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Ready to Run | uno

Summary: (Modern-Day AU) In which a two youngsters come to know how important it is to live your life to the fullest, leave an imprint of every single moment you’ve lived, on your heart, because you’re given the chance to live only once. [Movie AU]

Word Count: 2053

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (female)

Genre: RomCom (a wee bit of drama)

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: I think I love marrying Bucky with everyone except the reader. But y’all will read it anyway, bc I know you guys love slow burn. So here’s my Road Trip au that I promised you guys! Enjoy reading and please give me feedback, bc I love reading your comments and opinions. 

A special thanks to my wifey, Yvy ( @minervaem ​) for reminding me and pushing me to write this and also for being my beta reader. You know I love you more than dinosaurs

“Ready to Run” Masterlist

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The Beginning

Could there be any other place where he could do this?

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Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 678
Fluff, Established Relationship, Fluff without Plot, POV Stiles

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Stiles wants to cry. This is not what he’d planned. Fuck! He’s ruined the weekend before it well and truly starts. He tightens his arms and legs around Derek, feeling like a koala clinging to Derek’s back, then buries his face in Derek’s hair and inhales. Derek tightens his grip on Stiles’ legs in response, his hands large and warm beneath Stiles’ thighs. Actually, this isn’t so bad.

‘Does it hurt?’ Derek asks. He turns his head a little. His stubble scrapes against Stiles’ cheek. ‘I still think we should’ve gone back.’

Stiles rolls his eyes and presses a kiss to Derek’s cheek. ‘We’re almost there. Just keep following the path.’

Derek opens his mouth to protest, again, but decides to keep walking instead. They really are almost there. The slightly curved path they’re on straightens out after another minute of walking, and the trees open up, revealing a small glade with a creek gurgling softly at the far end. The grass is bright green, dotted with buttercups and forget-me-nots. The air smells fresh and clean. The sunlight streams into the open space in a way that makes all the colours brighter and shine like precious stones. It’s like something out of a dream.

‘Wow,’ they breath out at the same time.

Derek walks to the middle of the glade, sets the backpack with food down, then gently lowers himself to the ground with Stiles still on his back. Stiles lets go, a little reluctantly, and they sit side by side for a minute, just looking around. Stiles didn’t think there was anything that came close to the beauty of Derek’s eyes. Guess he was wrong, though Derek’s eyes still win.

‘I should take a look at your ankle,’ Derek says. He tears his eyes away from the scenery and starts unlacing Stiles’ boot.

Half an hour into their hike, Stiles tripped and twisted his ankle. Derek wanted to go back, make sure it wasn’t sprained or broken, but since they were already halfway to their destination, Stiles insisted they keep moving. Stiles went on Derek’s back, and their food and picnic blanket on Derek’s front. Thank heaven for strong, built, werewolf husbands.

The boot slides easily off Stiles foot, and they both breathe a sigh of relief.

‘I told you it wasn’t that bad,’ Stiles says.

‘You also said that when you got shot in the leg,’ Derek points out. He removes Stiles’ sock and gently starts probing and moving Stiles’ foot. It’s a little sore, but it doesn’t really hurt.

‘Nothing a little rest won’t cure,’ Stiles grins.

‘I’m gonna have to carry you back, aren’t I?’

‘But you won’t have to carry the food.’

‘Because you’ll have eaten it all.’ Derek looks pointedly at the sandwich Stiles is already stuffing into his mouth.

‘You love me,’ Stiles grins, bits of sandwich falling out of his mouth.

‘It’s why I married you,’ Derek agrees. His eyes go soft and he lifts Stiles’ foot to press a kiss to his ankle.

Stiles’ insides melt, making it hard to swallow his food.

They spend the entire afternoon in the little glade. They eat their lunches, then rest their feet in the little creek. The water is cold, but not freezing, and it tickles between Stiles’ toes, making him squirm and giggle. They lie in the sun, talking about everything and nothing, Stiles’ head pillowed on the folded picnic blanket, Derek’s head pillowed on Stiles’ stomach.

