and why are they not happier

“Must I be moral because Kant tells me of a categoric imperative, of a mysterious command which comes to me from the depths of my own being and bids me be moral? But why should this ‘categoric imperative’ exercise a greater authority over my actions than that other imperative, which at times may command me to get drunk. A word, nothing but a word, like the words ‘Providence,’ or ‘Destiny,’ invented to conceal our ignorance.

“Or perhaps I am to be moral to oblige Bentham, who wants me to believe that I shall be happier if I drown to save a passerby who has fallen into the river than if I watched him drown?

“Or perhaps because such has been my education? Because my mother taught me morality? Shall I then go and kneel down in a church, honor the Queen, bow before the judge I know for a scoundrel, simply because our mothers, our good ignorant mothers, have taught us such a pack of nonsense? “I am prejudiced, — like everyone else. I will try to rid myself of prejudice! Even though immorality be distasteful, I will yet force myself to be immoral, as when I was a boy I forced myself to give up fearing the dark, the churchyard, ghosts and dead people — all of which I had been taught to fear.

“It will be immoral to snap a weapon abused by religion; I will do it, were it only to protect against the hypocrisy imposed on us in the name of a word to which the name morality has been given!”

Such was the way in which the youth of Russia reasoned when they broke with old-world prejudices, and unfurled this banner of nihilist or rather of anarchist philosophy: to bend the knee to no authority whatsoever, however respected; to accept no principle so long as it is unestablished by reason.

Need we add, that after pitching into the waste-paper basket the teachings of their fathers, and burning all systems of morality, the nihilist youth developed in their midst a nucleus of moral customs, infinitely superior to anything that their fathers had practiced under the control of the “Gospel,” of the “Conscience,” of the “Categoric Imperative,” or of the “Recognized Advantage” of the utilitarian. “

