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It’s the beginning of the bkkweek too!!!! First prompt was New which was kind of yelling at me for bakunari fluff I’ll be honest with all of you


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it’s my favorite friends again ✨

the kanamari arc makes sense. just saying. i just think people tend to forget how being a fifteen year old makes you feel.

so kanan met mari when they were kids. kanan must have noticed the difference between them back then: mari had tons of money and she did not. but she probably didn’t care when she was still a kid and money and actual responsabilities and their futures were things that didn’t matter.

mari was offered the abroad thing and i bet that when kanan knew it, she thought this: i won’t ever leave this town. dia will also stay. mari is the only one that has a chance. she needs to take it and be shiny. so she decided that she would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for mari to leave the town and be succesful. she had to take the chances she was given (and maybe she was also lowkey jealous).

mari comes back. kanan treats her like that because she’s mad because mari is wasting her chance (a chance kanan could only dream of) and because she isn’t being thankful. kanan wonders why the heck mari is back at the town wasting a chance so many people would instantly take. maybe she also thinks she’s acting spoiled (and that doesn’t help her feel better).

mari slaps her. she waits for kanan to slap her as well. kanan wants to, but then she actually sees everything (mari, one of her best friends ever is waiting for her to slap her) and hugs her like when they were kids because there are some friendship things we won’t ever be able to explain but aren’t less credible or occurring.

no one is abusive. no one is a bad person. they’re just teens. and most of teens like to do what they want: mari wanted to stay and kanan wanted mari to be succesful and happy and didn’t realize mari was happy there. again: people tend to forget how being a teen feels, and how much one can love a friend.

Mars Signs (Sex, Anger)

Aries- Anger is quick to rise and often things are taken extremely personally. Sex is often passionate and straight to the point with them.

Taurus- Mild mannered until they feel they are being pushed into something that makes them uncomfortable. Then all bets are off. In sex they like to cater to all senses and take their to time enjoy it.

Gemini- Carefree, sensitive, or irritable depending on the day. Likes to try new things and talk a lott in the bedroom.

Cancer- Emotional and sensitive, and very protective of their feelings. Likes to cuddle and very touchy feely when it comes to sex.

Leo- You will know when a Leo mars is mad. Loves to dominate, whether in anger or in sex. Likes to show off in the bedroom because they usually can.

Virgo- Calculated and doesn’t necessarily voice themselves when mad but when they do will criticize every fault they notice about you. The little things count with them in sex and love foreplay.

Libra- Willing to compromise even when pissed but they are capable of an objectivity that shows no mercy when they’ve been pushed too many times. Will do anything to please partner in bed.

Scorpio- Yikes. When they are mad they feel it with every fiber of their being and will do anything in their power to make whoever made them mad feel it too. Loooves sex and are capable of unmatchable passion.

Sagittarius- Quick to get mad and/or take offense on anyone’s comments. Just as quick as they get mad they let it go though. Loves to try new things in bed like Gemini but less talking, more curiosity.

Capricorn- Very dignified, will try not to stoop to enemy’s level. If they choose to, will react in a more calculated than impulsive way. They are direct and simple in bed and fascinated with connection. They take sex seriously.

Aquarius- Really hard to know where and when an Aqua will pop off. More than likely they will only get mad when their opinion isn’t respected, WILL relentlessly argue. Sex is always very interesting and unique with these people.

Pisces- Will play the victim when it’s most convenient, can feel like their feelings are always the most hurt. Can play any part the partner wants in bed and is very passionate.

Dating Underfell Sans Headcanons!

*He’s a flirty SOB, and not exactly very subtle about it, either. He’ll slid right up to you with a lazy grin and half lidded sockets, and begin a barrage of pickup lines (many of them dirty) that are thoroughly inescapable.

*He’s got his charms, though, and he knows when to step off. Most of the time.

*He’s a bit of an attention whore. He gets incredibly grumpy and irritable if you start to ignore him.

*So many pet names. “Doll” “Princess” “Sweetheart” and “Kitten” are his go- to titles, and he hardly even calls you by your real name anymore.