‘We should move here,’ Stiles says. His fingers scratch against Derek’s scalp, just the way he knows Derek’s likes it.


‘I don’t wanna leave, so there’s no choice but to move in.’

‘Pretty sure the park owns this.’

‘You could buy it for me,’ Stiles suggests.

‘Buy it yourself. ‘S your money too.’

They stay like that until the shadows of the trees reach Derek’s legs. Reluctantly, they pack everything up and pull on their socks and shoes again. Stiles tries his ankle. If he exaggerates the pain a little so Derek will give him another piggyback ride, who can blame him?


Paring: James Conrad x reader

Warnings: angst but mostly fluff 

Summary: James wants to do something good for you, but then he falls into his own mind

Note: I’m sorry for not having a good summary, it’s a pretty short fic. English is not my native language, so sorry for any mistakes. I would love feedback!

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“Argh shit!” You heard James yell from the kitchen. Quickly you got up from your chair in the garden, and ran in to see him standing before a pile of pots, all fallen on the floor. You smiled at him, knowing that he was troubling with begin back from war. Even if it wasn’t recently he had come back. You sat down on the floor next to him.

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SCF 2017 PSA

I will continue to post both pens & preds content during this trying time full of Drama and here’s why:

I am an adult married to another adult, and both of us are huge hockey fans. Like massive fans of our respective teams. Our teams are facing each other in the final, and one of us is inevitably gonna be disappointed in a couple weeks. And yet, we’re still in this good arrangement called Marriage, because again, we are ADULTS and recognize that this is a GAME. (That neither of us is actively involved in. We cannot control the outcome. Even a little.)

So if you want to unfollow me for blogging about the team you hate at the moment (either one honestly) I guess that’s okay but also,,, idk I’m just here trying to have a nice blog with cool aesthetics lmao

I will be tagging all of my stuff with the respective team names as always, so if you just want to blacklist certain content or need me to tag anything extra pls let me know!

As Bryz once said “why you heff to be mad? Is only game!”

What do you deserve?

I was talking with a friend about relationships because she’s having some doubts about her love life… and that talk just made me think about it a lot. 

What do we want for ourselves is what we really have?

Sometimes we want to be with someone that makes us feel safe and warm, but all we have is someone that makes us cry or makes us insecure.

Why does it happen?

Because we let it happen!

So, she asked me: what I have to do then? What I’m doing wrong?

And I answered:

You’re forgetting what you want.
You’re forgetting your value.
You’re forgetting what you deserve.

Then I asked her: What the fuck you want?

She answered me: I wanna marry! I wanna me happy! I don’t wanna be with a girl that don’t want to introduce me to her family.

And then I said: That’s it! Make your wish list. Put on the paper all the things you want in a relationship and how you want to feel about it. You have to read that list EVERY fucking day and remind yourself of all the things YOU REALLY WANT! And when some girl shows up, no matter how needy you are, you will remember all the things you want. If that girl is not what you want, you gonna say bye and move on and you will not accept ANYTHING less than what you want and deserve. No matter if she’s beautiful, cute, funny… if she don’t want to introduce you to her family, is not her! If she makes you insecure, is not her!

People use to lie to themselves and making excuses to be with the wrong people. If your life is full of “but,” something is wrong …

“She makes me insecure BUT she’s funny…”

“Sometimes she’s rude with me BUT I know is her way to love…”

No! No! No! 

You don’t deserve BUT in your life!

Don’t be with someone just for needy.

Be with someone that fills your soul, that makes you dream, keeps you warm and safe. 

Yeah, I know…no one is perfect though… but when you are having less than you deserve, something is not right!!!

Make your relationship wish list and be loyal to it! Be loyal with what you really wants for you!

Take care!