Kropotkin, 1897

The Pisces Man

- the Pisces sign is the final sign in the zodiac. He’s often displaying many of the main traits of the other signs.
- sign of “ultimate trust and faith”
- the Pisces man is a “Feeler”. Everything is about feelings. Literally everything. (Some even say he’s a natural born psychic).. even when I comes to his partner. He can sense that she/he is angry with him even before they can lmao. That’s what makes him an incredible partner because he always knows how the other person will feel. He knows how his actions make someone else feel and that’s why they can make you happier than any other sign.
- loves with a full heart, never holds back and approaches his loved one with care and respect. 
- he has little to no tolerance for unstable relationships. If you want an open relationship or an affair, he’s the wrong one. Pisces man are literally the stereotypes of husbands among all signs.
- tends to change his mind a lot in many different situations (for example making decisions for the smallest things, like.. dinner or plans) but as soon as it’s about something fundamental, like a love, he’ll be devoted and give his best. He’s the opposite of a cheater. Loyalty is one of the most important character traits.
- very very chaotic and unplanned lol but at the same time that makes everything about his love so poetic and true because he’s not shady when it comes to love. The little things, like dates for example, can often be unplanned and magical at the same time because of his spontaneous personality. 
- as long as he’s allowed to be what he is, he’ll treat his partner with tenderness and respect.
- Pisces man are loners! They need time for their own thoughts and experiences and they’ll go crazy if they don’t get that. Nature and adventure is something that he needs for himself, but also there’s a very domestic part about his character.. he loves being at home, being creative, expressing himself (that’s also a huuuuge connection he has to Taylor. Also, many Pisces are actors or musicians because they have such a strong connection to art.) Most Pisces man need to be secure that when they go they leave something behind. They’re creators. Most of them have incredibly high expectations for themselves which can often lead to inner disappointment.
- he’s incredibly generous. 
- verrrrrry introvert. That’s often described as his “inner journey“. And that’s his focus. He needs to find a reason for his life, a purpose. He’s very emotional even if he doesn’t show it as much as other signs. Like I said, he’s even so emotional that it makes him highly intuitive when it comes to the feelings of others. If he has a connection to someone, he can even telepathically sense what the other person is feeling or thinking. That’s what makes him an incredible partner.
- he lives in two worlds: the real world and the illusory world of dreams, secrets and mystery.. that’s his poetic side. He uses this inner world to develop deeper connections to other people, to give the "real world” more meaning.
- this inner focus can sometimes make him appear mysterious. It can become hard to know what he’s feeling but at the same time he’s fluid and easy going which is linked to his water elements.. he appears super easy going and relaxed to be around even if he’s so incredibly passionate and sensible. That side is something you’ll only experience when he opens up.
- he is deeeeply romantic! Love is the ultimatum for Pisces. It’s something that gives his life a purpose. Some even consider Pisces the most faithful and passionate lover of all signs.
- he’s very shy at first, usually wouldn’t approach a lover directly. They have so much depth in their character that they would never fall in love at first sight. Instead, they want to get to know you. And that’s the point where he becomes so different from other signs. Instead of experiencing a fast and crazy love, he falls slow and deeply. That’s what makes his love last.
- you’ll often read that “his love is poetic” that’s because Pisces man love to express their feelings in magical ways.. like poems, songs, art.
- his love is so deep that some say “he wants the oceans to part when the fish falls in love“. That means that he’d do anything for this love. Literally anything. You can definitely say that he’s the one sign that you can have a "Romeo and Juliette” romance with. He’d run away with you asap if that would mean that you two could be together.
- he’ll understand you more than any other man probably ever has because of his deep emotional complexity that makes him incredibly empathetic. (Also, these are great characteristics for him as a future dad.. just saying 😭)
- he also “wants to be madly in love” which means that once he finds that one love, he will never ever let go and becomes the greatest companion of their life’s because he’ll make sure that other person is very very happy.
- you should never judge a Pisces man by his calm and introvert persona - still waters run deep, ladies… the quiet and introvert Pisces man is often described as a “flash flood of pure passion“ in the bedroom. They mostly love living out their fantasies, like role- play etc.
- some say that games between the sheets are his speciality. That’s mostly because he’s such a creative and generous lover. Giving is the ultimatum. Even if he doesn’t receive. Sex means giving giving giving. That’s why their partners are very lucky ;)
- he has a natural skill to give intense pleasure.. that means that it’s more about quality than quantity for him.
- at the same time he’s sensual and seductive. Sex is about living out his deep deep feelings that he has for you. He could never separate love and sex.
- as sensible as he is, especially when Pisces man get older.. they’re super manly and strong in character. They have a lot of strength and love to take care of you, protect you. And now here’s the most amazing thing about his character: Even though he loves to protect, he has absolutely no interest to be “the stronger one” when it comes to success and accomplishments. That’s why many Pisces man are in happy relationships with very successful woman because they can handle it (yup.. just saying 😭)
- he’s loyal to friends and family, often puts their well- being before his own which means that his relationships often end when he’s with someone who takes advantage of this trait.. (again.. crazy how compatible he is to Taylor because it’s just the same with her!!)
- he’s not the obvious person to be in a leader role but among friends and family he possesses a powerful position because he can lead everyone through critical and tough situations with his deep strength.
- even though he’s a dreamer he’s always there when you need him. And that’s what makes an incredible partner.
- when it comes to his health, the emotional intensity of his character can become a problem. Moderation is something that’s often ignored by the Pisces man. Therefore he needs a partner that can stop him and calm him and offer him some sort of security and relaxation. Being at home and spending time with his partner alone doing nothing is an example of his ideal form of relaxation and it’s important that he finds that in a partner. If not, the relationship becomes unhealthy for him. (again… all these home videos of Taylor and Joe?!?! They LOVE to be at home together and relax. That’s so typical for Pisces.)
- also, he’s super bad to deal with stress.. this sign is very prone to anxiety and depression which is why he needs time to figure things for himself out. The annoying part is that most of the time he wants attention when he’s down lol (yeah Pisces man are considered the ’whiny babies’ among all signs lmao) but at the same time that makes dealing with him very easy because he just needs your love and affection when he’s down.. give him some cuddles and he’s good again.
- This emotional up and down is mostly the only challenge you’ll have with a Pisces man. Sometimes he’s quiet and you need to be loud and sometimes he’s so happy that nothing can stop him. The key to a happy relationship with him, that could even last forever, is to find a way to go through these ups and downs with him. If you can manage to deal with these…he’ll love you forever.

