and whoever believes any of this

As 2016 draws to a close...

Let us acknowledge and commemorate some of the people that deserve praise.

- the Mystic Messenger fandom, for honestly everything they’ve been through.

- the Harry Potter fandom, for having to deal with Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts (and all the feels that came along with them)

- the people who stuck by Pokemon Go after it wasn’t cool any more

- whoever believed that rumour that MCR was getting back together

- the phandom, for having to deal with not only TATINOF, but DAPGO, DAPGOOSE, and all the extremely gay and almost suggestive tweets both Dan and Phil have been releasing (thanks guys)

- the Supernatural family, for not only season twelve and Dean’s leather jacket announcement for 12x07, but for the news of the new babies in the Padalecki and Ackles families!

- those who are or will be affected by the 2016 US presidential elections, whether you are against or for the president elect, it’s been a wild (and kinda scary) ride.

- the memelords of the internet, for all the truly wonderful memes that distract your audiences from their existential crises and looming thoughts of the inevitable.

- and lastly (that I can think of), the Yuri on Ice fandom, because episode twelve dropped this afternoon and every social media site has blown up- I’m not even in this fandom (yet!) and I’m crying.

I think that any female who gets asked if she’s a feminist… it’s silly… it’s so interesting when people ask females if they’re a feminist. Of course every female wants to be equal! I believe everyone should be equal, and we should all love and support each other and express ourselves the way we want to express ourselves and be whoever we want. That’s my motto.
—  Melanie Martinez on Feminism 

Whoever wins this election, just promise me one; please don’t do anything rash or risky to yourself. Things may be seem bad, but all hurting does is cause more pain and misery for everyone else. Believe me, I’ve been there.

To everyone who follows me, don’t believe any of the fearmongering. We’ve survived two World Wars, we’ve survived the Civil War, we’ve managed to get past Vietnam and Watergate, and we’ve managed to survive GeorgeW. Bush and his shit. If we can get past all of that, then we can manage to get through a baboon like Trump, and an idiot yes-man like Pence. 

Congress hates his guts, so they’d hardly let get away with half of his shit (as @rabbittiddy said, Obama couldn’t get half of his policies through for six years because of Congress, and mom said something similar about how hardly anything changed too much).

He would most certainly be held accountable if he did anything stupid, much like how we’ve trying to hold him accountable for everything this past year.

Learn more about Congressional and local elections, as well as elections for Senators. Pick the right people who will veto the more asinine things Trump and Pence will try to push. 

Don’t believe everything is lost and that every Muslim, LGBT, and non-white ethnicity will suddenly be rounded up and put into camps (last time I checked, comparing present-day America to Imperial/Post-Imperial/Nazi Germany is like comparing fruit salad to pizza), don’t believe every idiot tabloid and clickbait writing “journalist”, or any idiot comedian pretending to be a newscaster who says that “Democracy is Dead!!”, “America is Gonna Die!!”, etc., just because they told you so. Be smarter than they are. 

Instead of bitching about how things are bad and reacting with violence and hate, try to come together with unifying people, no matter who or what they are. Alienating and dividing people is what got us here in the first place. Not only that, don’t just pussy out and “move to Canada”. If you actually want to make a change for the better, stay and help fight for a better tomorrow instead of just running away from all your troubles.

I don’t know how many of you will read this and listen, but I hope some of my followers will take their time to read this. I would appreciate it a lot.

And before I end this, I would like to leave you all with a few songs/videos I like to watch whenever I feel down and the world feels dark and scary:

I hope this will at least help a little, and as my mom always says, this too shall pass.

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Screw the people who refuse to thank us, or show any kind of gratitude. Especially those who tell their kids or whoever that they don't need to thank us because it's "our job". Yes, it may be our job to help you, but it sure helps if we're being thanked. Believe it or not, we work hard, and conversing/interacting with hundreds of people every day is tough. I go home all the time hoarse, and completely drained of energy. A little gratitude can go a looong way to help that.

I think it would have made a lot more sense to have Luke and Lorelai have tried to have a baby years ago, but she had a miscarriage and they were too heartbroken to try again…

It’s just so frustrating that their lack of communication is the reason they don’t have kids after being together for 9 years. I find it hard to believe that after 9 years of being together without breaking up again, they still didn’t talk about important things. Also, through the magic of TV, their birth control never failed them lol. I mean it would be hard for Lorelai to become pregnant at her age, but still…

Obviously ASP & Dan/ whoever didn’t want there to be any L/L kids in the revival for whatever reason (it would change the dynamic of the show or whatever), but the fact that they wrote Luke and Lorelai wanting to have kids with each other and then the fact that is never discussed it in 9 years is crazy to me. 