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Genevieve's speech at the event. I honestly don't know where to begin with that one lol

Let’s begin with her feeling the need to point out that she’s married to Jared. Why was that? Did she think that everyone suddenly forgot she was in fact married? Did she think we assumed they were siblings? You have to admit she’s got some serious dedication to make everything about her. I mean, how in the hell do make something like that about you and your personal life? She honestly made her speech about cyber bullying about herself! Also, can she please never give a public speech again because that was BAD. She was literally reading off a piece of paper and still couldn’t get the words out. The fake crying. She’s not a talented actress at all so I’m surprised she even tried to pull that bullshit off but she’s gotta try for one last bit of sympathy.

Sochi Banquet

I love how tentatively Viktor approached Yuuri during the Sochi banquet. Look at how many shots it took for this boy to get to Yuuri.

I find this to be especially precious given how Viktor already got rejected by Yuuri earlier that evening.

For all of his being a celebrity, Viktor does not strike me as the kind of person who can easily brush off another person’s dislike of him. Hell, he made a career out of pleasing everyone, and while I don’t think he would cry over another person’s opinion of him, neither does he seem like someone who could just easily dismiss it or not be hurt. I mean look at this face:

His reservations about approaching the fascinating Japanese boy were therefore perfectly understandable. We can even clearly see that he kept his distance for a bit at first.

But like a moth to a flame,

this precious boy

can’t seem to help himself.

And for a while it doesn’t seem like Yuuri even noticed him there?

Oh, but when he did…

It became such an unforgettable night.

Lmao, for Viktor anyway.

Poor Vitya.


“There are lots of things in Islam that don’t fit me either! Like its view of homosexuality or why does Islam say that muslim men can marry non-religious women, but muslim women can’t. Isn’t that a bit sexist? At least in the society we live in and when Islam says the Quran can adapt to every society you live in?”

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SKAM S04E05 Clip 4 - Humble

SANA: What are you doing?
MOM: Have you seen my green veil?
SANA: *Speaks Arabic*
MOM: Yeah..
SANA: Yes! Why?
MOM: Because I don’t know what you’re up to anymore.
SANA: I’m not up to anything!
MOM: You are out with all your friends and suddenly I see you outside with Yousef and then you don’t tell me anything. I’m worried, don’t you understand?
SANA: You talk about my friends like they’re criminals or something. It’s not like all non-muslims lie, drink and have lots of sex!
MOM: I know that, Sana.
SANA: Yeah, then why can’t you trust that I have friends who are good people?
MOM: I trust you, Sana, but I know lots of young people don’t follow the same rules as you. And you know that Norwegian society have lots of customs that don’t fit us.
SANA: There are lots of things in Islam that doesn’t fit me either! Like its view of homosexuality or why does Islam say that muslim men can marry non-religious women, but muslim women can’t. Isn’t that a bit sexist? At least in the society we live in and when Islam says the Quran can adapt to every society you live in…?
MOM: Where is this coming from?
SANA: I’m just asking! Aren’t you allowed to ask?
MOM: Yes, you’re allowed to ask. You’re allowed to ask.
SANA: But what? You don’t have any answers?
MOM: I’m just worried about you, Sana. I don’t want you to get hurt.
SANA: I won’t get hurt!
ELIAS: *Speaks in Arabic*
SANA: *Answers in Arabic*
ELIAS: I heard. What were you doing with Yousef the other day?
SANA: With Yousef?
ELIAS: Yeah, mom told me she saw you together.
SANA: Oh, yeah. He just walked me home from Noora’s.
ELIAS: You like him!
SANA: Huh? No!
ELIAS: Yousef is a nice guy.
SANA: It’s just that he’s not a muslim.
ELIAS: Yousef is the most muslim guy I know. He doesn’t drink, he’s always respectful to everyone.
SANA: Yeah, but he doesn’t believe in Allah.
ELIAS: Doesn’t believe in Allah.. Do you know how many people I know who say they believe in Allah? But they still drink, steal and vandalize. What’s more important? Saying you believe in Allah or live like you believe in Allah? The most important thing to me at least, is that my sister is doing well with a good guy and.. not only goes to the Mosque.
SANA: I don’t think mom agrees.
ELIAS: You know mom just wants what’s best for us. It’s just that she was born in a completely different country in a completely different time, so she doesn’t know what it’s like to be us. You have to stop having such a sad face. Because when you’re sad, I’m sad too.
SANA: I’m not sad.
ELIAS: That’s good.
SANA: There’s a party at Løkka* tomorrow. If you want to come.
ELIAS: With your friends? Those who were at the flat the other day?
SANA: Mhm.
ELIAS: Fun! Fun. Yeah, of course we’ll come.
SANA: Bring Yousef!
ELIAS: Yeah, I’ll do that