To sum it up.. the Pisces man is compassionate, helpful, dreamy, unconditional. He’ll love to put the world at your feet even if he just receives a small thank you. At the same time, he’s not just a sensible little boy, but a strong man who’s there for you during difficult times. He’s the one sign that can make you discover deep sexual feelings like you’ve never had before. At the same time, he’s faithful and true. Once you have his heart, you’ll have it forever. The only two difficult things about Pisces men is the fact that they’re literal drama queens at times and chaotic as fuck lmao. They have times when they’re super happy and times when they feel absolutely down. As a partner you have to be able to deal with these down times. If you’re not as loving as he is, he’ll suffer. Pisces men are very manly yet need a lot of affection when they’re down. Also, you have to be able to deal with his chaotic and unplanned lifestyle. They’ll accidentally forget a lot of things lol. But at the end of the day they’re “end game“ material, ladies. These are the natural born husbands and dads of our society. So.. yeah. Congrats Tay 😭.

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Clark's journey began in MoS, reached its''culmination''in JL. Was it perfect or the way I necessarily wanted it? No, but I digress. The thing is, he grew as a character/person. So I don't understand why it's an issue I've seen brought up, that JL Superman is too smiley, or makes too many jokes. I didn't get that vibe at all. He's happier now than he was in either MoS/BvS. He's more confident, light-hearted(?) for lack of a better word. That's not mischaracterization. It's character development.

It’s not mischaracterization that he got to the point that he’s happier. It just felt overdone and also unearned. Like, he can smile more and make jokes, but he probably shouldn’t be grinning the entire time he’s fighting Steppenwolf, because he’s still not a guy who enjoys fighting. And as I’ve talked about before, a lot of the jokes (that everyone makes, not just him) are poorly timed and undercut what should be serious moments.

I also say it’s unearned because it felt like there was…a missing step, for lack of a better word? Maybe it’s because his thoughts and feelings about his own resurrection were also glossed over with humor, but it felt like a very abrupt transition to the happier Supes and it didn’t quite land for me.

And that’s an issue, I felt, with a lot of the good bits in the movie, like Bruce and Diana’s reconciliation after their argument. The movie doesn’t really work to get the characters to that point. It just puts them there, because now it’s time for them to be there, I guess.

This might be an issue of clashing Whedon/Snyder creative styles, or it might be an issue of the movie being cut down to two hours, or both, I don’t know. But the character development didn’t come across as fully realized.

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how about a fic where Jaylos ends. Carlos keeps hearing rumors that Jay is cheating but he's like no. Jay wouldn't do that. One day, he walks into their room & sees Jay & one of their friends making out & he just disappears. no one knows where he's went (Fairy Godmother does) & Mal's magic can't find him. then he just pops back up with Anita. there was a problem with his transfer & no one knows what to say. Carlos looks happier than he ever did at Auradon. Jay just wants to know why he left him

I like this prompt, but this is a very detailed request and the story would take place over months. I don’t have the time to commit to anything that long right now, so this is going to be short, focusing on all of the events in the past.

Also, this is gonna break my heart to write :’( Enjoy!

“You’re…you’re back.”

Carlos lifts his head, looks over his shoulder. He’s in the science lab, scribbling on the chalkboard and flicking through pages of a chemistry book. He thought he would be alone for hours on a Saturday, but there is Jay at the door, mouth opened and eyes wide. “Yeah,” Carlos turns back to the board, “I’m back.”

There’s a moment of silence between them. Carlos finds it a little awkward, but with Jay so close, it’s like he’s finally mourning his second broken heart, the second disappointing love, the second person he lost himself to.

(The first will always be his mother, but Carlos has had more than enough time to come to terms with that mess.)

“What… Where have you been?” Jay steps into the room, tiny shuffles of his feet, like Carlos will disappear all over again if he moves too quickly.

“Lately? I was in Chicago last week. I was suppose to start school there, but, you know, Auradon Prep took too long to transfer my credits over.”

“What about the past six months?”

Carlos drops the piece of chalk into the metal tray. As much as he would love to be disinterested and nonchalant for this conversation, it’s hard to do when Jay sounds so broken. “Anita and Roger Radcliffe. They’re not the horrible traitors Cruella always said they were.” He turns around, but focuses on his textbook instead of Jay.

