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Someone asked me what MC wears in the Mafia!AU and I saved it to drafts and now it’s not there anymore?? So anon, whoever you are, I’m sorry! But here you go.

I’ve thought a lot about this because I’m kinda obsessed with this time period and the fashion. I see MC in several different outfits. And she (we heehee) deserves her own post so I can explain!

Here’s one thing I can see her in. Mostly for casual days, days where she isn’t doing jobs and maybe running errands etc.

This is her in flapper garb. Nothing too fancy, this is how she looks when she wants to look a little nicer on her casual days.

Soldier attire! Pants of course, and a more boyish get-up. Eventually as she moves higher up, she can start to wear more dresses. But there is too much heavy lifting etc. for that where she starts out.

Beach attire! (Her on the right, Jaehee on the left! I see them being good friends as MC moves up in the ranks tbh)

Short evening dress. If she’s going to a club, dinner etc this is what you can find her wearing. No hat, but a nice headband with matching cream flowers on it!

Long evening dress. This is her fancy dress. Mafia parties/weddings, fancy dinners etc. this is what she is wearing. She sometimes wears it to Zens when she doesn’t feeling like having a short dress on but wants to look pretty.


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Are you really telling us off for having an opinion on Kendall?

Calling a girl a SLUT goes WAY BEYOND having an OPINION. Its extremely disrespectful and degrading. She’s HUMAN, like all of us. She might not care enough to browse through every comment on her instagram, but once in a while, i’m sure she sees the comments of immature and jealous fans who call her slut, whore, bitch, etc. I WILL NOT tolerate people going into my inbox badmouthing a woman who didn’t do anything but INVITE your fave to her 21st birthday party. 

Oh btw, just in case you didn’t know:

What’s acceptable: “I don’t like Kendall Jenner” “I don’t ship Kendall Jenner with Harry Styles”

What isn’t acceptable: “Kendall Jenner is a slut” “Kendall Jenner should kill herself” “Kendall Jenner is a fucking whore” 

Know the difference.

Hue day 11!!! 

Anon ideas are the best ideas! Whoever sent this idea thank you!!

To all who sent ideas thank youu!! I’ll do them for the next days! (*^▽^)/

If anyone still have anymore ideas I’m still open for more help! 

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*slides you $5* pls tell me about Ryan Ross

shit m8 thanks!

RYAN ROSS is a wonderful person, my handsome boy, my lovely son and beautiful dude I love him more than life itself and perhaps more than my family. He is the most beautiful and talented person I’ve ever heard of and he wrote A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out when he was ONLY 18, a college dropout who was so successful his album went DOUBLE PLATINUM in 2015 what a guy what a wonderful talented guy! AND PRETTY. ODD. Is the MOST poetic album it is so pretty and peaceful and lovely and soft and wonderful! AND IT WAS WRITTEN BY GEORGE RYAN ROSS III who was such a great handsome boy! I love RYAN ROSS! He calls himself Ryan so people don’t associate him with his father and I just want to die when I remember that because he wrote Camisado about his dad and his struggle with alcoholism and I am crying right now and I just really really really want Ryan Ross to release some music in 2017 and I will be so happy! I will be finally able to die in peace and at my funeral I hope they will play his new music. I love Ryan Ross a whole lot and that is all thank you and good night

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You're a Christian and you support gays, rot slowly in hell bitch!

Ephesians 4:31 “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander along with every form of malice”. 
Mark 12:31 “The second most important commandment is this: Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. [Your neighbor in bible context is not just the person who lives next door to you, it is also the people you come into contact with throughout your lifetime.] - Go on to read Luke 10: 29-37.
Romans 13:10 “Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law”.
1 John 4:7 “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and loves God.” [We are all his precious creation anon]
1 John 4:8 “Whoever does not love, does not know God because God is love.”

Now I’m not saying I’m perfect and I really don’t want to be, mistakes aren’t so bad, they teach me stuff but try to release that hate you have brewing in your heart, you don’t need that and you’re much better than that. Let people live their life and love however they choose to, live your life and love however you choose to, love makes people happy so let people be happy and you be happy too; it’s all good. <3

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someones drunk and crying, or waking up from a nightmare

Oooh, this could have gone anywhere and I love it. Here it goes:

At first, Bruce thinks the buzzing is his alarm, but it’s way too dark and he has nothing planned for tomorrow, so why in the fuck would he set his alarm to the asscrack of dawn? Having no logical answer other than he’s lost his fucking mind, he figures someone must be trying to call him for reasons that better be fucking important.