The whole surrogate plot was so frustrating… I hate that Luke shut it down too.. and that they dumbed him down by having him think he would have to have sex with the surrogate *rolls eyes 

I just think it would be a better story if Emily (like what actually happened) made a comment about Luke’s wants being different from Lorelai’s, and then Lorelai could confess and tell Emily that they tried for a baby years ago and she lost it… I also think that could give us a nice moment between Lorelai and Emily…

Stop doing that. You realize you are a contradiction? You refuse a compliment but then you act all cocky about it. Don’t play mind games with me, just own it.”
“It’s just difficult for me because whoever told me this before didn’t give me any reason to believe it.
—  giulswrites ; I built walls and you tore them down.

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I was at a party last night and one of my friends (I'll call her X) was kissing her ex-girlfriend and I sent a picture of it to her now girlfriend. X doesn't know it was me who sent the picture, but she's going around saying like 'whoever sent it, I'm done with them, I can't believe they dod this after I invited them into my home'. I feel really guilty, but I feel like X's girlfriend, who is one of my best and oldest friends, deserved to know. Any words of wisdom/advice? xx

You did the right thing, and I’m proud of you.

You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, say that you sent them. But honestly, your friend shouldn’t have been messing around behind her girlfriend’s back. It was her that made the mistake, not you. She’s just angry that she’s facing consequences.

I would suggest being there for x’s girlfriend, helping to support her no matter what happens next. Also perhaps consider not hanging out with X as much anymore. You did the right thing, the honest thing. 

-Lou the Lobster


A/N: First off, I would like to address the fact that my last fic got 45 notes as of the time I am writing this. I cant believe that 45 people took their time to read my stuff. So thank you to whoever reads this and I hope you enjoy this and any past or present fic. Second, How the hell did this get so long. It is currently 12:46 am and I just finished writing. No matter that I have to be up at five, I do it all the time. Anyways, it was getting really long and I am tired as crap, so I think I will do a part two to this if you guys want. Let me know what you think and as always requests are open and you can always say hi.

Prompt: She has your cheekbones. (OK this will be in part two)

Warnings: Cursing, cheating, yea not much

Word count: 2600 words

“Mommy, your phone is ringing!” you hear you daughter shout, as she runs over to you bringing the ringing phone with her. Seeing Clint’s name, you sighed and answered the phone after mumbling a small thank you to your daughter who had gone back to playing

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Do you have any prompts for a orphan kid whose parent (a god) is offering immortality to whoever finds them?


• “The kid thinks he has no parents. I can’t just let him go on believing I don’t exist.”

• The person searching for the kid grows fond of him once they find him. They must decide whether to turn him over to his harsh, sharp tongued father or to not attain the reward of inmortality.

• “What are you talking about? I’m getting ‘yer a wizard, Harry’ vibes.”

“Nope, not a wizard. A son of a god.”

“But I’m an orphan.”

“Or so you’ve been told, and now I’m telling you different.”

• The person who finds the kid is tricked out of his promise of immortality, and makes plans to kidnap the kid from the god, holding him hostage until he gets his everlasting life.

• “Gods don’t exist. Admit it, you abandoned me because you were a drunk or broke or something.”

“Son, I am a god, and I gave you up to protect you.”

“Jesus Christ, you’re crazy. I’m out.”

“Stop! I can prove it.”

• “So… does this mean I have powers or something?”

“Yeah, but your mother was human so you’re only a demigod.”

“That sucks. It means I’m not powerful enough to kill my father when I meet him.”

• The mother of the child is a goddess who sets out to kill him once she finds out he’s alive. Panicked, the father sends someone to find him first.

• “What do you want? I’ll give you anything if you can find my son.”


“I can’t give that to you.”

“You said anything.”

“… Not everything is possible.”

“Okay then, good luck finding you kid. Ever passing day is another day he goes thinking he has no parents… ”

“Fine, fine! I’ll… pull some strings with the fates. You’ll get your inmortality.”

• The person who found the child achieved immortality. As time passes, they realize it’s a curse rather than a blessing. The only way out is to kill the child.

• “You can’t just kidnap a someone!”

“Listen kid, things will make sense it time, and it’s not my job to enlighten you. My job it just to bring you to him.”


“You’ll see.”

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Do you think season 4 could still be Even? I'm losing hope!!!! 💩

100%. Don’t lose hope my lovely. Remember Julie is an incredible genius and she would not follow any patterns or rules as to who the next main will be. No Julie will tell the story she feels like we need to hear next. Whether that be Even, Sana, Vilde, Magnus, Jonas, or the school nurse doesn’t matter. I still truly believe the main could be anyone because like skam tries to tell us; we all have a story. So therefore I have so much faith it could still be Even. He has a massive story to tell, and after last season she has actually made sure that we are all ready to hear it. 

Have you thought of that before? Mental illness is something a loooot of people don’t want to talk about and they don’t wanna hear it because they just don’t understand it. But what Julie has done is, she has given us a character that she knew we would all fall head over heels in love with and now she has given him this tough subject matter ready to teach us all a thing or two. And because it is Even so many more people are willing to listen. People who may not have before. Julie has made us ready to hear Even’s story. 