“What the fuck, C? You left without any note or trace! We thought you were dead or sick or in hiding.”

“Ben knew where I was. He was the only one who needed to know.”

“I didn’t need to know?”

“No!” Carlos snaps, then sighs. “If I wanted you to know, I would have told you where I was going.”

Jay runs his hands through his hair. “You didn’t even say goodbye.”

“It wouldn’t have been a good one.”

With a sigh and screeching scrape, Jay pulls a chair back and takes a seat. “You…you knew, didn’t you?”

Carlos glances up from the single word he’s been staring at for almost a minute now. “Yeah. I knew.”

“I know I don’t get to be mad, but…you just…left. You bailed. Not even on me. You bailed on Evie, on Mal, on Dude. The team.” Jay swallows. “I wasn’t the only one who missed you.”

“I wasn’t needed here. I didn’t want to be here.”

“You… I don’t even know what to say.”

“You don’t need to say anything.” Carlos drums his fingers on the textbook, stares anywhere but Jay. “I left, I’m back, I’ll stay out of your way and you stay out of mine.”

Jay exhales. “You look good, C.”

“I don’t need your approval anymore.”

“Well you have it.”

“I don’t want it.”

“I know,” Jay’s voice dies off, “I know I was a jerk. I didn’t know how…to be with someone. Only one person. I thought I could, but I couldn’t.”

Carlos doesn’t respond.

“I should have told you I couldn’t do it, but I…I didn’t want to. I was selfish.”


“Please let me try to make this up to you.”

“No thank you.”

“C, I-.”

“No!” Carlos slams his chemistry book shut. “I don’t want to be with you, I don’t want anything to do with you. I left to get away from you and I came back because I don’t need to stay away anymore. I’m having my old life back and you’re not a part of it.”

Jay watches him for a moment, bites his lip. “Okay, C. If that’s what you want… I’ll respect that.”

“Thank you,” Carlos breathes. “I…am going back to my homework now.” He re-opens his book, finds his place and ignores Jay until he leaves.

@babsxxxx: Okay soo a harry hook x reader idea for you: the reader grew up in the isle but is helping mal with saving Ben. She knew Harry from when she was growing up but hasn’t seen him in ages but he is mad at her for leaving him behind…. so yeah put your own spin on it and make is as angsty and fluffy as you can!

OK, so I may have gone a smidge overboard with this one, but I really like it. So, enjoy!

Word Count: 4336

There was a knock at your door.

You looked up, frowning for a moment, before taking this as an excuse to put off doing the homework for Fairy Godmother’s class. Getting up from your desk, you wandered over to your door to open it.


Sure enough, there she was.

“Y/N, we need to talk,” Mal said, pushing through into your dorm room.

You were still a little thrown from her sudden appearance. “I thought you’d gone back to the Isle? And your hair…you went back to purple?”

Mal waved a hand to cut you off. “We don’t have time for questions right now. I need your help.”

That definitely caught your attention. “What? Why? What’s wrong?”

“Ben’s been kidnapped,” Mal stated, her voice low. You’d never heard her sound so emotional, so sincere.

You blinked. “That’s horrible…but why do you need me? Shouldn’t we go to Fairy Godmother or Ben’s parents or–”

“Uma and her crew took him,” Mal revealed.

Oh. Everything clicked into place.


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Gongmyung congratulating his brother 

Jack: He really likes cowboys.
Cas: Yes, he does.

I know that everyone’s excited about how Cas & Dean will interact in the next episode but, honestly, I can’t stop thinking about how Jack will react to 1. not only seeing Cas but mainly to 2. Seeing how Dean’s demeanor has changed since Cas came back.

Think about it: Up until now, Jack has only seen the dark, sad, angry, and generally scarier sides of Dean. In 13x06 he will see the happier and fluffier side of Dean that stands as a complete contrast to the side of Dean that Jack has been exposed to. On top of that, this episode will showcase one of Dean’s likes: Cowboys, so he’s also more excited than he normally would be.

The thing is, Jack isn’t stupid. He’s very observant and he uses his observations to learn how to understand the world he lives in. Then he asks questions in response to those observations. Essentially, he will probably reason that Dean is so excited because the case deals with cowboys but also,

He’s gonna notice that Dean’s happy because Cas is back.

