you were with them you dressed casually–jeans and a t-shirt (possibly one of theirs) or were dressed up nicely when you went out with them. This outfit was new. He saw your scrubs and took notice of the white lab coat you had over them. Your little name tag is what made his eyes widen.

“When were you going to tell us you were a vet?!” Alex spoke up, coming to stand in front of you but still beside John. “(Y/N)!”

Hercules sounded like he was choking from the kitchen. 

“W-What?” You said, taken aback. You looked between the boys, unsure of their confused expression. Surely you had mentioned this before. You could have sworn that - 

“You’re a vet?!” John’s eyes widened next. “(Y/N), love! You never said anything about that!”

“I guess, it -”

“What’s going on?” Lafayette, who was still laying down on the couch, sat up slightly. He looked bewildered with his furrowed eyebrows and some curly hairs flying out of his bun.

“Did you know (y/n) was a vet?!” Alex turned quickly, looking to the Frenchmen in shock.

Lafayette’s eyes widened and he immediately burst out into a long line of French that made sense to only Alexander. Lafayette quickly rushed in front of you and saw the name of your storefront on your name tag. Your name was etched in neatly with your occupation written underneath clear as day.

“Mon ange! Why didn’t you say anything?! That’s magnifique!”

“I-I thought I told you all?” You said sheepishly. “Plus I always smell like dog when I come over after work.”

“You get paid to be with dogs all day.” John said in wonder almost, making you giggle.

“Not just dogs, Johnny.” 

“Even better.”

“The only dog we see at work is Jefferson, and he’s not even cute.” Alexander grumbled and Lafayette smacked his arm, making him wince. You couldn’t hold back your laughter. Hercules even chuckled from the kitchen. “What, Laf? I’m not lying.”

“He’s my friend too.” Lafayette mumbled, and Alex let out a soft apology. It was small and forced, but Lafayette appreciated it nonetheless.

“Anything else you’re hiding from us?” Hercules prompted from the kitchen after he cracked open a water bottle to drink. “Even though I was aware of this the whole time because I listen to my dearest friend.”

You blushed as the boys grumbled slightly. “It’s not our fault.” Alex pouted.

“But it is.” Hercules countered, enjoying how this was playing out.

“Seriously, how did we not know this?” John muttered, and then looked up at you for an answer. “We’re the worst!”

“No, no! Don’t say that!” You said quickly, trying to reassure John. “To be fair, Herc actually dropped me off at work one time when my car was having trouble that one time. That’s how he knew.”

The three let out soft oh’s or little nods of recognition. You smiled and they all did too, looking much more relieved.

“I guess it just slipped my mind.” You shrugged a little.

“Either way, we’re still super proud of you, honey.” Alex said, pulling you in for a tight hug. Soon you felt another pair of arms wrap around you and another and another. “Have you wanted to do this since you were a kid?”

You nodded, then realized the boys couldn’t see you do so from the center of the group hug. “Yeah, actually! Ever since I was little.”

“Let’s get a cake.” John whispered. “Better yet, let’s make one.”

“Non.” Lafayette said sounding exhausted, but still leaning against Hercules. Eventually, you all pulled away. Still, the warm and fuzzy feeling stayed with you, making you smile widely.

“This is worth celebrating!” Alex assured.

“Just lunch with you guys is fine. Honestly.” You giggled at their response.

“Speaking of which, you don’t have much longer of.” Hercules snickered.

“Thanks, Herc.” You said sarcastically, rolling your eyes as he ruffled your hair.

“Can we come by your work place?” Lafayette asked sweetly and all of the boys nodded frantically. They were so cute. “Tomorrow … perhaps?” His tone was hopeful and kind. The other boys were quick to chime in as well.

“Washington doesn’t need us in, right?” Alexander mumbled to himself, trying to think of his schedule.

“Non. We are free. Herc, what about you?”

“All my orders for clients are taken care of.” Hercules said smoothly.

You bit your lip and looked at the boys who were pleading with you.

“You have to be quiet!” You insisted. “I wouldn’t go into Washington’s yelling and screaming right?!”

The boys nodded quickly. You shot John a glare as he snickered. He quickly straightened up, and you held back your smile.

“And we wouldn’t barge into Hercules’ shop while he’s working on his latest masterpiece, right?” You asked again. 

“Right.” Hercules said the loudest, and you smiled, unable to hold it back any longer.

“Okay, come by tomorrow then.” You grinned. “I’ll give you a little tour.”

Tomorrow came. The boys were on their best behavior as they were your “assistants” for the day. Alex let out “I’m so proud” like it was a mantra. John was excited to see all the dogs and the turtles especially. Laf wasn’t as much of an animal person, but he found the birds that you looked after to be especially beautiful, admiring them as they chirped and gazing at them as they landed close to him. Hercules practically blended in with the golden retrievers. You had a big group of those dogs come from the shelter that fell in love with the big guy.

To have small moments like these, you were grateful that they had found out.

Mister blue sky please tell us why you had to hide away for so long… Where did we go wrong?

this comic is the cutest thing I have ever seen.. how bad is it to draw fanart of other people’s fanarts?