He debates ignoring the call, but someone from his crew could need back up and the last thing he needs is more blood on his hands.

Cursing his own bleeding heart, he snatches his phone off his nightstand, spares a single glance at the screen, and sharply answers, “If no one is dead….”

“Hellu to you, too.” The voice on the other end is slurred, it’s owner teetering on the edge of drunk and shit-faced. He hears a giggle followed by a loud hiccup, and he just knows he’s not getting back to sleep any time soon.

“You alright, Ramsey?” Bruce asks softly, pushing himself up so he’s sitting against his headboard.

“Of course I’m alright! I’m Geoff Fucking Ramsey!” Geoff exclaims and Bruce winces, pulling the phone away from his ear.

He presses his cell to his ear again, listening to Geoff’s ragged breathing, and sighs softly. “This is about today, isn’t it?”

Geoff sniffs loudly, but his nose still sounds clogged when he whispers, “He almost died.”

“But he didn’t…”

“But he could have. Shit, Greene, they all could die. Every single one of them could die, and I…” he trails off, sniffing again.

Bruce wants to tell Geoff that they are all living on borrowed time; wants to say that one day some enemy is going to get in a lucky shot and one or more of their crews could very well get caught in the crossfire. He wants so badly to tell Geoff that worrying about his people isn’t going to change a goddamn thing in the end. He wants to so damn bad.

But he’s been exactly where Geoff is right now. He’s had that gut-clenching moment where one of his guys went down and he hadn’t been able to do a damn thing to stop it. He knows no matter how many times he tells himself that they’re criminals and a retirement plan really isn’t in the cards, that in the end he’s still going to be in that waiting room, warrant for his arrest or not, waiting and hoping for good news.

He wishes more than anything that he can be cold and uncaring, but at the end of the day he’ll always be in the same boat as Geoff. So, he closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and whispers, “I know, Ramsey. I know.”

Feel free to send me more :)

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I'm bored and procrastinating bc I don't feel like doing my homework, what should I do? Pls send help I'm drowning in essays!!! :(

 Well, you could just do your homework and write your essays because you’ll have to do them eventually…

But that’s not the fun option. Before finals week started I got hooked on this game called villagelife. It’s so addicting, you can take a look at it here. I’ve been raising my villagers for over a month IT’S SO CUTE :’) (one of my villagers even started its own little fam it’s adorable) Whoever you are, please go play it and get off anon so we can gossip about our villages!!! Download the app here

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mutual that is too shy to come off of anon, oops - but I just wanted to say that you've been drawing a lot recently and all of your work has been really wonderful!! thanks for still brightening my day after all this time. keep up the great work, i believe in you

That is so motivating to hear dude oh my gosh - thank you so much!


YES I can totally get behind this. Okay so Maxie used to have a sports car (not a really expensive one, but still, the man liked him a good hot rod) so he at first wasn’t precisely be a fan of the idea

then Archie keeps explaining

and things actually get worse

BUT in the end Maxie gets to ADORE the car because of, y’know, dad things such as “I can fit a whole month’s worth of shopping here and the trunk isn’t even half full yet” or “I feel like I could run over my enemies with this beast” 

until one day while taking the kids to soccer he realizes

he cannot escape his fate as soccer mom dad

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Could you write more of the "Clint as Steve's biological son" AU? I really love it!

ME TOO, ANON.  Whoever you are that submitted the original prompt, thank you.  This is my new favorite thing to write.  The original (here) and follow up (here).  As long as you keep requesting more of these two, I will keep writing them because I love them and I sense a prompt full of terrible puns in the future.


For Father’s Day, Clint took Steve mini golfing.  Because Steve’d never done it before and it was hilarious to see him hunched over the tiny club.

At the first hole, (par 3), it was a simple L-shaped green and they both walked away with a hole-in-one and a bet that whoever lost would be buying ice cream after (and if it was a tie, it was bumper cars to break it).  

By hole 4, (par 4), there was a river and a windmill and Clint had the revelation that maybe his aim was the tiniest bit genetic.  They’d both glanced their golf balls off the roof (or in Clint’s case, a blade) of the windmill, bounced off a rock and onto the green for another pair of holes-in-one.  

At hole eleven, (par 5), it was an uphill, through a tube, over a bump and between two rock pits for two more holes-in-one, though management had come by at that point to remind them that bouncing their golf balls off of fence posts was frowned upon as golf balls should remain on their respective greens at all times for visitor safety.  