I mean it’s pretty clear that he’s happy because Cas is back. Depressed, suicidal Dean who didn’t care if he lived or died just yesterday probably wouldn’t have gotten that excited over cowboys today. Jack’s used to the reactions Dean has been giving after having lost the people he loved, meaning, that

Jack has never seen Dean when he isn’t depressed.

I mean, it’s no coincidence that the moment Cas comes back Dean’s demeanor suddenly drastically changes. (It may be a bit more subtle than that at first but I believe that the general vibe coming off of Dean when they first return to the bunker will be much happier than Jack’s normally used to seeing)

Another thing I am curious to see is how Jack will respond to Cas’s knowledge about Dean. I mean, that scene from the promo trailer that I copy-and-pasted above just serves to show Jack that Cas, a friendly, warm, protective, trustworthy father figure, knows Dean far better than he does. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack, who, in Sam’s words “wants [Dean] to like him,” would try to understand Dean better through Cas now too.

Moreover, I wouldn’t be surprised if:

1. Jack & Dean had small, subtle rivalries over who got to hang out with Cas throughout the case. (ex. Jack saying he’ll go with Cas and Dean saying no, he is going with Cas and Jack can go with Sam [cough, cough graveyard scene])

1.a. Jack, noticing Dean wanting to hang out with his dad and, when Sam & he go to the graveyard in the promo pics, Jack asks about Dean & his love of cowboys, or why Dean’s happy, or if Dean & Cas are close or something in order to understand why Dean is acting strangely happier than usual.

In summation, Pay attention to Jack in the next episode. He’s probably going to watch Cas & Dean closely to understand Dean & his demeanor better. Also, he totally knows that Dean is happy because Cas is back.

The old Fall Out Boy can’t come to the phone right now…



because they’re so much happier, healthier, and better off now so stop saying you wish they would return to pre-hiatus era and be a real fan and support them with what they do/decide or get the hell off my blog


Heads or Tails by Nendo

Here’s a gift for you guys! Now I have 4000 followers!!!! Thank you very much for your support and your nice messages!! I enjoy creating furniture for The Sims and the fact that you all like my creations make me even happier!!

This collection has been designed by the amazing japanese designer Nendo.

The Collection contains:

House for Pets (Small pets only)

Bow Tie Toy

Round Toy


In Both color Black and White

(when the bowl is full of food it doesn’t show unfortunately I don’t know why but it’s fully functional)

This collection is only available on Tumblr at the moment and it will be available also on the new website coming next year! 

You need The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack.

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“And this I know: all these things that now, while we are still in the war, sink down in us like a stone, after the war shall waken again, and then shall begin the disentanglement of life and death.” -All Quiet on the Western Front 

Time for Murdoc headcanons because Pickle Man has been growing on me recently

•  That boy is emotional and none of you can tell me otherwise. He was in waterworks when Noodle popped out of that box after shipping herself back to him. She sorta popped out of the box expecting questions about where she’s been but Murdoc just latches on to her and starts crying because he has his old guitarist back.

• Everyone has him under pickle dad and despite Murdoc being pissed off at first, he actually has grown to like it just a bit.

• When noodle first brought home Katsu, he wouldn’t touch it with a 5-foot pole but after the first couple of weeks, The rest of the gang found him napping with Katsu in his lap.

• He knows eventually that he won’t be able to keep up with the band anymore and actually prepared small gifts for the gang using the last of the insurance money from when he burnt down kong studios. 

• He’s downright scared about losing the members again because if he loses them again this time he might never be able to find them ever again.

I know that the majority of people hate it… but Sonic Boom is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Not only is it wonderfully clever while still managing to be simplistic, the characters are hilarious, and it is wonderful at cheering me up whenever I’m down. Whenever I start feeling just a little too angsty for my liking, I go to Sonic Boom for support.

Originally posted by shinyfroakie

Like this gives me actual joy.

Life suddenly seems a little brighter knowing that Sonic Boom is around, a glimmering gem in the middle of all the hate and negativity. The show doesn’t let other people get it down. It keeps going strong.

And that’s something I admire about it.

Also, it gave us this.