Bum’s backstory was always going to be horrific but I think the real tragedy behind this chapter was the fact that he could have had a normal, happy life. Despite the fact all the information came from his uncle I think it’s clear Bum’s father would’ve had a good job, had been raised with affection and I get the feeling he probably loved his wife. If Bum’s uncle’s behaviour this chapter was anything to go by, he probably beat Bum’s mother and that’s why she ran off with his brother. I mean Bum would probably have still had BPD but he wouldn’t have been beaten, starved and sexually abused and I get the vibe his parents were probably decent people.

Another interesting trope Koogi has used this chapter is the idea of the sins of the father. Over the course of the chapter we discover Bum’s beatings are in part due to the fact of who his parents were. Though Bum’s uncle claims his father was the favourite son I’m guessing his own fell out of favour when he married his brother’s girlfriend. At the moment, I’m fairly confident Bum resembles his mother and that’s why his uncle has this overwhelming urge to punish him. Whether Bum’s Grandma ignores her sons actions due to guilt over having a favourite or because she can’t deal with Bum’s criminal record is unclear. I mean she calls him a wicked child so I think it’s a mixture of both, making out that almost everything that happens to Bum is his fault because he doesn’t learn from his uncle’s actions. After hearing the story I wouldn’t be shocked if Sangwoo takes her as a victim as well.

Finally I want to talk about a Sangwoo - after the small snippet we’ve seen of him I feel fairly confident that my prediction he was going to be the one person to react to Bum’s story with sympathy/a need to protect is right. Koogi shows us the minute he snaps. Sangwoo is smart and I think he can read Bum’s subtext pretty well in this situation which is why rather than flying off the handle at being lied too he tries to coax the truth out of him instead. Honestly the screen shot I’ve used of Sangwoo for this post is one of my favourites because it’s so obvious his switch has been flipped but he doesn’t lash out at Bum. The need to protect his property is stronger than his desire to hurt something in that moment which just shows how much their dynamic has developed since the beginning. I also think he looks a little concerned/worried about what exactly Bum is going to tell him so I’m excited to see whether Bum’s story triggers anything about Sangwoo’s
own backstory next chapter.

Lame adaptations and sequels are always like, “how can Mina go back to her stifling Victorian marriage after her experience with the dark, seductive Dracula??”

Meanwhile, Mina marries her best friend, who she’s known since they were children, who she share common interests with, they build a home together, work as partners, make immense sacrifices for each other, support each other through their traumas.

Guys, a marriage isn’t stifling and restrictive just because two people… get along, I guess?

Can you say salty? Sexualized where? Touka, an adult, decided to have sex with the man she loved, where is the problem? She wasnt the only one that was naked and exposed. We got naked Kaneki too, it wasnt just sexy naked Touka for fans and Kaneki to ogle. Why isnt anyone saying shit about Kaneki being “sexualized”? is that not a double standard? Are we saying Kaneki, as a man, cant be sexaulized?  I mean dude was pretty naked as I recall. If their problem is Touka being sexualized why dont they feel the same for Kaneki? He was equally naked, we even got a close up of his ass.

Also 99.9% of the time we have seen Touka on screen she’s been fully clothed. We’ve never seen her in some super sexy get up, which wouldn’t even be a problem as long as its in character. So I fail to see where she’s been the victim of being sexualized for fan service.

To the other people bitching about Touka being depicted as :one of those women" you can shut your misogynistic mouths. We know damn well what “that kind of woman” means. Again why are we going after only Touka? Is she having sex by herself? No, Kaneki is a fully willing participant too. Yet I dont see people implying he’s “that kind of person”. 