Just a bit of Good Omens trivia

So you know after [Oops, excuse me, SPOILERS] Aziraphale was exorcised by Shadwell he was sort of sent around the world for a while, so by the time he met up with Madame Tracy, he basically asked “Can you speak __” in 3 different languages. There were no footnotes in the US version so in case you didn’t know this, they were German, French, and Mandarin Chinese respectively. (Actually what he said translates to “I can’t speak Chinese?” instead of “can you speak Chinese”, so that’s the first bit of the trivia.) Since I have both the Taiwan version and mainland Chinese version of Good Omens, I was wondering how they were handled in an actual Chinese translation, so I pulled out my books and I have to say that I was not disappointed.

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Studyblr Introduction

Hi, I’m new to the studyblr community!

About me: Olivia, 16 years old, living in Germany. I hope to graduate High School in 2019

Interests: Languages. And sleep.

Classes: German, Maths, History, English, French

(We have this weird system where you have a few subjects 4 hours a week and others for 2 hours a week but those are not as important)

Why studyblr? I want to stay motivated and I hope that by posting about my work I’ll be able to look back and say “I did that.”

My goals: Pass this year, pass the graduating exam “Abitur” so I can make “Abitour 2019″ our graduating motto.

Some studyblrs I like: @myastudies @study-pastel @ginastudy @rosenplants @alimastudies @emmastudies

Picture is mine, please don’t repost it.


i saw @academla write her post about natural beauty (!!!) on my dash, and i completely forgot that i was tagged in her 6 selfies post! and, so in honor of chinese new year(???) and my forever on-going battle to learn to love myself more, here are a couple of random selfies within the last year or so?? dis me with no makeup (bc how to do makeup someone teach me pls) (but for real though i feel like i should learn how to makeup……) and no filters, with the exception of the haircut one (i couldn’t find one w/o a filter) and the last one

they go in order actually from when they were taken hehe from january of last year to when i got my hair cut sometime in march, the #deerinheadlights look, my triumphant bathroom selfie from being able to successfully drive to the grocery store on a busy sunday afternoon HAH and finally the last one is just literally because why the fuck not LOL #yesfilter #tysnapchatforbeautification

honestly i’m still far from being comfortable with how i look (in pretty much all aspects), and selflove2k15 was far from a success, so idk if anyone has any tips i am all for that !!!!

i tag the following people because i want to see ur cute faces (sorry if i left out your url and we talk normally i’m just really scatter-brained right now because cramming in hw before CNY prep officially begins) (and aLSo, sorry if you’ve already been tagged oof) (but u can do it again e u e) (or reblog it if you already did it!! o u o) as well as anyone who sees/likes/does anything with this post. like honestly and if you do post it please tag me so i can reblog ur v cute ~*visages*~ yum

@somestudy @gryhffindors @muji-princess @tbhstudying @fuckstudy @areistotle @memoirs-of-a-high-school-student @gracelearns @study-ings (and @polizicalscience I OFFICIALLY TAG U I FORGOT TO ADD YOU IM TRASH IM SORRY)

I was tagged by timidtigers . I’m sorry for so long reply.

1) Why did you choose your URL?

Well, it’s been my nickname everywhere for a long time. i came up with it about 5 years ago when it was kinda cool to hide your real name and write strange words instead of surname. Originally it was Anny Sun but later it has transformed to annnsunn :)

2) What is your middle name?

In Russia we receive a patronymic name as a middle name, so it’s my dad’s name which i don’t really want to write here

3) If you could own a fairy tale/fictional pet, what would it be?

A flying mini piggy of cource ❤️  I’ve always wanted to own a mini pig (but nobody wants to buy it for me), they are perfect even without wings and I can’t stop watching piggy videos

4) Favourite colour?

My favorite color always changes with my mood. Now it’s light pink or may be light blue or mint

5) Favourite song(s)?

Too difficult question…let it be Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche. This song always inspires me and brings new ideas

6) What are your top three fandoms?

The first three which came to my mind are Harry Potter, Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones

7) Why did you join tumblr?

I just wanted to have a place where i can write and share my thoughts but then i decided to upload some arts and my life has changed completely :)

8) Tag your favorite mutual blogs (they do all 8 questions too) (if they want to)

I want to tag my French friends lucschmutzworkl-u-c-s-t-z-a-p-h), romainshtz and all afternoontea-english followers 

The "Studyblr profile" TAG

The studyblr community is growing super fast and it’s difficult to keep track with. I wanted to create a tag so everyone can know more about the person behind the studyblr. I think it’s also a great way for the newbies to introduce themselves in this awesome community.

Tag “ourstudyworld” so I can follow you back if I haven’t and reblog your post. 

Name: Cassie

Age: 16

My studyblr was born on the 22nd September 2014. 

Why did you start a studyblr? To keep me motivated and productive. It’s also a great way to meet new people and to help each other. 

How did you discover this community? By typing “study motivation” in the search bar. ^^

Class?11th grade/ 1ère ES

Nationality? French and German

Currently living in Germany

School system? French

Your favourite subjects? French, Economics, Sociology

What are the subjects you hate? P.E/Sports

Favourite books? Jane Eyre, Fahrenheit 451, 1984

Currently reading? La reine morte - Montherlant

Hobbies? Photography, guitar, reading, learn to code, tumblr, youtube and watching series.

Favourite music genre? Electro, Electro Swing, Jazz, Folk, Indie

Favourite dishes? Pizzaaaaaaa and Spring rolls.

Coffee or Tea? TEA FTW!

Favourite series? White Collar, Skins, Masters of Sex, Revenge

I’m tagging the lovely teabags-and-textbooks, hellostudying, universityandme, tbhstudying, studyuk and the rest of the tumblr community :)

Have fun and good luck with your revisions!