*He’s incredibly possessive. Sure, you can talk to other guys, but the moment one of them takes an interest in you- well, they better be ready for a b a d t i m e. You’re his, after all.

*He even has a collar for you, but- well, that’s more for the bedroom. Of course, he wouldn’t complain if you wore it out.

*Lots of dark humor and self-depreciating jokes.

*He’s a bit of a hothead. Well, a bit might be an understatement.

*Lots of cursing. He might as well be a sailor for all his obscenities.

*Rough sex.

*Kinky sex.

*Just a lot of sex in general. Sans is kind of freak.

*Under all his rough facade, however, he’s actually a marshmallow at heart, and snuggles practically dust him.

*Couch snuggles. Bed snuggles. While you’re busy doing work snuggles. He just loves cuddling.

*Lazy movie nights.

*Lots and lots of junk food smothered in mustard.

* Yeah, you’re going to have to do most of the cleaning. He’s kind of a mess.

*He’s incredibly uncomfortable with feelings. He’s the kind of guy who’ll just kind of pretend everything’s okay just so he doesn’t have to confront emotions.

*But if you’re crying, he’ll sit down next to you and comfort you in a surprisingly soft voice and a barrage of hugs. And then he’ll go find whoever made you cry and beat the living hell out of them.

*He’s seen some pretty dark shit, man.

*He isn’t the kind of guy who believes in love, or anything. Before you, it was mostly just one-night stands and drunken hookups.

*Speaking of drinking, oh boy, does this skeleton do a lot of it. It’s the only way for him to numb the hurt he keeps suppressed in his bones.

*You’ll have to drag a very, very drunk him home after a night of him throwing back absurd amounts of vodka-spiked mustard shots more often than not, so often Grillby has you on speed dial.

*He’ll lose his filter entirely when he’s drunk, and bitterly laugh at your stupidity for staying with trash like him. He knows he doesn’t deserve you, but he’s too selfish to leave you. You’re just so good and so kind and he’s nothing but a screw up. He hates himself, for that.

*He’ll eventually just break down, and just sob into your arms for hours.

*He’s so sorry, he tells you, although you don’t know what for. He just holds on tighter.

*He loves you, but he’s not going to tell you that.

*Secretly, He’s too scared you might say it back


Okay, so after the overwhelming feedback on my Classic Sans headcannons, I decided UnderFell was next on my list! What can I say, I’m trash for skeletons.

anonymous asked:

Can you debunk the horseshoe theory for me/us, please?


  • whats conceived as in the center of the horseshoe or “acceptable” politics are dictated by the ruling class (that is to say capitalists)
  • this doesnt mean anything about whether these policies are actually really centrist or neutral, theyre just whats acceptable in a capitalist society bc of what the ruling class says is acceptable
  • horseshoe theory posits that fascism and communism are similar extremes even though this completely ignores the historical roots of both of those ideologies, their movements, and what they actually seek to achieve 
  • if you read any socialist theory its nothing like far right stuff and you can see that right off the bat
  • idk? i guess one of the reasons people try to justify horseshoe theory by is like “nazism killed lots of people and communism also killed people so theyre the same” which 1st off no, the ussr and china are not communist nor were they ever communist 2nd capitalism is actively killing people and has been killing people and not only that but capitalists have aided fascists so they can kill even more people (example: CIA backed military coup in chile which resulted in a fascist dictatorship) which kind of puts capitalism and fascism closer together anyways and capitalists and fascists have been more than ok with being friends
  • also there has been no socialization of the means of production in fascist societies. there hasnt been workers control of shit under fascism. the goals of the far right and the far left are completely different
  • also i think a lot of horseshoe theory revolves around saying like “extremist violence of all kinds is bad!!!!” which equates class struggle, like the working class rising up against its oppressors, or antifascists fighting nazis (however violently that may be) with nazis trying to kill jewish people and people of color etc etc… its just a false equivalence 
  • and most horseshoe theory graphs have a bunch of crazy shit on them that kinda shows whoever made it doesnt have a good grasp on politics or history

Cody Christian AU: He’s protetcting you from your ex 

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