I don’t think she would have done that unless she wanted to tell it. 

ficlet: your whisper stilled my heart

I haven’t written any fae stuff for this fandom and that’s a goddamn atrocity. I intend to fix this and properly live up to my legacy. 

This is just an idea for now but something I’m hoping to expand upon later. 

words: 940

summary: The fey must be careful what– and who– they steal. 

warnings: Kidnapping, hints of child grooming. 

If you believe the tales of changelings, you believe that the fey prey upon golden-haired cherubs, the precious human children coveted for their softness, their innocence, the blind trust they put in whoever holds them to care them, provide what they need to survive and thrive and flourish. 

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Unpopular opinion : the death note did not change Light ,it doesn't have some magical powers to change a good person into a bad one yes Light became obsessed about it,about his goal and that did twist his ideals a bit.But if the note didn't present itself Light would have found another way of judging criminals (being a detective,working for the police etc)He always thought of himself better than most humans but later he believed he was a god,product of his obsession I can talk about this so much

send me an unpopular opinion and i’ll agree/disagree

Yep, I pretty much agree with this. The death note isn’t like Tom Riddle’s diary and doesn’t have any ~magical influence~ over whoever uses it. Light’s beliefs about justice and criminals existed within his own head before he ever picked up the note.  The death note itself only has the power to kill within certain parameters; it’s the user who decides how to use it. 

There’s a better argument that the death note influences Light gradually, though that is something I’d say is more metaphor in that the death note is a conduit for absolute power…. and the reality is that humans by nature are neither infallible nor incorruptible. 

It is not too much to say that whoever wishes to become a truly moral human being (and let us not ask whether or not this is possible; I think we must believe it is possible) must first divorce himself from all the prohibitions, crimes, and hypocrisies of the Christian church. If the concept of God has any validity or any use, it can only be to make us larger, freer, and more loving. If God cannot do this, then it is time we got rid of Him.
—  James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

Carol Peletier is among the top ten characters in any piece of media i have ever consumed. Show me another character who has gone through such a heart wrenching and utterly believable character arc, show me someone who has grown and been torn down in ways her history and person reinforce, show me someone who has such meaningful relationships with herself and the people she loves, someone who is as willing to act on those relationships to the degree Carol is. HOLY FUCK, HELP ME, I LOVE CAROL PELETIER AND I WOULD HAPPILY LICK THE BOOTS OF WHOEVER PLAYED A PART IN CONCEIVING HER. 

Honestly my biggest problem with the Catholic stuff in Daredevil isn’t that the priest was wearing the wrong color stole in that one scene, it’s that Matt Murdock’s Catholicism is all about angst and guilt, which is a major stereotype about Catholics, at least in the US.

And yes, sometimes being Catholic means striking your breast and saying mea culpa but just as often it means sitting in Eucharistic Adoration completely dumbstruck by how beautiful the Blessed Sacrament is or praying the Joyful Mysteries or singing Alleluias or any number of other ways of rejoicing in the fact that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but shall have eternal life.

We’re not likely to see Matt Murdock do any of those things.

But, like I said, he’s the only show in town right now when it comes to Catholic superheroes.


i think there’s a big connection between cheritz two games dandelion -wishes brought to you- and mystic messenger, aside from the occasional references to dandelion in mystic messenger.

okay so in dandelion, there’s the 5 love interests jiwoo, jisoo, jiyeon, jieun, and jihae. they each have their own complex backstories, and all have a wish to fulfill upon whoever wins completing ‘the game’ set it by the wizard.

we learn that jieun, a very tiny white rabbit, is actually the prince in the world he comes from. there’s a prophecy that a baby born with white hair and red eyes can see into the future, though only one can exist at any point in time.

this leads me to believe that zen, a person born with red eyes and pure white hair, is this person in the mystic messenger timeline. after all his dreams have all been premonitions of future events that took place.

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Other than Yuzu for the gold in 4cc who else do you want to be on the podium? Team squad have lots of chance but I really want Patrick Chan get a medal too ((>o<))

Originally posted by intoastrangeworld

Mmmm that’s a tough one.

I think anybody who has put on a great performance should be on the podium really.

I don’t have any preference when it comes to men’s singles (I only have one bias when it comes to women’s skating COUGHelizavetattuktamyshevaCOUGH *no shame*)

Like I’m serious, I kind of root for everyone and just think whoever earns the place should get it.

Though if I were to think about things hypothetically, I guess would like to see Nathan be rewarded for his crazy quads. I mean quads are quads, and they’re sugoi. And I believe that he will continue to improve on his choreography from here on out whether or not he gets a place in this competition or in the next, because next season is sure to be amazing.  

“Whoever invented those little bags of cereal is a genius. Honestly, I think I ate four on the tube this morning. You just dump some milk in the bag and it doesn’t even leak,” Julian kept talking, starting to get off tack. “Though I think the person across the aisle seemed slightly appalled by the time I was on bag 3. Not that he had any right, sitting there in what was clearly last night’s outfit, smelling like what I believe was vomit.”