At hole fifteen, (par 3), they were asked to leave.  In Clint’s defense, he had rebounded his golf ball off the side of the club-and-ball rental hut for (surprise) another hole-in-one. It was Steve that dented the grill of a car in pursuit (and acquisition) of a hole-in-one.  

“I thought you were supposed to be the role model.”  Clint grinned.

Steve shrugged.  “I might be Captain America, but I was raised in Brooklyn in the 20s as a scrawny nobody. If you think I lasted long enough in that part of town to meet Erskine because I had good manners, I have some stories you should hear.”

“After I kick your ass on the bumper cars; we’re still tied and free Rocky Road sounds delicious.” 


They went for pizza instead, after getting kicked off the bumper cars (and the grounds) for “unnecessary roughness”.  

anonymous asked: So in Nora’s extra content she says andreil go on dates to resteraunts/walks on the beach etc, could you maybe right about their first real date?

  • okay so the first “date” of theirs is while they’re still at palmetto
  • the food at the dining hall was going to be shit that night and everyone was getting on neil’s nerves and he was gonna lose it if they stayed there so andrew just looked at him and was like “we’re leaving”
  • neil immediately agrees and texts kevin that they won’t be at night practice
    • cue “what the fuck neil” text that prompts neil to turn his phone off
  • they get into the maserati and andrew just drives for a couple hours, headed southeast
  • the drive alone is enough to relax neil, but then they get into charleston and neil starts to get curious (and a lil excited) about what andrew is planning
  • they left as soon as they were done with class in the afternoon and there wasn’t much traffic, but the drive was almost three and a half hours, so neil is hungry enough to eat dinner
  • andrew just glances over at him and maneuvers through the city, eventually turning right onto a street with a bunch of restaurants and saying “pick one”
  • neil, after all his years on the run, is really really good at knowing instinctively which restaurants are going to be good but not too expensive, so he scans the road before naming one
  • the place isn’t anything special, it doesn’t stand out among any other american diners, but neil was right and the food is really good
  • they chat about a little bit of everything: of all the cities neil had been with his mother, charleston was never one of them, so he rambles off some observations about the buildings and the grid of the city that he didn’t realize he had noticed on the drive in
  • andrew is amused enough to pay attention, and in exchange he recounts a story from high school where nicky dragged him and aaron to charleston for the weekend to try to bond but it didn’t exactly go well 
  • they finish eating but neither of them want to leave yet so they end up wandering the streets
  • they end up walking on a sidewalk parallel to the beach, and the smell of the salt water surprisingly doesn’t remind neil of his mother, at least, not in a bad way
  • “have you ever been to the beach? for fun?” neil asks
  • andrew considers the question as he smokes. “a couple times. cass took me for a day trip once.”
  • that was more than neil was expecting to get, and he smiles as he looks out over the waves
  • “i think the last time i went for fun was when i was a kid. maybe 4 or 5 years old? my mom somehow managed to convince my dad that she could take me. i think he sent some security with us, but still.”
  • “sounds better than the last time you two were at the beach together,” andrew says, partially bc he’s a dick but also because he can tell neil was already thinking about it
  • neil nods but doesn’t say anything, but the next time there’s a walkway leading down to the sand he turns to take it, stepping out of his shoes to carry them in his hands
  • behind him he can hear andrew sigh loudly in protest but he follows him down the wooden planks, stopping to remove his shoes as well
  • they walk up and down the beach, kicking at the sand and occasionally stepping into the waves washing against the shore (and taking breaks to make out since somehow they’re the only people on the beach)
  • it’s all very cute and gay
  • eventually the sun has set and both of them are tired enough to know they should leave now if they want to make it back to campus
  • andrew gets them back to the car much faster than neil could, and neil low key falls asleep in the passenger seat on the drive home
  • he wakes up when andrew pulls into the parking lot of fox tower, and yawns as he walks inside with andrew
  • neil asks for permission when they walk through the door to the building, and andrew raises his eyebrows before nodding and neil just takes his hand and holds it as the elevator door opens to take them to the third floor
  • andrew rolls his eyes but doesn’t let neil’s hand go
  • they share a bed that night bc neil can’t be bothered to climb into his loft
  • none of the foxes know where they went, and none of them ever find out, and neil and andrew like it that way. they like that this is their own thing and start doing it more and more frequently, just going to different cities and exploring them for the first time, together