Is the problem that she initiated? Are people saying that women who initiate sex are “sluty”? What are we just supposed to wait for a guy to ask us marry them and then wait for them to make the move? What kind of stupid logic is that? 

Then we have people implying that Kaneki is the victim of pressure or assault when Touka clearly pulls away from the first kiss and Kaneki goes back for more. Also note that Touka on the bottom when penetration happens not on top. Kaneki is the one in control in that moment. Its his move, he either pushes forward and penetrates or nothing happens. Kaneki is willing and happy about this.

Haters need to stop trying to hide behind fake concern for Touka or the quality of the manga. Stop trying to hide behind this idea that Ishida disrespected Touka by depicting her making love with the man she loves. People keep calling it hentai but if you’ve ever seen hentai then you know its far more detailed and explicit then this chapter. Hentai has girls bodies on full display, breast bounces around all over the place, genitals fully exposed, positioned in was to show off their bodies. Often the guy is transparent at times just so you can see the females breast, vagina, ass or anus on full display. How in the seven hells is that in anyway similar to how Ishida drew touken making love? Yeah, its not.

Women are not these pure objects for people to place on a pedestals and then toss aside when they no longer fit the “pure” image. Touka isnt any less for having sex, she isnt a slut or a horrid person. Even if she had banged 1, 5 or 20 guys(or women) she’s still not a slut. She lost her virginity and she isnt any less for it and no one should lose respect for her or Ishida for it.

Kill this idea that woman having sex is bad, gross or takes away from a woman.

Everyone with these backwards ideas and stupid ass view can shove it. Touka wasnt horrible sexualized, she isnt now a “slut” and she isnt a abuser either.

(sorry binche for this long rambling submission)

Lance going on and on about what a great boyfriend he has, going out of his way to brag about how fulfilling he finds his romantic relationship, and everyone who’s stuck listening to him just eggs him on because Shiro more often then not is right next to him, red in the face, torn between self-conscious embarrassment and his overwhelming happiness

Any idea how many gay jokes there are?

I just want to point out something. A joke is only funny when it isn’t used ad nauseam.

So, basically, when can we say this isn’t a joke but that there’s serious intent? How many times before we can rightfully say: this isn’t a joke, this is a pattern. This isn’t a bonus, this is the heart of the text?

10? 15? 20? One per episode? Twice per episode?

(Brace yourself)

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Westerners just don’t understand how big a deal it is for people to live in countries like the USA, Canada, UK for people who live in countries like the Philippines, or how certain cultures are influenced by the idea of living in a country where people are actually paid living wages

Story time: My sister’s husband’s parents are Indian. My Indian in-laws are lovely people, and Auntie (which we call my bro-in-law’s mom) makes the most amazing vegetarian Indian food that got me into spicy food when I at first couldn’t stand spicy food. 

Uncle S and Auntie J, I’ll call them, came to Canada in earlier years, since Uncle S was a businessman. 

They met 1 week before they were married and moved to Canada. 

They’ve been married for over 30 years, and they got married because Uncle S’s original fiancee left and Auntie J volunteered as “replacement wife”. 

Why? Well, mainly because Uncle S was successful enough to be going to Canada in the first place, and this was the best life Aunti J’s family could think of for her. More than 30 years and 2 kids later, they have a house and a family living with them and they are, as far as I can tell, happy. 

I had a conversation with some people I befriended in New York: 

“People would kill to live here“. 

And you don’t know how true that is. 

They always talk about the hardships of immigrants in America but barely ever talk about why people leave home to go to a country where they may be hated. 

Because no matter how bad it gets in the USA, it rarely ever gets bad enough to go back to a place where you’re paid less than an American McDonald’s employee for a mid level job and basic human rights are an afterthought

I’m super fckn privileged, don’t get me wrong. But the idea of working a Starbucks in New York is luxurious to even me. Believe me when I say if you don’t appreciate just how desperate people are to go to a Western country to live and work then you can never understand the culture that surrounds that desperation.